Isamu Falevai fired as Fremont High football coach

Isamu Falevai is out as Fremont High’s football coach, with Terry Hendrix and Carlo Tateo taking over as co-head coaches.
Fremont athletic director Darlene Miller confirmed that Falevai was fired by the Oakland Unified School District on Aug. 8. The district’s spokesman Troy Flint didn’t immediately have any information about the firing when reached Friday.
Miller said she had few details about the school district’s decision. Efforts to reach Falevai were unsuccessful.
“They didn’t tell me very much,” Miller said. “They said they weren’t going to bring him back and they said they would call him.

Hendrix and Tateo were named as his replacements Wednesday. Hendrix has been an assistant for four years and Tateo for five years.
“We’re really saddened by Samu’s dismissal,” Hendrix said. “I learned a lot from him.”
Falevai joined the Fremont program as an assistant coach in 2008 when the team began a run of three straight trips to the Silver Bowl. He became the head coach in 2009 and led the Tigers to their first Silver Bowl victory in school history.
Last season, the Tigers officially went 0-9, with an 0-5 Oakland Athletic League mark. Their season started with a forfeit loss to Chowchilla, with that game being cancelled because the team didn’t have enough eligible players. It was the second time in three seasons that Fremont’s season opener was cancelled for a lack of eligible players.
The Tigers also had their final game of the season — their scheduled homecoming contest against Castlemont — cancelled and three OAL victories forfeited because they participated in games and camps with players who were not eligible under the OAL’s policy that students must be on track to graduate. The forfeited victories cost Fremont a berth in the Oakland Section playoffs.
Hendrix said the players are trying to move on.
“The players’ whole thing is they can’t quit,” Hendrix said. “They keep going no matter what the obstacles are.”
Tateo said the team understands its in a tough position.
“We’ve got a lot of work to do,” Tateo said. “We’re just staying positive and staying motivated.”

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Does anybody know what he did to ultimately get fired?

  • MiraMan

    There was the big fight in pre-season last year against Arroyo (its posted on Youtube), there was the fact that the team wasn’t ready for Chowchilla in the first game, and then the killer, having to forfeit all games due to ineligible players.

    I don’t know all the facts, but I’m betting that’s your “three strikes” right there.

  • oallfan2

    Man very sad!!! feel bad for the kids!

  • EBfootball

    New commish’s first order of business was to fire a good coach? Sad day for the OAL. Hope he lands on his feet and takes over one of these b-league programs.

  • RipManDowm

    That YouTube video was Fremont vs American.

  • Thinking back to last year I remember they had a walk out at school cuz the league made them forfeit those games. Couldn’t be a good thing for him. But the OAL seemed to really not want him there & the situation was ust too tough in my opinion to push it. I would have quit after last year.

  • Justin

    Someone isn’t telling the whole story. You don’t dismiss a coach a week before the season is to begin unless something drastic happened recently.

  • Oh Boy

    I know Samu to be a good coach. He got his boys to believe in him and managed many of them thru tough personal times-often keeping them in school thru sports.

    Unfortunately, sometimes like Joe Paterno a mistake is enough to undo all that you have built up.

  • EarHustler

    Oh Boy,
    Shame on you for thinking the Paterno situation is a mistake. It wasnt a mistake as you claim, it was turning a blind eye to a crime. A mistake is forgetting a signature, or doing math wrong.
    Agree with #7 completely.

  • SL piratefootball

    you got a good point

  • oalfan2

    Hey I know Isamu won games, but its more to that when ur coaching. u also have to set a good example for kids, no to take shortcuts, and things ike that, and it seems like thats what he was doing at times. There is an admin side to this coaching thing and you have to make sure thats together.

  • FNL680

    HS Admins tend to know a LOT more about coaches/players/programs than parents/bloggers/even media do, whether reported or not. Many smh seperations have a deeper story. There’s been several recent resignations/firings that seemingly come at the most odd juncture. At PSU, the NATIONAL media brutally revealed the lack of integrity. Power corrupted loyalty by the PSU President/AD and others brought on their removal and resultant felony charges. For a coach at the HS level, you can lose games galore and have idiotic blunders which rarely make the news but once a local reg., CIF rule or financial abberation happens, one can expect a swift decision for separation.