30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 28) Rolling Stones

And finally, it’s time to take a look at the Tri-County Athletic League Stone Division.

Of course, this isn’t a league loaded with top teams. You’ve got Hercules, Kennedy-Richmond, Albany, De Anza, Richmond and John Swett. Not exactly teams used to dominating. But the kind of cool thing is, one of them is going to win a league title this year. And all of them should at least be able to participate in a lot of competitive games.

Many point to Hercules as one of the favorites. The Titans have had athletes, they’ve got a nice campus with decent resources, and they’ve done well recently to handle their business against the type of teams they should beat. They reached the playoffs last year, losing to Campolindo in the first round. I’d expect as long as the league has this current makeup, Hercules should be a competitor.

The other top competitor, I think, will be Kennedy-Richmond. The Eagles feature Takkarist McKinley, a physical specimen with size and strength who is headed to Cal. He’s a TE/DE, but figure to see him all over the field. Kennedy has been building a bit lately and I think they can take the next step and have a shot to win this league. One problem is they’ve already cancelled their first scheduled game of the year, which was to be Friday against Berkeley. Hopefully that’s just a one-time deal.

The rest of the league is probably playing catchup. Fortunately, there shouldn’t be much separation between all of those teams. They’re all looking to build and gain some confidence in their players. Since they should all be in the same boat, expect them to play competitive games.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • DJ

    I wasnt saying you were insulting them. Im just saying Arroyo is a shitty program ran by morons. lol. They got way too much credit than they deserved in the previous years.

    American however, has a nice program with a decent enough coaching staff.

  • chalktalk

    YO mama #46
    u decided to step in the ring huh
    how about this quickness is more valuable than speed
    agility is more valuable than speed


    AS 4 coaching lets see if i’d make a good
    ” if a guy bet u a 100 dollars 2 race. he was gonna race u 2 a spot on the field and u know where it is an he doesnt plus no hold on plus he is going 2 start the race backwards COULD U BEAT HIM yeah ur dam right cuz ur a receiver not a TRACK GUY
    By the way dont let ur ego get in the way of ur greatness LMAO

  • chalktalk

    Although the track guy is fast he may not b able 2 control his speed in small units of space

  • SL piratefootball

    so robert woods cant control his speed???? very very fast has agility good hands the kid is a stud and he is for sure a track guy had he gone to oregon or u dub or the arizona school he probably still be running track i really would love to see big TALKers coach instead of running their mouth

  • Tri-City Dude

    DJ, I don’t know the schools in the former HAAL that well, so I just assumed Arroyo was pretty good based on what people said. I’m more of a MVAL guy, and I’ll root for them no matter what. It’s just that in recent years, the MVAL teams except Logan never stacked up well against teams outside their league. I do think the new MVAl this year, without Logan and with Moreau, will make the league more competitive.

    ALso agree with American having a decent program. I remember when the were not doing so well. Then they got Nick Amato as a coach, and he helped turn the program around. Bret Casey is the coach there now, and I think he has done a great job with the team. He got a roster size of 32 this year, and he has everyone believing that they can win the Mval.

    On a final note DJ, I was wondering who you think might win the MVAL this year. For the first time in ages, I can’t make a valid prediction. I’ll go ahead and say Newark, but I’m interested in hearing everyone’s opinion.