30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 29): Diving into the DFAL

Our last league look centers around the Diablo Foothill Athletic League. Only one more day to go!

Campo shocked everyone and made it to Carson last year. What’s in store for the DFAL this year?

Lets start with the champs. Picked to finish last, Campolindo won the DFAL, NCS Division III title and played in the CIF Division III bowl game. Not bad, eh? First, the bad news. The Cougars lose a TON of good senior leaders and players. Griffin Piatt, Karl Thornton, Dan Fadelli, Connor Rosenbaum and Reiner Ebarle, to name a few. Not gonna be easy to replace. Now, the good news. Brett Stephens returns at QB, and he can be counted on to be good again. One name to watch: Mason Windatt. He made a few huge catches in the postseason, and I think he’s ready to take the lead receiver role this year. I wouldn’t expect Campo to fall off a cliff, and I’d still have them at the top to begin with.

Who will challenge? Start with Las Lomas. Adam Wood and Jackson Miller both return under center, but the thought is Wood will be the starter to begin the season. Derrick Stom will be a beast up front, and I think the Knights are again a force to be reckoned with. My guy to watch here will be Garrett McGoff. He steps in at running back and I’ve heard good things.

I think Dublin is poised to take another step forward this year. Yes, the Gaels have to replace QB Ed Achziger, but with an option like Ondre Rudolph at running back, I don’t see that being a huge problem. Also, with a new quarterback, expect the Gaels to keep building as the season goes along. Big men Spencer Hollie and Alex Cappa will be forces as well, and like I’ve said before, I’m a big John Wade fan. I think he gets these guys in the DFAL title hunt, no question.

Miramonte might surprise me, but I have to expect them to be much different without Ross Anderson at quarterback. The dude did everything. This year will be a big test for the Matadors, and it starts right away with a game against D-III power Marin Catholic.

Alhambra returns one of the guys I really want to see this year, RB Taylor Poyadue. Knowing what kind of kid his brother was and hearing how the Bulldogs coaches talk about him, I think Poyadue should be worth the price of admission this year. I’m told Leo Costa takes over at quarterback, and if they can stay stable at that position for an entire year, head coach Alan Hern will have the Dawgs ready to play every week.

Change is in the air at Acalanes and Dougherty Valley. In the Dons’ case, it’s a shift in offenses under coach Mike Ivankovich. As I understand it, a more pro-style attack is in line this year. I’m anxious to see how that works out. At Dougherty, coach Bob Spain is taking a leave of absence this year, and Nick Tisa steps in to coach the Wildcats. I’d expect them to do some learning along the way.

In total, I expect the DFAL to be improved this year because I think the top three teams are very solid. Can we expect a storybook run to Carson this time around? Well, I don’t know about that. But, as usual, I would expect good football from this league week in and week out.

Ben Enos

  • MiraMan

    The only certain things in DFAL this year is that Las Lomas will be very good and DV will be pretty bad. In between is a lot more of a question mark.

    Its easy to jump on the Campo love train, but they have so much to replace. I believe Stephens is a dangerous weapon, but you have to have the receivers to capitalize on his throwing ability. Piatt and Thornton are gone and while have their #3 receiver back he was not the one making the difficult catches. Also, they have to find a running game. I don’t know their JV runners, but I don’t think they have a competent running game coming off the varsity bench. And then there’s the defense that only brings back one starter. They had 43 picks last year and the three best DBs are gone. What happens when 43 drops to a normal number – 12?? I’m not predicting dire things, but think about the math if they get less scoring opportunities and don’t capitalize as often when they do get them? They could come down to earth very quickly.

    I agree that Dublin has a great group of seniors this year, but I think Dublin had their big opportunity last year with Achzinger at the helm. Now I hear they will start a Soph QB?? That’s not good! And from what I know, there JV was pretty bad last year, so what talent to they get?

    Miramonte has a lot of athletic kids and good depth. But they are small. Also, funny thing about “depth” is that sometimes it means your first team is not much better than your second team. Miramonte needs starters to step up and differentiate themselves. (Actually, Coach Macy was saying exactly the same thing about Campo in his BayPreps interview.). But Miramonte’s upside is huge if their offense starts clicking and their defense gets confidence!

    I think Alhambra is a scary sleeper. They have the best DFAL running back and some fairly large, experienced blockers; what more to you need to win some HS football games. Their coach was saying they have some other runners in the stable. But their depth is poor.

    Acalanes is probably in trouble. They scored the least amount of point in each of the last two years and are now changing their offense. The lost many/most of their weapons from last season. But they always have a large contingent, so who knows?

    Miraman says:

    1. Las Lomas
    2. Miramonte (OK, so I’m a homer)
    3. Alhambra
    4. Campo
    5. Dublin
    6. Acalanes
    7. DV

  • I don’t know why Ivankovich even put in for the job trying to run that offense. It seemed the 1st year he tried to run a hybrid out of shotgun probably to not make himself a liar (I’m sure he told the interview commitee he wouldn’t run DW lol & it wasn’t technically). Like a true DW coach he went full bore into it & really hasn’t found the success he had at YV. Wrong community, wrong kids, not what the kids in the Valley want to do. They want their QBs throwing not blocking & WRs split wide. He should of understood that if he didn’t win in the 2 years running DW pure he never would.

    @Miraman I wouldn’t be surprised if the administration & parents forced him to change if he wanted to keep coaching there. What do you think?

  • MiraMan


    Let me start by saying Acalanes has everything to be a great program: lots of kids, money, facilities, family support. Last year when they came to Miramonte, I thought we would be in for a tough night given their size and some of their athletes, but down by 10 in the 3rd or early 4th quarter, they quit! I couldn’t believe it!!

    I use the three strikes rule. First, they haven’t been successful in general. Second, the coach keeps saying every year that he will revamp the offense and then doesn’t. Third, and the killer, the Acalanes teams seem to be more prone to quitting when down by a few points. If I’m a parent and I see my kid’s team give up, I’m pushing hard for a new coach.

    It would seem likely they would push for a new coach, but I don’t understand why they haven’t already!

  • MiraMan…..Alhambra has two backs that are soph. and are red hot fast…but they are undersized…But if these guys get in the open…no body will catch them…The QB Leo Costa throws a nice floating pass, but its easy to pickoff….the backup QB Josh evans, a soph. has a strong arm and throws solid passes…If Costa can improve on his passes and put some speed on them…the Bulldogs will have a real passing threat.
    The offense that Acalanes will run is hard to stop, but it means no passing…acalanes has a good group of kids that if pointed in the right direction will be tough to deal with….
    I thought that the Miramonte JV QB from last year looked pretty good and his recievers found ways to get in the open…has this kid moved up, or is there another kid waiting in the wings to take over??

  • MiraMan


    Coach Schram mentions two QBs in his Baypreps interview: Drew Anderson (Jr) and Max Fernbacher (Sr) as the two QB finalists. I’m pretty sure its Drew Anderson you are referring to. I don’t know who will start against Marin Catholic.

    Of some interest, at our recent scrimmage a third QB looked pretty good as well. Nick Sheehan was a JV QB two years back and swapped starts with Max on JV. But he quit football to focus on lacrosse (he is a first team DFAL lacrosse player). He decided to come back out for football for his senior year. He was a very good JV QB and both he and Max went 4-1 in their respective starts on JV. For what its worth, I thought he looked as good as anyone taking snaps in the scrimmage.

  • I can see quiting running an offense that can take a whole quarter to score when those kinda kids want to throw jus like every other DFAL school in that area.

  • MiraMan….I remember Nick Sheehan…he had good poise and could find his targets….The guys you mention look pretty good…if they can get the protection…who knows what will happen….Tough game this coming Friday…I hope Miramonte does well…

  • redandblue2

    The cupboard is anything but bare in Moraga, Miraman. A 10-0 JV squad last year ensures they will be reloading this year. It is certainly true they have some big shoes to fill and an undefeated season is pie in the sky, but the athletes that Campolindo has been producing the past few seasons across all sports shows no signs of slowing down.

    The offense will be cearly ahead of the defense in the early season. Campo will likely put up more points than the rest of the DFAL; the issue will be if the defense can slow the other team down. I see the DFAL race coming down to Dublin, Las Lomas & Campolindo. Sorry, I don’t see Miramonte being much of a factor this year. In fact, after having such a dynamic program for the past 15 years it appears as if the Mats football program is trending downward. I hear the JV program barely has enough players to field a team.

  • Biggcoug65

    Miraman, I went to Miramonte, and even I do not think they will finish 2nd, I think their ceiling is 4th behind LL, Campo, and Dublin.

  • MiraMan

    Redandblue2 & Biggcoug65,

    Quick comments:

    Campo is becoming a sports powerhouse, and as us locals know, kids here are pretty free to go to either school. So this has and will continue to take some good athletes from Miramonte. Hats off to Campo on that. I think that trend in talent pool will reverse when the new Wilder developement opens…but that’s a discussion for another day.

    I saw the Campo-Miramonte JV game last year. I won’t waste a lot of words on it, but I walked away feeling like both teams had about the same amount of talent. In any case, while Campo will certainly get talent from JV, it will need to be special to keep them anywhere near the level they were at.

    In terms of Miramonte JV, there were over 50 freshman last year and only about 17 came out this year. Sounds like there were a lot of quitters and whiners on that 2-8 team; it happens. While that’s pretty thin by Miramonte standards, that is before moving up any freshman OR moving down any juniors. With a varsity of around 47 kids, we could certainly spare a few if necessary. This year’s freshman football team numbers 53. I would also mention that at the recent 4-team scrimmage we attended, BOTH the freshman AND JV teams dominated the other teams they faced. I was as shocked as anyone as to how good our JV looked! I wouldn’t exactly start the death march for Miramonte football just yet!

    With regard to DFAL #2-#5 (I still think Las Lomas is the clear #1), I think you could shuffle a deck with Campo, Mira, Dublin, Alhambra and any order would be just a plausible. Mira definitely has the most to prove.

    Final comment, I DO THINK EVERYONE IS OVER-RATING DUBLIN AND UNDER-RATING ALHAMBRA. Poyadue is going to kick some serious butt and leave some DFAL teams in tears.

  • Redandblue2

    Miraman, can you name any Orinda student/athletes that are current Juniors or Seniors, playing football (or any sport) that attends Campolindo? For that matter, name one from last year’s class. A rather spurious argument if you ask me. The last student/athlete of consequence that I can recall was Mary Vaccaro from a few years ago. In fact, there are far more student/athletes from Moraga who attend Miramonte than vice versa.

    No one is saying the Cougars will play at the same level as last year; far from it. However, they still have enough playmakers returning from varsity and coming up from JV – and most of the OL returning – they should still put up points; Stephens to Windatt may become a familar refrain to the other DFAL teams this season. A 7-3 record is where I put Campo this season with a chance to go 9-1, if their defense comes together.

  • MiraMan


    First, yes I do know kids that go to Campo that live in Orinda. Some play sports. No controversy, but it does happen.

    Second, 7-3 sounds about right, split with Sacred Heart/El Cerrito and go 4-2 in league.

  • QB Dorsey came from Fairfield I believe. He received aid and housing from Mira back in the day. More than several Mira players back in their hey-day came from outside the area- coach Burn was a good recruiter.

  • Voice of Reason

    Miramonte had a pipeline from Richmond during their heydey of just a few years ago, remember the Carey brothers? Dorsey is actually an Orinda product; however there was another QB who came from the Chico area and was housed (along with his mother) in the homes across the street from the high school; talk about carbetbagging!

    Interetingly, when Macy started coaching in 1995, there were 17 players on the varsity team in 1995. Miramonte, which has a similar enrollment to Campolindo, had well over 50 players. There was no culture for high school football at the time in Moraga. It took Macy 9 years and 11 games before they finally beat Miramonte. Of course, the tables have been turned and Campolindo is currently enjoying the fruits of Macy’s labor over the last 17 years with home grown players and is every bit the hotbed of high school football Miramonte is, if not more so.

    The DFAL will be a two team race between Campolindo & Las Lomas; Miramonte, Alhambra & Dublin are the next tier down. The marquee preseason game to watch will be when El Cerrito comes to Moraga on September 14. The winner will likely be the top public school team in Division 3 this year.

  • DVAL Watcher

    Ben Enos..?? How come all the DVAL teams got an online write up except for Northgate?? Blue Dog 2 says the teams a mystery. What up with the Broncos?

  • YVFan08

    First and foremost whoever thinks that Campo isn’t going to win the DFAL needs to realize that they are on drugs! They have 18 returning starters from a team that went to the state bowl! Stephens, their QB, is returning and he was a MAJOR, if not the biggest, part of their offense. Sure, they may need to replace some weapons, but any team returning that many starters from a team that lost one game last year is going to repeat as league champs. Second, Ivankovich told the committee what he was going to run. People need to realize it doesn’t matter what you run as long as you win.

  • MiraMan

    Hearing the Miramonte history is interest. I was sure the apartment complex across from the school (about the only apartment complex in town) had come in handy at one time or another, but never heard any specifics. That stuff doesn’t happen anymore.

    In this case I’m not talking about questionable transfers or teams stealing players. I’m talking about the fact as I understand it that within the Acalanes school district students can pretty much go to any of the four schools as long as there is room (sports transfer rules still apply of course). The situation comes into play in the Orinda/Moraga area because Mira and Campo are so close together with alot of students living in-between. Incoming freshman especially choose sometimes based on sports teams.

  • Mira, thanks for explaining it- sounds like the SRV, Monte Vista, California EBAL thing. All very close and all talented in a variety of sports.
    So the sports hotbeds in the eastbay are no secret, the EBAL Core, the LaMorinda area and 2 small privates on Winton Drive.

  • Mira had the whole swim team from the Pinole Valley Seals housed up in that apt. too I bet. There were a TON of atheletes going to Mira from outside the area back in the day.

  • I’m not a beliver in El Cerrito they have never got it done in the trenches.

  • @YVFan08 If he told the committee what he was gonna run then why did he run that fake shotgun DW? & How would you know what he told the committee?

  • SportsFan

    Ken Dorsey went to Glorietta elementary school and grew up in Orinda.

  • Biggcoug65

    What’s funny about some of this stuff is that as frosh and sophs at Miramonte, our football team didn’t lose a game, and that was without Guillon and Carrie. But I am happy they came to Orinda because they are friends of mine now. I also don’t remember meeting any non-Orinda swimmers.

  • Redandblue2

    Please Miraman, get your facts straight. To my knowledge, not one Orinda product of note goes to Campolindo in terms of a standout athlete. There are certainly some who come to the school for the academics. Over the last generation or so, more Moraga athletes have attended Miramonte.

    One caveat. Perhaps as a result of Campolindo’s recent dominance across all sports, both boys and girls, I understand the freshman class at Campolindo took in nearly 60 kids from Orinda Intermediate School; the most ever.

    Finally, the housing complex across the street from Miramonte High School are not apartments. They are for sale attached homes that are actually in the Town of Moraga.

  • MiraMan

    “One caveat. Perhaps as a result of Campolindo‚Äôs recent dominance across all sports, both boys and girls, I understand the freshman class at Campolindo took in nearly 60 kids from Orinda Intermediate School; the most ever.”

    Dumbass, isn’t that what I’ve been saying!!

  • Dudleydawson

    miraman who cares what matters is the pounding mc is gonna put on you guys. Ross is gone your only chance is to outscore them cause that defense you got aint stopping nobody. I smell a 42-7 score!

  • wow! the battle on the other side of the tunnel. Mira could pull an upset on campo- it’s their cal-stanford type game- however, returning 18 starters for campo will be hard to overcome. can campo stop concord is the real question? both playoff bound it seems.

  • who wins in the battle of the cheerleaders and the women- campo or mira? Mira hands down.

  • MiraMan


    From everything I read, Mira shouldn’t even bother to show up tonight. Perhaps we should dispense with all these pesky football games and just give MC the NCS trophy!


    Who says Campo returns 18 “starters”? I think they mean “seniors”. I mean, given two-way starters I don’t think they even had 18 starters. I think they bring back maybe 6 starters. About the same as Mira.


    I don’t know buddy, you haven’t seen our cheerleaders lately!

  • Mira, where’s the game tonite? I presume it’s against Marin Catholic? Who’s going to start at QB for Mira?

  • MiraMan

    Game against Marin Catholic at Miramonte @ 7:00.

  • Well I don’t know about giving them a trophy but if they return all they had last year they should be hitting on all cylinders. Tough game 1 unless your really ready to go. I think MC is gonna be really good maybe top 4 NCS team & playing them & losing isn’t necesarrily a bad thing. Just don’t want one of those losses that hangs around cause it got really bad. Good luck. I think MC will score in the 50’s if Miramonte plans on blitzing a lot like Coach Schram talked about. I woldn’t man that QB & leave anything open deep. That guy Goff really torched Encinal.

  • Looking to see a little magic at Mira tonite. Have a relative playing for them. Not a big mira fan miraman so be thankful I’m coming out to root them on. I think a closer game than most people think. MC will play WCAL football and establish early. The key, Mira stays in the game early and puts up a couple of scores.
    Miraman, I saw the comment to YoMama on the cheerleaders, I’ll let you know.

  • MiraFaithful

    Haha, some of these comments are too funny!
    Tough game for the Mats tonight, but they should be pretty pumped up – first game of the season, unveiling new field! What’s not to love?
    Wish I could be there. Alas, I will be relegated to internet updates…

    1) I know this has already been set straight, but Ken Dorsey is from ORINDA. Just ask any of the hundreds of Orinda students who’ve gotten a textbook in class previously issued to “Kenny ‘Touchdown’ Dorsey” haha.

    2) I laugh when I hear all this Campolindo domination talk. If I recall correctly (and I do), two years ago (before last year’s miracle run) Miramonte slapped them 34-7. And the year before that it was 30-7! Campolindo has gotten much better. OBVIOUSLY. But they’ve merely pulled into a competitive spot in the past 6 or so years. It’s going to be very close for years to come now. Doesn’t change the fact that this rivalry is still so lopsided historically…

    Gotta say though, lovin’ the trash talking before the first kickoff of the season has even occurred! Is it 9/28 yet???

  • YVFan08

    @PERKIN he ran the Shotgun DW because that is what Tim Murphy started running. We all know that Murph and Ivankovich coached with each other at YV and they still keep in touch a lot. Hence the reason why CV and Acalanes had a camp together and the reason that their scrimmage was against each other.

  • YVFan08

    Oh and I know that he told the committee that because I personally know Ivankovich. Also, I can tell you what the committee consisted of, it was 3 players, 3 parents and 3 administrators.

  • Big upset in the making out in Orinda tonite. Mira outplayed MC in my opinion. Mira QB Anderson had a strong game for his 1st varsity start. Some Mira coaching calls cost them that game, not the kids.
    1. Calling a safety blitz against a polished college bound QB was a big mistake- he read it and hit his MC receiver in stride for a long score.
    2. Calling a option or pitch out inside the 10, broken play or not was stupid. Mira was not running the ball well and Anderson was passing the ball down their throats. Should have set up a short pass to the end zone, their passing was carving MC up at that time.
    3. With MC going for a FG and using a quick count to get Mira defense off sides, thus making it 1st and goal from the 4 which ended in a touchdown. The mistake, call time out coach. Either MC kicks, fakes or goes with a quick count, your responsibilty is to calm your defense and discuss the options. If MC kicks, its still 20-14 with lots of time left, instead of 24-14.
    Not impressed with MC QB in 2nd half, he was not sharp like 1st half.
    MC defensive backfield had holes over the middle all nite.

  • MiraMan


    Nice analysis of the MC/Mira game although I’d probably be a little kinder on the coaching. I totally agree on the time-out on 1st and goal. There was a blown coverage on the corner blitz, but I agree those kind of plays are risky when you have an almost entirely new defensive backfield and linebacker corps. The pitch was so fouled up, I can’t blame the coaches even if it wasn’t a great play call.

    On the plus side, the Mira coaches called at least two huge fourth down conversions early in the game with 4th and 5 and 4th and 8, both times around the 50 yard line to keep drives alive. It also had the effect of letting MC know that Mira fully expected to win the game, which seemed to freak them out a bit.

    I like to summarize it this way:

    Mira had two sustained drives for TDs and a third sustained drive to the 3 yard line that would have resulted in points if not for the “pitch to no where”. MC had two sustained drives for TDs, a broken play TD, a pick six and a field goal when they were unable to move the ball. Goff never put the ball downfield (except the broken play), got picked once and three passes defended. Akili Terry was an effective runner, but nowhere near an elite devastating runner.

    By the way, and not to complain as MC was the better team, Mira played without 1st string interior defensive linemen in the first half and without either of the two top receivers in the second havf. Mira was also able to drive the ball with emergency QB Sheehan late in the game when Andersen went out. MC gets the win in a lopsided sounding 31-14 score, but for anyone there Mira looked relatively good and MC look relatively bad.

    MC is a class act and a polished program, but they will need to improve if they expect to win NCS. Sounds like O’Dowd may be a better bet!

  • I’m not kinder on coaching. You have a small window of opportunity to upset teams like MC when you are an underdog, coaching needs to get it done on EVERY series. Mira has an ex- NFL player and plenty of coaches on that sideline. No excuses. Mira might have won that game. You don’t blitz a college bound QB, the Mira D coach paid dearly for that.
    Mira will get better, Anderson needs to get healthy- he’s a winner.

  • Perry Seto

    @MiraFaithful. my son played on the Mira team that beat Campo in 2009. THAT was an interesting game, the way the Mats showed up “just in time” for the game at Campo, along with them wearing the freshmen’s jerseys.

    I was impressed with Miramonte last night. No question they were beaten but they held up well to a very, very good team. congrats to MC.

  • redandblue2

    Campo dominated a weak Moreau team last night. They will certainly need to schedule better teams in the preseason to prepare for the rigors of the DFAL. Stephens could have passed for 500 yards if they hadn’t taken him out midway thru the second quarter.

    The defense has a long way to go however, especially the secondary. They have a few more weeks to work out the kinks before El Cerrito comes to town.

    I ran into former Miramonte coach Floyd Burnsed after the Marin Catholic game and he was genuinely impressed with the Mats effort against MC. “Anderson performed well at QB and the defense held a highly regarded offense in check for most of the game”. He was too classy to say if there were coaching mistakes made or that he would have found a way to win the game.

    Miraman, its pointless to argue with someone who can’t answer my simple questions. Further, resorting to name calling is rather childish, don’t you think.

  • Biggcoug65

    @miraman, are you still convinced Dublin is highly overrated after their victory against San Leandro? I know there is a long way to go in the season and we will eventually see, but just want to hear your take on the DFAL after week 1.

  • MiraMan


    Impressive win for Dublin. Depressing loss for Las Lomas. I guess I could be wrong on both counts, that is, thinking Las Lomas is the superior DFAL team and thinking Dublin would be the unachiever. It’s doubly embarrassing for me since I also predicted San Leandro would be second in WACF and now it looks like they could be in the cellar below Castro Valley AND Hayward!

    Long season to go though so I’m not ready to hand any crown over to Dublin just yet.


    I think the clinical definition of a “dumbass” is a person that stares directly at facts that contradict their position, but they continue to argue the point. I wasn’t name calling, I was merely making a clinical assessment of your condition!

    Out of 300 kids graduating from OIS, 60 are going to Camplindo! That’s 20% of the total incoming population of Miramonte that won’t be going to Miramonte, but will instead be going to Campo! Out of those 60 I personally know several that play sports. As they are teenage girls, I don’t think it would be wise for me to pass on their names and addresses.

    If OIS graduates 300 kids for 4 years and they all go to Mira, Mira will have a student population of around 1200; a D3 school. If 60 of those kids go to Campo every year, as this year, Mira will have a student population of 960; basically a D4 school! How one could imply that sports programs would be unaffected is beyond logic. But I would have to confess that I don’t keep a database on student athletes and their city location.

  • Redandblue2


    Unbelievable…….you just don’t get it do you?

    From your post in #10 above,

    ….”so this has and will continue to take some good athletes from Miramonte”……

    The fact is there are no athletes of note in the graduating classes of 2012, 2013 & 2014 at Campolindo that live in Orinda, period. Your attempts at minimizing the accomplishments of Campolindo and crying about how Campo took away athletes from Miramonte just ain’t so. The fact you don’t even mention the number of Moraga athletes who attended Miramonte (remember the NCS winning girl’s soccer team – graduating class of 2010 – many of those girls lived in Moraga) is just laughable. How about Katie Evans star of the Miramonte Basketball team in 2008; a Moraga resident.

    Regarding this year’s freshman class, this is the largest number of students ever who are attending Campo from OIS. As I’m sure you are quite aware, most of these kids live in Moraga, not Orinda. I’m certain most of them are choosing Campo for academic reasons but I would be naive to say that some of these (Orinda) kids aren’t coming for sports reasons.

    Bottom line is, I was only referring to the current junior & senior (and last year’s) class, not the incoming freshman.

    Enough of this nonsense, let’s get back to talking football.

  • it;s interesting to see the bickering back and forth in Mira vs. Campo. It’s like white spy vs. white spy in Mad magazine.
    Interesting to seee ex-caxh Burn there. He had a successful career at Solano JC. Mabey he can bring in some inner-city kids like Solano and help out both teams. There might be a bus from Oakland that comes thru the tunnel. I’m signing off now, walking my dogs out at Danville Country Club(the home of the hoes.)

  • Voice of Reason

    Great game in defeat for Miramonte. I have to admit they hung in there longer than I thought they would. Hopefully, QB Anderson wasn’t injured badly and will be able to make the next start. Likewise, great win for Alhambra. Poyadue is the real deal and as long as they get production out of Costa they might steal a few wins in the DFAL.

    BOD beating up on Las Lomas should be expected as Miroglio may be the best QB in the east bay this season along with Stephens of Campolindo. Interestingly, UCLA gets two outstanding east bay QB’s committed to play baseball in 2013.

    The biggest surprise for me was Dublin defeating San Leandro. Perhaps I am living in the past regarding the glory that was San Leandro football, my how they have fallen. Still, give credit to a strong Dublin team who just may have enough to force their way into the discussion of the top team in the DFAL Athis season.

    Campolindo still looks to be in the driver’s seat in the DFAL until someone knocks them off. One game I will not miss is the Campo/El Cerrito game; should be a good one.

    Have to laugh at the issue of Moraga vs Orinda and which school an aspiring athlete might choose. I took the liberty of checking out a copy of the Campolindo student directory; out of nearly 1400 students, 36 are from the city of Orinda. 17 of those are freshman. Since 60 kids from Orinda Intermediate School came to Campo this fall, apparently 43 of them are Moraga students. Don’t know what it all means but it appears redandblue2 may be right. I know they have open enrollment in the Acalanes School District but it appears only 2.5% of Orinda students attend Campolindo. Sorry, I don’t have the number of Moraga students attending Miramonte.

  • where’s the hype with miraman and red and blue?

  • dogfan

    From MTZ graduate from SoCal. Alhambra QB should be second string. The younger guy has a cannon and twice as accurate, has a chance to be somebody. Nephew goes to Alhambra and says cant touch QB star athlete, remains to be seen. Good luck to the dogs but it will be Las Lomas and Campo playing to the wire.

  • GreyGoose

    I agree with dogfan, good luck Dogs and it will be Las Lomas and Campo to the wire.