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Jon Becker

  • C/O98

    Campo was up 34-7 at the half

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @YoMama. Man,everyone knows the Bal Bucs play with rubber ducks! From a Former Mission Bear. Jet Pride!

  • East Bay Pride

    Campo could have won 100-7 on Friday if they wanted. They are playing lots to guys to see who steps up to fill in the gaps from last years team. Nothing against Moreau. they have a handful of really talented players and played hard, but they were completely overmatched.

  • Junior

    I am watching the O’Dowd v Las Lomas game and am impressed with both QB’s. Miroglio and Wood are very good players. The Bay Area has some serious talent at QB.

  • Wright fan

    @#48 Bill Johnson,

    Coach Wright may lose football games, he may lose respect from some players,parents, & staff for not knowing how to win, but he is still a good person who tries to help the players who will listen to him.

  • C/O98

    As the great and wise master Yoda said “do or do not… There is no try”

  • mvalfan

    yea ur right, but still Moreau had chances but they gave them up, not campo marching up and down the field! But ur right. ampo made some big plays and did good things

  • vic

    To everyone posting about the coach wright situation..bottom line regardless of wether or not he’s a good guy/teacher/whatever..your number 1 priority as a head coach in a place as competitve as the bay area is to win..and he simply isn’t getting it done, its not fair to the kids that do listen and put out 100% that they can’t even compete against mid-level teams..if the school doesn’t step in and find someone who can compete and win..coach wright needs to man up and find a coach who can

  • Pawn Star

    East Bay Pride –

    I agree with MVAL Fan, Moreau made a lot of mistakes too (penalties and half back pass interception in Campos’ red zone). The Mariners have a young team, graduating most of their linemen from last year’s team. Tough to open against the reigning NCS Div III champs to start the season. Give credit to Campo their offense and particularly their quarterback, Stephens, are pretty damn good. Watch Hinton for Moreau, he had close to 180 total yards and is just a sophmore.

  • Hoodboy

    You guys are forgetting that El Cerrito is really good. They just got done smaking O’Dowd around in the scrimmage. Did y’all really expect SLZ to really win that game??. ELC just had more athletes than SLZ. It is what it is. I think SLZ will beat Mt. Diablo, but if Mt. Diablo put up 60, then y’all can talk about wright stepping down or whatever.

  • Matt Rempel

    I’ve covered quite a few SLZ games over the last 5-6 year, Coach Wright is doing the best he can with what he has. I am sure he is angry as anyone over the lack of wins. I think if you have someone who is committed to the program and to the young men, you just have to live with the results.

  • HAAL Fan

    WACC Opening Week

    Foothill Division
    Berekeley- did not play

    Bishop O’Dowd – Miroglio 23-30 372yds 5tds made LL look like 7on7 in easy 47-21 win

    Castro Valley – had 3 rbs go over 100yds (Taylor 124yds td, Cheek 113yds 2tds, and Lima 102yds) in a closer than expected 35-22 loss to Monte Vista

    Hayward – led by Dana Carters 158yds 4tds ran over Ygnacio Valley for 336yds on the ground in a 42-22 win

    Encial – did not play

    San Leandro – was worn down by Ondre Rudoplhs 189yds rushing 3tds in a 22-28 loss @Dublin

    Shoreline Division
    Alameda – did not play

    Arroyo – had almost as many turnovers(5) as players(17) in ugly 0-12 loss to American. JB probably has help coming after Oct. 1st

    Mt Eden – McGowen 185yds rushing 1td and Thomas 170yds rushing 1td led the Monarchs to 353yds on the ground in a 17-7 win over Albany

    Piedmont – were competative in 17-20 loss to Healdsburgh

    San Lorenzo – EC is very talented but it looks like another very long season for Coach Wright

    Tennyson – did not play

  • Jon Goldsmith

    Thats right Bill Johnson, keep blogging from the comfort of your home.
    Go see Coach Wright in person you clown, or step up and coach somewhere. Its clear you and Vic have personal feelings about Coach Wright, or else you would be bashing more coaches.

    @Vic – “your number 1 priority as a head coach in a place as competitve as the bay area is to win?”
    WRONG!! Get your priorities straight. Its High School Football.

  • Billjohnson

    jon boy im bashing him by telling u what his record is? The guy had all summer to prepare for ec and he couldnt even keep it competitive for a half. The guy has gone 0-10 twice 1-9 once. He better get it done in the b league cuz i dont think they have a c league.

  • vic

    @ jon..oh really.???.. go to DLS or Any other program that’sgone to state bowl games and see where their priorites lie…btw I have no hard feelings toward the guy, honestly don’t even know him, but say u had a son or family memeber playing for him, would u want them to play for a guy who obviusly isn’t doing his job right

  • chalktalk

    vic have you heard of NFHS fundamentals of coaching
    be nice be positive no one loses on purpose

  • Rebel champ

    We have the talent. We now have the facilities. All we need now is a coach with a winning resume. Wright is a car salesman. We have bought his jalopies. Now it’s time to buy a new car and if it’s time to buy we can’t allow are ourselves to be duped by the same bs smile. For the kids sake and a once proud program.

  • Jon Goldsmith

    Bill, Vic, and Rebel,
    Obviously, none of you has ever coached, if you did, you would follow the code. What code, you ask?
    If you have to ask, you’ve never coached.
    Quit being cowards. Quit criticizing the man in the arena. What good have you done for our youth today? NOTHING…
    I suspect you will all come back on here with your reasons, citing his win loss record….its played out, and no one cares. If it is such a big deal, do something about it besides blog anonymously.
    I doubt any of you do anything of worth so that people blog about your job performance anonymously….in fact, I highly doubt either of you is employed.

  • vic

    @jon.. iam just writing my opnions here, no need to get hostile but, if u wanna get personal I’ve accomplished more in my life serving this country then you can ever dream of kid…from CPL Ortiz USMC

  • Jon Goldsmith

    And how do you feel when people talk poorly of the military? Exactly….

  • vicvi

    People can say what they want, they are entitled to their opinons..which was the point I was making…wether its sports or anything else..

  • vic

    People can say what they want, they are entitled to their opinons..which was the point I was making..wether its sports or anything else…

  • Wright fan

    Jon Goldsmith. Everyone, wrong or right has a right to speak their mind. My uncle and many others died for that right. You can disagree with what they have to say, but you are unamerican to speak against free speech. This is a high school blog. Although, I do not agree with these anti-wright bloggers. This is an appropriate place to share opinions.

  • billjohnson

    jacob i mean jon no one cares about his wins or loses! i bet those kids do! there not professional they dont get paid to play all that’s left is winning. over/under jacob the carsalesman winning more than 2 games this year!

  • John GoldMember- if SLO has gone 0-10 twice and 1-9 they have to have some changes or they will develop into a sheeetbird team/program. If the changes shake up the system so be it. It’s not all about wins but it’s also not all about losses and no wins.
    Crap the program if neccessary and join SL for football only, some sort of a charter team or academy?
    Just pimppin’ out loud.

  • EBfootball

    At what point do you think a coach is a consistent loser and gots to go?

  • EB- when he’s got no mojo left.

  • Old Meddling- what Mission team were ya on? Ever beat Bal? Any turkey bowl appearances?
    Bye the way, what’s up in Jet Pride land? coach, team, schedule, etc.

  • Where’s Lemon617 tearing up the Alameda Hornets this yr? Haven’t heard from him???? Who’s running the island- hornets or jets?
    Bleacher Coach, Novato terrible- what happened- you helping coach them?

  • Jon Goldsmith

    Way to hide under the blanket of freedom fellas…when its convenient.
    Just because you have the right to do something, doesnt mean you should use that right. Im entitled to eat McDonalds every day of the week, 3 times a day, but that doesnt mean I SHOULD eat McDonalds.
    My point is, leave the coaches alone.
    And no, this isnt Jacob….

  • chalktalk

    here is my 2 cent
    iVE GONE 2 these seminars camps and watching these so called coaching videos They all teach basically the same fundamental of foolishness
    he will lose. everyone on the field has different abilities IT UP 2 THE COACH 2 KNOW EACH PLAYERS LIMITATIONS so u canT coach by the book, if u dont have the players. the more u yell at the kid and tell him 2 do something that impossible the more u lose ur team. (SL-PIRATEFAN) LMAO

  • DJ

    ^^ I agree with that

  • DJ

    however it has nothing to do with any conversations here lol

  • SL piratefootball

    i have to admit yall are really going in on coach wright but some of the comments make me laugh a bit, i TRY not to bash coaches, especially guys im kool with but jw got to get it done, cant keep losing like that, no kid that plays SL crusaders want to go to slz, hopefully how the new league goes it gives team like slz, arroyo, mt eden a chance to get wins and get the program rolling a bit. goldsmith if i had his record i would do some serious think of what need to b done to turn things around and would expect this type of bashing

  • SL piratefootball

    i do wish that people on here that TALK so much would coach and see how its not as easy as it may seem

  • chalktalk

    coaching formula 101
    tell the kid the truth make them believe it
    watch them preform sound so good ill say it again but BOLDER this time TELL THE KID THE TRUTH MAKE THEM BELIEVE IT THEN WATCH THEN PREFORM ……………..


  • SL piratefootball

    here we go again same as last football season we got our internet tough same guy why dont you get on a coaching staff, put up or shut up show everbody how good of a coach you are, or are you just all talk, talk is cheap, your poor attempt to slang insults is a great show of charactor what a great role model you are