East Bay Football Poll – 8/27

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 0-0 90 1
2. James Logan 1-0 84 4
3. Pittsburg 1-0 78 5
4. Campolindo 1-0 65 6
5. San Ramon Valley 0-1 64 2
6. Concord 1-0 63 7
7. Bishop O’Dowd 1-0 55 t8
8. Foothill 1-0 52 t8
9. Amador Valley 1-0 33 NR
10. Freedom 0-1 32 3
11. Monte Vista 1-0 31 10
12. California 1-0 22 t13
13. Encinal 0-0 17 12
t14. Berkeley 0-0 13 t13
t14. El Cerrito 0-0 13 t13

Also receiving votes: Dublin (1-0, 6 points), Livermore (1-0, 1), McClymonds (0-0, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Itsabob

    Clayton Valley needs to modify offense..Prothro to pure RB…and get Nelson in at QB and some big air along with RB. Otherwise they will have a long frustrating season. Lots of games will be close but no cigar.
    Regarding my post #49 Sparty needs its early wake-up call…but from then on they will steam roll to State again.

  • junior

    bells are in trouble this year… the Green Machine is tough the second time around.

  • spectator2012

    What’s going on at Heritage and Deer Valley. I heard Heritage was winning against Granada, but couldn’t close the deal. Where’s the strong running game that Heritage usually has? Deer valley has Rodriguez this week. We’ll see how DV does this Friday. Is Heritage on the decline?

  • spectator2012

    This Friday’s battle of the FALCONS should be a goodg game. Freedom needs this win and Foothill needs to establish that they are legit. I’m predicting Foothill by 10 points.

  • why would aptos be favored over encinal ?????????

  • did liberty get to deer valley and heritage?

  • Cal vs. Pitt- it will be ex-DeLa coach vs. ex-Dela coach. who will make the least mistakes and keep their cool?

  • #53 Spectator: Watch out for DV. New OC (Coach Nick) and others on coaching staff who is turning that team into a team I think should win the BVAL.

  • Here’s The Schoolmarm’s “Greater Bay Area”NCS/CCS Top 25 for 0 Week (Includes 15 Eastbay teams).If anyone’s interested.

    1. De La Salle 0-0
    2. Foothill 1-0
    3. Marin Catholic 1-0
    4. Serra 0-0
    5. James Logan 1-0
    6. Bellarmine 0-0
    7. St. Ignatius 0-0
    8. Pittsburg 1-0
    9. Campolindo 1-0
    10.Concord 1-0
    11.Monte Vista 1-0
    12.Palma 0-0
    13.Bishop O’Dowd 1-0
    14.Cardinal Newman 1-0
    15.Amador Valley 1-0
    16.Los Gatos 0-0
    17.Archbishop Mitty 0-0
    18.Freedom 0-1
    19.Palo Alto 0-0
    20.California 1-0
    21.Salesian 1-0
    22.Sacred Heart Cathedral 0-0
    23.San Ramon Valley 0-1
    24.Pioneer 0-0
    25.Clayton Valley 0-1
    *(28)Dublin 1-0

    *This was listed so there would be an Eastbay top 15.

    Not too different than the Times top 15 except for Foothill, Monte Vista, Salesian, SR, and Clayton Valley.
    Matt Sweeney is a stickler for fundamentals and details and gets the most from his players.With this coaching and some “D1 Bubble” guys, Foothill could easily be 11-1(NCS D1 1st round pass)and in the Coliseum in December. However, if all of Logan’s starters stay healthy, it could be the Colts instead.
    Although somewhat predictable, Coach Bergman gets a lot out of his players, too. Jeff Lockie will be hard to replace, but the Mustangs seem noticeably stronger this year. I see Monte Vista in the D1 semis.
    I don’t think the Chieftans are quite the team they were last year (No Freddy Tagaloas this year), but should still take the Rock Division although El Cerrito has home field advantage and may spoil an otherwise undefeated season for them. Not much trouble for Salesian in NCS D4 since Ferndale will probably stay in D5 (See “Bowling for Carson”:comment #12).
    SR got to the Coliseum last year on the backs of Zack Kline and his excellent receiving corps and a strong O
    line which not only protected Mr. Kline’s back but openened holes for a great running game. Against Buhach Colony, the Wolves simply came out flat and quickly committed 2 turnover fumbles. The score was 21-0 before SR started to bear down and turn the momentum. SR took the lead 24-21 mid 4th qtr, due mainly to some excellent running by Marcus DeLaPena(a 97 yard TD run from scrimmage after the Wolves held on a goaline stand, the defensive and offensive highlights) and the new kid,Jaiwan Gardner, got his share of yardage, too. Matt Anderson kicked 2 brilliant onsiders that the Wolves recovered (2 of his other 3 KOs were put into the end zone plus a 40yrd FG). However, after SR went ahead, BC came back to score on their final drive against a porous SR defense making it 28-24. SR got the ball back with about 2 minutes left, but after a couple of “gimme” 1sts, couldn’t pass the ball deep enough to get into scoring range.(Yeah, I was at that game). However,BAY SECTION is correct; this was not the BC team of the past 2 years, although I would have to say the Thunder showed up to play football and got the job done. San Ramon will need to immensely correct their passing game (Cameron Birsh was 17 of 29, 1 intrcpt, for 117 yrds, 1 TD, but nearly all were screens and dumpoffs), tighten up their O-line especially on passing plays, play much better defense, and ,most importantly, crank up the level of intensity on the playing field and every where else or I’m afraid the Wolves are facing a 3-7 or even 2-8 season (or worse).
    Clayton Valley lost to Pitt 27 to 40 but out-offensed the Pirates 388 yrds to 307.The Eagles committed 2 key turnovers, though. However, a good D1 (meaning at least NorCal D1 level of “good”) should not have that much trouble with an NCS D2 team unless that team is one of the best to come along in NCS D2 in several years. Perhaps, Tim Murphy has the Eagles at that level already.
    I’d like to comment about DLS vs Bellarmine. I don’t have the Bells ranked or rated nearly as high as everyone else. They only have 4 starting returners.Travis McHue was one of, if not the best, option QB’s I’ve ever seen in high school. He’s got to be missed. Also, Bellarmine does not carry a huge roster, either. Unless there’s something I’m not seeing, and DeLa is not DE LA SALLE this year(the Spartans could start slow, they did last year and 3 years ago, before they get into the DE LA SALLE mode), DLS should not have too much trouble with the Bells.
    Dublin, Alhambra,and Amador Valley could be the big sleepers this year. I think the Eastbay game of the week is Amador at Concord. The Minutemen have arguably the best back in the state, Olito Thompson (although I’m sure more than a few people in the Central Coast area would argue that for their guy, Lompocian LaVon Coleman), and the Dons squeaked by Freedom, one of the higher ranked teams north of the Chowchilla, 29-27 last Friday. Too close to call, but the outcome should tell a lot about Eastbay football to come this Fall.
    Kudos to The Ghost, WAC Man, HAAL fan, and George Manly, especially George, for all the game predictions even with scores, for this week. Must have taken alot of research and work. I only predict a few games and section, region, and Cal Bowl results this time of year!
    P.S. I’m afraid I made a big mistake in my #12 comment about “Bowling for Carson”. I said St. Helena might be a NCS D5 contender. ‘Fraid the info I got had St.Helena’s enrollment at 435, when it’s really 535 making them D4. Should’ve double checked before writing the “article”. Sorry.

  • spectator2012

    #58 – Bval
    I do hear good things happening at Deer Valley. New Offensive Coord. is getting the team some excitement. DV always has athletes and speed. I hear DV also has good size this year. They may be the sleeper in the BVAL. Heritage may be right there with Liberty this year. I believe Heritage’s better days are behind them, for this year at least.

  • Prep Fan

    @47 & 48: The CCT Sports Section discussion board is still there, just not being used much as they took out one of the ways to access it:


  • Hoodboy

    San Leandro should go to a spread offense. With all that speed, c’mon. They already have a fast QB in Johnson. They would be hard to stop.

    Bishop ODowd vs Mack should be a good one. It says it starts at 5:30pm? Hope thats not true. Wont be able to get off practice in time

    Cant wait to see Encinal and how they will do in the A league

    I saw Tennyson scrimmage against Irvington. Tennyson was scoring at will. Their spread offense is working well with their speed. They big players last year but they did a good job reloading

    Another good weekend of good football Ladies N Gentlemen

  • Hoodboy

    *They lost big players*

  • Itsabob

    Rumor has it that Bells did not want this game on TV JUNIOR you may have something.

  • IN ALL THE EXCITMENT…We over looked Miramonte who travels to Eureka for a Sat. Game on 9-1….If the Mats can deal with the long road trip to Eureka…they can win….Miramonte 28 Eureka 13…

  • MiraMan


    I agree with your prediction, especially that I don’t see Eureka putting up many points. They had a junior QB last year, but he’s not on the roster…just disappeared! They have several RB returning including one that ran for about 600 yds, but only one WR that only had around 50 yds. They have a big TE, but he appears to be more of a blocker. I just don’t see a passing attack.

    The concern I have about Eureka are their big D-ends. They could cause problems for our QB. My other concern is their crummy dirt field.

    28-13 sounds about right.

  • Miraman…Its a good thing that the rainny season isn’t here yet…That field would be a muddy mess, as it is the field is pretty well beat up….That field may be the Mat’s biggest problem….Miramonte did well against Marin Catholic..I think the kids can take care of business Sat. Afternoon….

  • leatherfan

    Heritage must have new defensive coaching staff??? Defense is terrible! No real running game either? Could be long season. Pitt is only real talented team in BVAL. But as usual their coaching not good enough to get them anywhere.

  • Itsabob

    Pitt will fade away into the sunset. Encinal should be in around 12th spot. 2-3 schools that have some grade issues that may impact player availability. Skyline HS may not even finish season per times report. Going to Bells DLS game should be one of the best games going.
    I still feel Sparty may sputter but then again which team has the best mind set will walk out the victor.

  • vic

    Live blog tonight??

  • Monarch86

    We should find out who is for real tonight at the Cal Pitt game, will it be the Cal from 2010 or Pitt from 2009?

  • DVAL Watcher

    Great game tonight in Concord!! Team played ALL four quarters. They just don’t give up, believe in each other and their coaches. Great group of kids! Definitely movin up on the poll next week…Train rolls on in Concord, Let’s GO Minutemen !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reggie Hammond

    how did deer valley do

  • Bad night for Bluedog2….The choices blew up in my face..Lots of good football..Most of the looses were great games…Look who won…California, Encinal, Freedom,Logan,Monte Vista, Livermore, Antioch,Liberty just to name a few.

  • Itsabob

    Enjoying my breakfast of crow this morning.
    Spartans were looking very disciplined vs Bells.I thought the Bells would pull a possible upset.
    Spartan O-Line was opening up a 4 lane hwy for the backs. QB Williams is a calm cookie and I am looking forward to his performance over the next two seasons.
    The Bells are no slouch of a team no question that they will be on top of the heap by Nov.

  • dj falong

    @daddio, I will be your idiot but I promote all east bay players. You are very quick to name call. IQ is measured by ones ability to comprehend. As I read my post I still understand my point. Please re-read my post, I understand a GENERAL EDUCATION DIPLOMA limits ones ability to comprehend complex thought. My apologies to you and your family, I am a tax payer and it appears my dollars were not spent well on your GED. Not knocking those who have them I am sure not all slipped through the cracks as you appeared to have. P.S. I support all of our kids, PERIOD !!!!!.

  • Wjat’s all this BS about Daddio, his edu and family?
    Who is your team DJ Falong?

  • Saw Pitt at Cal last Friday night. Really impressed with Cal, especially their defense which shut down Pitt’s iso and i-back power plays the 1st qtr, and then made brilliant 4th qtr adjustments to the Pirates’ offensive halftime switch to what appeared to be some sort of modified double wing T that turned the tide in favor of Pitt 3rd qtr. Grizzlies’ offense, behind the running of Karris Johnson (115 yds) and passing of Jr. Cameron Owen (10/14 for 223 yds.),came through for a Grizzly win 40-34. Other than being somewhat flat the 1st qtr, Pitt looked good, too. Had some bad breaks.
    Here’s my after Week 1 Greater Bay Area Top 25, with last week’s rank and the team’s playoff division.Only teams that have played at least 1 game are ranked.

    1. De La Salle(1) (NCS D1)1-0
    2. Marin Catholic(3) (NCS D3)2-0
    3. Logan(5) (NCS D1)2-0
    4. Serra(4) (CCS D1*)1-0
    5. California(20) (NCS D1)2-0
    6. Bellarmine(6) (CCS D1*)0-1
    7. Concord(10) (NCS D2) 2-0
    8. Monte Vista(11) (NCS D1)2-0
    9. Freedom(18) (NCS D1)2-0
    10. St. Ignatius(7) (CCS D2*)1-0
    11. Mitty(17) (CCS D1*)1-0
    12. Pittsburg(8) (NCS D1)1-1
    13. Campolindo(9) (NCS D3)2-0
    14. Foothill(2) (NCS D1)1-1
    15. Cardinal Newman(14) (NCS D3)2-0
    16. Amador Valley(15) (NCS D1)1-1
    17. Bishop O’Dowd(13) (NCS D3)2-0
    18. Sacred Heart Cathedral(22) (CCS D3*)1-0
    19. Casa Grande(NR) (NCS D2)2-0
    20. Oak Grove(NR) (CCS D1*) 1-0
    21. Deer Valley(NR) (NCS D1)1-0
    22. San Benito(NR) (CCS D1*)1-0
    23. Miramonte(NR) (NCS D3)2-0
    24. El Cerrito(NR) (NCS D3)1-0
    25. Los Gatos(16) (CCS D2*)0-1
    (26)Salesian(21) (NCS D4)2-0: Shown so there are 15 Eastbay teams.

    *Since CCS allows schools to wait until the regular season is completed before the school, if eligible, declares whether it will play in the Open Division or its league/enrollment division for the playoffs, the team’s league/enrollment division will be shown until then.

  • spectator2012

    freedom is 1-1 not 2-0.

  • Thanks Spectator; you’re correct; Freedom’s 1-1, lost 27-29 to Amador, beat Foothill 41-28. My typo error. Should’ve double checked.

  • FB Guru

    The rankings look good, and appreicate you doing this, but you might want to use http://www.calpreps.com/2012/ratings/
    to verify your records. MC beat both Mira (1-1) and SI (0-1) so neither of those teams records are corrctly posted.

  • Again my typo mistakes. Thanks FB Guru for the corrections. Actually Calpreps is one of many sources I consult. However I do my rankings before I look at any others so I’m not influenced by them.

  • spectator2012

    foothill should go down in ranking as the weeks go by. from what i’ve seen from the team, they are overrated. the team is not that good. expected more from them for being ranked higher than other teams. i really don’t know how they got ranked high when they didn’t even make the playoffs last year. must be the ebal ranking magic. freedom has good offense, but terrible defense. they still might win the bval unless a team can stop their explosive offense. we’ll see how freedom performs vs franklin this friday.

  • dj falong

    @yo mamma, its all about comprehension. Read previous post and you will understand. Do not call it B.S. you are not the one he attacked. I thought this was on an adult forum ? It seems a small portion of you want to name call instead of talk football. I am not into these sorts of contests, just ex-football player trying to express thoughts and opinions about recruiting in the eastbay. If there is someone out there who has been to more football camps, combines and other recruiting related events than me, than you should know that south east, mid-west and eastern recruits get better looks than ours.Once again please re-read post #16,#18.If any one got the same as daddio did from my post let me know. Otherwise I think DADDIO was in the Falice riding contest at the local rodeo when he wrote response to my post. I apologize to innocent bystanders, last time I will talk about this!!!