East Bay Football Poll – 8/27

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 0-0 90 1
2. James Logan 1-0 84 4
3. Pittsburg 1-0 78 5
4. Campolindo 1-0 65 6
5. San Ramon Valley 0-1 64 2
6. Concord 1-0 63 7
7. Bishop O’Dowd 1-0 55 t8
8. Foothill 1-0 52 t8
9. Amador Valley 1-0 33 NR
10. Freedom 0-1 32 3
11. Monte Vista 1-0 31 10
12. California 1-0 22 t13
13. Encinal 0-0 17 12
t14. Berkeley 0-0 13 t13
t14. El Cerrito 0-0 13 t13

Also receiving votes: Dublin (1-0, 6 points), Livermore (1-0, 1), McClymonds (0-0, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • BayAreaSection

    Perhaps SRV cud drop a few more notches. Buhach Colony is not the team from year’s past & when they meet teams from the SJS North they tend to break down in Big Games. They have a platoon of running backs & the teams from the SJS North are strong against the run.

  • The Ghost

    Doesn’t make a lot of sense why SRV remains in the top 10. SRV needs to earn their way back. Their preseason schedule is only going to get tougher … no rest for the weary with Folsom on the road!

  • I think that San Ramon should move down and 7,8 and 9 should move up and San Ramon should be #9…And Pittsburg gets its first real test when they visit California…if they can stop California then they should stay at #3, but if not they should take a drop down to #9 As San Ramon faces Folsom who stomped Woodcreek 68-13…Now Woodcreek isn’t the toughest team in town, but there is a clear message that San Ramon had better be prepared for offensive fire works..

  • Itsabob

    Before everybody gets all fired up, lets see how De La Salle does over the next few weeks. Gut feeling says it could be ugly until league starts. Cal and MV will be fighting for top spot EBAL.

  • I agree SRV should have dropped further than the 5th spot ,however I do not think it will matter after next week.

    Folsom beat SRV pretty good last year and this years Folsom team could be even better. When SRV get drubbed by Folsom they should drop out all together and if they beat Logan in week 3 they could come maybe creep back in the bottom spot

  • Bleachercoach are you shocked that MC didn’t blow out Miramonte? I thought it would get ugly.

  • Junior

    SRV hung pretty well with Folsom last year. As long as SRV’s defense stays disciplined and tackles, they should compete well with Folsom. That Folsom offense is horizontal passing and puts pressure on defenses that can’t tackle in open space.

  • EB JC Guy

    O’Dowd could probably be higher after very impressive win over LL. Same goes for Foothill and Cal. Tough bounce back this week for Freedom against Foothill. Livermore honorable mention??? They struggled to beat Liberty, from what I heard that game could have gone either way with both teams having chances. No honorable mention for Antioch? I know Franklin is horrible, but they are headed in the right direction after 6-4 last year. If Campo is truly as good as their rating, they should have completely blown out Moreau. Not sure Campo could beat any of the top 12.

  • PERKIN I am shocked, frustrated and just plain pissed off about it.

    Mazi Moayed is the worst coach period. I don’t know how he even got the job. The only head coaching job he had prior to MC was at San Rafael for the 2005 and 2006 seasons where he was a whopping 8-13-1=.386.

    He goes over to MC as an assist in 2007 then is hand picked to take over a loaded program from Ken Peralta in 2010.

    It is one thing to have DLS take the cream of the crop from the public schools in the East bay but at least they are a story book program which puts California football on the national scene.

    MC with Moayed at the helm is the robber that gets caught with his pants down and his hand in the cookie jar. What a clown

  • Prep Fan

    I’m not quite sure how Monte Vista is still ranked ahead of Cal, especially after they just squeeked by Castro Valley Friday in a game that was tied at halftime and they were only up 7 heading into the 4th quarter. MV allowed 329 yards rushing. Cal has beaten MV the last 2 years, and they’re JV team was 9-1 last year to MV’s something like 2-8 or 3-7?

    Cal still plays CV in a couple of weeks and both teams face Pitt soon, so we should see some common opponents real soon. 12th ranked Cal will definitely have their work cut out for them facing a nasty 3rd ranked Pitt squad this week. If Cal should lose, they may fall out of the rankings altogether. Cal has been off the radar with almost all predictions (BANG, CalPreps & SF Chronicle) having them behind DLS, SRV, Foothill, MV, and now even AV is ranked ahead of them.

    Cal RB Karris Johnson is a beast who took the first play from scrimmage vs. Washington for 86 yards and then another 65 yarder on his next touch, leading Cal to a 40-7 victory. He may be the best RB in NorCal that no one has heard of yet. Not even on the Times’ watch list, he went to the Nike Combine in LA and had the 3rd highest SPARQ score out of over 1200 kids.


  • vic

    Rankings look pretty fair to me, although it seems sun r mad that srv didn’t drop far enough for their loss..don’t know much about the team they lost to so can’t say..don’t see much movement at the top til league play..

  • MtEdenHomer

    So every team in the EBAL made the list with at least one vote except Granada?

  • Junior

    I believ Cal will be fighting for the top spot in EBAL but it is tough to gauge where they rank when you play a team like Washington.

    Good rankings fellas.

  • Wow, I thought he had done a solid job only lost 2 games by less then 10points. He has made some questionable calls in his losses. But changing the offense from triple option & DW & dominating with it has been impressive. He’s was also a good dc at Novato if I remember he was a part of a perfect team.
    I can’t see them just not being really good & hitting on all cylinders. Whole team should be back on O other then 2 WRs.

  • mvalfan

    I think Coach Mazi has done a really great job at MC. He wins every year, so not sure why cats say he is the worst coach!

  • dj falong

    Prep Fan good job, we need our kids touted. For some unknown reason the Bay Area kids get over looked, it is our responsibility to promote these kids in this area. Big time college programs in our area do not recruit here. thinking they have a better chance with kids that dont come from an area where the median income is in the six figure range. Not true, our kids are just as good as any around the country and usually dont come with the personal issues of kids with less financial resources. Thanks for the link I have made many college contacts over the past several months, this kid will not be un-known when I get done. Good luck to your team this year whomever they are. GOOO EAST BAY !!! p.s. I think sparty will go down this year.

  • ManDown

    Bleacher Coach, How is MC coach Mazi the worst coach? That is a great team he has and it has been since he has taken over. They are well coached and any team that faces them knows that you’re in a fight when they come to town. You’re trippin. Its only the first game so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

  • Daddio

    Falong. I’m guessing you won’t be helping Sparty’s kids right, even though they are from the Bay Area also. What an idiot u are. I hope you are not trying to help these kids with jamboree film. LOL. Good luck with what ever your trying to do.

  • Prep Fan

    Jees Daddio. All he said was he thinks this might be the year that Sparty goes down. He wasn’t bad mouthing them, and didn’t say he wouldn’t also be supporting them. No need to resort to name calling. He might be right, or he might be wrong, but it’s just his opinion. They are bound to lose to a local squad one of these years and they seem to have a close call once a year or so.

  • DLS is ranked anywhere from 3rd to 8th in National polls- 1st or 2nd in California polls. Defense has all-american Lb plus 3 other Lb’s all recruited by Pac-10 schools olus receivers and D line. Offense has T. Vitale and crew back, remember him, 6 tds in NCS finals against highly touted SRV. So the experts have them picked prety high. We’ll wait for the weekend to see how they stack up.

  • Bleacher coach and Old meddling coach were going at it pretty good the last several years- let’s here it.

  • Prep Fan

    Junior, I agree with you that it is tough to gauge a team based on one game against Washington, and that Cal should be in the mix for the top spot in the EBAL now that DLS is independent. My point was that they should have been ranked ahead of MV in the preseason based on who they have on the field this year, and the fact they have beaten them 2 years in a row. But everyone had MV ranked ahead of them. Time will tell.

    If I recall, you were throwing up a red flag about Cal’s defense last year when Cal gave up 197 yards rushing against CV in a preseason game that Cal won 45-14. Cal ended up only allowing 30 points once all year, when Kline outdueled Farley in a 42-38 shootout that went right down to the wire. Well, MV gave up more than 300 on the ground Friday night to CV in their 13 point win. Not that MV is known for their run defense, but I just don’t know if they have the firepower this year on offense to compensate.

  • junior

    Prep- It was pretty close vote. No worries as Cal gets to prove were they deserve to be ranked, at this stage anyway, after Friday. Wish I could be in two places at one time.

    MV and. Run defense are never to be used in the same sentence.

  • BayAreaSection

    If SRV wants to win, their D Line must apply pressure and must challenge & be physically challenge their Wr’s. SRV represents the NCS well. It.s great to see them schedule (Out Of Section games to see how they fair in the NorCal Regionals) outside the box.

  • SRV has a tough schedule- MV, Foothill, Amador and Cal in league. DLS-independent. Folsom- pre league.
    They could have 7 potential losses this year.

  • ManDown MC has 13 total coaches let me repeat that for you 13 coaches. That is 5 kids per coach ,but in the end the head coach is the one that is responsible for the program ( choosing the offensive and defensive schemes).

    Coach Peralta is the one that put the current staff together and brought MC to a bowl game not Moayed.This season is the last of those kids who came up under Peralta.

    If MC plays as poorly as they did vs Mira when they play SI on Saturday and Vacaville the week after they will be 1-2 and it is a direct reflection of the head coach.

    There will be no way MC gets picked for a bowl game with two losses and Moayed will be replaced. You can bank on that.

  • BayAreaSection

    I used to be a SJS Homer & have been following the NCS for quite sometime while learning more and now gaining interest with the CCS. It was a nice win for Amador Valley. Novato has not been relevant for quite some time (I really liked them0. Marin Catholic is probably scheduled Miramonte to get ready for SI & Vacaville. Cardinal Newman used to schedule big, but I dont’ know what happen. Posters saying alot of new faces. What has happened to Montgomery-Santa Rosa? Casa Grande shud beat Napa 9dont know if any of the Napa (SJS) Teams offense works nowadays. Hope Rancho Cotate breaks out this year. Way to go BOD! Go DLS!

  • Nfl

    Bleacher coach whats going @novato 9 turnovers? I didnt think they would beat foothill but i sure didnt expect a blowout! Brackett in trouble?

  • Nfl I was not at the game, But from what I was able to find out Novato fumbled 9 times lost 6 and had 3 picks.

    The new QB is young he is a Sophomore that played Freshman QB last season.

    Since only 1 fumble was from the Sr. running back , I can only figure that most of the fumbles where center/QB exchange problems but I am not sure on that.

    I will be at the Encinal vs Aptos game Friday night and the Novato vs Cardinal Newman game Saturday so I will have a better idea whats going on next week.

  • Chris

    Livermore received a vote. Are you kidding me? They could barely beat Liberty. If anything Granada should receive the vote instead of Livermore

  • BayAreaSection

    @ Bleacher Coach:
    Wut Offense does Encinal Run? How do you think they will do againts Aptos’ Double Wing? Do you think Berkeley will do against Lincoln-Stockton?

  • did the hot icy stuff and lube help Liberty? Did they use it to slip thru the holes on the line? What was their rushing performance? Olympic joke- If Turkey invaded Hungary from behind, would Greece help?

  • BayAreaSection I do not what the Jets are going to offense the Jets are going to run.

    I am concerned about Cory Sailes their primary running back.There is no doubt he his fast and if he catches the edge he has break away speed , but he is not the biggest guy so I worry that he will take a lot of hits playing all the big programs.

    I don’t know what Berkeley was thinking they start the season 0-4

  • 8-28-12…From Bluedog2
    The second round presents some good contests..last week….teams that should have won didn’t and teams that should have lost won..This coming Friday night has some more surprises in store for us….
    Pittsburg 37 California 27….If the Pirates loose..it will be their own doing….The key is displine
    Amador Valley 28 Concord 26….The Minutemen face a tough defense and a QB that can throw..
    Folsom 36 San Ramon 21….The Wolves defense will have to do a better job then last week…
    Foothill 40 Freedom 27…..Freedom faces another sturdy defense and can tghey stop Foothill’s offense..
    Monte Vista 35 Berkeley 34…..The Mustangs fight for their lives in this game..
    Hayward 48 Livermore 20…..The Farmers had a wake up call last week and should continue this week…

    Mt. Diablo 26 San Lorenzo 6….If any coach had a tough job..its Mt. Diablo’s…There is all sorts of talent in the area..but to get enough kids to get decent grades and show up for practices is a tough chore…But the Red Devils win
    Amador Valley 28 Concord 26
    College Park 35 Dougerty Valley 13..Last weeks game caught the Falcons by surprise…But not this time..
    North Gate 33 Antioch 26….The Bronco’s beat a very good San Marin team..proving they are the mystery team…
    Sat. 9-1
    Irvington 26 Ygancio Valley 19…..The Warriors need to find their way…
    Alhambra 28 Rancho Cotate 25…..The Bulldog defense will have to stand tall and the offense needs to stay on the field and not wear out the D..
    Dublin 27 Benicia 24…..Dublin stopped Benicia 20-6 last year…this year Benicia returns a lot of players…this is going to be a good game..
    Campolindo 49 St. Patrick/St. Vincent 13…PV is no match for the Cougars
    College Park 35 Dougerty Valley 13
    Las Lomas 49 Mission Valley 7…The Knights run wild
    Acalanes 27 Skyline 13…..This is not the same skyline of past years..
    Pittsburg 37 California 27
    Casa Grande 33 Heritage 20…..Another rough game for Heritage
    Foothill 36 Freedom 26
    West-Tracy 35 Liberty 14….the ions have their hands full and it won’t be good..
    North Gate 33 Antioch 26

    Tri-County Rock
    Campolindo 49 St. Patrick/St.Vincent 13
    El Cerrito 34 Newark 20….another good ball game, but EC wins going away..
    Salesian 19 Middletown 14..This game won’t be as easy as last weeks
    Pinole 41 Castlemont 18….this game could get wild
    Sat. 9-1
    Berean Christian 19 emery 14….years ago…emery use to be a tough customer…this won’t be a easy game…
    Valley Christian of Dublin 34 Capuchino 14…VC goes for #2 win

    TriCounty Stone
    Hercules 20 Mission SF 14
    Mt. Eden 18 Richmond 6…Two teams facing hard times
    Kennedy of Richmond 26 Bethel 13..Bethel got dumped last week and it should happen again..
    Sat. 9-1
    Tennyson 25 Albany 13……another two teams facing hard times

    West Alameda–Foothill
    Bishop O’Dowd 39 McClymond 28…One of the games of the week…but the Dragon’s have too many guns..
    Logan 41 San Leandro 26…..The Colts take care of business
    Aptos 32 Encinal 25…..Aptos must contain the Jets speed..and then they can win..
    Leland 27 Castro Valley 19….CV showed they have a nasty ground game and Leland must stop it to win..
    Monte Vista 35 Berkeley 34
    Hayward 48 Livermore 20

    West Alameda—Shoreline
    Mt. diablo 26 San Lorenzo 6
    Piedmont 33 Moreau 25
    Mt.Eden 18 Richmond 6
    Alameda 37 Redwood (Larkspur) 18
    Ukiah 32 Arroyo 13
    Sat. 9-1
    Tennyson 25 Albany 13

    Mission Valley
    El Cerrito 34 Newark 20
    Las Lomas 49 Mission San Jose 7
    Piedmont 33 Moreau Catholic 25
    Granada 44 American (Fremont) 7
    Sat. 9-1
    Kennedy (Fremont) 20 Balboa 14
    Irvington 26 Ygnacio Valley 19

  • WAC Man

    My predictions

    Bishop O’Dowd 45 McClymonds 12 – Mack at major coaching disadvantage.
    Logan 41 San Leandro 14 – SL no longer among the elite in the East bay.
    Leland 21 Castro Valley 20 – CV is a 2nd rate program in decline.
    Aptos 27 Encinal 14 – Tenorio running out of tricks for small roster team.
    Livermore 35 Hayward 13 – Hayward will lose 9 in a row starting with Livermore.

    Ukiah 28 Arroyo 0 – No players + No offense = No chance.
    Mt.Diablo 24 San Lorenzo 12 – Wright will lose 20 straight & then call it quits.
    Moreau 20 Piedmont 14 – Moreau has a RB that will draw attention.
    Richmond 26 Mt.Eden 21 – Richmond pulls the minor upset.
    Tennyson 12 Albany 6 – Tennyson has lost a lot of players. Albany just never had them.
    Alameda 42 Redwood 14 -The king of the B league puts away softy.

  • EB JC Guy

    Love seeing all the predictions already for this week’s games . . . my only adjustments versus those already posted . .. Antioch should thump Northgate, I’m saying at least by three scores. Same goes for Logan vs San Leandro. The Pirates are just not very good this year. Also, I expect a much closer game in the Hayward-Livermore game. Hayward is big and physical, but Livermore is real disciplined and plays tough. Lots of good games this week. Think Monte Vista will win by two to three scores over Berkeley. The Yellowjackets always struggle against that type of offensive attack. The Mustangs will find plenty of holes in their d. Pitt-Cal should be a great game, especially if Cal’s defense can slow down Pitt’s ground game. But the game of the week is Freedom-Foothill. Expect this to be a shootout to the end, much like when they met in the playoffs a few years ago. But really, you can’t go wrong checking out any of those games this week.

  • AND
    What about the DLS/Bells game

    DLS 35 Bells 7…..DLS has too many guns for the Bells to handle…

  • EB JC GUY….San Marin was a very good team and I thought that San Marin would win..but instead they got outscored….Antioch beat a the pants off a team that could never get started…You may be right..And you are right…lots of good games this week..I may be eating my words big time…we will see….

  • Birdeyeview

    Can someone tell me why we are taking George mantley serious here? although i might have to add, Bleacher coach is stepping up His analysis Alot from last year..

  • New2this

    A few predictions for Foothill to beat Freedom this week? Is Freedoms D that bad? Or is Foothill that good? Freedom was ranked pretty high prior to last weeks loss – no chance they bounce back?

    Pitt – Cal is interesting, both teams opened with wins but is Cal that good or is Washington that bad the killed them. Pitt also played an unknown opponent YVII the old YV coach back at Clayton, they played Pitt tough. Is Clayton good or did Pitt play bad?

  • HAAL Fan

    WACC Week 2

    Foothill Division:
    Berkeley@MonteVista – if jackets cant stop the run then its going to be long night

    McClymonds@BishopO’Dowd – calling Hardy, calling Hardy where are you Hardy. another big game for the dragons will Hardy finally show up. should move it to the Colesium and call it “Town Business”

    CastroValley@Leland – should be a big emotional crowd for the Pat Tillman legacy game. trojans got a strong enough running game to handle the leland and the crowd

    Aptos@Encinal – dennis green said it best “they are who we thought they were”. small roster, running game, and a fast and physical defense. Tenerio might be one of the best coaches in the bay area.

    Livermore@Hayward – another chance for the farmers to pound out a win.

    LoganVsSanLeandro@Chabot – Logan might end this one by halftime.

    Shoreline Division:
    Redwood@Alameda – time for the 7on7 hype machine to put up or shut up

    Arroyo@Ukiah – another loss and its going to be a long ride home.

    MtEden@Richmond – oilers cant stop the run and monarchs dont want to stop running.

    MtDiabloVsSanLorenzo@Arroyo – two teams with poor lines and explosive skill players. this could actually be a very entertaining game.

    Albany@Tennyson – albany got pounded by mt eden last week and they will get shredded by tennyson this week.

  • HAAL Fan

    WACC Week 2 cont.

    Shoreline Division:

    Moreau@Piedmont – mariners won a 49-43 thriller last season. should be another back and forth game.

  • Outsider

    I will turn the Cal/Pittsburg pediction from post #34 around and say that it will be Cal by a touchdown and if they lose it will be of their own doing. I am worried that Cal will be overconfident from their easy win over Washington and not play their best. It will be up to the coaches to keep them focused this week.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t see Cal being overconfident, as they and the coaching staff know that Washington is no Pitt. They saw Pitt 2 weeks ago at the 4 team scrimmage and know they are a tough team. Pitt is highly ranked by everyone, immensely talented and will be heavily favored in this game. Cal will need to bring their A game to win this one.

  • The Ghost

    With one game down, I think Week 2 will really shed some light on the EBAL.

    I was at the Foothill v Novato game Week 1 and can say that the Foothill Squad looked impressive. They have several weapons on offense … Holland, Hudson, Gates, Langley, Adams, Finney and Kearns. They have not had any challenges moving the ball in their scrimmage or first game against Novato.

    Their defense also has several kids making plays … Holland, Shields, Luey, Gates. The Foothill D caused 6 fumbles and intercepted 3 passes which I can’t remember a game with that many turnovers.

    This week game against Freedom will provide a much better challenge for Foothill. If they can maintain their momentum in this next game vs. Freedom their pre-season rank of #1 in the EBAL will appear to be appropriate.

    My Week 2 Predictions:
    Foothill 35 Freedom 14
    Pittsburg 28 Cal High 24
    Folsom 45 SRV 35
    Amador Valley 21 Concord 7
    Monte Vista 28 Berkeley 21
    DLS 30 Bellermine 14
    Granada 31 American 0

  • The Ghost

    Forgot Livermore:
    Livermore 35 Hayward 10

  • concrete17

    #34 George Manley and bluedog2…….Where do ou find those prediction-postings? Used to find them in the CCT Sports Section discussion board but unable to pull up that board this year. Those regular participants bluedog2, epc, et al. are right on with their predictions,….great takes on local prep football.

  • #47..Concrete17…..The discussion board is gone…but we still have our sports center that you and all the guys put in our two cents worth in…All the guys have good thoughts and information to comment on..Once in a while some of the guys get snappy….001 and EPC should be showing up soon…I think they are waiting for the CalPreps forcast first…

  • Itsabob

    Bells will do a small beat down of Spartans. Last year they smelled fear and almost pulled it off…This year they may taste victory. This game will be decided on Mind-Set.

  • renegades10

    Foothill should beat Freedom and I’m not sure it will be that close. I was shocked that Freedom lost to Amador.