East Bay football poll — 9/4

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 1-0 90 1
2. James Logan 2-0 84 2
3. Concord 2-0 73 6
4. Campolindo 2-0 71 4
5. California 2-0 64 12
6. Pittsburg 1-1 59 3
7. Bishop O’Dowd 2-0 57 7
8. Freedom 1-1 45 10
9. Monte Vista 2-0 42 11
10. San Ramon Valley 0-2 35 5
11. Amador Valley 1-1 34 9
12. Foothill 1-1 24 8
13. El Cerrito 2-0 19 t14
14. Encinal 1-0 17 13
t15. Livermore 2-0 2 NR
t15. Salesian 2-0 2 NR

Also receiving votes: McClymonds (0-1, 1 point), Granada (2-0, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Don’t forget Willie Glasper and Jackie Bates- both played some running back at DeLa.

  • dudleydawson

    gauchofan slow down homie ncs d3 is loaded.im rooting for you guys but take it easy long way to go slz & newark not the best of teams.

  • Itsabob

    Re EBAL League Champion: The team who is second under De La Salle is Champion. Whats wrong with that picture?? “Americans play to win all of the time. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. That’s why Americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war; for the very idea of losing is hateful to an American.” General George Patton.
    Lets all cheer for the team that takes a Championship by committee. Frankly I would be embarrassed to hold up the EBAL plaque as it was not earned. Hard to believe that a group of Whiners & Wiener’s ( a small sausage )get to dictate a most ridiculous policy.

  • concrete17

    43.BigDog Says:
    September 5th, 2012 at 2:19 pm
    “…. These guys could have helped Cal vs. Nevada last week. Bye the way, how’s ex- DeLa Barton doing at Cal? How about Wynn, Blake Renauld and Ward?…”

    Don’t forget about Albert Rosette (’09 I think) had a pretty good game for the Wolfpack on defense.

  • nfl

    itsabob how bout all these coaches that asked to play in the b leagues. these 7th place teams in my opinion r gonna b rewarding with a league banner and automatic berth in ncs. what a joke!

  • Turftoespain
  • EB JC Guy

    Post #44: Heritage is a solid opponent that Granada beat, but American is not better than Hayward. American’s struggles to put away Arroyo by 2 scores, an Arroyo team with 17-18 players, shows they are not very good. That being said, I think those two Livermore schools are pretty even this year.

  • C/O98

    Damn George you really see Mt. Eden as 3 touchdown underdogs? I’ve seen both teams play this year and I just don’t see that kinda blowout coming.

  • Bodizapha

    Another year and yet another pre-season prediction from the “experts”, that had California High School ranked 12th in the EBAL. And SRV ranked 2nd? Come on now…

    In case you haven’t been paying attention so far this season, Cal High is the real deal.

    They have one of the best running backs in the league, working behind a huge O-line and a bruising fullback. Although they are a run first team, they proved last week against Pittsburg, that they can air it out as well.

    Their defense is very strong up front, good overall team speed, with a much improved secondary. This is a defense that plays well together and is extremely well coached.

    Only time will tell, but my money will be on Cal this season. I don’t always root for the underdog, but when the underdog is underrated, it couldn’t be easier.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal was actually ranked 15th in the preseason predictions from the BANG writers and they weren’t even in the top 25 in the Chronicle. The Chron now has them at #15, and acknowledges they should have been ranked in the preseason. A lot of football to be played to determine how good of a team the Grizz really is this year, but beating Pitt was a nice win for sure.

    I’ve seen where Sweeney is quoted as saying this is one of his best Foothill teams in years. I kind of think Bilecci must have undersold Cal to the media to keep under the radar, especially with the number of returning players and a JV team that went 9-1 last season. It matters not though, as the games are won on the field and not in the media. Win, and you will move up in the polls.

  • HAAL Fan

    55. Nfl

    its not the 1st time that you mention b league coaches wanting to play down and it probably wont be the last. i think i speak for most people LET IT GO

  • The Ghost

    Prep Fan … couldn’t agree more with you on your post. Everything comes down to how things play out on the football field. The more game film that is available over the coming weeks the more impact quality coaching will play in the 2012 season.

    Good coaches know how to develop/showcase their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses … both offensively and defensively!

  • FNL680

    Cal deservedly moved up with their Pitt W. Pitt consistently plays like a top EBAL team. As Prep Fan attests, how teams get through EBAL- as is with the Grizz- dictates up and down movement. Unlike last year when MV and SRV had D1 Qb’s (and the records to match) and Granada and Livermore were “on the edge” spoilers every week, the Grizz have a clear path to week 10 and another even-year packed house at Berger if…. If their defense holds. In ’10 they gave up 7 pts or less EIGHT times. In ’11, that dropped to zero. Johnson is in the discussion with Olito Thompson as an elite RB.

  • renegades10

    I said way back in the summer I thought Cal would be the best team in the EBAL not named DLS due to the fact that there younger levels have had outstanding results recently. I was a little surprised as to how underrated they were by the polls coming into this season.

  • New2this

    @ Pitt Grunt — you have alot of insight to certain programs you blog about. Especially Pitt are you a Parent? Coach? or just a fan? What’s your football background.

  • spectator2012

    drew and ward are great rb’s, they are the exceptions. dunne had a beast of a line, oh yea did he play rb in college – not. he’s playing rugby, everybody knows it was the line that got him those yardages. other’s after that are nothing but average. no matter who you put back there, that rb should be getting at least 1k each season. i’m just saying…

  • The Voice

    I’m telling you guys right now. Pittsburg is going THRASH Monte Vista!!! The Pirates have made all the adjustments to the defense and will run all over the Mustangs.
    MV is nowhere near as physical as Cal High and Pitt has alot to prove. The Pirates will mow the lawn at Northern California’s finest venue Pirates Stadium.

    Also Pirate fans please get there early. Against Clayton, Pitt ran back the Opening kickoff and there was at least 200 fans lined up at the ticket booth. Another sell-out expected. Pitt by at least 20 guaranteed!!

  • The Voice

    I’m telling you guys right now. Pittsburg is going to THRASH Monte Vista!!! The Pirates have made all the adjustments to the defense and will run all over the Mustangs.
    MV is nowhere near as physical as Cal High and Pitt has alot to prove. The Pirates will mow the lawn at Northern California’s finest venue Pirates Stadium.

    Also Pirate fans please get there early. Against Clayton, Pitt ran back the Opening kickoff and there was at least 200 fans lined up at the ticket booth. Another sell-out expected. Pitt by at least 20 guaranteed!!

  • stuck in spokane

    MV doesn’t play defense, it’ll come down to whether Pitt can out score them. I think they can, too.

  • Monte Vista needs a thrashing. More to come on them.

  • spect- what about Walsh? Dunne’s sport is rugby. The California rugby team is # 1 in the country and difficult to make. Dunne ran over players when he was running for DeLa. He ran over the SoCal defense at state. Line or not, when you run away from people and then run over them that’s a very good running back. Dunne always finished plays and bounced up for the next one. I remember at state he carried like 8 times in a row.

  • Freedom Fan

    Alot of ebal bias according to this ranking. This isn’t even close. Your telling me Livermore is better then Deer Valley? Come on now. This isnt close.

  • Freedom Fan

    Pittsburg will need defensive stops.. Alot of 3 and outs for Monte Vista. for them to win

  • Lucas Dunne had 2034 yds and 40 TDS for DeLa his senior yr- a school record for TDS. In the state game in the mud against # 4 Servite he had 28-242 and several tds.
    Lad said he was one of the best to come out of DeLa. He stepped up. His team went 14-0. I don’t care if you got the 49er line blocking for you- his biggest games were against top ranked opponents.

  • Outsider

    Dunne went 20 for 188 and had three touchdowns in the EBAL title game against California in the 2010 season when Cal gave DLS a scare. If you look at the stats, he kept them in that game offensively.

  • Bodizapha

    I couldn’t agree more with The Voice on his prediction of the Pitt / MV game this Friday night.

    Lockett will shred MV this week and I think the MV offense will find out just how physical the Pitt defense really is. I don’t see a shootout here… I see a blowout!

    Pittsburg 41 Monte Vista 13

  • Outsider

    Pitt will need to contain the MV pass across the middle. If they do, they will win. MV will not like Pitts running game.

  • spectator2012

    all i’m saying is the dls line is always good. you think dunne would have been able to do that playing for a different team? he would do good, but not that great. the line made it happen for him a lot.

  • spectator2012

    let’s see if freedom’s defense shows up this friday. so far they have not shown up to play in the last 2 games. defense is giving up an average of 28pts per game. offense needs to outscore the opponent to win. they won’t win league that way, and cannot advance to the playoffs with giving up so much points.

  • Prep Fan

    Anyone think SRV will beat Logan? It has the makings of a great game, with Logan looking to take down the team that ended their undefeated dream season last year. I would have been inclined to take Logan, but with SRV 0-2 and their backs up against the wall, they may want it even more than Logan. Plus SRV is at home.

    MaxPreps still has SRV in their NorCal top 25 at #24, despite the 0-2 start. Logan is #7. Cal High, as is the trend this year, is nowhere to be found yet. They stated that “Logan impressed in a preseason scrimmage against De La Salle.” Maybe they have film footage??

  • #58..C/098…Smoking this stuff may have blurred my mine….We will see what the how come is…it may be a tight game….

  • spectator2012

    wow, never knew you can get ranked based on scrimmage. what’s next how a team trains over the off-season?

    i do believe logan will defeat srv. logan has too much speed and athletes for srv to handle. logan by at least 2 tds.

    my bval predictions

    deer valley 35 college park 7 (dv will make a statement)
    heritage 21 windsor 14 – could go either way (heritage needs this one bad, if they don’t win this one, it can be a 0-10 season)
    freedom 28 franklin 35 – could go either way
    liberty 21 hayward 14
    antioch 28 merced 10
    pittsburg 35 monte vista 21

  • FNL680

    Jack Clark of Cal Rugby is the Bob Ladoceur of college sports. An outrageous 26 out of 31 NCAA championships. Dunne carried Sparta in ’10. His low center of gravity a la MJD was perfect for the mud in Carson. Rugby returns to the Olympics as 7’s starting in Rio in ’16, and that’s why Cal (plus the dropping of the sport, then reinstatement) did not play D1 rugby 15’s this year in the College Premiere League, and is focused on 7’s. Dunne is standard issue for a 7’s Winger, strong- fast- and size is less of a need than with 15’s where forwards are critical. Cal always had alums on the Rugby Union World Cup 15’s team and expect the same for the Olympics.

  • Bodizapha

    I don’t think that there is even a small chance that SRV will beat Logan tomorrow night.

    SRV won’t be able to contain a very fast and athletic offense and they will have to contend with a defense that is gaining confidence each week. I think SRV will fall behind early and will once again, have to rely on the pass.

    Although I agree that SRV’s back is up against the wall, I just think that Logan has too much talent. SRV being at home will help, but in the end, I don’t see this one being close.

    Maybe after SRV loses this week, they will actually be forced to finally win at least one game before being ranked.

  • Junior

    How did Dunnes stature benefit him in the mud?

  • Prep Fan

    Short, fast, slippery, and could turn on a dime. Less player to grab. I could see where that might be helpful on a wet or muddy field.

  • monarch86

    Pittt thrashing MV, really? Lets see if they can contain the running back – high scoring game. SRV soft again this year but their coach gets kids recruited unlike Cal coach, wonder why…. Cal has 3 Of top 6 Ebal runnning backs but defense suspect

  • Junior

    Dunne making people miss had nothing to do with his stature. The field conditions had nothing to do with what he did to Servite. Anyone that was at that game saw that the field held up very well. Players were not slipping. The playing surface did not give anyone an advantage.

    If I didn’t know better, I would think there are some of those wussy, excuse making Socal fans around here.

  • Prep Fan

    Nothing to do with SoCal, and no I wasn’t at the game. Just answering your question as it did not appear you understood FNL’s comment about how having a low center of gravity might help in wet conditions. It’s also quite helpful in dry conditions. Certainly not a slight on the kid. Lighten up.

  • Oh Boy

    What happens if SRV does win vs Logan? And Monte Vista beats Pitt? Would that be a strong defense of the EBAL as the premier league?

  • WAC Man

    WACC Week 3 Games (calpreps ratings)

    Foothill Division

    Lincoln-Stockton 44 Berkeley 7
    =Berkeley’s drop from top D-Is is complete.

    Valley Christian 34 Bishop O’Dowd 20
    =Dragon defense is down from last year.

    Cal 38 Castro Valley 14
    = CV is not ready for Grizzly attack

    Encinal 33 Rodriguez 6
    = Encinal numbers may be down but their speed is not.

    Liberty 42 Hayward 14
    = Hayward free fall began last week and picks up speed from here.

    Bellarmine 32 San Leandro 13
    – A state finalist, is not what the doctor ordered. SL will be taken behind the old woodshed.

    Shoreline Division
    Northgate 20 Alameda 13
    Northgate will grind out a win,but the Hornets will keep it close.

    Concord 34 Arroyo 0
    Olita Thompson will be held to 180 yards & 4 TDs by the concord coaching staff as they sit him down before halftime.

    Moreau 20 Mt.Eden 14
    Mt.Eden’s 2 wins (Albany 17-7 & Richmond 17-8),Moreau is a cream puff too with a just little more pudding.
    than Mt.Eden.

    Piedmont 31 Albany 13
    Piedmont’s offense will be the difference.

    Newark Memorial 55 San Lorenzo 6
    At what time in the game will the running clock be started?

    Lowell 20 Tennyson 14
    Tennyson had trouble with Albany. So I can’t see a win here.

  • Junior

    Never said it was a slight on the kid. Low center of gravity does not equal running better on a wet field. Slippery? Does he have scales for skin? That is uninformed.

    Dunne’s pad level, quickness, discipline to not only hit the hole hard but stay north/south, the discipline to limit his cuts, vision, conditioning, strength of upper and lower body, heart, and tremendous balance are why Dunne excelled at RB and especially vs Servite. All players must play in the same field conditions. To suggest one team or player had an advantage over another in Carson that weekend is way off.

  • EBAL FAN #2

    Relax Dad

  • Just in case anyone’s interested, here’s my NorCal (Central Coast, North Coast, Northern, Sac Joaquin, San Francisco, and Oakland Sections)Top 25 for after Week 1.
    (Only teams that have played at least 1 game are ranked)

    1. De La Salle 2-0 (NCS D1, Freelance)
    2. Elk Grove 2-0 (SJS D2, Delta Valley)
    3. Franklin(Elk Grove) 2-0 (SJS D1, Delta Valley)
    4. Nevada Union 2-0 (SJS D1, Sierra Foothill)
    5. Lincoln(Stockton) 1-1 (SJS D1, San Joaquin)
    6. Folsom 2-0 (SJS D2, Delta River)
    7. Marin Catholic 2-0 (NCS D3, Marin County)
    8. James Logan 2-0 (NCS D1, Freelance)
    9. Vacaville 1-0 (SJS D2, Monticello Empire)
    10. Pleasant Grove 1-1 (SJS D1, Delta River)
    11. Del Oro 0-2 (SJS D2, Sierra Foothill)
    12. Serra(San Mateo) 1-0 (CCS ?, West Catholic)
    13. Granite Bay 0-2 (SJS D1, Sierra Foothill)
    14. California(San Ramon) 2-0 (NCS D1, Eastbay)
    15. Bellarmine (San Jose) 0-1 (CCS ?, West Catholic)
    16. Concord 2-0 (NCS D2, Diablo Valley)
    17. St. Mary’s(Stockton) 2-0 (SJS D2, Tri-City)
    18. Grant Union 1-1 (SJS D1or2, Delta Valley)
    19. Monte Vista(Danville) 2-0 (NCS D1, Eastbay)
    20. Freedom 1-1 (NCS D1, Bay Valley)
    21. St.Ignacius 0-1 (CCS ?, West Catholic)
    22. Archbishop Mitty 1-0 (CCS ?, West Catholic)
    23. Foothill(Palo Cedro) 1-0 (NS D1, Eastern)
    24. Buhach Colony 2-0 (SJS D2, CentralCaliforniaConf.)
    25. Pittsburg 1-1 (NCS D1, Bay Valley)

    ?: Since CCS does not determine the eligible teams for its Open Division playoffs until the regular season is completed, teams that appear (at this point)
    to probably be eligible for the Open will not have a playoff division shown.

    NorCal Game of Week 2: Marin Catholic at Vacaville (live TV on Comcast Hometown Network cable104 at 7:30 Sept.7)
    Although there probably aren’t any Cal Bowl playoff implications from the outcome of this game, it means a lot to SJS vs. NCS enthusiasts for bragging rights. Even though I have MC ranked 2 slots ahead of the Bulldogs, Vacaville’s 35-27 road win over Valley Christian(San Jose) seemed more impressive than the Wildcats struggling 28-21 home win over SI last Saturday. Vacaville’s speedy secondary and LB corps along with their grass/dirt field does not enhance Jared Goff and his receiving corps’ passing game. I think MC will have trouble with the Bulldog’s wing T, especially on the road on that field. Neither do the Wildcats seem to be clicking on all 12 of their cylinders yet.
    Vacaville with a close win.

  • leatherfan

    BVAL Prediction

    1. Deer Valley…..Better coaching (assistants) plus talent
    2. Freedom…..Talented but could fall apart
    3. Pitt…..It’s Pitt, who knows?
    4. Antioch….as good as they can be
    5. Heritage….not there year
    6. Liberty….what can you say, need new leadership

  • C/O98

    Moreaufan what’s your thoughts on tonight’s match up?

  • DVAL Watcher

    Good Luck, to the boys over on Winton Dr. Not a De la fan but, anytime it’s an out of state game or they are playing So.Cal I like many root for them 🙂 Old De La folks…Nic P. last UFC fight took out his opponent in 1.28 seconds !!!!

  • Pawn Star


    Haven’t seen Moreaufan on here in while. I have seen both of Moreau’s games this year. They are definately putting up points. The loss to Piedmont was disappointing, 3 or 4 missed extra points and allowing an 80 yard punt return was the difference. Moreau is a young team especially on the O-Line. I haven’t seen Mt. Eden play, so I can only judge by the box scores. Both Albany and Richmond are not usually very good. Mt. Eden has been scouting Moreau for weeks and even showed up to the MCHS scrimage against St. Mary’s. I think it will be close but since Moreau is at home I think they will win.

  • panther4

    The argument about De La’s running backs and line is stupid. Everyone on De La Salle is good, that’s why they always win.

  • Mr. Han


    18. Grant Union 1-1 (SJS D1or2, Delta Valley)
    21. St.Ignacius 0-1 (CCS ?, West Catholic)
    23. Foothill(Palo Cedro) 1-0 (NS D1, Eastern)
    25. Pittsburg 1-1 (NCS D1, Bay Valley)

    Not sold on these 5 for a power list like this one. However, Serra, Logan, Jesuit, BOD, are likely candidates