Live blog: East Bay prep football updates tonight at 7

Follow the live prep football action from around the area tonight with in-game updates and scores beginning tonight at 7.

Jon Becker

  • panther4

    Pitt Fans were predicting a blow out, but I don’t think this is what they were talking about. Mustangs are laying it down!

  • vic

    so much for that “exciting” MV-Pitt game..lol…and btw 4 those that were crying about EBAL teams rankings it looks like most of um r stepping up and showing why its the best leauge in the bay…

  • jim

    anything on campo

  • Outsider

    Except for SRV.

  • dublin

    amador wins 21-13 in a very close game. Dublin had the ball in the redd zone twice late in the game only to throw and interception and have FG blocked.

  • Split finger

    Alhambra thinks they can rely on their stud running back this season, better find a quarterback that can hit his receivers and can take a hit. Dont know what their sched is down the road but will be a very long season.

  • DVAL Watcher

    Nice WIn for Mt. Diablo tonight. Earlier today Concord worked on BALANCE with over 260+ passing yards along with 190+ on the ground. Nice job Coach Hamilton, real time game speed. Lovin Morrow a Jr. turnin it up with last yrs Varsity experience at QB (both QBs for Concord looked good). The Ying to “the man ” Olito Thompson’s Yang. Every footballer should run TRACK in the off season…..the train keeps Rollin along in Concord!!!

  • Outsider

    I have to give credit to Castro Valley tonight. They are a scrappy team that plays hard despite a small roster. California had trouble stopping them. I am worried about the Grizzly defense.

  • Cardinal Newman 42 Alhambra 26

    How do you spell Alhambra(Mistakes,Mistakes,Mistakes) there were seven interceptions, two that went in for scores and two kickoff run backs….Don’t let the score fool you…The Bulldogs were running on the Cards and Taylor Poyadue was running wild… late in the fourth Quarter the score was CN 28..Alhambra 26, but the Bulldogs found ways to fall to CN….The future for CN…A running team with a good pass defense wil be able to stop the Cards….This was a game for Alhambra to win like last week, but they gave it away….

  • Big Dog!

    North Bay goes 4-1 vs East Bay Tonight: Cardinal Newman over Alhambra, Rancho Cotate over Pinole Valley, Analy over Miramonte,Windsor over Heritage. Clayton Valley over Montgomery

  • DJ

    that Wright Fan guy is really going to look stupid now lol

  • What happened to Pittsburg???…San Ramon???…Dougherty Valley??…Alameda…Miramonte and look at Mt. Diablo,Clayton Valley Acalanes North Gate with big wins…Crazy but great football….

  • Oh Boy

    Good try Big Dog.

    I hardly think any hs sports fan would choose alhambra, PV, mira, and heritage as the standard carriers of east bay football.

  • Tough week for the WAC-Foothill division 0-6 and based on next weeks games they could go 0-5.

    It will be crazy to see Berkeley and San Leandro at 0-4 going into league play.

    SL could go 1-9 or 0-10 if they do not beat Hayward

    over in the Shoreline Alameda got smoked and with Mira coming coming next week that could be really Ugly .

    If Tennyson can win next week they could run the table in the Jr league that would be crazy 10-0 Lancers has the world gone mad ?

  • MiraMan

    I agree with some of the comments that this is a crazy year. Pitt 1-2, SRV 0-3, Heritage 0-3, Fredom 1-2, San Leandro and Berkeley in serious trouble and much of DFAL 1-2. On the other hand, Antioch 3-0, Acalanes 3-0, Liberty 2-1, Tennyson 3-0…Yea, much of it is the dichotomy in scheduling with alot of teams electing brutal schedules paying the price while other teams cruise through B and C rate competition.

    With regard to DFAL, the outcome is not any big suprise. Las Lomas lost to O’Dowd and Foothill, Dublin lost to Bencia and Amador Valley, Miramonte lost to Marin Catholic and Analy, and Alhambra lost to Racho and Cardinal Newman. All those losses are to EBAL D1 programs or top-tier section compeitors, except for Analy. The Analy game was a one-score, back-and-forth game against a very tough team.

    Speaking of Analy, they deserve to be in the discussion of top D3 teams along with the likes of El Cerrito. In fact, I think a Analy/El Cerrito game would be awesome – lots of offensive fireworks!

    With regard to DVAL, assuming all the 1-2 teams win next week, which is likely, four DFAL teams will enter league play 2-2 and need to get 3 wins in league play to go .500 (and in some cases be elibible for playoffs). The losses yesterday have really upped the stakes in the inter-conference games.

    The other thing that is pretty obvious is that the poor early results of some otherwise good teams will probably cause the pedulum to swing back and teams will look to schedule more cupcakes in early weeks to ensure they get off to a good start and make is to the magic .500 mark.

  • BigBird

    Alhambras sports program is a sinking ship. Football coach good but assistants??? Baseball, joke! Basketball, need some serious changes. That leaves the AD, need I say more? They have a sophmore quarterback Evens, he is legit, needs to be the starter and now you have two weapons on offense.

  • Pitt Grunt

    First Pitt game I missed in 6 years…..I won’t even comment on what I did not watch. But I want to respond to some of my people (i.e Pitt people) calling me out. Not a coach (god help Pitt if I was) and not a parent of a player (have 4 adult daughters). Go to Pitt games with close friends who have kids at all three levels of the program. My “inside the program” observations are through their eyes, which is a filter onto itself. I started posting here on prep corner to offer some “balance” against the many individuals who cast negative and often unfair characterizations towards the Pitt program, its coaches and players.

    Whatever happened on Friday night I’m sure is being addressed. But make no mistake, I will not make any bold predictions or guarantees of victory. That would be silly.

  • MiraMan


    I can’t help but feel that Alhambra fans and detractors are being a bit overly negative about Alhambra’s performance. I think highly of their current team but I never thought they would beat Rancho or Cardinal Newman. The fact that they stayed compeitive with both says they are about where most folks thought they would be. Next week they get a softer Maria Carillo program and things may start to look up.

  • kriart

    Yup, Pitt has work to do especially in Defense. Not surprising the sudden drop in defensive quality with the retirement of the great Coach Shipe and the entry of entirely a new defensive coaching team. As a fan, we miss the Shipe-kind of really tight defense. Those scoring drives by Cal and Monte Vista wouldn’t have succeeded under a Shipe’s coaching. Anyway, the offense is doing a great job and we have a really good QB and excellent RB, which means a lot! Coach Galli’s injury however seems to keep him out of focus. The real Pittsburg will come out soon, and what would really be a good measure of an excellent comeback is if Pitt beats Granite Bay the week after Pitt beats Berkeley. Granite Bay has two major losses against great Southern teams, Westlake and Oaks Christian. If Pitt can beat Granite Bay , that would really mean a lot but it could be a long shot. Well, miracles always happen! Go Pittsburg.

  • Voice of Reason

    Great to see most of the DFAL teams playing at least two tough preseason games prior to league. Miraman outlined 4 of the DFAL schools above; each losing two games. Campolindo, who is still undefeated, plays their second quality non-league game this Friday, hosting El Cerrito.

    Acalanes went the other route in scheduling 4 relatively easy games prior to league. Unfortunately for the Dons, they couldn’t even play the Skyline game since Skyline didn’t have enough eligible players.

    As for Dougherty Valley, even as they see their attendance increasing, they are now a D1 team, they will likely enter the league season with an 0-4 mark and appear to be trending downward after a few promising seasons.

    Alahambra, Dublin & Las Lomas each scheduled 3 quality non-league games this season and as long as injuries don’t mount up in these games they will be better prepared for league games because of the their tough early schedule.

  • redandblue2

    Gritty effort by Campolindo in defeating Sacred Heart Cathedral at Kezar Stadium, 28-7. The game was 7-7 late into the third quarter before Brett Stephens took over the game, scoring 21 unanswered points.

    For the first time this year, the first team defense played all 4 quarters and limited SHC to one touchdown.

    While no one should mistake this current Cougar team for last years squad, they nevertheless are quietly putting together the beginnings of another good year at all levels of the program. Last year the program finished the season at 33-2 and are currently 8-0 this season.

    Of course all that means nothing this Friday night as El Cerrito comes to town. Last year, Campo had the athletes to match up with the Gauchos; this year coach Macy will need to develop a different game plan to take home a victory over a team with three D1 prospects.

  • spectator2012

    i have not seen cal play this season. it seems that they are able to put up points, but how’s their defense? i know that pitt came back from being down, and now castro valley too. is cal’s defense that vulnerable? can castro valley really complete? need insights on cal and castro valley. i watch a lot of bval games and castro valley has freedom in couple of weeks. just trying to see how they would compete against freedom. freedom lost the game to franklin last friday, which i believe they deserved to lose. freedom was up by 21 pts and could not hold on to that. freedom played sloppy and was forcing to make plays happen. not to take anything away from franklin, they played a good game and came away with a win they deserved. freedom coaches got outcoached and players got outplayed, plain and simple. freedom’s defense is still a major problem. if a team can stop freedom’s offense, they can win. the way freedom is playing, i would not be surprise if san leandro beats them this coming friday. freedom is not as good as first advertised.

  • EastBay Ray

    Quick early takes on the WAAC 12 “A” league:
    1. Castro Valley is much improved over last year, even with the loss of Lima, a good player. This reflects good coaching.
    2. Berkeley appears to be down slightly, but will be very competitive in this league, as they get better during their tough preseason schedule.
    3. Encinal does not have the top end players they have had in the past, but they will be capable of beating anyone in this league. Coach Joe will have these guys ready to play, and they get San Leandro, BOD, and Hayward at home.
    4. Bishop O’dowd may have one of the best passing games (from a non “spread” offense) in Northern California. The problem will come with defense, where they are undersized, and not very deep.
    5. San Leandro is a bit of a puzzle. This is a team with solid coaching, and very good athletes. This early season has seen them struggle with consistency, but they have challenged themselves with some tough opponents. This team will surprise some teams – don’t sleep on the Pirates.
    6. Hayward is a lot like SL. This is the only one of these teams I haven’t seen in person, but judging from reports, they are struggling early. I expect them to improve, given the athletes they have.

    Very balanced league – could be a very interesting season!

  • WAC Man

    WAC-12 Rankings

    1. Bishop O’Dowd
    2. Castro Valley
    3. Encinal
    4. San Leandro
    5. Berkeley
    6. Piedmont
    7. Tennyson
    8. Alameda
    9. Hayward
    10. Arroyo
    11. Mt.Eden
    12. San Lorenzo

  • Shawn Terry

    A real Pittsburg man has pride in who they are to say their name. Pitt Grunt, im calling you out and say who you really are.