Week 3: Prep football recap from Friday night

Big victories by De La Salle High, James Logan and Concord highlight the action from Week 3 of the football season Friday night.

See which other teams won and see which players in the East Bay played starring roles, but checking out our Week 3 prep football recap.

Jon Becker

  • Junior

    -Did the Cal and MV defenses change uniforms? As tough as I am on the MV defense, they deserve a lot of credit for last night.
    -Shocked at Logans shutout of SRV. I saw SRV v Buhach-SRV is a good team. Logan looking very good early.
    -DV showing some balance on offense-I love their QB.
    -the BVAL race for first might surpass the EBAL race in terms of excitement

  • stuck in spokane

    Definately have to agree about MV’s defense. Did not see that coming at all.

  • renegades10

    Logan is living up to the hype. SRV is now 0-3. With games against DLS, Cal, and MV they could realistically not make the playoffs this year.

    A lot of people harped on MV after the close win over Castro Valley. After Cal’s close victory yesterday over CV maybe that win is a little bit more impressive then people gave it credit for.

  • DVAL Watcher

    Big win for Clayton Valley over Montgomery. October 19th Claycord Cup looks like it may turn into a barn burner. Concord has been taking the trophy home past couple of years, looks like Clayton may have other ideas. Battle of the Creek up on deck this Friday at Las Lomas. Northgate’s taken the trophy home only twice in the past ten years, odd fact both times the games were played at Las Lomas! The Broncos will need to bring their A game with a balanced attack on offense, and their defense will be tested for the first time this year.

  • renegades10

    Scratch that about SRV not making playoffs forgot that they only need a winning league record to do it.

  • Tale of 2 Cities last nite- 2 different ball games. I do think the officals were terrible though, especially on Vitale’s 78 yd run in 1st half, pushing in the back?? No one was down, late flag and I didn’t see any blocks after Pepe broke the line.
    Also, 2nd half TD called back with no flag thrown, an illegal shift? No one moved. straight ahead play.

  • Prep Fan

    R10, with DLS not counting in the EBAL league records this year, SRV actually only needs 3 league wins to qualify with a .500 league record. A 3-3 record would do it. The past 4 years, EBAL teams needed to go 4-3 (or 4-2 with the DLS loss) in league if they didn’t get to .500 overall. SRV may not get a very good seeding if they end up 3-3 in league and 3-7 overall, but they would at least qualify.

  • Prep Fan

    Huge props to MV for their big win at Pitt last night. After watching Cal give up even more rushing yards and points to CV than MV did, and MV pounding Pitt by 30, I now feel MV would be more than justfied to be ranked ahead of Cal in the polls (I would be shocked if they weren’t).

    CV has quite the rushing attack with 3 different weapons, and they will win their share of games this year. That was a much different CV team than in past years. This was the year they were supposed to come into the EBAL, and based on how they stood up to both MV and Cal, it looks like they would have belonged. Cal did shut down their passing game though, allowing just 33 yards on 16 attempts and an INT (3 other passes were nearly intercepted).

    Cal had no trouble scoring and got to 40 points for the 3rd week in a row. Karris Johnson was once again a beast, taking the opening kickoff 78 yards to the house. He had 74 yards on just 13 carries, but CV was keying on him and Cal moved the ball at will with several other ball carriers, and Owen passing the ball effectively. Great O-Line play for the Grizz. Cal only had to punt once and scored rather quickly each time. Time of possession had to be at least 2 to 1 for CV, if not 3 to 1 as they ground out every possesion. Cal had great field possession every time as CV would not kick to Johnson again, and most of the time started at the 40 or midfield, while CV was having to go 80+ each time.

    Cal will obviously need to work on their run defense (a huge red flag one might say after the last 2 weeks), but their offense was clicking and their special teams made the difference last night.

    EBAL play awaits and 3-0 MV looks like the team to beat, with 3-0 Cal, 2-1 Foothill, 2-1 AV, and 3-0 Granada at their heels. And despite 0-3 SRV’s brusing shutout defeat last night, and 2-1 Livermore going down to Consumnes, I would certainly not count out either one of those teams out as this looks to be the most balanced EBAL field ever with DLS now out of the picture.

  • Prep Fan

    The rankings next week should see the top 4 teams holding their ground with #1 DLS, #2 Logan, #3 Concord & #4 Campo cemented in place. MV should move past Cal to the #5 spot based on their huge win over Pitt, while Cal slips a spot to #6.

    With Pitt, BOD, Freedom, SRV, EC & Livermore all going down last night, there will be quite a bit of movement after #6. With Foothill and AV likely to take the #7 & #8 seeds, #9 through #15 is anyone’s guess.

    I do see 2-0 Deer Valley coming into the rankings somewhere based on their big win over defending DVAL champ CP. And where did Northgate come from in thumping Alameda 52-0? 3-0 Granada will likely move up from HM to replace 2-1 Livermore in the rankings. Can 0-3 SRV maintain a spot despite 2 close losses and blowout to 3 tough teams? #15 Salesian should move up despite a bye week due to so many other team going down.

    Who else deserves consideration for the top 15 or HM?

  • Jack Cates

    Halftime, Fortuna 7-Ferndale 7

  • Jack Cates

    End of 3rd. Ferndale 20-Fortuna 7

  • Jack Cates

    Final: Ferndale 20-Fortuna 14

  • nfl

    so much 4 that mt.eden talk if you cant beat moreau you not going anywhere this year! damn peronon i guess it wasnt the x’s n o’s but the jimmy’s n joe’s!

  • TheHook

    Feel sorry for Alhambra, need a QB or let the soph play, he’s no joke.

  • I really think the realignment of the leagues is really hurting the bowl chances of the Eastbay DIII teams.

    All hopes now are on Campo

    The WAC-Foothill Div is setup to knock each other out of the race .

    The Northbay section must of suggested this league setup

  • mvalfan

    If anyone thought Mt.Eden was better than Moreau then they were trippin! Putting to much pressure on those kids there, they are still building! Moreau lost a couple tough games, Mt Eden played ALbay and Richmond, so they had a few games they should have won, and they did!

  • mvalfan

    And NFL, Moreau is a playoff team, not some team that gets beat up week in and out! So them not beating Moreau doesn’t mean a thing. Mt Eden is improved no doubt, but they are still learning how to play the right way consistently!

  • MiraMan

    New League Expert,

    I don’t get you’re concern about D3 schools knocking each other “out of the race”.

    First, let’s go down the list. The 4 D3 schools in DFAL are unaffected. East Bay schools like Tennyson and Hercules are in easier leagues and El Cerrito breaks even by picking up Salesian and dropping Berkeley. The two you seem concerned about are Encinal and O’Dowd. I’d say the new WAC-Foothill conference is about the same as DFAL. Up north, Cardinal Newman plays in the tough North Bay League with several top programs, which ironically, was realigned to add two tough programs (and dropped two weak programs). Marin Catholic has it a little soft in the Marin County League. In all, nothing seems unfair about the competition in the East Bay relative to the North Bay.

    Second, worrying about bowl games is a bit premature. I think most teams focus on winning an NCS championship so they can be in the bowl pool. In order to be prepared for NCS playoff competition, most serious teams want to play top competition even if they risk a loss or two over the course of the season.

    Third, I’d say the top 5 in D3 are Marin Catholic, O’Dowd, Campo, Cardinal Newman and El Cerrito, so 3 out of 5 top teams are from the East Bay. That sounds about right.

  • SAT…Football For Families

    Fruitland IDA..14..07..00..08—29
    Casa Roble…..07..07..08..00—22

    Hiram Johnson…..19..14..13..14..60
    La Grande–Ore….06..06..00..08..20

    Minico IDA…….07..00..07..07….21

    Minico was big, fast and displined but they were no match for MAC…The score should have been a lot more except for the many pentalies that Mac committed..Mac started off with a 90 yard kickoff return and their stubborn defense contained Minico with their size and speed….


    Washington both offense and defense could do nothing to stop Oakridge….Oakridge with its blue/yellow looked like Alhambra to a T…Same with the band..But the Oakridge’ QB was another story…red hot, good arm and could run…In the end..Oakridge used the fourth Q to emty the bench and while Washington was able to run against the bench to a certain degree..the out come was the same…

  • nfl

    mvalfan lets be honest both teams stink why do think there playing each other both see it as a easy win.

  • mvalfan

    I can Guarantee that Mt. Eden did not see it as an easy win. Hey Moreau is no pwerhouse but Stink is a little far fetched, they are still a middle of the road team, trying to improve, Mt.Eden is trying to learn how to win period! But i feel u, if u feel they stink, then hey!

  • MVALFremont

    MVAL teams are better then some people think. American beating Dougherty Valley and Moreau beating Mt. Eden is what I expected. Mission San Jose nearly upset Ygnacio Valley, though I figured Mission was going to lose,Irvington and Washington were going to lose and they did

  • MVALFremont

    forgot to Mention Newark Memorial won as expected

  • spectator2012

    i have not seen cal play this season. it seems that they are able to put up points, but how’s their defense? i know that pitt came back from being down, and now castro valley too. is cal’s defense that vulnerable? can castro valley really complete? need insights on cal and castro valley. i watch a lot of bval games and castro valley has freedom in couple of weeks. just trying to see how they would compete against freedom. freedom lost the game to franklin last friday, which i believe they deserved to lose. freedom was up by 21 pts and could not hold on to that. freedom played sloppy and was forcing to make plays happen. not to take anything away from franklin, they played a good game and came away with a win they deserved. freedom coaches got outcoached and players got outplayed, plain and simple. freedom’s defense is still a major problem. if a team can stop freedom’s offense, they can win. the way freedom is playing, i would not be surprise if san leandro beats them this coming friday. freedom is not as good as first advertised.

  • billjohnson

    miramonte 27 alameda 20 acalanes 27 tennyson 12 pitt 27 bhigh 6 el cerrito 33 campo 31 freedom 27 s.l 12 castro v. 35 liberty 20 northgate 35 laslomas 34

  • DJ

    @Bill Johnson Wow! EC beating Campo and Northgate beating Las Lomas upset specials

  • DJ

    Ec vs campo should be a good game campo is good passing team with Qb stephens and ec has two good cover corners in pippins and Pickett should be high drama

  • WAC Man

    Bishop O’Dowd 28 Sacred Heart 27
    Freedom 41 San Leandro 14
    Castro Valley 27 College Park 12
    Serra 55 Encinal 20
    Pittsburg 26 Berkeley 6

    Acalanes 41 Tennyson 14
    Mt.Eden 20 Oakland 13
    Piedmont 47 Swett 13
    Miramonte 67 Alameda 0
    American 44 San Lorenzo 6

  • WAC Man

    Maybe Encinal and Tennyson will make it a better game than I have predicted, but I can’t see the WAC teams being much of a challenge for programs like Serra or the good teams from the DFAL.

    San Lorenzo and Alameda will get blasted on a NUCLEAR SCALE.

  • WAC Man

    Mt.Eden’s 45-24 loss to Moreau says that they are a still a bad football team. Who gives up 45 points to a Moreau team? Moreau doesn’t have the talent that Mt.Eden has walking their sidelines. CLose wins over Richmond & Albany say just that Mt.Eden is a grain of salt better than Richmond and Albany.

    San Lorenzo’s 53-6 loss to Newark Memorial says that they are one of the worst teams in the East bay and belong with such programs as Mission San Jose, Mt.Diablo,Ygnacio Valley,Emery,De Anza,Richmond & Swett.

    Can anyone tell us what is going wrong with San Leandro?