Girls Volleyball: Deer Valley Tourney, Rankings

Oh, the Deer Valley Tournament. Thank you for showing us how exciting this season should be in the East Bay.

It appears the top two teams were established as Bishop O’Dowd and Campolindo looked very dominant amongst a pack of very talented teams. Bishop O’Dowd, which recently lost Nicole Danner, looks like it will be just fine. Throw Albany into the mix, and you have a very interesting situation. The Cougars might be the best team in Division III, which could make them the best team in the East Bay.
But for now, we’ll stick with the Deer Valley Tournament. With Campo and O’Dowd appearing to be the top two teams in the East Bay, we also learned that the EBAL will be as even a race as it has been in years. There could be 5-7 teams in the mix for most of the season. California could be the favorite, and San Ramon Valley is not going anywhere, but watch out for Carondelet after a strong showing. The Cougars beat SRV and Amador Valley, and had close losses to O’Dowd and Campo. Foothill was also solid at the tournament, as was AV.
We also learned that the NCS may have closed the gap on the CCS by overcoming teams like Sacred Heart Cathedral and Presentation.

Here are the results…

Pool Play

Pool A
Sacred Heart Cathedral def Las Lomas 2-0
California def Deer Valley 2-0
Sacred Heart Cathedral def Deer Valley 2-0
California def Las Lomas 2-1 (15-13)
Las Lomas def Deer Valley 2-0
Sacred Heart Cathedral def California 2-1 (16-14)

Pool B
Foothill def Presentation 2-0
Campolindo def Heritage 2-0
Presentation def Heritage 2-0
Campolindo def Foothill 2-0
Foothill def Heritage 2-1 (18-16)
Campolindo def Presentation 2-0

Pool C
Amador Valley def Palo Alto 2-1 (15-13)
Northgate def Liberty 2-0
Palo Alto def Liberty 2-0
Amador Valley def Northgate 2-1 (15-12)
Amador Valley def Liberty 2-0
Palo Alto def Northgate 2-1 ( 17-15)

Pool D
Bishop O’Dowd def Carondelet 2-0
San Ramon Valley def Salesian 2-0
Bishop O’Dowd def Salesian 2-0
Carondelet def San Ramon Valley 2-1 (15-13)
Carondelet def Salesian 2-1 (15-4)
Bishop O’Dowd def San Ramon Valley (2-0)

Bracket Play

Gold Results
Bishop O’Dowd def Campolindo

Bishop O’Dowd def Sacred Heart Cathedral, Campolindo def California

Campolindo def Carondelet, California def Amador Valley, Bishop O’Dowd def Foothill, Sacred Heart Cathedral def Palo Alto

Consolation Match
Palo Alto def Foothill, Carondelet def Amador Valley

Silver Bracket
Presentation def San Ramon Valley

Presentation def Northgate, San Ramon Valley def Liberty

Presentation def Salesian, Northgate def Deer Valley, San Ramon Valley def Heritage, Liberty def Las Lomas

Las Lomas def Heritage, Deer Valley def Salesian


The top two teams in the East Bay were clearly established at the Deer Valley Tournament as Bishop O’Dowd and Campolindo stood above the rest on a great day for East Bay volleyball. A possible Division III final could end up being a preview of the NorCal final. But don’t forget Albany as the defending Division III and NorCal champs are just as dangerous. Three of the top four teams are Division III teams.
The EBAL season will help sort out the rankings as Cal, Carondelet, San Ramon Valley, Foothill and Amador Valley all seemed lumped together while Granada and Monte Vista are not far behind.
Moreau Catholic and Head-Royce jump into the top 15 as both small schools are off to a very good start.

1. Bishop O’Dowd (8-3)
2. Campolindo (6-1)
3. California (5-2)
4. Albany (7-1)
5. Carondelet (3-2)
6. San Ramon Valley (4-3)
7. Foothill (4-3)
8. Amador Valley (8-5)
9. Northgate (3-3)
10. Las Lomas (3-4)
11. Granada (1-1)
12. Monte Vista (1-1)
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame (6-1)
14. Moreau Catholic (2-0)
15. Head-Royce (3-0)

Matt Smith

  • Sacred Heart was not in this tournament. The team that was there was Sacred Heart Cathedral.

    We would appreciate if you could republish this information with the correct school name and then we will link to this article from our site/twitter. We try not to link to outside media who don’t use our name correctly because it confuses our folks as to whether that article is about us or not.

    Thanks and thanks for your great coverage of HS sports!

    Scott Bergen
    SHCP Office of Communications

  • Prep Fan

    When I think of Sacred Heart, I think of Sacred Heart Cathedral, not Sacred Heart College Prep. Best to put the whole name in though, as it can be confusing.

  • Oh Boy

    Who is SH College Prep? I’ve never heard of them. Where is it?

  • SportsFan

    SHCP is a small school in Atherton (around 500 students).

  • Matt Smith

    I also think of SHC as Sacred Heart, but I will fix it.

  • MoellerMan

    What happens to the rankings now that unranked St. Patrick – St. Vincent thumped number 5 Carondelet 25-12 25-13 25-18?

  • A

    Carondelet might be in trouble in EBAL. I think they will finish at the bottom three ahead of MV and Livermore. Might also miss post season if things don’t turn around quickly.

  • Prep Fan

    MoellerMan, As has been said many times on this site, St. Patrick – St. Vincent is not located in the East Bay so they are not factored into the rankings that are done on here. Otherwise they would have been ranked as they are a solid team. Their big win over Carondelet may move C-Let from #5 but it won’t get SPSV into the rankings. That’s just the way it is.


    Rankings should include ALL NCS teams not just East Bay teams!! Get real!

  • Prep Fan

    It is the East Bay Prep Corner and the poll is for East Bay teams. There are other polls and rankings out there that go past the East Bay, but the NCS stretches up petty far north and there is only so much the BANG reporters can follow. It’s certainly not my call, but it’s come up in here on may other occasions as teams from Solano, Sonoma or Marin County play well and their fans want to see them listed.

  • Matt Smith

    Haha, we go through this every season. I wish I could rank SPSV, but I am not allowed to. It’s not my decision.
    Seems like they’d be in the top 5-8 teams though, right?

  • Stewie

    matt, Matt, MAtt, MATT, GIVE ME SOME SOCCER
    Dude whats up with the local clubs cant wait till November.

  • 707

    one reason to include SPSV in the rankings is that they are in the TCAL with all east bay teams, including Albany and SJND. Berkeley, Carondelet, and Deer Valley are also on their schedule. Four of those mentioned teams have made the rankings.