East Bay Football Poll – 9/10

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 2-0 90 1
2. James Logan 3-0 84 2
3. Concord 3-0 76 3
4. Campolindo 3-0 70 4
5. California 3-0 66 5
6. Monte Vista 3-0 64 9
7. Amador Valley 2-1 48 11
8. Bishop O’Dowd 2-1 43 7
9. Foothill 2-1 40 12
10. El Cerrito 3-0 38 13
11. Freedom 1-2 35 8
12. Pittsburg 1-2 25 6
13. Granada 3-0 14 NR
14. Deer Valley 2-0 13 NR
15. McClymonds 1-1 8 NR

Also receiving votes: Antioch (3-0, 5 points), Salesian (3-0, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • spectator2012

    logan can talk all they want and believe the hype. that’s good for their team, but calling out dls and playing them will be 2 different things. if defense wins championships, then dls wins this game. it’s 2 diff animals. logan is good but not dls good. logan still has to prove that they will not fade throughout the season and win a playoff game. logan’s schedule is not close to how tough dls schedule is. logan plays a cupcake team this friday in heritage. i wish the best for logan, but playing dls in a scrimmage is not the same as playing them in a real game. a lot of football left to start looking past your whole season. win a playoff game first… then we’ll talk…

  • Stewie

    Logan may want to play De La Salle, but who would want to clean up all the strewn wreckage and carnage off the field afterwords? @ Spectator..you hit the nail on the head…pow & bang DLS 60 JL 0 that is the reality of the situation based on my calculations.

  • Congrats to Logan on their newly aquired lofty position. DLS needs to worry about MV and Cal.
    In fact they need to concentrate a a very good St. Mary’s Stockton team tonite.
    When the playoffs come, both teams will have to get thru the brackets first. Logan will most likely play some EBAL teams before getting to the final. MV and Cal are not SRV this year, so I would say Logan has the tougher road to hoe during playoff time. They might not make the final.

  • DJ

    El cerrito 16 campolindo 14 now where the haters at now? El cerrito 4-0 campolindo 3-1

  • out at winton dr. tonite- Vitalie the differance 175 yds. Spartans need to shape up the defensive backfield and improve the QB play, especially pitches. St. Mary’s came to play. Spartans had a chance to put it away in early 4th with great field position. didn’t happen. need more pressure on opposing qb’s. need linebackers to step up and get into the backfield more, helping out with pass defense more than usual.

  • E40

    @ George Manley #76,
    Are you serious when you say Mt.Eden has played some good teams? Like who? Albany? Richmond? Moreau? Who’s next? Bancroft Middle school? Manley, you need to put down the homer flag and wise up.

  • mvalfan

    Where is NFL who was calling kahn terrible???
    It’s funny how cats call coaches terrible. None of these cats are terrible if they put there social time on the line to go out each day and coach kids. Kudos to all coaches.

  • Dj falong

    Logan has been using two time super bowl niner darryl pollard in the press box.

  • chalktalk

    I picked LOGAN from day one
    NOw that they have MR in gonna jump a route POLLARD
    cancel XMAS
    See real athletes coach from experience
    and no all NFL players arent real Athletes
    most of them are foot soldiers

  • chalktalk


  • LoganPride

    As a huge Logan supporter with links to the coaching staff, I know that they are not talking about DLS and that the team as a whole is focused on a one game at a time mentality. All this hot air in the blogs is pretty silly. They know, and you all should know, there is a lot of season in front of us.

  • Dj

    Mandown,nfl.,trudat and especially realcoach where yawl at ? Ec wins!!! They played a terrible game and still won where yowl at no comments ? Must be home drinking the koolaid Lol!!!

  • A Real Coach

    @DJ, Read my prior post again and I stay firm on what I know about this game Bro.

    EC’s OC has no clue on what he’s doing. There is no rhyme are reason to his offensive play calling. The guy is just calling plays and never referencing his big “play card” glued to his hip for anything. The running game last night was his friend and he “THOUGHT” it was the passing game in which the QB threw 4-5 picks when “MO” was ready to put Campo to sleep. The EC offensive coordinators play calling last night was drive killers. This game should have been a major blowout if the OC had a clue. To put it nicely he would struggle to score against Pop Warner teams. The talent on EC’s sideline was wayyyyyyyyy superior to Campo. That #2, #21, #3, #4, #6, #11, #8 & #1 were the most physical and talented kids on the entire field last night. I know I missed a few #’s but you get my point. The defense didn’t do to bad last night. Which ever coach thought of jamming the receivers and pushing them out of bounds gets props. The DB play of #8 and #21 as well as the LB play of #2 and #1 was solid and they are very physical. The defense also gets props on adjusting to the unbalanced run attack of Campo’s for the most part. For Macy to keep Campo in this game against the athletes EC has was remarkable. If Campo FG kicker doesn’t hook the game winning FG to the left last night you would be singing a different song today my friend. Oh and can you explain to me why EC haven’t had a PAT unit or a FG unit on the Varsity level this entire season???? I’ve seen coaches on the lowest level of POP WARNER execute PAT’s at a high level. Like I said DJ, I stand firm on my thoughts in regards to this and will cannot be swayed.

  • nfl

    dj good win. every dog has his day. kahn wont take you anywhere.

  • Campo got smacked by west county!

  • Sounds like Stephen’s had a bad game. Campo blogger last year said he was superior to Houston. Can’t see Houston loosing even to talented EC. Stephen’s is a baseball player playing QB, very good but not a true QB build and wired for college.

  • DJ

    @ real coach I agree with you on almost everything you said i wish u were the coach i wish u were just on the staff they should have blown campo out they do have superior talent and ec oc play calling sucks btw they do have a field kicker who has made extra points in Newark game they had 14 penalties last nite so the missed campo field goal wouldn’t have been relevant ec should’ve had at least 2 or 3 more touchdowns but qb choked threw 4 interceptions ec played a terrible game last nite they could’ve easily lost but my friend with all that being said you answer a question for me who won last nite? And in the the words of the great al Davis “just win baby” ….but coach we can talk later cause these two teams will meet again in the playoffs and expect a better game from both teams next time and if both teams hold serve campo will have to come to ec

  • DJ

    @nfl ec got lucky last nite we’ll see what kahn can do he was vindicated atleast for one nite he beat Macy the great campo is very good team and well coached and I think they will go a long way in playoffs

  • Mira will beat Campfire girls.

  • DJ

    @real coach you make a lot of sense hope u wrong about ec but u might be right jus happy for these kids cause for me it’s not really about them winning a championship but that Kahn will be sending several of these kids from Richmond hood to college and some to d1 schools that’s to me bigger than any win on the field ….but I love high school football and love to talk high school football it ain’t nothing personal

  • A Real Coach

    @DJ, when you’ve been involved or around the game as long as I’ve been you don’t take this stuff personal. I know what I’m talking about and I have the creditals, accolades and achievements behind my name. Glad you wish I was on the staff because last night I would have introduced the TB screen to Campo when they were flying up field LOL. And are you sure its Kahn sending some of these Richmond kids to D1 colleges are is it their parents? I know of a parent that makes sure his boy understands that its STUDENT/athlete first not the other way around. And his son football skills are a by-product of his grades in which this is the real reason why he’s getting attention from D1 recruiters. And I couldn’t agree with you more in regards to how important it is to get the Richmond kids off the streets and into college. I coached a number of kids from Richmond and will never forget a kid by the name of “Scobby” Omar Williams. The kid was beyond his time in football but the streets are 4 real. With that being said, I love your energy as well as your understanding with most post so keep doing what you’re doing my friend. TRC…

  • joe

    You guys are taking this WAAAAAY to serious. These kids are just trying to have fun and live life playing football. Out of the top 25 teams in northern Cali, MAYBE 5 total players will play significant snaps at 4 year colleges. Give the kids a break.

  • N-Ya

    Congrats to the players at EC!!! Can’t wait to see the polls this week!!!

  • DJ

    @ Joe knowing some of the kids at ec it is more than just football true many of these kids won’t make it big in football but they will be able to get an education which is serious a lot of the kids parents don’t have the money of the parents at campo so football is their ticket to college so yes the kids are having fun but with an eye towards the future @n ya I wanna see the polls also