Boys Soccer: Clayton Valley’s Gentry resigns

After four years at the helm of the Clayton Valley High boys soccer program, Rory Gentry has resigned as head coach.

The 2010-2011 Bay Area News Group East Bay Coach of the Year went 65-16-23 in his time with the Eagles, taking over a program that had won seven games in the three years prior.
“I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish in our four years at CV,” Gentry said. “In addition to a winning record, two league titles, three NCS appearances and loads of academic and athletic honors for our players, I think I am most proud of restoring the pride into the boys soccer program. I’m also proud of the fact that the boys team was finally recognized as one of the elite teams in the Bay Area and given a chance to play and do well, against all other teams who are mentioned when you talk about the best.”
After becoming a charter school and bringing in a new Athletic Director, Clayton Valley decided to re-open the head coaching position after concerns were voiced about the coaching staff.
The staff was re-hired on a probationary period, but with uncertain terms and an unclear future, Gentry felt resigning was his only move.
“You know, even with success, there is no way to please everyone,” Gentry said. “During my time at CV, there have been some complaints, usually mostly about playing time and players roles changing year to year at CV. I would answer to these and do things to be better in the future.”
AD Greg Fister chose not to comment on the reasons behind re-opening the position and putting the staff on a probationary period, but did thank Gentry for his time at Clayton Valley.
“We want to thank Rory Gentry and his coaching staff. They did an excellent job of coaching the Boys Soccer team at Clayton Valley High School,” Fister said. “The last four years the Boys Soccer program enjoyed a large amount of winning and success. Our most important element of athletics is academics. We will always do what is best for our students and student athletes.”

Matt Smith

  • Shinguard

    Rory Gentry was a class act and pulled that CV program together. Especially in soccer bench and playing time and winning games is a balancing act. All the the best to Coach Gentry & hopefully CV will find a coach that can continue with the success that the soccer program has achieved.

  • Stewie

    CVHS needs to establish a Program that the Head Coach runs the show..Frosh-JV and V and get a system in place. Head guy..the boss needs to be involved in the hiring and management of those coaches. That was an issue at CVHS..Coach Gentry did a remarkable job in changing the direction of the program. Good Luck

  • Cokito

    I am very surprised that Rory is being pushed out. He brought the program back in the limelight after a bad slump. Hard to understand how some of these ADs think…Did that Fister guy ever coach?

  • Call me when CV beats DLS at soccer.

  • Lonewolf

    Big loss for CV-Charter. All the best to RG
    Hope CV-Charter Thinks this out regarding the new hire.

  • Scoreboard

    I’m sure Rory will find his way back to the sideline..A class act who gets the most out of his players. Also understands the importance of not only teaching the game of soccer, but developing good young men as well.

  • MATT

    Everybody will be fine,,,,

  • SiPeroNo

    That’s a tough blow to the CV soccer program.  Coach Gentry has shown that he is an integral part of their success on and off the field.  Not only has he done that with CV but also Concord High.   I wish Coach Gentry all the best and I’m sure wherever he ends up he will make the same successful impact.

    BTW Mr Spartan, need I remind you that CV did beat DLS?  It was last Dec 1-0,

  • Stewie

    @ Mr. Spartan…you should remember that CV did beat DLS last year early on at CV. But Sparty put hammer down during playoffs but CV did play to the finish with class.
    Are you really a Spartan or a wannabee? because you should have known that little fact.
    Don’t mess with Stewie

  • A Soccer Mom

    I have followed Coach Gentry for a number of years. He has most impressed me at two levels: with the concern he has for the players on his teams as well as his knowledge of the game. To Coach, it wasn’t enough to teach his kids game skills; he was teaching them life skills. Manners, looking someone in the eye, shaking hands, not giving up, reaching deep down and coming up with just a little more effort (212!). Invariably there were athletes who weren’t making the academic grade. He had students tutor students. He worked with students who were behind in credits and helped them to catch up and graduate. He took great pride in the high percentage of scholar athletes on his teams. He took pride in the number of his players who went on to play at the collegiate level. He communicated with college scouts, promoted his players, and wrote letters of recommendations for not just his players but for those at other schools whose coaches couldn’t be bothered.
    What happened at Clayton Valley? How could a coach who turned around not just 2 high school soccer programs but volleyball programs too, be given an ultimatum? A coach who was named coach of the year not once but twice. A coach who has held a high level of respect from his fellow league coaches. Frankly, I hope the new AD at Clayton Valley rues the day he made such a nonsensical decision. The new AD needs to make his own observations and his own decisions based on fact, not hearsay, which is what this looks like.

  • Juan Pito