Encinal needs a game next week

Encinal High is looking for a varsity football game for next week after Castlemont informed them this afternoon that it has to cancel next week’s scheduled game against the Jets. If there’s a team with an opening that would like to play Encinal, contact coach Joe Tenorio at jtguam95@yahoo.com.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Another OAL disgrace. Russell White, what are you doing about this?
    Encinal, why are you scheduling OAL teams?
    Has Syline forefeited all games or just the 1?
    Fremont finished for the yr?

  • The mighty ” Mont” falls. I remember when Castlemont was the OAL champs in the late ’60/’70s. They ran around the field chanting for pre-game warmups. They were big. Beat them 14-08 that day, the following yr skinned them 34-06. Their dynasty was ended.

  • With Encinal having open enrollment it would be nice to see the Castlemont and Skyline players transfer there. That would be huge for the Jets………..

  • The Jets should just take the forfeit win and get healthy for the start of league.

    If they do get a game with a good team they could very well end up 2-3 starting league play.

    With BOD, Berkeley and an improved Castro Valley team to open league play being 3-2 at the start could make the difference between going 4-6 and missing the playoffs or 5-5 and getting a 15th or 16th seed.

  • Serra 14-0 over the Jets 6:58 left in the first.

    This game is over. Running Clock in the 2nd half?

  • lol Holy crap 21-0 in the first the Jets give up 2 punt returns for TD’s

  • Serra Leads 28-0 :50 seconds left in the half.

    I took off early and drove over for this?

    I am out here I am going to watch the BOD game later folks

  • Birdeye

    Encinal is VERY WEAK THIS YEAR, My friend, only 3 sr startes, 9 10th graders 1 Frshmen starting 7 jrs, Its a young team , Very weak compared to the old teams, I see this team 3-7

  • lolol

    put the nailhouse in the coffin

  • coach l

    what’s up with the defense @alameda? rocklin’s gone anderson’s gone who you gonna blame now?

  • DeerValley#17

    let encinal face american high school from fremont !!!1

  • old-school-qb

    Both Mission & Balboa from the SF section have next week open and only 9 games scheduled for the year. Not the best competition but a game……

  • somebody schedule Bal and see if they got soul. They put a human chain around Bal in the day during a protest.

  • After that poor showing the really need to take the forfeit a win is a win.

  • mvalfan

    Skyline has a team, they won tonight and fremont beat St. liz. That OA; might as well scrap. Only two teams have a JV competing right now s it really makes no sense

  • The Island Bowl is going to feature 2 of the weaker teams in the Bay. Who wins that one? They better pull up the bridges in Alameda so no outsiders can witness the game.

  • Where is Bleacher Coach- thought he would taking shots at the Jets by now and Old Meddling. Jet unpride.

  • BigDog I am around.

    I was never a Jet hater. I just thought they did not give other teams there due respect and where to cocky.

    All public schools go through these loss of talent cycles coach T has done a great job the past 5 seasons.

    The Jets will be back next season but this year is over for them.

  • Serra stuck a stick in ’em.

  • The OAL has announced that Ferndale will join the league next season, Ferndale will play each OAL team twice. Travel arrangements have been made to stay in Oakland on weekends for the season. The players will enroll in the charter school at Mack and do their chores early in the morning at Housewive’s Market.

  • any sat. scores yet?

  • Scdeule sf balboa next week – they got an opening. my monies is on bal. play it at kezar.

  • Island Chief

    It looks like the nailhouse has turned into the cathouse this year. We’ll win the Island Bowl by 30 this year. Encinal’s run is over. Jeeeeyoww! Saw dis comin a year ago.

  • MadCoachHbg

    Castlemont confirmed that they were going to play us last Friday night when we talked to the head coach Tuesday. Wednesday we received an email from their AD that they were forfieting. They did the same thing to Vista Del Lago the previous week. Very disappointing for our kids and frustrating for our staff as it was too late to schedule another game!

  • TJ

    Island Chief.. Alameda has been blown out for 2 weeks straight. Shut up.

  • dudleydawson

    island chief you guys are so jealous of the nailhouse what run has alameda ever had?

  • Island Chief

    We ain’t as bad as those 20 jv jets wearing nailouse shirts and posing as varsity players. They got to be fun to watch. This program is dead.

  • MiraMan

    Island Chief,

    Having seen Alameda up close and seeing Encinal’s roster and results, I agree that Alameda should win the Island Bolw this year. My one hesitation is that I couldn’t figure out why Alameda couldn’t give Miramonte a better game than they did. First drive looked good, then nothing?? Bussey looks good and Knight is OK, but after that…not much. Some other big athletic looking guys, but no big plays, etc.

    In general the Alameda program appears to be on the way up. But this year, I think the Island Bowl will be up from grabs.

    We’ll see…

  • Encinal got destroyed by Serra. But a really good top 5 Bay area maybe top 15 Northern Cali team that plays in the toughest league in the area. Could be worse. Alameda is getting blown out by teams that may not even be top in their league. Really no room to talk m or feel comfortable about the Island Bowl in a couple of weeks.

  • dudleydawson

    island chief your program has been dead atleast for 30+ years! island chief still waiting for you to tell me when ahs had a run? or even won a playoff game?

  • coach l

    45 unanswered island chief!52 the week before, will your head coach throw his d.c under the bus like he did 2 seasons ago or will nepitism reign?

  • birdseye

    the Staff at Encinal can flat out coach, this years them is VERY YOUNG alot of guys should be playing JV, Next year I think we shall see a VAST improvement. ALAMEDA HAS TALENT, I just can’t figure out why they can’t win games? Honestly They have a roster, that can Win d2 In NCS, ASIDE from the CRAPPY linebackers, D-line and the Secondary LOOKS GREAT. WRS, O-line, RB… I don’t get it?… *HEADSCRATHER.. LIKE MIRA MAN SAID, THE ISLAND BOWL IS UP FOR GRABS THIS YEAR

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    @Island Chief, Santa Claus ain’t gonna Bring ya a Island Bowl this year Son. You know Encinal Runs the Island.@BigDog, Must be Christmas for ya. @Bleacher Coach, I believe we did give other Teams there due. People on the blogs are gonna say what they are gonna say. But i know for a fact The Coaches gave there opposition respect.The Season is still young Gentleman.I’m too big to hide, I speak when i need to talk. Jet Pride!

  • ManDown

    Encinal will be good NEXT year. We all know that this season would be a rebuilding year so Alameda you guys better win it this season because if not there is somthing really wrong with your program. The pressure is on the Hornets to win this season not the Jets.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @BigDog, I’m always around. My Jets will be fine the season is still young and i wondered when the haters would express their joy.@Island Chief, You know Encinal Jets run the Island. Christmas is not coming this year for the Hornets. When was they last time Alameda had a winning season? @Bleacher Coach,I can’t speak for the bloggers here but I know The Coaching Staff always had much respect for the programs they played. It just seemed like we didn’t get any no matter how well we played. I’m Down with High School Football and i’m always Down with The Encinal Jets. Jet Pride!

  • what’s the chance the Jets pick up a game this weekend? Would like see them play Bal in SF or another team.

  • Encinal did score a game. They are playing Vallejo at home at 7 p.m. They called Balboa last Friday within an hour or so of Castlemont canceling and Balboa turned them down.

  • Vallejo Apaches will upset Encinal.

  • Old Fomer Meddling Coach

    @BigDog. You must be having a slow night son.:-) Jet Pride!

  • mvalfan2

    Sorry Big Dog but Encinal wins this one bro!!!

  • norcalfball

    there is always an excuse when encinal loses or isn’t playing well. how come every other team doesn’t get the “we are young” angle? you same people bash these other teams when they lose and you know nothing about many of these teams, yet always come to encinal’s rescue.

    call them what they are. a great D3 team that has it’s ups and downs like most public schools. but like most d3 schools there is a HUGE difference between the upper tier d1 teams and other divisions. stop fooling yourself. you are a top 5 D3 program, but you are not a top 5 program overall.

  • norcalfball

    too many agenda’s and hate on these blogs. this used to be a good website. talk about the teams, discuss games, predict games, support the kids…stop all the hating to make yourself feel or look better

    encinal has great coaching and it has been a remarkable past few years with what they have done with small numbers. but keep things in perspective and stop hating on everyone else.

  • Thanks Old Meddling. Just thinking back to the days when Valley Jo was the big gun in NorCal with Bruno P. as coach, 40-0-5, lossing to EC and SM in 1970 to stop their streak.
    NorCal- I know ya think people are hating but a lot of it is B.S., trash talking, getting the other bloggers to respond, playing mind games, etc. I don’t really think anyone out there really hates a coach or team or the kids. It’s an adult blog. Keep the players off, they shouldn’t be reading blogs anyway, concentrate on football and grades, Coaches shouldn’t read blogs either and I think no coach in his right mind is doing that.
    With that said, piss on everybody!