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Jon Becker

  • FNL680

    DBP 10- STA 10 halftime

  • Rick

    there’s a pretty good team out West, DLS

  • Big Dog!

    17-7 Oak grove at Half

  • spectator2012

    went to the logan-heritage game to see the hype about logan. i was hoping to see more out of logan. if this is the logan that is supposed to meet dls, it won’t happen. mark my words, logan will not pass the first or second round of the playoffs. logan beat a weak heritage team 48-14. i did not expect heritage to score or even have any success against logan’s so-called explosive and fast defense. logan is good, but not that good. logan again will fall short in the playoffs. heritage is down this year, (waaaayyy down). bottom line is that this logan team cannot beat dls. this team may not even beat cal, pitt, mv, or freedom. i was not impressed. this is my opinion on them. don’t believe the hype.

  • Logan has had big time problems with DLS in the past, but like I said, Logan has to get past other playoff teams before that matchup can ever happen. then it could be loganberries served on Spartan toast.

  • Where’s jack off crates, mack wants to come to ferny with the naacp and schedule a game.

  • My evening was spent at the Campolindo/El Cerrito Game which EC won 16-14….BUT the Cougars defense played EC tough..they stopped the end runs in their tracks and picked off four passes….The cougar offense just couldn’t take that extra step to win….There was solid defense on both sides and for a while it looked like Campo might have the edge….As for El Cerrito….they have to redesign their end runs to take advantage of their speed…a lot of plays did not work as the Offensive ends and tackles did not block and let the Cougar defense use their backs and ends to plug up the ends. Another problem for EC was committing pentalies….This opened the doors to a lot of problems which almost cost them the game…

  • Dj

    @george Manley I too was at ec/campo game their offense was really off tonite and they played a sloppy game overall with a lot of penalties we didn’t see the explosive ec offense their play calling sucked they shouldve run outside more than dives in the middle tonite but they still got the win also wasn’t impressed with qb Stephens he overthrew several receivers and campo has no running game …no team should win with 4 turnovers and atleast 10 penalties got a feeling these teams meet again in playoffs can’t wait to see this game again

  • mvalfan

    What happen to all of this Mt. Eden hype we were hearing. They are improved but unable to throw the ball. They lost to an oakland high team that plays true iron man football.

  • Saw El Cerrito take Campolindo 16-14 tonight. Close but sloppy. Bret Stephens was off with a lot of his passes. Not too accurate in his pregame warmups, also. Noticed he was wearing a left knee brace. Kind of hard to toss a football if you have a bum left knee. Anything to that?

  • baller6

    Agree with all posters on EC/Campolindo. Sloppy game in a lot of ways, with a critical turnover being the key in the game. EC defensive backs did a great job staying with campo receivers, taking away passes to the sidelines all night. That got Campo out of their typicall wide open offense, and Stephens had a sub par game, largely due to EC coverage. EC offense was shaky, with Ardoin being solid and consistent. Their QB play was very shaky, and play calling suspect. They don’t seem to be very creative in getting the ball to their great athletes. All in all, very good defensive game, hard fought. Good luck to both the rest of the season.

  • Freedom Fan

    Freedom played ok very scary to see that without the big three (Mayes, Daniels, Mixon) they are basically nothing. when those 3 were out San Leandro ran the ball no problem.

    To any of those fans that will see san leandro:

    They have quick fast running backs. However, their O-line is not very good. They missed alot of blocks. They walk very slow back to the huddle Freedom tried to run plays quick and it worked because San Leandro was to slow. Freedom got alot of sacks. However…. THE QUARTERBACK CAN RUN. They run misdirection so you have to stay discipline. Dont chase or key on one running back.

  • spectator2012

    @ freedom fan – did mixon and mayes play defense last night?

    “when those 3 were out San Leandro ran the ball no problem.”

    freedom has a big test this coming week in castro valley.

    i’m hoping freedom’s defense is getting better or else they’ll be in trouble come league time. if a team can stop freedom’s offense, that team can win.

  • TJ

    BOD beats SHC (Huge win).. Mt. Eden Loses to Oakland High thoughts?

    is BOD coaching staff still underachieving?

  • TJ

    Tennyson takes Acalanes to the wire.. Castro Valley looks like they could be the only other WAC team to give BOD a run for their money.. WAC talk!

  • LoganPride

    Spectator2012, that’s an interesting take on Logan. Rather than just saying they won’t beat someone, how about a justification? The Logan team I saw last night had their way on offense, threw for three hundred yards, gave up about 50 total yards to Heritage in the first half, with maybe 40 yards rushing for the game and allowed Heritage to score on their seconds late. I agree that we should stop talking about DLS, but why are you so down on Logan?

  • Teams needing help

    Mt. Eden
    San Leandro

    These coaches need to suit up in their jock straps and help their teams, especially coach T.

  • Battle for neighborhood bragging rites- SM vs. Albany today. Both haven’t won a game. SM used to use Albany as fertilizer to warm up for the old WCAL in the old days. Hope they can win.

  • spectator2012

    I’m not hating on Logan. I just expected more from them. They had their starting defense out there until the 4th even though they were blowing them away. I expected Logan to do what they want against heritage defense. Heritage is a sad team this year. For heritage to score on Logan was a surprise. Heritage this year is not good at all. All I’m saying is that all this hype about them challenging dls this year is just that “hype”. I’ve watched other teams also, and Logan is not ready for a dls matchup. I mention dls cuz all the teams wants to see how they measure up to them. Also, Logan players are the ones who mentioned dls at cal-hi sports to begin with? I wish Logan all the luck this season. Hopefully they can get passed their first playoff game.

  • #8…DJ…You are right…El Cerrito was wasting their plays hitting the Campolindo line..it looked like only two maybe three plays worked…They did not use their speed…I expected to see a high scoring game..but it was just the reverse…

  • waacMan

    Caught the BOD vs. Sacred Heart game last night. Very exciting game, that probably shouldn’t have been as close as it was – Odowd fumbled twice inside the 10 yard line. Puzzling play calling by BOD. They got away from their passing game by running on downs 1 and 2, putting them in obvious passing situations, on which Sacred Heart would blitz, sacking QB Mirolio multiple times. This has coach Nickerson’s fingerprints all over it, unfortunately. His defense is porous, so he should probably work on improving that. Sacred Heart was well-coached, as usual. Coach Lee always has his kids ready to play. They are young, but QB Peralta looks to be a solid spread option player, and their DB’s did a good job in coverage. They will have a tough road in the WCAL unless they can improve their passing game.
    At the end of the game in OT, BOD’s best athlete, DB #5 King, was in at QB to run the wildcat (Mirolio appeared to be hurt, but Nickerson might have just wanted to run it). King got knocked out cold in a scary moment, but he was able to stand up, so hopefully he should be okay.

  • spectator2012

    I’m not hating on Logan. I just expected more from them. They had their starting defense out there until the 4th even though they were blowing them away. I expected Logan to do what they want against heritage defense. Heritage is a sad team this year. For heritage to score on Logan was a surprise. Heritage this year is not good at all. All I’m saying is that all this hype about them challenging dls this year is just that “hype”. I’ve watched other teams also, and Logan is not ready for a dls matchup. I mention dls cuz all the teams wants to see how they measure up to them. Also, Logan players are the ones who mentioned dls at cal-hi sports to begin with? I wish Logan all the luck this season. Hopefully they can get passed their first playoff game.

  • Truth teller

    @DJ @ theschoolmarm @George Manly
    I was at the game last year and the game yesterday, they looked exactly the same to me. Does EC get any credit for getting the win? Does Coach Kahn get any credit for out coaching or not getting out coached by Macy? Does the EC defense get any credit for all but stopping Campos vaunted passing game? Or did the knee brace on Stephens knee do all the work for them? it didn’t seem to stop him from running QB sneaks and draws. Everyone spoke of EC’s spread offense not getting it done in the red zone last year, this year they powered it in twice and all I see is people complaining of the misuse of the athletes they have and not scoring more on Campo. It’s easy to sit where we sit in the stands and critique everything but at the end of the day you have to give the folks at EC their due for getting the win against all odds and the referees. That was not an evenly called game.

  • leatherfan

    Logan Pride…r u using Heritage to bolster your point?? They are 0-4 and are nothing like they have been in the past. Logan is good but make a lot of mistakes. They will do well this season but not a chance they beat the top teams like DLS.

  • GOAT run off the road last night by a Roadrunner!

  • YoMama, was it the 40, 100 or 1/4 mile?

  • U C Rancher

    @Spectator, I’d like 2 know what game were u watching cause I was at the same game & Logan looked very impressive especially on offensive considering both Long & Beasley were non factors in the running game. @leatherfan, u need read Logan pride’s post thoroughly again. He said nothing remotely close to mentioning heritage to prove his point. The colts went out did what they needed to do & that’s beat a bad team badly. Premature 2 be talking about DLS, but to say that if they do meet, Logan doesn’t have a chance is foolish. They are playing as good as anyone not only in the bay, but northern California.

  • MiraMan

    I also thought El Cerrito would lose due to mediocre play calling and lace of discipline. I was wrong, but just barely. I mean the play calling was pretty vanilla and four picks in the first half! Some of those throws looked like the QB was just chucking the ball and hoping. You can’t do that against top competition and expect to win. And the penalties!

    I do think they will need to play with more disciplined if they want to win NCS. That’s not hating on them, just calling it like I see it.

    By the way, the knee brace on Brett Stephens has been a fixture for some time. I know he wore it last year against Miramonte. While his passing looked off to me, I don’t think it had anything to do with his knee.

    But all-in-all, good job Gauchos!

  • redandblue2

    Yet another physical contest between Campo and EC in what has become an entertaining contest the last few years. These two programs have a lot of respect for each other; I hope it continues in the future.

    The Campo defense played an outstanding game yestetday only allowing touchdowns on two short fields. Though a missed 4th quarter field goal was the difference, EC should have won by more by virtue of their tremendous advantage of talent. Whether EC was running or throwing, the Campo defense had an answer and kept the high flying offense from taking flight.

    Pippins, Pickett & Harvey were everything as advertised on defense, shutting down Stephens and the Campo offense.

  • redandblue2

    EC should have no trouble attaining an undefeated regular season. Clearly they should stick to running the ball as their 4 first half interceptions would attest. With their defense they will be in every game and with their abudance of playmakers this could be a special season for the Gauchos.

  • Freedom Fan

    Spectator2012- yes they both go both ways.. They have alot of speed but I dont think they defended the run well. Daniels got hurt towards the 4th quarter as soon as he got hurt they pulled the whole first team out. SL was moving the ball well on the ground. Freedom needs Mixon and Daniels on defense to give themselves a chance. it will prevent long runs from running backs if they can catch up to running backs.

    Im really concerned about their defense when it comes league time. But we will see

  • spectator2012

    @ freedom fan – mayes doesn’t play defense though correct? you said when the 3 were out, sl moved the ball.

    on post #12 you said — “when those 3 were out San Leandro ran the ball no problem.”

    just clarifying… yes, freedom defense is very suspect.

  • Freedom Fan

    @Spectator- yea thats correct he doesnt play defense… I was over exaggerating but when they were out towards the end Freedom couldnt do anything offensively and defensively

  • spectator2012

    i’m sorry if i ruffled some logan fans’ feathers. i went to see logan, and they did not impress me. maybe i was expecting more from logan with all the hype. i’ve seen quite a few hs games the last few weeks. logan is good, but from what i saw they could not beat cal/deer valley/mv/concord. it would be interesting to see them against freedom/pitt. it is premature to talk of dls, but it was brought up on another post from last week. cal/mv/pitt/deer valley/freedom would put major points on heritage and probably shut them out. what is said is my opinion on logan as of now from what i saw. things could change. there is a lot of football left. i just don’t watch a certain team, so i am not biased on my opinions.

  • Spectator2012 and Truthteller
    First about Logan keeping the 1st string defense in well after they had iced the game. Unless the 2nd and 3rd team players are very close in size and ability to the starters, you’re asking for injuries especially on defense and at the D1 level if you play them for more than a few plays. Logan’s bench is quite thin!
    Second, the Campo-EC game was sloppy! And just plain weird! Brett Stephens was not the QB I saw 3 times last year (O’Dowd, Marin Catholic, and Washington Union). Neither his passing accuracy and judgement,nor running. The Cougars’ receivers’ routes were into Gaucho coverage all night; I couldn’t detect much route adjustment as the game went on. And,although the Gauchos may have been as quick as the afore mentioned teams, they were not as big (usually you cannot go by printed roster sizes. Unless they were packing lead, there was no way some of those players {on both teams} were well over 200 lbs.). Kailan Benjamin, the EC QB threw 4 picks the 1st half, but Stephens tossed at least that many that should have been intercepted. And, EC stopped throwing the low percentage passes the 2nd half. Also, the EC coaching staff came up with a clever defensive scheme that allowed their speed in the LB corps to make effective “slow” reads when Campo tried to run out of the slower developing spread offense. Still the game was filled with lots of screwups (actually most HS football games are), and many opportunities were missed: Campo on offense and EC on defense. Even the officials were off. Among other things, Stephens should have been nabbed for intentional grounding, and later in the same 4th qtr at a critical time, EC had 12 guys on the field which wasn’t called. And where was the Campo band? Or do they have one?
    Since I have read a lot from EC enthusiasts and others about their excellent athletes, a rule of thumb in team sports whether it’s football or girls field hockey, is that the more athletically talented team usually prevails in sloppy games. Draw your conclusion from that about this game.
    I’m sure both coaching staffs are questioning what they did and didn’t do Friday night and while trying to learn from their mistakes, not dwell on it as they prepare for Acalanes and Valley Christian(Dublin) respectively. Coach Macy is one of the best in the Bay Area and the EC coach(I’m afraid I don’t have his name) that I understand is quite young, impresses me as to building The Gauchos into one of the best D3 programs in the state. Both teams, short of critical injuries, should get to at least the NCS D3 semis. I don’t think either will have too many more games like this one.
    And, I know from experience, that at every level from pee-wee to the NFL, it’s much, much, much easier to coach from the bleachers and TV chairs than from the sidelines! No sarcasm intended.

    PS. Thanks MiraMan. I guess Brett Stephens was so good in the games I saw last year that I didn’t notice any defects.

  • redandblue2


    Aside from last years games against El Cerrito, Marin Catholic and the State Championship game against Washington Union, Campolindo pretty much had their way against the other 12 teams they played, winning by an average margin of 26 points. The point is, good teams will force your team into mistakes you wouldn’t make against lesser caliber teams. Campo won 2 of those 3 tough games last year. Not so coincidentally, those 3 games were Stephens’ worst 3 games of the year.

    I think we are too quick to point out a teams weaknesses and failings rather than give credit to the opposing team’s game plan or the fact that the opposing team may be one of the best in the region. That’s the way I look at the DLS vs St. Mary’s game. St. Mary’s coaches drew up a great game plan that frustrated the DLS offense; we should give St. Mary’s credit and say that is the reason DLS looked sloppy.

    Also, there is something to be said when every game you play is the other team’s biggest game of the year. Every team will be gearing up to give their best effort against Campolindo this year. One need only have witnessed the jubilation El Cerrito showed on the field after they defeated Campo Friday night; it certainly wasn’t just another game for the Gauchos. I’m sure Miramonte is very much looking forward to September 28 when they host Campolindo.

    Other than the loss, I have a feeling the Campo coaches were pleased with the effort they gave; they held a team that was scoring 57 points a game to two short field touchdowns. El Cerrito has three bonafide D1 propspects; Campo didn’t have any such athletes last year (though they do have a couple of walk-ons at Cal) and they certainly don’t this year. Heck, they came within a missed field goal of winning the game……somehow I think we are having a different discussion if that field goal was made.

    The bottom line for me is that you need to play these tough games to see what kind of team you are and what you need to work on the rest of the season. Campo is a better team for having played El Cerrito and certainly the reverse is true as well.

  • UC rancher

    Spectator, it’s all good. On these blogs we like 2 debate. It’s just when find fault with a 48-14 outcome, It just seems like your reaching 2 prove your argument. As for Logan’s roster being thin, we have 39 players on the roster. Although that might not be huge in numbers, it’s not what I would call “thin”.

  • DJ

    I agree with both schoolmarm and red and blue I think ec and campo are developing a friendly rivalry that each looks forward to each year i think this years game was almost a complete reversal of last year’s game either team could’ve won last years game as well this years game while i did enjoy Friday’s game it was a little unsatisfying in that ec most definetly didnt play it’s best game didnt hardly use one of it’s best athletes in pippins and ec’s qb is young but is definetly better than he showed both running and passing and also because we didnt see the great brett stephens slinging the ball all over the field but if your ec you have to happy to get a win with 14 penalties and 4 turnovers i really dont think this is a close game that the missed field goal would’ve mattered much without ec’s turnovers and penalties i have a feeling these teams meet again in playoffs.

  • EastBay Ray

    Interesting start to the season. Division lll looks to be closer than ever, and should make for a dogfight in the playoffs. My rankings of NCS D3 right now would be something like this:
    1. Campo. Best Coaching, solid athletes. If Stephens even has an average day, they would have beat El Cerrito. If they develop a running game, they will be tough to beat again.
    2. Marin Catholic. I don’t think they are as far ahead of the pack as some do. Good athletes, solid depth (although they lost their best receiver) should make them a favorite over almost anyone in D3, but they are capable of getting beat by any of the top D3 teams. Their soft league schedule doesn’t help them I believe.
    3. Cardinal Newman. They are a clone of Marin Catholic, but without the high level QB. Maybe the best coach in Norcal, fundamentally sound in all three phases of the game, with solid depth on both sides of the ball. They should be undefeated coming into the playoffs given their schedule (I know it is a new league, but I don’t see them losing).
    4. El Cerrito. I was on their bandwagon last year, but was stung by their first round loss in the playoffs to a very average Eureka team (at EC), who in turn was crushed by MC the next week. Athletes galore, and they should be undefeated going into the playoffs, but I am “wait and see” with the Gauchos.
    5. Bishop Odowd. I was higher on this team until the Valley Christian game. They were physically mauled by a team that didn’t even pretend they were going to throw the ball. They have athletes, but don’t seem to be able to make defensive adjustments. If King, their best defensive player, is out, they will struggle further.
    6. Encinal. Clearly this is a rebuilding year for the Jets. However, young teams get better with experience, and this will be a team you don’t want to face early in the playoffs. They need to stay healthy and improve.
    7. Miramonte, Analy. Solid teams who could surprise – have to see more.

    Should be fun!

  • Junior

    DLS shot themselves in the foot over and over vs SM. The first two drives they physically dominated SM and if the Spartans could have completed a pass or two or held onto the ball they would have rolled SM. these were not forced errors by SM, although the INT was an excellent play by the Rams defender. Lad then decided to let the defense win the game.

    However, SM deserves a lot of credit for not quitting and playing very hard most of the night.

  • Prep Fan

    Something tells me DLS will make the adjustments and be just fine once again this season. Just a hunch.

  • The DLS adjustment needs to come in 2 forms:

    1. QB adjustments- better reads, better passing, taking care of the ball(better pitches and option )

    2. Defensive backfield- better coverage on spread offenses, double teaming WR’s who are making an impact,
    not letting anyone get behind the coverage