Encinal to host Vallejo on Friday

Good news for the Encinal football team and a good resolution to last week’s blog post about the Jets needing a game. Encinal coach Joe Tenorio texted me earlier to let me know the Jets will host Vallejo at 7 p.m. on Friday. Vallejo is 0-3 on the year and went just 1-9 last year, but for the Jets, it’s a game and that’s a big deal.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Big deal to have a game. Only get 10 a year. Coaches who don’t schedule a minimum of 10 should rethink why they coach. Don’t understand the SF & Oal scheduling 9 games.As bad as things are teams get better playing no matter the situation or the coaching.

  • Getting a game in the last minute can’t be beat even if the team you will face will not be much competation…good for both teams…

  • Good- both teams get a game.
    Not the Vallejo Apaches of old. When Bruno P. coached those teams would have beaten ANY Encinal team 40-00. Vallejo went 40-0-5 in the late 60’s and early 70’s before being beat by El Cerrito and St. Mary’s in 1970.

  • Mighty ValleyJo coming to town today. Will the Apaches show up like the old days? Can the Jets thwart them? Vallejo used to wear high ankle shoes and big assed boxed helmets in the day. They ran the orginal option or T.

  • Old Meddling, the Jets have handled my dear old Vallejo Apaches. Good job.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @YoMama,Yeah we did but still a work in progress. The kids took a while to get on track but once they did they were on. We are very young but eager to make good. Vallejo had a young Back that ran well. With more coaching they could be a much better team. We will show up big next week! The team on the other side of town is making it personal. Jet Pride!

  • John Sweet 42-00 over Marin. Sweethogs looking good this year. Spini back as coach I understand.

  • Mt. Eden 3-2, looks like Poop has them going. Was that score without the QB who got hurt last week?

  • hoops

    Before you get too excited about Mt.Eden you might consider who they have played.

  • Any win for Mt. Eden has to be good. They struggled for a long time. I had alumni tell me they would never make it because of the dempgraphics of the area, they are showing that there can be some measure of success.

  • teams that need help

    San Leandro
    Pinole Valley

  • nfl

    big dog beating albany richmond and mt.diablo aint saying much just means mt.eden aint the worst!

  • I thought any improvement at Mt. Eden is a victory for the kids and the league. What’s wrong with winning and improvement? In fact, enlighten me, why are people down on Mt. Eden??? Who cares who they play?
    They are sure better off than the OAL fiasco.

  • C/O98

    The QB from last week did not play

  • Junior or Silvergreen- where did Joe Te’o running back from DeLaSalle surface? I thought he signed with WSU but not the case.

  • hoops

    Hey,nobody is down on Mt.Eden.I am just pointing out that beating 3 of the weakest teams in the east bay does not mean that their program has been turned around.To be honest ,they probably would have beaten those teams a few years ago as well.It is obvious that the coach was intent on getting some wins when he made his schedule and there is nothing wrong with that either.So I guess the statement of turning around the program was the issue.Normally when someone turns around a program it means that they can compete with quality teams which at this point is not the case,but good for the kids if they now have something positive to build on.

  • TJ

    Bigdog: Mt. Eden and Tennyson have the same demographics. There is no excuse for Mt. Eden to lose to Oakland High.

  • chalktalk

    Having more games or more practices doesnt make u better unless ur coach is not teaching u inferior technique.Most coaches are ego maniacs and absolutely refuse 2 admit when they’re wrong. ANY COACH THAT TELLS AN ASSISTANT 2 GET HIS OWN PROGRAM IS THE JACKASS IM SPEAKING OF. every coach should have 2 explain y his way is the superior way.

  • Junior

    BigJoe-Te’o is playing at Santa Rosa JC.

  • WAC Man

    Chalk talk, you sound like a know-it-all, mad at the world, hate on all coaches, young man with major personal issues. Maybe you should lock yourself in your car in your garage, roll up the windows and let the engine run.

  • chalktalk

    WAC-Man lmao
    anyone that calls some one a know it all doesnt know it!!!
    I know most of it the part i havent figured out is how people with inferior intelligence inferior knowledge are in positions of power OH I KNOW WHEN THE BOSS BENDS OVER THEY PUCKER UP are u an ass kisser WAC-MAN ” next time u kiss an ass kiss the entire ass dont miss a spot ull get further in life,,,

  • TJ

    my only question for chalk talk is what prompted his rant? lol.

  • complex numbers

    Ferndale 20, Eureka 0. At Albee Stadium last night.

  • WAC Man

    Chalk talk, needs a girl. He has too much testosterone held in for all of those years. Ranting over the small things in life. How much he knows. What coach can’t coach. What program is a mess. His track & football speed thesis. His cyber bullying of bloggers, Lol! This little lamb needs a big brother to take him to the zoo and buy him a balloon and show him some love.

  • The run your car in the garage was funny…

  • Pinole in trouble- gave up 41 pts and 344 rushing yds to Salesian.

  • The little black lamb is lead to the slaughter in the old Testiment. It gets it’s (foot)balls wacked off and becomes meek and mild, then it’s cut up fot lamb chops. Mmmmmmm ! Finger lickin’ good.

  • chalktalk

    this is all very funny
    im the cyber bullying when some one tell me 2 commit suicide lmao
    THE BOTTOM LINE IS IF U DONT KNOW HOW 2 COACH GET OUT OF THE PROFESSION u see the book cant teach u timing and tempo the dvd cant make u understand balance and leverage and coaching from some one else perspective is always a no no MAYBE TRY IGNORING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C/O98

    Profession ? You make it sound like the coaches do this for a living. If that was the case I’d quit my job and put in for the next opening. Everyone on here complaing about the coaching and who should be fired and what not. You do get what you pay for. I’m sure by the time the seasons over the coaches that do recive money via a stipen works out to maybe a couple bucks an hr. so maybe all the know it alls can get off their comps come out volunteer 20+ hrs a week take time away from there familys and develop all the struggling programs Into the next DLS. Now that’s a run on sentence for the ages lol. I for one am thankful for anyone who gives there time to help develop these your men. They may not be successful on the field but at least there making an attempt.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    While we all have a right to our opinion i would hope that these opinions would be given in good humor and with a sense of Sportsmanship. Everyone is not going to like everyones Coaching style. The reason i have my blog name is because i found myself Coaching over a someone elses shoulder. I had to ask that person to excuse me. If you don’t like the way they coach, well… that is pretty much it. If they are that bad you won’t have to watch them long and maybe you could apply for the job. Jet Pride!

  • chalktalk

    #29 u want me 2 be happy because some one volunteer 2 b baby sitter give me a break buddy com on

  • C/O98

    Babysitters get better wages. I’m not saying you have to like a coach. But you should respect what they do or try to do. They may not be successful but some of these coaches do more for the kids then there own parents. What they do for there community in some cases can far out weigh the wins and losses.

  • chalktalk

    i guess ur right some coach are surrogates
    and much more

  • You couldn’t coach yur kid, right?

  • Old Former, you are right on the money with coaching. They don’t get a lot of kudos. Most of these guys running them done couldn’t coach a video game.

  • S1lverngreen

    Joe T is healed up and doing well at SR JC, he’ll be one and out like his old teamate from Laney now at Boise.