Oakland Athletic League eligibility policy addressed

Some revisions have been made to the Oakland Athletic League athletic eligibility policy, but the same number of credits will still be needed to be eligible, OAL commissioner Russell White said.
The credit requirement, which became OAL policy in the spring, is 50 to become a sophomore, 110 to become a junior and 170 to become a senior, White said. He also said that the student’s grade point average which will be considered for athletic eligibility is from the student’s last semester, not his or her total GPA.
An appeal process has also been established for credit issues, White said.
Castlemont High’s football team was forced last week to cancel nonleague games against Healdsburg and Encinal because of a lack of eligible players. It also forfeited its first scheduled game of the season on Sept. 7 against Vista del Lago-Folsom because of player eligibility issues.
Last week, Castlemont coach Lloyd Johnson said he was optimistic that he would have enough eligible players to play in the team’s scheduled OAL opener at Oakland Tech on Oct. 12.
“I would think that it is going to help Castlemont,” said White, who coached the Knights in 2010 and 2011, about the changes. “I feel that they will play soon.”
Skyline also forfeited a football game scheduled for Aug. 31 because of a lack of eligible players, but has fielded a team since then.
White said the changes were made by the OAL policy committee, of which he is not a voting member. It consists entirely of principals from each high school in the Oakland Unified School District, White said.

Phil Jensen

  • Stewie

    It appears that Oakland is bending the rules to make things work. Seems like we should have a State minimum standard that is followed by all schools & remove the manipulation policies. Full time student with recognized core classes and min gpa of 2.0 or higher min gpa that can be enforced by the school such as 2.1-2.5 if they are trying to maintain higher academic standards. NCAA requires a 2.5 with combined matching sat, act test scores. Remember Student Athlete is the term that is used..academics is first, no mater what we may think is for the greater good. Hey Brian… this should stimulate some heated table conversation.

  • Phil Jensen

    The Oakland Unified School District rule is that students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in addition to the credit requirement.

  • billjohnson

    why is castlemont listed as 0-0. didnt they forfeit 3 games?

  • EBfootball

    Let’s keep it real… A starting varsity athlete on a football team is getting a more rigorous education than many of their classes (at least electives). They should get credit just for showing up to practice and games. Especially if they attended summer and spring practicees. Football involves memorization (plays, formations, etc), inference (if the opponent does this then I do that), analysis (recognition of schemes), evaluation (what works and what doesn’t), and maybe a chance to be creative (suggesting plays, schemes, or just making things happen). Not to mention leadership roles they play and teaching less experienced players. A good team is doing these things for at most 9 months 2-3 hours a day. Compared to a school class that’s like 20-30 credits! A mediocre team deserves at least 10 credits a year (depending on attendance of course).

  • OALfan2

    Yeah the OAL is its own section in which the CIF states they can determine the amount of units that qualifies a student to be on or off schedule to graduate. I give the OAL Kudos for doing what they could to make more sense of this thing and keep kids involved in sports. By the way it was looking, seemed like they wanted more crime and a higher drop out rate with those rules!! But I love Oakland, and want to see the kids be able to compete in sports.

  • EB, if credits are suggested for football, then it’s credits for all sports(chapter nine). Water polo and soceer have just as many demands as football. If OAL rules say 2.0 gpa, that’s ok with me.
    If NCAA says 2.50 gpa that’s ok too as long as it’s a equal playing field for ALL concerned.
    In other words, a student athelete should not get any more consideration for college than anyone else who has a 2.0 gpa.
    If you can’t maintain a gpa you aren’t going to last in college very long.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Back in the Day, Most school districts allowed a sport to take the place of the PE required class. So usually 7th Period was practice. It’s something they should go back to as it would encourage more Participation by more kids in All Sports. Jet Pride!

  • TJ

    that would require the head coach to be a credentialed teachers in the public arena

  • most private schools don’t have PE for students playing a sport in the semester. It still doesn’t let 7th period be for the sport. 7th period out at Winton Drive at both schools is about school, 7th period classes, make-ups, study hall, etc.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @TJ, Your right but that wouldn’t be a bad thing would it? I’d love to see more On Campus Coaches. It would only help the Student Athlete. Jet Pride!

  • We need more campus coaches, I agree. Never the less the gpa’s need to come up. Parents need to be involved in studies, not just sports. With no studies, there are NO sports.

  • outside looking in

    the oal shouldnt be allowed to make up there own rules….it should be the same rules as the other leagues. they just hurting these kids that need a little more of a push..sports gives them a outlet to be part of something postive and keeps them off the streets…they took away the waviers from the OAL but all the other leagues still have it and are using it for kids that dont make the gpa to play for the season… and i am not saying that we should make it easy for the kids in the oal..i am just saying dont take away options other leagues have and use that the oal kids can benifit from..

  • What are waivers that are used to play if they don’t make gpa?

  • From the Inside

    CIF bylaw 205A.1. allows THE governing board of districts/private schools/parochial schools/to permit Waivers(probationary period)for an athlete to play for a period of time(not to exceed 1 semester) without the required 2.00 GPA, and that by the end of said period of time the athlete’s GPA would be at least 2.00 to continue playing.
    @ OUTSIDE LOOKING IN: all 10 sections of CIF are allowed to make rules within the boundaries of CIF/Federated Council. I agree with the remainder of your statement.
    @STEWIE: OAL is not bending but defining CIF/OAL rule 205.B.1.c. Examine CIFSTATE.ORG. If anything this addition does not come with high support for the high expectations.
    FL, TX & other states require coaches to be teachers and on campus staff. It’s not so in Oakland because OEA has not effectively represented this unit, therefore coaches are POORLY paid in the OAL.
    7th period/Advance Sports has been wiped out due to the acceptance of small schools whose focus was far removed from athletics. Though by CA. Ed code student athletes maybe given PE credit for athletic participation.

  • EBfootball

    The “PE for athletes” was expelled due to the No Child Left Behind standards based teaching mandate. Each class in every grade in the United States is expected to follow a set of standards. Here are the California standards: http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/pestandards.pdf
    And contrary to From The Inside, charter schools (which I think you meant) don’t have to follow these PE standards like real public schools. Small schools have been phased out.

  • TJ

    you can still do it. Just gotta put it under the guise of another name like “athletic PE” “student-athlete” or “advanced PE”

  • TJ

    its not hard to tie standards with those type of classes