High School Football Insiders show on KNBR

KNBR 1050 will debut its High School Football Insiders show this Friday from 10-11 p.m. It’s hosted by Ted Ramey and Kyle Bonagura, a name that should be familiar to many on the blog.  The show will recap Friday night action around the Bay Area and feature scores, interviews with coaches/players/writers and will take calls from listeners. Yes, you’ll probably even hear my voice on the air. Be sure to check it out starting this Friday. The show can be heard on the radio at 1050 AM, online at KNBR.com or via the iHeart Radio app on smartphones and tablets.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • FNL680

    Atta kid Jimmy. cue The Jefferson’s jingle, “Well we’re movin’ on up, to the east side…”

  • Joey

    wow a whole hour talkin about dls… like there isn’t enough of that on the prep corner.

  • Stewie

    @Joey…I detect a sense of hostility in this chat room.
    Sorry no room for haters of any team.
    I am sure that KNBR & Jimmy D… will keep it fair and balanced. But like the man says..who has won numerous State Championships, NCS section titles, a 225 game winning streak against Nor Cal Schools…that does appear to be somewhat news worthy and a topic for discussion.

  • ManDown

    I will be watching tonight.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    We can all agree that DLS has a Great Program, No doubt but i hope all programs get equal time on this show. After all, High school Football is not Just about DLS. Jet Pride!

  • MiraMan

    For once I agree with OFMC on something! DLS has a great program, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear about it all the time at the expense of the other 100 NCS programs, OAL/AAA programs, CCS programs. Much of the time on broadcasts, podcast, etc. talk of DLS sucks all the oxygen out of the room!

  • junior

    This show has not aired yet and the hosts are getting blasted. Some of you people are nut jobs.

  • EBfootball

    Will this be available as a podcast on the KNBR site? They have some great ones on there and that’s really the only way I listen to sports talk radio.

  • MiraMan, Mira will get 1 minute, Campo 30 seconds, Encinal 30 seconds how they used to beat down yo guys at the Nailhouse.
    I for one would like to talk about DeLaSalle, Bellarmine, Serra, Jesuit, Christian Bros, St. Francis, Mitty, S.I., Palma, Central Catholic, St. Marys(Stock), O’Dowd, Riordan, Valley Christain(San Jose), Sacred Heart(Menlo). Then the socal’s, Bishop Amat, Mater Dei, St. Bonny, Serra(Gardena), St. John Bosco, Norte Dame, Oaks Christian, Santa Margarita. Did I miss any? There should be a seperation of church and state. The church takes the state. Bye the way, throw in Gorman, they are close enough to the state line.

  • MiraMan


    I’m neither a nut job nor am I blasting anyone. I just think if the show is about “Bay Area prep football” it shouldn’t spend to much time on any one program. If its the “De La Salle Hour”,then that’s a different matter and I would expect De La Salle to get all the attention. I would likely choose not to tune in as De La Salle football as a singular topic doesn’t interest me, but I would certainly respect that the focus would be on that one club.

    Whether its about the East Bay, Bay Area, Northern California, all of California, etc., is a matter of format. I just hope they stay true to that format. Speaking of which, I think Cal-Hi Sports has done a good job (what’s happened to their show??). They would always – or almost always – show De La Salle’s game, and why not since they are very good. But they would move on and show a variety of teams/games/sports.

  • Stewie

    @ BigDog..lets stay a bit more local..those are all good for discussion, but give some talk on schools that are not always in the top 10 but have sound programs.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Hey guys,

    Been awhile since I’ve commented here (since I left the staff in early 2010), but figured I’d chime in considering the relevance of this post.

    1) Won’t be the DLS hour. I can promise you that. We’ll talk some DLS, but the show certainly won’t revolve around them.

    2) I’m open to suggestions. You can email me — kbonagura@gmail.com — comment here, hit me up on Twitter @KyleBonagura, or whatever. The phone number to call in is 415-808-1050. If you want to chime in on a game you were at, please give us a call and we’ll try to get you on.

    3) We’ll be heavy East Bay tonight, with South Bay/Peninsula talk and North Bay talk too.

    Durkin will be joining us tonight around 10:15 or so, so be that alone is worth listening in for.



  • I am focused Stevie– 48-14 DeLa. It’s all Catholic – like it or not. Give me 10 teams to focus on – non -Catholic and I will respond.

  • Stevie, in respone to bigdog comments.
    The beatings will continue until the moral impoves. Har!!!!!

  • MiraMan, did Dublin beat Mira last nite? Where they out-coached by ex coach?

  • Steve

    DL$,DL$,DL$—> U$C,U$C,U$C

  • Steve, the same could be made for monte vista to stanford- they have put more than several students there and they have a lot more money than DLS.

  • concrete17

    “….Steve Says:
    September 22nd, 2012 at 11:22 am
    DL$,DL$,DL$—> U$C,U$C,U$C……..”

    Good job. 9 minutes using 2 fingers to type. Now go to page 2 of your keyboard lesson and practice using both hands typing.

  • S1lverngreen

    Anyone get a chance to listen to the show? Is there a recording of it somewhere JImmy D?

  • Prep Fan

    I have caught parts of both shows, and Kyle has done a good job (jimmy was good too). A lot of coaches and even some posters from this blog like the Meddling Coach calling in to discuss HF football. I hope they are to keep it going. It states 10-11 above but both nights so far it has gone another half hour to 11:30 for those tuning in late or just getting home, to a car, or I❤radio.