Live tonight: East Bay prep football in-game updates

Follow the live prep football action from around the Bay Area tonight with in-game updates and scores beginning tonight at 7.

Jon Becker

  • Las Lomas 49 Alhambra 24

    The Bulldogs continued to make their usual amount of mistakes…But the Bulldogs could not stop Las Lomas about mid 2nd quarter as Alhambra pulled ahead of the Knights 17-14, but changed their play calling after running all over las Lomas..from that point on…the knights ran thru and over the Bulldogs and their recievers just out foxed alhambra’s defenders and the pulled ahead 28-17 at the half and never looked back…
    But Alhambra found a new QB in Josh Evans who replaced Leo Costa due to injuries in last weeks game…..The blunders…short kicks that Alhambra was capable of booting into the end zone while Las Lomas continued to kick into the end zone….A side line pass which was picked off is a dangerous pass led to a knight TD and
    Evans thru one pass in desperation instead of dumping it or taking a loss…again the play calling was supect…The Knights did just about any thing they wanted too…

  • Wow…Look at Tennyson ripping apart Oakland 50-0 and Mt Eden taking care of Mt. Diablo 35-6 and better yet El Cerrito destroying Valley christian of Dublin… 54-0……I thought these would be close games…but no was i proved wrong…
    The big surprise of the week is Pittsburg edging Granite Bay 28-27 in OT and what about Dublin dumping Miramonte 29-21 and a true battle royal between Campolindo and Acalanes with the cougars winning 40-39, this kind of game will give you gray hair…

  • nfl

    all i hear this year is competitive equity well were is the competitive equity with san leandro & berkeley they should be allowed to petition down to d2 they cant compete in d1 ncs!

  • bval

    watched the deer valley and san leandro game

    It was a close game, San leandro fumbled at the 1 yard line and dropped a TD in the end zone. Should have had at least 2 more TDs

    DV defense was physical stuffing their run, but had a few holes in the pass defense

    the DV QB is electric and made plays with his legs and arms all night

    If anyone hear knows anyone who coaches for San Leandro, please inform them that their QB (their best player) is LEFT HANDED!!!

    They continually rolled him to the right, and they made it so much harder on him, they could have rolled left and been much more successful all night

    the ratio was probably 10:1 rolling right vs rolling left

  • mvalfan2

    What a night of football, had a few blowouts! WOW!! but there were some good games going also.

  • seven72deuce

    finally logan’s puzzle of an offseason schedule is starting to solidfy now that there’s some common opponents and scores to look at things by. i was starting to question if they deserved the #2 spot after blanking teams that haven’t done much after their loss to logan. logan’s starting defense has not allowed a touchdown in the 4 consecutive games. hope that translates into something against del oro, the MVAL teams at the end of the schedule and then in the playoffs.

  • kriart

    Congrats to the Pitt Pirates finally avengingtheir past lo impressivesses to Granite Bay by winning last night’s OT thriller28-27. That was a meaningful and important win against Sac-Joaquin powerhouse. The GB commentators who predicte GB wins were stunned at Pitts impressive play. Go watch the full game at GB’s playsports.com. The big improvement for me was Pitt’s tight defense; I can see the return of the Pitt defense during the Shipe era.

  • Pitt Grunt

    HUGE win for Pitt (and NCS). Just finished watching the reply on http://www.playonsports.com

    A couple of observations:

    Pitt O played its game of physical football by pounding between the tackles and wearing down a VERY good and physical Granite Bay team. Even when Pitt was down 20-6, they stayed with the gameplan and imposed themselves on GB.

    Hats off to the DC and his staff for containing a very dangerous GB O. I have taken some heat for some comments made about the Pitt D. But the DC had the team ready to play. One thing I have constantly said (and I think has been misconstrued), this Pitt D started the season inexperienced (NOT talentless). Starting last week against Berkeley and last night against GB, the D has turned a corned and is showing what it is capable. They are getting better and more confident. They were aggressive and really attacked the GB O, putting a lot of pressure on the QB. Forced him to make a lot of bad throws.

    Great win for Coach Galli (Who I think does not get enough credit) and his staff.

    One last observation about wwwplayonsports.com coverage. It seems like they have two camera angles; the ten mile view and a ten foot view. Also, I lost count how many times the announcers (GB homers) referred to Pitt as Vacaville. Ugh.

  • redandblue2

    Well, if you are a fan of HS football, it doesn’t get any more entertaining than a back and forth, 40-39 game, with the home team winning on a QB sneak on the final play. Campolindo prevailed last night but Acalanes proved they were more than worthy.

    Neither team’s defense bothered to show up last night, only 1 punt for each team the entire evening. Campo’s offense racked up over 300 yards passing and Acalanes with more than 300 yards running. After Campo stopped El Cerrito’s offense the week before, Acalanes and their big front line, blew Campo off the line all night long. Campo will certainly have trouble with Dublin and even Alhambra if they can’t find a way to contain the run. Acalanes converted six 4th down conversions, none bigger than from their own 28. Johnson for Acalanes is a big time stud, leaving Campo defenders in his wake grasping at air.

    Stephens was back to his usual self last night. Campo may not see a defensive secondary the likes of El Cerrito the rest of the regular season. Look for more high scoring games the rest of the season.

  • Campo going to have trouble with Alhambra? The Bullpuppies are terrible and have been down since Silva left.

  • kriart

    Here’s why I think the Pitt win over GB is meaningful. GB played and lost to Socal powerhouses in their 1st two preseason games but came back to win over the top billed #1 SacJoaquin team this year Vacaville. That means GB is now the top team for SacJoaquin with Grant not playing in their top form. Thus the Pitt win over GB last night

  • kriart

    I meant the Pitt win props the NCS teams on top of SJS teams this year especially as DLS won it over St Mary’s though not spectacularly as many would have expected..

  • KIR

    Huge win by Pitt last night, they were down 20-6 to start 4th qtr … everyone on this blog predicted them to loose by 10-20 pts. If you watch the game they (Pitt) still are not playing their best ball watch out if they get it all together.

    @Pitt Grunt one week your bashing Pitt the next week your stroking them – you should just remove Pitt from your handle, if there’s one thing I know about true Pitt followers is they go down with the ship win or loose. Check yourself lil Grunt!

  • Pittsburg’s loss to Monte vista gave them a black eye and now by dumping Granite Bay 28-27 who murdered Vacaville 47-21 last week..makes one wonder how many teams are running hot and cold…For all intend and purposes…GB should have polished off Pittsburg with ease…Now the question is….Can Pittsburg stay on course….two big tests coming up in Deer Valley and Freedowm…can they continue???

  • Norcal

    sorry…but GB is not the top sjs school. But very nice win by Pitt. Hopefully logan can take care of del oro next.

  • norcalfball

    wait you mean teams improve during a year? that is a first for anyone to admit. usually if you lose week 1 and play poorly that means you are compared on that game the rest of the year on this blog. we are making improvements. waiting for an ebal follower to claim monte vista would beat granite bay by 30 points now! using one loss or one win shouldnt be the all tell sign of who a team is. This is high school football, they are all hot and cold (except maybe DLS-although they usually have one tester each year too).

  • Granite Bay is not the top dog in the SJS and if you look at their up coming schedule….They are going to loose some more games…I just couldn’t see Pittsburg dumping GB….but they did…prior to GB’s whipping of Vacaville they took two big loses in a row to West lake 24-6 and Oaks Christian 48-13…..And high school teams do run hot and cold…but after a few games you would think that improvement would take place…That was a big win for the Pirates and no body expected Pittsburg to win….The loss to Monte Vista was a case of Pittsburg being caught with their pants down and that shouldn’t have happened…but for several years now Pittsburg has been struggling with displine, commitment and the will to play as a team….If they play the rest of the season like they played in the GB game…they should run the table in the BVAL…

  • kriart

    Why do you guys think Pitt goes to the NCS finals very often to play vs DLS? Its really not by accident. They may start slow, hot or cold or whatever but at the end of the day you’ll see them run the tables at playoffs and reach the finals. And one of these days they willrepeat the 1991 NCS championship vs DLS.

  • New2this

    @Norcal you lost me on your comment? GB is ranked higher then Del Oro in all rankings .. Del Oro is 0-4 this year?

    No game is give anymore – ” Any given Friday night” MV looked real good loses to Foothill who looks so so, SRV started 0-3, PItt and Freedom 1-2 all are rebounding now and will be in Playoffs for sure.. Antioch is what 4-0 or 5-0 but may win one or two game in league at best… Battle tested teams in preseason prevail come playoffs..

  • Norcal

    I was not implying that Del Oro is a better team than GB, as it certainly looks at this point in the season GB is the better team. I only mentioned Logan and Del Oro as it matches up another NCS vs. SJS school.