Week 5: Prep football recap from Friday night

Get a recap right here of all the East Bay prep football action from Friday night, which includes some big victories for old time’s sake for Foothill and De La Salle, as well as California’s showdown with Amador Valley.

Also, read about the top performers from Friday night, perhaps none better than Dublin’s Ondre Rudolph, who enjoyed a huge rushing night.

Jon Becker

  • Stewie

    Keep an eye on Clayton Valley they are building up some momentum with quality play, all the potential is present for them to be a spoiler.

    Those Spartans just keep on rolling..last night was a good example of disciplined play and focus. Work on problem areas, show improvement, keep control and don’t panic. Williams and crew even when mistakes are made they maintain a calmness that helps keep control of a game.

  • Spartans gearing for livermore, foothill and mv.
    what’s the word on Hooper- how many games out?

  • Marlon Blanton and Jesuit beat 27-07 last nite vs. Franklin.

  • renegades10

    I’ve heard about a month or more on Hooper, Egu will probably sit out next week as well before they get into the tough part of the EBAL schedule they play.

  • Stewie…..From what clayton Valley has done to its oposition…it looks like they will be well geared to face Concord…Earlier i thought that College Park would be the team to beat..but they have been struggling…boy was i wrong….And what about NorthGate…the mystery team…The DVAL is going to see the fur fly…

  • Trudat

    Salesian & El Cerrito next week. TCAL Rock’s best 2 go at it. EC improved in many aspects. I have to ssy i was surprised by how shell shocked Valley Christian was. They got big brothered out there. Still too many penalties. Valley Christian will bounce back. Salesian got a good hard earned victory over the Pinole Valley Spartans, and sent a message that they are still a solid program, year after year. One of the best D III & D IV matchups in my mind. No more scrimmages between the two of them like last year, this is game time.

  • mvalfan2

    yeah that will be a good one turdat!!!

  • bval

    Ive seen all the DVAL teams at least once this year..

    YV and MD are just bad… they will play eachother for last place

    CP is just above them

    Concord, NG, and CV are the top 3…

    NG is just overall pretty good. They have some size and athletes on both sides of the ball and they are a solid team.

    CV is really good on offense, but I think their defense will struggle against good teams. No size, and they just dont impress me

    Concord is probably the favorite since they have gone to back to back NCS championships and return Olito Thompson… but I have to say I was surprised watching them on film. He is pretty good, and they have a few good individual players but their offense isnt as good as its been. Lost a lot up front and I am just not impressed with their OL. Thompson will not put up the numbers he did a year ago or anywhere near it
    Their defense does appear to be pretty strong… athletic, pursue, and they want to hit

  • mvalfan2

    Anyone have predictions for this upcoming weeks games???

  • DJ

    Ec 24 Salesian 7 ….Salesian has not challenged itself terrible scheduling not sure why wasn’t that impressed with Salesian against Pinole I think ec is on a mission this year too much for the pride

  • N-Ya

    This week EC & Salesian will embark on a new rivalry that will be fun to watch for years to come. This rivalry will also trickle down to basketball as well. EC blows out Salesian in football this week, but Salesian will return the favor in basketball this season. Get your popcorn ready!!!

  • ManDown

    EC will give Salesian all kinds of problems this week. Salesian didn’t help themselves by playing a watered down schedule while EC has been battle tested by Campio and is ready to win league. Although I believe this will be a good matchup I think EC has too much fire power offensively this year for Salesian to handle. The Pride will play them tough with a solid line and good/well coached athletes. I like ECs athletes but its hard to judge in these kind of games with Kahn running the team. EC win by 12

  • don’t sell Salesian short. Although EC has it’s best team in 20 yrs, Salesian has had teams in the past that could beat the majority of eastbay teams, div 1 or 2. Hope it’s a close well fought game.

  • DJ

    Salesian has a good football program but the coach schedules up and down according to when he thinks he will have a good team I think last years team could’ve competed in d3′ but coach rarely,plays,tough teams or even comparable teams butmFridays, game should be a good one don’t think it will be a blow out but I do think ec wins handily defense,is tough,and a lot of weapons on offense but Salesian does have,good lines on both,O and D

  • ManDown

    Big props to Pitt beating Granite Bay this past week. Granite Bay’s record(1-3) doesn’t show how good they really are but that is still a solid win for them IMO.

    Berkeley 0-4? San Leandro 0-5? Whats going on Sims and Bowers? Berkeley didn’t manage a TD in 3 of those losses.

    Miramonte loses to Dublin? All it took Wade is one season to beat Scram down at Miramonte! Is Wade turing that program around that quickly are was Miramonte over rated?

  • ManDown

    DJ, Don’t count Salesian out of fridays match. Salesian is well coached and they have some good football players in that program. EC will have to work hard for that win regardless how great EC’s athletes are. Salesian will run the ball and EC hasent seen a team this season that runs the ball as well as them so that will be a challenge. Yes EC beat Campo but Campo played into what EC wants you to do, throw the ball. Salesian has more of a balanced attack and has better “athletes” than Campo. It should be interesting friday night.

  • DJ

    @mandown good,point should be a good one

  • N-Ya

    Javid B,Arron P,Marcel M,& Freddie T are not coming out of Salesian’s locker room. EC is loaded,but the coaching is still suspect. It should be a blowout if the OC calls the game right.

  • MiraMan


    The Mira-Dublin game was in Dublin. Also, it turned out to be a pretty close game, or at least most folks wouldn’t call and eight point game a “beat down”.

    Anyone who’s been around DFAL the last few years has known that this senior class for Dublin is particularly strong, a fact not lost on Wade when he made the decision to move to Dublin when he did. I think the real evidence of any Wade-led turnaround in the program will be in future years when we see the talent that Wade has generated and not just inherited.

    In terms of this game, Dublin’s offense consisted of running the same three or four plays over and over with his oversized line and running back against Mira’s undersized defense. Don’t get me wrong, it was the right strategy. But running basically the same play 52 times is not likley to get a coach in the football hall of fame! On defense, I’d have to give Dublin credit for staying in coverage and making some plays.

    In terms of Miramonte be over-rated, I’d didn’t know we were rated at all! While Mira will be competitive in every game, some games will be tough because of the overall lack of team size. I honestly don’t know what a coach can do about that.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @MiraMan, If you run a play over and over and the other team can’t stop you,That’s what you do.. And believe it or not, If you keep winning with that one play, It will get you in the Hall of fame. A good example is USC in the Past when the slammed the ball inside and ran student body left and student body right. Trust me, You run it til they stop you and if they can’t…. Ask Coach Schram. He did it. Jet pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @MiraMan,When you are undersized,then you better play fast and play smart. Pursue and swarm. Stack and put 8 in the box. That’s what you do on Defense. On Offense you can ask Coach Joe T.MiraMonte will do just fine,They have a Good Coach. Jet Pride!

  • ManDown

    MiraMan, Excuses I see. Dublin’s plan was to attack your weaknesses and they exposed you guys.

  • DJ

    @miraman it doesnt get any easier this week with campo good news is they don’t have a running back like ondre rudolph but bad news is they have brett stephens at qb mira might be staring at 0-2 in league

  • Nice to the last several classes of DeLa reprsenting Div. 1 college football

    Boise St- Peters, Renauld
    OSU- Wynn, Ward, Anderson
    Wisconsin- Houston
    UNLV- Williams
    Cal- Barton

  • If Mira played Marin Catholic well with their QB the same can be said against Campo. MC QB is going to Cal, Stepens is a baseball player first.
    The key is to get to Campo QB early and hard, take him out of his rythem.

  • BiggCoug

    @miraman, it was 29-7 Dublin with 2 minutes left to go in the 4th…you think that’s a close game?

  • StanTheMan

    @miraman – you are way too much of a homer. Dub kicked butt all night long. The only reason Mira got the two quick TDs at the end was because Dubs top QB/DB (Elias) got hurt after laying out the Mira WR. Then Mira smartly went after Elias’ DB replacement. Good luck with Campo!