Girls Volleyball: Top Players, Rankings, Standings

The 2012 East Bay girls volleyball season seems to have a good collection of talent, and it could equal a very interesting Player of the Year race. Let’s take a look at some of the top players in the East Bay.

Let’s start with the frontrunners.
Starting with the hitters, Sabrina Clayton of California, Annie Shurtz of Campolindo and Kyra Holt of Albany are certainly three of the top names in the East Bay. All three of them have the pedigree and have delivered in big games for their respective teams.
Right there with these three are Emily Reder of San Ramon Valley and Michelle Lawrence of Northgate. Reder already has 172 kills and leads her team in digs (143) and blocks (24) while Lawrence is looking to lead the Broncos to Diablo Valley Athletic League title and make some noise as they start playing more matches very soon.
It’s hard to say which of these three is the best right now, because it looks like nothing can stop them when they are on their game.
Bishop O’Dowd setter Sophia Mar is in the conversation as well. Mar can do it all for the Dragons and after losing Nicole Danner, she has made sure the team hasn’t missed a beat.
Other setters that are right there with Mar as far as Player of the Year and possible first team All-East Bay consideration are Sophie Seiberth from Campolindo, Amanda Tuazon from Foothill, Caitlyn Quindoy from Cal and Kristina Dunworth from Amador Valley. Someone to keep an eye on who doesn’t get as much publicity, but is a very solid senior leader and a talented setter is Danielle Carothers from Irvington.
Some other names that people should know by now are Phoebe Grunt of St. Joseph Notre Dame as she is ranked as the 56th best prospect on Prep Volleyball and is heading to UC Santa Barbara to play, and Kelsey LaCour of Northgate is heading to Manhattan to play as well. Jen Corbin from Foothill is another hitter to look out for.
As far as dark horses are concerned, watch out for the quadruple threats at Head-Royce and Las Lomas. Olivia Wilson, Maia So-Holloway, Natasha Skov and Emma Scanlan are all forces for the Jayhawks as are Rachel Nieto, Maddie Borch, Rachel Lindon and Genieva Duffy for the Knights.
Allie Redmond and Brooke Costello at Castro Valley should be household names within the volleyball community as those two are an extremely talented duo, and another duo, at Monte Vista, that just keeps improving are Lo Utchen and Jessy Ober.
Molly Ginsburg is leading the rejuvenation of the Berkeley program and is a player to keep an eye on, as is Amanda Jarquin at Acalanes along with the trio of Emma Eppley, Lucy Moradian and Daina Takshima at College Prep.
Also, to give St. Patrick-St. Vincent some love, the Bruins have two players who are very fun to watch in Paige Reed and Malia Bolko.


The top four stay the same, but Foothill climbs into the top five after a 2-0 start in EBAL play, including a win over Carondelet. This shifts a couple of EBAL teams down in a slight re-arrangement of the top ten.
Monte Vista jumps Granada after beating the Matadors at the Logan Tournament, while Berkeley climbs a couple of spots as the Yellowjackets continue to look like a program on the rise.

1. Bishop O’Dowd (12-4)
2. Campolindo (12-2)
3. Albany (17-1)
4. California (9-2)
5. Foothill (5-3)
6. Carondelet (5-4)
7. San Ramon Valley (8-6)
8. Amador Valley (10-7)
9. Northgate (4-4)
10. Las Lomas (7-4)
11. Monte Vista (13-4)
12. Granada (8-5)
13. Berkeley (8-3)
14. Head-Royce (12-4)
15. St. Joseph Notre Dame (10-3)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (12-4, 5-0) –
College Prep (6-4, 4-1) 1
Valley Chr. (9-1, 3-1) 1.5
Athenian (6-7, 3-2) 2
Holy Names (2-6, 1-4) 4
Bentley (1-5, 0-4) 4.5
Redwood Chr. (5-7, 0-4) 4.5

Team Record GB

Antioch (1-9, 0-0) –
Deer Valley (1-8, 0-0) –
Freedom (2-5, 0-0) –
Heritage (2-8, 0-0) –
Liberty (3-8, 0-0) –
Pittsburg (0-2, 0-0) –

Team Record GB

Campolindo (12-2, 2-0) –
Las Lomas (7-4, 2-0) –
Dougherty Valley (9-1, 1-0) .5
Dublin (11-3, 1-1) 1
Alhambra (7-5, 0-1) 1.5
Acalanes (0-3, 0-2) 2
Miramonte (0-9, 0-2) 2

Team Record GB

Berean Chr. (4-6, 2-0) –
College Park (7-3, 2-0) –
Northgate (4-4, 1-0) .5
Concord (4-3, 1-1) 1
Ygnacio Valley (0-2, 0-1) 1.5
Clayton Valley (6-10, 0-2) 2
Mt. Diablo (0-3, 0-2) 2

Team Record GB

California (9-2, 2-0) –
Foothill (7-3, 2-0) –
Carondelet (5-4, 1-1) 1
Amador Valley (10-7, 1-1) 1
Monte Vista (13-4, 1-1) 1
San Ramon Valley (8-6, 1-1) 1
Granada (8-5, 0-2) 2
Livermore (7-9, 0-2) 2

Team Record GB

Irvington (7-4, 2-0) –
Moreau Catholic (9-2, 2-0) –
Newark Memorial (7-4, 2-0) –
Logan (6-10, 1-1) 1
Mission San Jose (4-7, 1-1) 1
American (8-3, 0-2) 2
Kennedy-Fremont (2-7, 0-2) 2
Washington (0-5, 0-2) 2

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (17-1, 2-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (17-1, 2-0) –
Salesian (5-8, 2-1) .5
St. Joseph Notre Dame (10-3, 1-1) 1
St. Mary’s (4-5, 1-2) 1.5
El Cerrito (0-2, 0-2) 2

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Hercules (2-0, 2-0) –
Kennedy-Richmond (0-0, 0-0) 1
De Anza (0-1, 0-1) 1.5
Pinole Valley (0-2, 0-1) 1.5
Richmond (0-1, 0-1) 1.5
Swett (0-2, 0-1) 1.5

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Berkeley (8-3, 4-0) –
Bishop O’Dowd (12-4, 4-0) –
Castro Valley (6-5, 4-0) –
Alameda (7-8, 2-2) 2
Piedmont (5-5, 1-2) 2.5
San Leandro (0-2, 0-2) 3

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Mt. Eden (2-5, 2-2) –
San Lorenzo (0-4, 0-0) –
Arroyo (2-6, 1-2) .5
Hayward (0-7, 0-2) 1
Encinal (0-2, 0-2) 1
Tennyson (0-7, 0-4) 2

Matt Smith

  • A

    Not sure who Dublin and Dougherty Valley have played but they seem to be real and should surprise some teams this year. I think one of them should be in the top 15. Good pick for players of the year. It will be a tough one this year. I know that you listed the total kills but I think a good measure is their percentage. They could have 500+ attempts but only has 150 kills. That is not good. Looks good on total kills but % wise no good. Thanks

  • A

    Also who their opponents are is a another tool of determination Player of the year. If my opponents don’t have blockers, it is hitting lines without blockers.

  • Matt Smith

    Dougherty Valley is definitely the next team to come into the rankings after someone drops out.

  • bsmith

    washington has only played 4 games foothill, cal logan and moreau

  • JH

    Matt, There seems to be a player that is flying under your radar for Player of the Year- Nicole Powers. She is a senior this year, a great back row player, has many D1 schools looking at her to play, and is now playing at San Ramon High as their setter this year. She equals or betters most setters, like the Cal, Foothill or Amador setters, in assists and betters them in digs, but has only been setting for a couple of months. Emily Reder is putting up her numbers with this setter! Nicole is the real deal on the court. Hope you include her in the race for Player of the Year. She very well could be the Cinderella Story of the ball.

  • JA

    I think you left out the libero, DS position in your review of the east bay talent. I can think of Cassidy Abel of Campolindo, Colleen Dougherty of Piedmont and Nina Abramson of Berkeley for starters.

  • TBS

    Matt, I would agree with “A” on both his points. Potential POY should be judged on Hitting % as well as Kills/Game and also Strength of Schedule should be involved for both Team and Player rankings (ie BOD is ranked above Campolindo simply because they beat them at the DV tourney 3 weeks ago, yet Campolindo has clearly played a tougher schedule and is ranked #1 in the entire state for DIII schools and #22 for all schools by MaxPrep).

  • Matt Smith

    Well, Maxpreps state and division rankings are done by a computer, so I don’t think that is a valid point. The fact that BOD won the head-to-head matchup has to be enough for now. Could you imagine if I moved Campo above a team that beat them even though that team has done nothing to deserve to be bumped down?
    Also, thanks for the heads up on the libero players. And I have seen Nicole Powers this year. She is a very good player.

  • donna

    I think you are looking over dublin high and tiffany harris check out her numbers

  • Matt Smith

    Well, it wouldn’t be me overlooking them. Considering it’s only Sep. 26, I can’t have seen every team so far, and I asked the coaches to let me know who the best players in the area are that I haven’t seen.
    I didn’t hear about those players, so there is no way for me to know.

  • donna

    Well now you know so go check her out!!

  • CMan

    Donna – is that your daughter? get a life.

  • A

    I am sure there are many great players out there. However you can’t list everyone. The three names Matt mentioned above are accurate. These players have proven that they can carry their team and play against big teams. I looked at Dublin’s schedule and don’t see any teams they played that are in the same ball park as Odow, Campo, cal, srv, Albany. I am sure Tiffany is a great player but don’t think for POY. Sorry

  • Prep Fan

    I’ve seen her play this year, and alhough she is a very good player and probable all-DFAL selection, I agree she wouldn’t be in POY consideration unless Dublin were to rise up and do something like take down Campo to win the DFAL. A tall order to be sure.

  • What?

    Dublin winning DFAL? A huge mountain to climb! Didn’t they lost to Dougherty Valley and LL in 3s?

  • Volly1

    A great player yes!!!!!!!!!!!!