East Bay Football Poll — 9/24

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (6) 4-0 90 1
2. James Logan 5-0 84 2
3. Concord 5-0 77 3
4. California 4-0 73 4
t5. El Cerrito 5-0 62 6
t5. Foothill 3-1 62 9
7. Monte Vista 3-1 56 5
8. Freedom 3-2 42 11
9. Campolindo 4-1 40 8
10. Pittsburg 3-2 35 12
11. Amador Valley 2-2 33 7
12. Bishop O’Dowd 3-1 30 10
13. Antioch 4-0 16 14
14. Deer Valley 3-1 14 15
15. Acalanes 4-1 4 NR

Also receiving votes: Granada (3-1, 1 point), Salesian (5-0, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • New2this

    5 EBAL teams (if you count DLS) and 4 BVAL teams let’s see which league finished stronger

  • seven72deuce

    That romping that Logan gave Berkeley really shows for something now that they have common ranked opponents. A 49 point gap stomping does look great compared to Monta Vista beating Berk by 21 and Pitt beating them by 31.

    Only difference Logan gave up 5 points (FG and then botched snap) in the first half and some long passes that didn’t turn into scores. Logan needs to hope that SRV pulls off some wins against EBAL opponents.

  • Itsabob

    The Ugly Eagles…surprise surprise..if they get a sound win over Hayward they could be on a roll. Alberta Way may get some respect as Winton Drive does.

  • Shinguard

    CV-C needs to get by College Park and Concord although they seem to be a greatly improved team and are showing consistency in play. There is still a number of weeks and games till the start of NCS. Lets see who is still standing by Thanksgiving. By next season they should be able to take on 1 or 2 teams from Sacramento area and toughen up that game schedule.

  • redandblue2

    With Salesian being the only team of consequence standing in the way of El Cerrito attaining a perfect regular season, the game should be more along the lines of what the Gauchos did to VC last week.

    The Middletown game is really the only one to look at in terms of Salesian playing any kind of a decent team to draw some conclusions. Give credit to the Pride for their defense. EC may not score their average 56 PPG (without the Campo game), but the Gauchos won’t need many points as their defense should be able to hold Salesian to single digits.

    Prediction: El Cerrito 38-7 over Salesian

  • DJ

    Red and blue I’m with you on the ec game I think ec wins but score may be a little closer I know Salesian is a solid team but Pinole played them tough except for giving up big plays I think if Salesian establishes a run game they will be in the game they have a big line but wasn’t impressed with team overall ec wins 24 7………..redand blue campo pulled one out against acalanes do u think they go undefeated in league this year? Or has the rest of league caught up with campo?

  • Actually PV is better than Middletown this year, the score was closer but if they played PV would take care of Middletown.

    Certainly the Pride’s 25 or so win streak is in serious jeopardy this week. During the streak they were underdogs only one other time (Inderkum to open 2011), it’ll be quite an upset this year if they can beat EC. Salesian will be respectable, nothing “along the lines of what EC did to VC”, no way this team gets slaughtered like that.

  • greenboy

    Clayton should be ranked but lets save the comparisons to DLS…

  • Trudat

    Howcome Salesian isn’t ranked??

  • 9-24-12
    Two games of the week coming up….Logan vs Del Oro and Deer Valley vs. Vacaville, plus two battles in the DFAL to watch between Las Lomas and Acalanes and Campolindo vs Miramonte….And Saleisan will try to stop El Cerrito…AND what about the Foothill vs California game…lots of good football…

    Logan 31 Del Oro 21…..The Colts are too fast and too big for the Golden Eagles, but DO will not go down with out a fight..
    DLS 44 Livermore 7……The Spartans march on..

    Vacaville 36 Deer Valley 27…This is a tough match for DV…but VV will have to be sharp because DV won’t lay down..
    Freedom 41 Heritage 14…This is not the Heritages year
    Antioch 49 Mt. Diablo 6….The Panthers are red hot
    Pittsburg 37 Liberty 14…The Pirates bag their first league victory…

    Las Lomas 41 Acalanes 33….The Knights can strike fast
    thru the air…but so can the Don’s on the ground…another shoot out is on the way..
    Dublin 49 Doughterty Valley 12…..DV struggles thru the DFAL league schedule
    Campolindo 36 Miramonte 20….Both teams can strike thru the air fast but Stephens and crew shoiw how its done..

    Clayton Valley 49 Hayward 13….The Eagles know how to score and do it often….a bad night for the Farmers
    Antioch 49 Mt. Diablo 6
    Bethel 31 Ygnacio Valley 13….The Warriors are capable of scoring TD’s…but they fall short against the Vallejo team…

    Amador Valley 26 San Ramon Valley 20….The Wolves defense has a hard time stopping the Don’s
    DLS 44 Livermore 7
    Foothill 31 California 27….This is a tough call, both teams can score but Foothill’s defense should make the difference…
    Monte Vista 33 Granada 20….The Mustang’s rack up game #2…

    Mission Valley
    Thursday 9-27
    Tennyson 20 Kennedy-Fremont 14….This should be a close game
    Friday 9-28
    Newark 30 Moreau Catholic 24
    Washington-Fremont 32 American-Fremont 19
    Sat. 9-29
    Irvington 38 Mission Valley San Jose 12

    Tri County–Rock
    El Cerrito 40 Salesian 27….This may be a wild game for a short spell..but EC can’t be stopped..last beig test for EC….
    Pinole Valley 27 St. Patrick/St. Vincent 13

    Tri Valley–Stone
    McClymonds 39 Kennedy–Richmond 13

    West Alameda–Foothill
    Clayton Valley 49 Hayward 13
    Alameda 25 Encinal 20….Back yard battles have a habit of coming up with different results…
    Sat. 9-29
    BOD 41 Arroyo 20…The Dragons had a hard time with SHC…the game shouldn’t have never gone into over time and now Arroyo…do the Dragons do it again…

    West Alameda—Shoreline
    Thursday 9-27
    Tennyson 20 Kennedy–Fremont 14
    Friday 9-28
    Alameda 25 Encinal 20
    Saturday 9-29
    BOD 41 Arroyo 20

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @George Manley,Encinal 28 Alameda 14. Jet Pride!

  • Tri-City Dude

    @ George Manley I think you are underestimating American. They play really solid defense, and their front 7 should cause problems all day for the Washington offense. I don’t think American will give up that many points, and I think American wins 21-18.

    Also think that Encinal has a shot against Alameda, but that could go either way.

  • redandblue2

    Halfway thru the regular season and we should all be comfortable with the fact this years Campolindo team is nothing like last years, by now. That said, it is still a good team if for no other reason than Stephens is the QB. At the beginning of the season I predicted a 7-3 season at worst and a 9-1 season if the defense comes together.

    For Campo to run the table in the DFAL is a stretch at this point given what Acalanes did to Campo’s run defense last week. I think Campo gets by Miramonte this week since they don’t feature a power running game.

    If all goes well the rest of the season, Campo may only garner a #5 or #6 seed anyways behind the 3 Cathholic scools

  • redandblue2

    El Cerrito and Analy, in no particular order.

  • New2this

    Two teams that probably should not be ranked so high. Antioch and Amador Valley – who have they played especially Antioch kudos for being 4-0 but look at their schedule: Franklin 0-5, Northgate 3-1 who the barely beat by 3 and northgate 3 wins come to weak teams. Golden Valley (is this a convalescent home?) 2-2 who are they? Dougherty Valley 0-4 … combined 5-12 are their opponents. Im a BVAL supporter but Antioch your not helping yourself or our league playing such a weak schedule. Good luck

  • Prep Fan

    New2this, Amador has beaten #8 Freedom and a tough Dublin squad. Their losses are to #3 Concord and #4 Cal, both of which they were in until the final whistle. I agree with Antioch, although Northgate has played some great football lately, but AV has been tested. Both teams are in tough leagues and will have to beat good teams in the coming weeks to remain in the rankings.

  • New2this

    @Prep Fan – your right AV has played a nice schedule I was looking at the wrong schedule when I looked at them.

    NCS is going to be interesting down the stretch to see who goes against the Green Machine.. Top teams now are Logan, MV and Cal .. But Foothill beat MV and I believe Freedom beat Foothill. Cal barely beat Pitt and Pitt was on a two week stretch of playing horrible. Now league starts and only the strong will survive.

  • ManDown

    Alameda has a real chance to beat Encinal this friday. The situation for Alameda couldnt be better. They get them during a season when they’re loaded with talent and Encinal is going through a rebuilding year. I believe the pressure is on them to win and I believe they pull it off. Alameda wins 35-14

  • DFAL

    Is it official that MC and CN have petitioned up?

  • TJ

    SHC was not a slapdick team.. Arroyo is. BOD 56-0

  • EBfootball

    Alameda loaded with talent? They’re not even ranked.

  • ManDown

    EBfootball, Let me rephrase the quote “loaded with talent” because you’re right they are not “loaded” but they do have some very good athletes that should give Encinal some trouble.

  • What does Miraman and BleacherCoach forecast Encinal vs. Alameda this week? Old Meddling says Jets by 14. I am being a catalist.

  • DJ

    I think with most big rivalry games you can basically throw out the records I think this will be closer than most of us think.I don’t really know but is there really that big of talent differance this year between alameda and encinal? Also I believe encinal probably has the coaching advantage which could make the differance in a close game …I think encinal finds a way to win encinal 32 alameda 28

  • what is the site for island bowl?

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @YoMama, Alameda High’s Thompson Field. I think Tom Tolbert will do the play by Play. I believe his son is still there. The Rest Of You guys, I stand by my Forcast. Win or lose i’ll be here! Jet Pride!

  • The Ghost

    The EBAL Championship will center around Foothill, Monte Vista and Cal High this season.

    Amador Valley is a wildcard team that is playing hard and will give Monte Vista and Foothill a battle.

    SRV is average at best and will struggle through season. Three solid players quit team after 0-3 start.

    Livermore and Granada don’t have the horsepower to compete with the top three teams.

    Week 5 Predections (last week record 4-0)
    Foothill 35 Cal High 14 – Foothill offense will cause problems for Cal High D.
    Monte Vista 40 Granada 7 – MV pissed over loss to Foothill
    Amador Valley 28 SRV 24 – Amador at home and tougher D
    DLS 40 Livermore 7 – Mismatch

  • MiraMan


    I’ll take Alameda over Encinal by 14, say 28-14. The biggest thing Alameda lacks is confidence.

  • Old Former Meddling Coacg

    @MiraMan, You always find away to be on the opposite side don’t you? Hope you’ll be in the house for this Whipping we’ll put on these boys. It’ll be six years straight! Jet Pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @MiraMan, You always find away to be on the opposite side don’t you? Hope you’ll be in the house for this Whipping we’ll put on these boys. It’ll be six years straight! Jet Pride!

  • which 3 solid players quit SRV after the 0-3 start? That have anything to do with coaching staff?

  • Lemon 617- who’s winning th island bowel?

  • Prep Fan

    While its possible that Foothill will beat Cal 35-14 as predicted above in #27, and most everyone predicted Foothill to finish higher than Cal this year, its also very possible that Cal might win. I wouldn’t write off the Grizz just yet. Billeci has never lost to Foothill, having beaten them 45-14 in his first year, 49-7 in 2010 and 22-17 last season. Cal’s JV team went 9-1 last season while Foothill’s was 2-8, but both teams have a lot of returning varsity players who weren’t on the JV teams last year.

    Foothill is coming in very confident, fresh from knocking off MV on the road last week, and will get to face the Grizzlies at home. The Falcons, are much improved over last year’s version who won only 4 games all season and missed the playoffs for the first time in about 20 years. Foothill is averaging 34 points per game coming in, but the Grizz are averaging 38. Add in the fact that Foothill QB Kearns is a San Ramon kid who played for the SR Bears youth squad and knows everyone on the Cal team. It should be a good battle with the winner in a prime spot for a run at an EBAL title.

  • MVALFremont

    American vs. Washington is going to be a hard fought game thats for sure. I think the score will be close with American having a slight edge

  • StopDropAndRumble

    Cal is a funny team. They have a strong running game with four quality runners behind a punishing oline. They have a deep bench of lineman that just wear down the opponent. The areas of concern are defense, which has a bend don’t break atitude. The d seems to make big plays when they have to. If Cal stays with the run, mix in the pass, and get away from the occasional trick play that changes the momentum they will win. They beat Pitt, CV, and AV, but let all three teams come back and make a game of it. Charmed team? You bet!

    Cal 38 Foothill 21

  • I predict a 00-00 tie in the Island Bowl.

  • why is the foothill qb a san raon product? couldn’t srv 0-3 use him instead? did foothill and sweeny raid the cupboard agsinst srv? i thought that was dls’s job?

  • prickdiction- Cal 24 Foothill 21.

  • Prep Fan

    Kearns is from the city of San Ramon, not SRV.

  • Tri-City Dude

    MVALFremont, I think there are some good MVAL games this week, and it may very well decide who has the edge in winning this league. American vs. Washington and MC vs. Newark should all be tight, great games. Most people probably predicted that these would be the top 4, but no one knew the exact order of these 4. After this week, we should have a clue.

  • Reggie Hammond

    MiraMan, are you drunk? Best thing AHS has is passing league titles last 5 years. A little contact this time around buddy. My prediction is PAIN.


    Time to paint McGees blue and white off the cheap stuff. Then give Shamrock all my top shelf cash.

  • BigDog the Jets may be in an off year but they will take care of the little hornets .

    34-7 Jets

  • MVALFremont

    Tri City Dude I think American-Washington’s game is MVAL game of the week.Both teams are looking to make a statement Friday Night and I expect a lot to happen with these rivals on the boulevard. Newark and Moreau will be a good one too. Moreau pulled one out late last week and look to take it to the Cougars. Irvington will beat Mission San Jose on Saturday. I think American wins by a touchdown and Newark wins by two scores friday night

  • Outsider

    Kyle Kearns the soph. QB at Foothill played Bears football with the kids that are on the JV team at Cal right now. He should have gone to Cal High but I think he(his father) thought that Foothill would be a better match since Cal is mainly a running team. Maybe he does not like Billeci. Also Cal High is not known as a program that gets kids recruited, even thought they have had some players that are and were as good as at other schools who got players recruited to D1 programs. Remember the 2010 season team? What I did not realize was that it seems as if you can go to any school you want. Foothill is even in a different district than Cal High. Maybe the grandparents or someone related lives in Pleasanton and he uses that address. I know he lives in San Ramon.

  • Tri-City Dude

    Yeah, I know that Washington has won the “Battle of the Boulevard” the previous 20+ years before American pulled off a win last year. American probably wants to prove that last year was no fluke, and that they can compete with the big boys.

    As for the MC-Newark game, I admit that I did not expect Moreau to barely beat Kennedy. Nothing against Kennedy, but with MC’s offense I expected them to win by at least 20 points. They better get their offense going agian, because Newark has a strong running game that takes up time and a solid defense.

    I think both games can lay claim to the MVAL game of the week. In the end, the 2 teams that win these games should have a slight advantage in the race to the MVAL title. American and Newark are my predictions to win.

  • MVAL

    American should handle washington easily. washington was beat pretty good by cal and oakridge already this year

  • I just can’t see the tide turning that much from last year to this year. So Miramonte blew out Alameda bad. Miraman says his team is really undersized & lacks athletes. But Alameda is gonna beat Encinal by 2 tds? Encinal looks bad & young but I can’t see Miramonte getting worse from last year & there being that big of a gap between them & Encinal. It is a rivalry game & ALameda is at home. From how confident they played last year at Encinal I see a pretty good game. There definitely are some good looking athletes on Alameda’s team. Gotta make them the favorite.

  • Voice of Reason

    Big rivalry game in Orinda Friday night between Miramonte & Campolindo. Two teams with virtually no running game but can throw the ball well. Each team hasn’t been able to stop the run but has defended the pass well. Something has to give.

    Purely on the experience of the two QB’s, one would have to give the edge to Campolindo. But I think the winner of this game will be determined by:
    1) Whether either coach can find a running game, and
    2) Which team’s secondary will have the better night.

  • Ghost
    Do you know who the SRV players are that quit the team? Anything about details/circumstances?