Oakland High football forfeits game

Oakland High is forfeiting its scheduled game against Eureka on Friday due to a lack of players.
Wildcats coach Jayce Goree said his team suffered several injuries in its nonleague game last week against Tennyson, bringing his team from 24 to 19 available players.
“It’s a safety precaution,” Goree said. “We could play with (those numbers), but I’m not comfortable with that.”
He said Oakland will field a team for its opening Oakland Athletic League game on Oct. 12 against Fremont. Oakland’s record is now 2-2 with the forfeit loss.

Phil Jensen

  • ManDown

    This is really bad. I don’t understand why this keeps happening with this league. Teams need to stop scheduling these OAL schools for football games because there is always a 50/50 chance it will be cancelled.

  • Encinal has been playing with 17-20. If these OAL aheletes are all that they are according to bloggers, then suit up and take your chances. Anything else should be fold the league- the coaches are not in touch with reality that is in right of front of them. Get some basketball players out there to save the season.

  • I’m with Man down and Big Dog….If I were coaching and setting up schedules..I wouldn’t have any thing to do with the OAL…..There are enough players on hand to play….this isn’t fair to any team that is scheduled…A few years ago one of the OAL teams scheduled a game with a Sacramento team and the School board canceled the game..stating that it was too expensive to transport a team to Sacramento….So both teams got the shaft…

  • Oh Boy

    “If these OAL aheletes are all that they are according to bloggers, then suit up and take your chances.”

    What does that even mean?

  • Island Chief

    @BigDog #2,

    Big Dog, after we slap yo azz in the Island bowl, you will get the experience of what it’s like to be an OAL school. When you walk into the jailhouse for practice on next Monday You’ll be the ones borrowing some basketball players to help you finish the season. Maybe then you will stop your bashing of the OAL. I can’t wait to see your faces when the game is the over. Alameda 44 Encinal 14.

  • mvalfan2

    Wow, this is terrible!!

  • Hoodboy

    Damn they just played and beat Mt Eden the week before Tennyson. What the hell did Tennyson do to them? What happened?

  • birdeyeview

    @island cheif, I am not Even a fan of Encinal Nor alameda, But you alamedians Suck. Whens the last time your relevant? You guys just got killed by Miramonte? and northgate?. Encinal is YOUNG, and Very down, Very weak Encinal team.. This is suppose to be a very strong alameda team?

  • Weak. 19 players is enough. Play the game. Eureka is in a tough spot scheduling week 5. The only way to get the OAL to fix its act is too shaft them. If Schools keep schduling then they will never change. Let them play a 5 game season every year.

  • EBfootball

    They should just play each other twice if they want a full schedule. OAL school only care about playing OAL schools anyway because non-league games are meaningless for their playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!?!).

  • Island Chief- I am the orginal BigDog and I am not an Encinal or Alameda fan. Should be a good game. Are you saying Encinal is going to feel like an OAL team after Alameda beats them up- in other words less players to finish out the season?
    I doubt that- Encinal coaching staff won’t let that happen.
    As far as the statement let the OAL players play with 19, YES that is right. We continue to hear how the OAL can put players to Div 1 status, OK these higher level players should be able to carry their teams. This isn’t 8 man football in some rural part of the country. Get it done.

  • MiraMan

    Miramontes JV was playing with 17. Now they have 20, so to me 19 sounds like enough.

  • birdeyeview

    Encinal won NCS championship with 22 players when D3 was harder then D-2 in 2008..
    Also concord won NSC championship with a roster or 24-26 , they also Hard still Very competitive, with Coach hamilton and those Boys, Man I love concord.

    I don’t Want to hear a JV team with 18 players winning.. (nothing impressive), or an OAL team with 18 Players, Not wanting to play (weak Move), All I am saying is championships have been won with Small rosters

  • BayAreaSection

    Perhaps the OAL shud join the NCS in football only. Isn’t Eureka rebuilding…man this is sad….

  • Does anyone have any info. as to why the OAL (6 high schools) and AAA, too(13 high schools) each have Section Status?
    CIF: can you tell the rest of us any logical/legal/expediant reason for this?

  • FNL680

    The socio-economic impacts of funding, promoting and perpetuating a football program in the inner city is SLIGHTLY different than Lamorinda. MANY programs in the EB raise upwards of $1000 per player…that money is non-existent in Oaktown. Give Russell White some support as he apparently has some work to do left behind by the previous regime.

  • FNl680- The Oakland Raiders and the Oakland A’s have given hundred of thousands of dollars to sports in Oakland. Is that money being used wisely?

  • FNL680

    Interest debt payments from Oakland Unified tally $6 million a year once the district emerged from bankruptcy in 2009. In four years, the budget has dropped from 468M to 380M. The recent 10% give back season ticket drive by the Raiders to OUSD was newsworthy, hit all the “we’re giving back to the community” bullet points, but do you think that $54,000 is going to football? Unlikely. That’s a single teacher’s salary amongst 110 schools.

  • I was under the impression that the A’s and Warriors kicked in money also.

  • complex numbers

    Lame excuse. Go with what you’ve got. Discuss the situation with the opposing coach and if you can’t man 11 players, go to 8. I’ve seen that happen many times. Both teams get a game and everyone is happy. There’s more to it than is presented here.

  • I see you

    Another “BLack Eye” for the OAL… No pun intended!

  • oalfan2

    hey if i am not mistaken, Mack went 12-0 with 21 players two years ago, so u mean to tell me you cant play with 19, when all u need is 18 to play?? Honestly I am sure no more than 15 guys actually play on this team. Let the team get their reps. Eureka is having a down year, and would have had a long drive here and back. I would have played the game. Sorry Coach Jayce. I am not with you on this one. Or is that the true reason why you forfeited??????? HHHHHHMMMMMMMMM!!!!