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  • spectator2012

    why is there so much animosity between encinal and alameda? i know it’s a rivalry, but there is so much hate. i think they need a whole new blog just on that issue. alameda would have to wait a whole year to get revenge, and encinal will rub it in all year long. it is very entertaining nonetheless. keep it coming.

  • Encinal is already eligible for the play-offs. Now do something with your lives Hornets & beat Tennyson this week so if they go 9-1 they will be a lower seed then the Jets. Happened in D1 last year. So are you Hornet fans with winning & really helping the Jets get a high seed or throwing the game on purpose? Can’t wait to hear this.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach


  • Reggie Hammond

    Alameda lost so they just suck!


    Alameda man, AHS was definitley unlucky!

  • DeAngelo


    I think the animosity stems from a clash of cultures. Encinal plays with a style that makes Thug U look like Choir Boys. Lots of late hit cheap shots, show-boating, personal fouls etc… In addition, Encinal has an insecurity about being the “other” Alameda school that manifests itself at the Island Bowl.

  • TJ

    If Alameda does not beat Tennyson im going to LMAO.

    Nothing against Tennyson, those boys play their hearts out and those coaches coach em up.. but they’re outgunned.

  • TJ

    Tennyson has a chance, they’re going to fight hard.. but Alameda should have this

  • @ dudleydawson,# 128, thats a good question, Harvell ? and wasn’t Cunningham a 1st team all accal rb ? Where are they now? Alamedaman , Alamedaman ?

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    DeAngelo,154. That is a World Wide Lie! Coach Joe Doesn’t go for that kinda stuff. If a kid late hits on purpose he’d get yanked quick. If there is a insecurity why is that? I’m Sure it didn’t start at Encinal. Vent if you like but don’t tell lies! Jet Pride!

  • crowbar65

    It’s funny that these Alameda guys sure claim to know a lot about the Encinal program but really they have no clue. Encinal has had tutoring programs going on since Joe’s first year as head coach in 2006, I should know cause I played for him. For the people who are talking about cheap shots and show-boating realize this; these are kids. But to say Joe has no control over the team is just plain stupid. I was on the sidelines for the Island Bowl last week and both #2 and #4 were chewed out for show-boating by Joe and Coach Guerrero. Alameda has a good team this year, #11 is a great player and I was impressed with the QB play and the D. But give EHS some credit people, they showed they are the better team this year. But for both Encinal and Alameda fans to be ripping high school players sure does say a lot about some of the “grown ups” on this board.

  • Alameda Man

    You jets need to calm down and focus on odowd because they are going to kick your ass. If we are as weak as you say we are then it will be a long 5 game stretch for you punks. The tables are turned now and lets see what these power house schools do to you. Hopefully your program get Aaron, #3 and sails a scholarship because they are good football players that should still be playing after high school. If not we know your head coach aint doing his job pushing kids to the next level.

  • Alameda Man

    @Old Former Meddling Coach. You can’t be serious about the jets not doing that kind of stuff. Coaches at encinal have no control over those kids and let them run wild. Sails ran through the alameda sideliine chanting after the game was over, total dissrespect. Sails dove in the endzone, #2 high stepping and late hits all over the place from the jets football players during the game. They are a dirty, loud mouth program with coaches that allow that type of behvior.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Alameda Man,Ok this is the last thing i’m going to say about all this Hoo hah! No.1 I been watching Joe and the Guys Coach since he was the JV Coach and I know they don’t go for dirty play or showboating. I been on the Sidelines for every Varsity game since 2007(Missed a couple due to work and sickness this year)When the kids screw up he straightens them out. The Island Bowl gets everyone’s Blood up and if any wrong WAS done i’m sure Alameda is just as guilty. Time to stop slinging the mud and let the hate go because you seem to be pretty worked up about it. Last week on the Radio show(KNBR) A Alameda fan kept saying that they would kill Encinal before they cut him off.. What is diving in the endzone… Happiness upon scoring. High stepping is wrong? Better tell Roger Craig.. C’mon man,Let it go. It’s getting ugly and taking away from the topic of High School Football. Lastly,We’ll be ready For O’Dowd. I wonder how Alameda would do against them… Jet Pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @153,I couldn’t have said it better Coach only that ain’t me.. LOL! Jet Pride!

  • HAAL Fan

    Western Alameda County Conference Opening Weekend

    Foothill Division
    School (calpreps) W-L

    Friday 7pm
    San Leandro (10.7) 0-5 @Castro Valley (24.7) 2-3
    pirates will be more athletic than the physical trojans but with 2 weeks to prepare/heal dont be shocked to see a pirate victory CV 31-13

    Firday 7pm
    Bishop Odowd (28.3) 4-1 @Encinal (9.8) 3-2
    if miroglio and king miss this game the home crowd and the big game experience of tenario might be enough for a jets win. Odowd 38-14

    Friday 7pm
    Berkeley (12.3) 0-4 vs Hayward (0) 2-3 @sunset
    jackets can make a statement that 0-4 was because of a tuff schedule not because of a down year Berkeley 21-14

    Shoreline Division

    Friday 3:30
    Piedmont (-4.5) 4-1 vs San Lorenzo (-17.3) @arroyo
    highlanders are going for 5 wins in a row and the rebels just want to have a close game Piedmont 31-22

    Friday 7pm
    Tennyson (4.3) 4-1 @Alameda (-4.7) 2-3
    if the hornets come out flat after last weeks heart breaker it could be over quick. the lancers have outscored thier last 3 opponents 84-7 28-13

    Saturday 1pm
    Mt. Eden (-16.3) 3-2 @Arroyo (6.6) 3-2
    dons might have to much defense and speed for the run only monarchs Arroyo 28-6

  • Island Chief

    All you Encinal fans who were at the game must admit that our defense controlled the entire game. We were outhitting Encinal and if not for that lucky run we would have easily won. We will beat everyone in the b league and finish at 7-3. Encinal will lose to O’Dowd, Berkeley,Castro valley, san leandro and Hayward gettin them a last place trophy at 3-7. So when it’s all over. The hornets will finish with a championship and Encinal will end up with o practice during thanksgiving week this year. Mark my words, NO PLAYOFFS this year.

  • EBfootball

    So who are these college players Alameda High has produced again? DeAngelo: You know what time the games start. I watch SEC ball personally so its mornings to me. Can I get a name Alameda Woman? You sound like a doin too much stage mother that thinks she should have her own reality show. Stick to putting your son in beauty pagents. He might actually win there.

  • Island Chief

    You want predictions…

    Bishop O’Dowd 47 Encinal 7
    Let’s count the checks for O’Dowd….talent, coaching, size, speed, oh yeah COACHING! Running clock snoozer.

  • HAAL Fan

    island chief (alameda fan)

    i was at the game and you guys out numbered them but they out hit you. just ask the lineman who limped of the field and the qb who was slow to get up after being smacked a couple of times on the speed option. encinal played one of the worst halfs probably in the last 5 years of their program and were only down 7 at the half. coulda, shoulda, woulda but didnt

  • enough on the island bowl- old meddling appreciate your candor and opinions. you have a good insite on the jets, but just for the record, the jets and the coaching have been questioned by other teams and opposite coaches other than alameda- just not vocal or sour grapes, on sportsmanship, etc. etc, even john sweet didn’t like the taunting they took several yrs back being beat down by almost 50 pts. so I am saying there’s more than what meets the eye on the professional aspect towards their game, realize that intimadation is a big part of their game, especially when down in personal. I am sure coach T wants to get rid of that stigma and it’s up to him to see that thru. Encinal adult fans at games need to improve their behavior at something as highlited as the island bowl if that what happened. I see jet bloggers with a lot of aggresiveness on this blog and I would hope that doesn’t carry over to games or after games. The Alameda bloggers got beat and they seem to tease and talk smack to jet bloggers to get them going, however some of the jet bloggers seem to have a little bit of a violent tendancy most likely to critisim on their team over the years. Novato, MC, St. Marys and others have had more than a couple bad experiences at the Nailhouse. Is that jealousy, mabey but it’s consistant from the jet’s opponents. I think the jets pick their opportunities. The over aggresive behavior seems tempered if they are out of town and they loose. Never the less, they beat the hornets and deserve praise for the win, just don’t think they can bully teams that have real consistant talent which they don’t face on a regular basis.

  • C/O98

    I went to the island bowl because of all the hate on here just wanted to see a true rivalry game and I did but lets be real alameda played the better game and the jets had the last laugh. @ 167 honestly both teams looked soft . As for this week if BOD qb and wr are back it’s a wrap if not the jets have more playmakers and can win another close one. If the hornets pout all week about coulda woulda shoulda form last week the lancers will put the hurt on them. Good luck this week to all teams and leave it on the field!

  • EB Prep Fan

    Some crazy stuff on this blog. The “lucky run” was a 98 yd run that went through a hard tackle and foot raced an entire team! Hardly lucky. “Defense controlled the game”? The game is played over 4 quarters and you don’t get a victory for playing 2! The Jets scored 3 TDs in the second half! The Jets’ speed always has them in scoring position. Master of the obvious, right? That ability to score from anywhere keeps pressure on the defense, and pressure makes players tight. Tight players don’t play as effective.

    Crowbar65….great post, especially the last comment.

    Alameda Man, “played for daddys team so he got his way”??? Wow. Talk about your badass behind the keyboard?!?!?! Maybe you should mention that to daddy face to face? Maybe not? For you to get so riled up over this game must mean you have some kind of connection, right? Move on to next week already.

    Bottom line is that Alameda played well considering they were without 2 of their best players, but Encinal has a toughness that has been formed over decades…..and a winning culture that Coach Tenorio has resurrected and put his stamp on in recent years!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @BigDog,I can say this with Confidence, The Only time i ever saw any of the kids go out to taunt another team it was Alameda and They were only Responding. I think what has rubbed people the wrong way is how our kids rejoice with each other when they make a big play or score. Coach Joe Always tells the kids to be quiet and go back to the huddle. I think a lot of it is misunderstanding. No one likes to lose. We’ve had our share of it. For example. The Close loss to Serra last year and Marin Catholic. I don’t say a thing about other teams or kids unless i know them. I know this team and i think people just want to believe the worst. Whenever we lose we give credit were credit is due. You are supposed to have fun playing Football. When i played in High school People talked smack all game long. Mr. Toomer who is still a Official tossed me a couple of times. It’s just kids playing a kid game. We just have to teach them right. Jet Pride.

  • dudleydawson

    island chief you idiot dont you understand the jets want you to win the b league cause they beat you that makes them the champs sucka…you never out hit encinal please..from 08-11 encinal beat marin catholic novato miramonte twice eureka sonoma fortuna tamalpais so you can say what you want about the bsal doesnt matter jets have proved there worth on the field. whats alameda ever done? whats moyer ever done? why are you even in the b league if you think your good? obviously your head coach didnt! alameda woman feel free to answer.

  • ManDown

    Get over it Alameda you guys lost to a down Encinal team and you should be embarrassed. I would be too. Look at the roster on max preps, they have nothing but youth on that team so any team that loses to them should feel like sh**. I expected you guys to win by two scores but by not doing so tells me how bad you guys really are. I didn’t go to the game but if you let a player run for 97 yards with less than a minute to play for the go ahead lead then you deserve to lose.

  • D Webster

    As a Encinal alum, I have to say that I am embarrassed by all the personal fouls and unsportsmanlike antics of our players. Alameda got caught up in the moment a few times as well but our guys do go over the edge. We need to have more discipline, we’re better than that.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Mandown,A little Harsh wouldn’t you say? Cut the Hornets some slack. First of all, While being young has it’s disadvantages there is also the upside of gaining experience. Being young does not mean we can’t do well, It just means that the going will be harder. As for Alameda, yes it was a let down but they have nothing to be Embarrased about.They played hard and showed some Moxie. They will get better as times goes on.Sometimes you have to Learn to finish strong as well as start strong. As Herm Edwards once said.. You play to win they game. And just on that night Encinal was a bit better. @D Webster,Don’t worry, Coach will deal with those who crossed the line. Jet Pride!

  • Praying for the Hornets to win this Friday. Jets need head to head over an8-2 or 9-1 Tennyson. It will seed the Jets Higher. Hornet Pride!!

  • TJ

    Good job tonight Alameda… just when we thought it couldnt get worse

  • mvalfan2

    I think Tenorio has done a great job, but in this league it might just take a little while before he starts to see those wins again. They will play a tough opponent every week. SL, BOD, Berkeley,those are rough games. Hayward is improved, and Castro Valley is another playoff team. So they willneed to reload and how soon that happens, only time will tell.