Week 6: Prep football recap from Friday night

Check out our recap right here of all the East Bay prep football action from Friday night. Friday night’s action included surprisingly big victories for California and El Cerrito, along with not-so-surprising wins from top-ranked De La Salle and Freedom.

Meanwhile, Encinal took home bragging rights in the 58th Annual Island Bowl, thanks to Tyrell Carrigan’s 97-yard touchdown run with 55 seconds left.

Jon Becker

  • UC rancher

    Tough loss for logan, but they have they bye week to get ready & bounce back. Have to forget about this loss and get ready for a tough Newark team who has improved leaps and bounds from last season. Logan better not sleep walk on Newark or they will get a shock to the system. As for seedings, I would put them 4th behind DLS, Cal, and Deer Valley. That Del Oro team has to be the best winless team going to game. Next 2 DLS, it has the toughest schedule out there.I have faith that Zuber & the coaching staff will have these guys ready. Colts Pride!

  • Gridlock

    After one upset and a junkyard demolition in the EBAL here is my rundown this week.

    1. Cal: The Grizzlies thrashed Foothill on the road in a way nobody expected to be so nasty. Apparently the game was never in doubt. Cal demonstrated a high powered offense and turned off the juice at the end of the 3rd and a shut down defense that stifled the Falcons offense on the ground and in the air. Cal now gets ready to host Monte Vista in a battle that should be decided by 14 points in favor of the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies will not be severely tested until they play De La Salle. Coach Bellici will win coach of the year in the league. This team is very good and they can beat DLS this year if they catch some breaks because DLS is an average passing team at its best this year.

    2. Monte Vista: The Mustangs now appear to be the second best team in the League after Amador dropped to San Ramon Valley, and the Mustang’s stumbling loss to Foothill hurts them dearly. Even if they lose to Cal Friday night they can still take 2nd place if they get help along the way which is possible. The Mustangs are a much better defensive team than in the past and getting better, and their passing game is solid as usual, with an average to good running game. Coach Bergman is looking at 7 wins for sure and maybe 8 wins if they beat Cal. With the right playoff seeding this MV team could reach the finals vs. the Spartans.

    3. Amador: The Dons blew it and now they will finish 6-4 at best. This team should have been 7-3, but the AVHS collapse happened to early this year. Moreno was his efficient self as normal but the Dons could not capitalize on mistakes by SRV. Dons should have been better than a 3rd place team this year and they need some playmakers to rise up other than Moreno. Amador needs to shock somebody and put 40 points on the board, but who would that be against, Livermore or Granada or Foothill? Amador should be a powerhouse almost every year like Cal is now, so what is the answer? More weights or running or what?

    4. San Ramon Valley: Defeating Amador in Pleasanton made a statement that SRV is alive. The Wolves defense did a good job against the Dons and they should beat Granada by 21. This time is not great but after defeating Amador they will not be counted out. Big battles loom against Foothill, DLS, Cal and MV, and if they can win two of those four they will finish .500 and make the playoffs. QB Birse had his best game of the year and if he improves the Wolves will be a playoff team. Coach Kessler finally realized that he can make major changes this season and retool the offense, which he did, and the best way to help Birse at QB is to run the ball a lot and it worked perfectly. Questions still loom about the Wolves but at least they but a bullet into one of them. However, they will finish 5-5 or 6-4 due to three preseason losses.

    5. Foothill: If this is the most talented Foothill team Coach Sweeney has had, as he has said, the Falcons are in big trouble and major adjustments and some changes need to happen from Sweeney’s good book. The offense is weak in the passing game and pretty much the same for the ground attack but it shows signs of life. They lack identity on offense and are giving away too much yardage on the ground. The Falcons will get clobbered against DLS this week. The talented Falcons might be willing to settle for 5-5 or 6-4, but the most gifted team to ever strap it up for Sweeney at Foothill should have won at least 8 games, and probably 9. Now it seems like 7-3 is wishful thinking. If they keep doing the same things the results will be bad to average and Sweeney is too good of a coach to sit around not retool the engine.

    6. Livermore: If they upset Amador Friday night which is possible, then Coach Haubner’s Cowboys will end the year 5-5 and in the playoffs after beating Granada. They need to throw the ball a lot more on first down and mix things up a bit. Being able to run the ball is needed but they have to throw to win and it cost them against SRV. EBAL playoff teams are usually complete teams in all three phases of the game but the Cowboys inability to throw well is killing them. Their defense is hardnosed but they need to give up fewer big plays in league games. Livermore needs to throw the ball to win more games.

    7. Granada: Coach Silva had them playing inspired football against DLS and it was an entertaining game for the first one-third. After connecting on a beautiful slant route for a touchdown vs. the Spartans, Granada should have tried that route several more times but they did not do it enough. Their defense has respectable numbers but now we will see how good the defense really is during the next five games. They need to beat Livermore and either Foothill or Amador to make the playoffs which is possible.


  • One last note on the Logan/Del Oro game…The Golden eagles had four starters sitting out due to injuries which included Brandon Monroe…there work horse..If these guys would have been on the field..would the score have been any different??

  • birdeyeview

    george manley, No lie you been on top of your game this year, Last year you were very out there, But man This year, Your analysis is unbiased and well Written, Much props

  • UC rancher

    @52. Maybe. but there are two things to consider. For one, Logan is very good against the run. No telling how much yards was going to get if he was playing. Two, even without Monroe and the three other starters they were able to put up 255 rushing yards the week before against Grant. Something to ponder though.

  • TheSchoolmarm’s California Top 30 (Cal Bowl Divisions 1and2) Week 5

    1.(1) Santa Margarita (SS D1, Trinity) 5-0. Bye. Next: #26 Servite* 2-3.

    2.(2) De La Salle (NCS D1, Freelance) 5-0. Beat Livermore 57-0. Next: @ Foothill (Pleasanton) 3-2.

    3.(3) Narbonne (LACS D1, Marine) 5-0. Beat #4 Mater Dei(Santa Ana) 18-17. Next: @ Carson* 0-5.

    4.(5) Vista Murrieta (SS D2, Southwestern) 5-0. Beat Palisades(LA) 42-6 @ Palisades. Next: @ Temecula Valley* 1-4.

    5.(4) Mater Dei (SS D1, Trinity) 4-1. Lost to #3 Narbonne 17-18 @ Narbonne. Next: TON J.Serra* 5-0.

    6.(6) Bakersfield (CS D1, Southwest Yosemite) 5-0. Bye. Next: Liberty* 3-2.

    7.(7) St. John Bosco (SS D1, Trinity) 5-0+. Beat Jordan(Sandy,Utah) 34-33 @ Rio Tinto Stadium(Sandy,Utah) 9/29. Next: TON Orange Lutheran* 5-0.

    8.(8) Mission Viejo (SS D1, South Coast) 6-0. Beat (TON) Redlands East Valley 52-21. Next: Bye.

    9.(9) Crespi (SS D1, Serra) 6-0. Bye. Next: #30tie Loyola* 5-1.

    10.(10) Tesoro (SS D1, South Coast) 5-0. Bye. Next:
    @ Trabuco Hills* 4-2.

    11.(11) St. Bonaventure (SS D1, Marmonte East) 5-1. Beat Westlake* 31-23 @ Westlake. Next: Simi Valley*

    12.(12) El Toro (SS D1, South Coast) 6-0. Beat Garden Grove 49-6. Next: San Clemente* 4-2.

    13.(13) Centennial(Corona) (SS D2, Big 8) 4-1. Beat Etiwanda 68-15. Next: @ Corona* 2-3.

    14.(14) Upland (SS D2, Baseline) 5-0. Bye. Next:
    @ #20 Rancho Cucamonga* 4-1.

    15.(15) Alemany (SS D1, Serra) 5-1. Beat Norco 27-13.
    Next: TON Notre Dame* 4-2.

    16.(16) Bishop Amat (SS D1, Serra) 5-0-1. Beat Culver City 31-7. Next: Bye.

    17.(17) Serra (SS D4, Mission) 4-1. Bye. Next:
    @ TON Chaminade* 4-1.

    18.(18) Chaparral (SS D2, Southwestern) 4-1. Beat Santa Fe(Springs) 46-0. Next: @ TON Murrieta Mesa*

    19.(19) Edison (SS D6, Sunset) 4-1. Beat San Clemente 31-3. Next: Newport Harbor* 2-3.

    20.(20) Rancho Cucamonga (SS D2, Baseline) 4-1. Bye. Next: #14 Upland* 5-0.

    21.(21) Clovis North (CS D1, TriRiver) 5-0. Bye. Next: Clovis West* 1-4.

    22.(22) Crenshaw (LACS D1, Coliseum) 4-1. Bye. Next:
    Rancho Dominguez* 2-3.

    23.(24) Oaks Christian (SS D1, Marmonte West). 5-1. Beat Thousand Oaks* 36-6 @ Thousand Oaks. Next: Agoura* 2-4.

    24.(23) Elk Grove (SJS D2, Delta Valley) 5-0. Bye. Next: Laguna Creek* 2-3.

    25.(26) Lompoc (SS D4, Los Padres) 5-0. Bye. Next:
    @ Templeton* 5-1.

    26.(28) Servite (SS D1, Trinity) 2-3. Beat St.Paul(Santa Fe Springs) 38-6 @ St. Paul. Next:
    @ #1 Santa Margarita* 5-0.

    27.(29) Folsom (SJS D2, Delta River) 5-0. Bye. Next. @ TON Oak Ridge* 5-0.

    28.(27) Franklin(Elk Grove) (SJS D1, Delta Valley) 5-0. Bye. Next: @ Grant Union* 2-3.

    29.(29) Oceanside (SDS D2, Avacado West) 5-1. Beat Mission Hills(San Marcos) 26-17. Next: Carlsbad*

    30tie.(TON) Loyola (SS D1, Serra) 5-1. Beat Valencia 24-14. Next: @ #9 Crespi* 6-0.

    30tie.(TON) Tustin (SS D6, Empire) 6-0. Beat Valencia(Placentia)* 49-21 @ Valencia. Next: Pacifica*

    Dropped from Week 4 Top 30:
    James Logan(Union City) (NCS D1, Freelance) 5-1.
    Lost to Del Oro 13-20(OT) @ Del Oro.

    Teams of Note (TON)
    Bellarmine (CCS, West Catholic) 3-1 California(San Ramon) (NCS D1, East Bay) 5-0 Cathedral(LA) (SS D4 Mission) 5-0 Chaminade (SS D4, Mission) 4-1 Charter Oak (SS D2, Sierra) Chino Hills (SS D2, Sierra) 3-1-1 Citrus Hill (SS D8, MountainPass) 5-0 Clovis (CS D1, TriRiver) 4-1 Concord (NCS D2, DiabloValley)
    5-0 Fresno Central (CS D1, TriRiver) 5-0 Hart
    (SS D2, Foothill) 4-1 Helix (SDS D2, GrossmontHills) 4-1 James Logan (NCS D1, Freelance) 5-1 J.Serra
    (SS D1, Trinity) 5-0 Kaiser (SS D5, Sunkist) 5-0
    LaMirada (SS D7, Suburban) 5-1 Luther Burbank (SJS D1, Metropolitan) Murrieta Mesa (SS D2, Southwestern)
    5-0 Murrieta Valley (SS D2, Southwestern) 5-0 Notre Dame(Sherman Oaks) (SS D1, Serra) 4-2 Oak Ridge (SJS D1, Delta River) 5-0 Orange Lutheran (SS D1, Trinity)
    5-0 Otay Ranch (SDS D1, MetroMesa) 5-0 Redlands (SS D2, Citrus Belt) 4-1 Serra(San Mateo) (CCS, West Catholic) 5-0 Serrano (SS D8, MojaveRiver) 5-0 St. Augustine (SDS D3or4, Eastern) Summit(SS D5, Sunkist) 4-1

    *: League game
    +: Official record is 1-4 due to imposed forfeits for using an inelgible player.

  • Logan was #25 Week 4 on the California Top 30!

  • greenboy

    schoolmarm concord is 5-0 but your grasp of prep football is awesome!!!

  • DJ

    @prideballer u guys didn’t get killed for playing Kennedy but as a champion the last 2 years u got killed for playing de anza,Richmond, Kennedy and Middletown terrible schedule why not challenge yourself a little more….though ec dominated Salesian I was impressed with the pride they played tough until that squib kick return for touchdown broke their spirit Salesian will make some noise in the playoffs

  • spectator2012

    i really hope logan gets on the dela salle bracket in the playoffs. this way they can finally get the taste of the green machine putting up points on them. hopefully they make it past the first round. logan is good but they have been playing some down teams this year. it’s not their fault, it’s just the way things worked out. b-high and heritage is really down, and sl has not been the program they were from previous years. now logan will have to play the mval teams, which i think will not get them ready for the playoffs. i don’t see anybody in the mval challenging logan. last year logan was not in no way ready for the playoffs. logan will not be ready for the playoffs playing the mval teams. i wish them luck, and hope they get to past the 1st round.

  • #54…UC Rancher….One other thing about the Del oro/Logan game….The Colts had so many pentalities that…. most 10 and 15 yarders that aided Del Oro and held back Logan…If..(IF)…the pentalities would not have been committed….there was a better then even chance that Logan would have won and there wouldn’t have been any OT….Any number of times I saw Warren Long appear to be breaking out and if so he would have been off to the races…He had a 54 yard run that put Logan deep in DO territory, but the Pentalities killed his effort….The Pentalities is what Logan has too work on….

  • stuck in spokane

    I was down on Logan last year, but must admit I am impressed with their schedule this year as well as their efforts so far against that schedule. DO very easily could have been 3-1 going into that game last friday. Although they lost, it should make them a more battle tested team come playoff time having to deal with that adversity. Unless the brackets are set up screwy, I see no reason why a DLS/Logan final still isn’t possible and look forward to it.

  • Vocie of Reason

    Doesn’t look good for DFAL teams Miramonte & Las Lomas in making the playoffs this year. Each team is 2-4 and one sure way to get in would be for either team to go 3-1, but the way each team is playing that is not likely to happen. On top of that, they play each other.

    Las Lomas can ensure themselves of eligibility by defeating Dublin at home this Friday night which will give them a 1-1 record in D2 games this season. However, I just don’t see the Knights winning this game.

    For Miramonte it’s even more difficult. If they lose this Friday night at Acalanes (The Dons are heavily favored) they would need to win their final 3 games to make the playoffs.

    It could be the loser of the 10/26 game between these two teams will be knocked out of the playoffs.

  • Alameda Man

    Salesian can’t hide in the BFL anymore! Time to play some real teams Nightingale. The 28 straight wins they had were a joke and EC just proved it friday night.

  • JustMaybe

    EC is good!!! You have to admit that this year’s EC team is better than the teams they had over the past two years, while Salesian’s teams of the past two years were far better than this years team in terms of depth, speed, and toughness. Too bad that they weren’t out the BFL sooner!!

  • Easy Alameda Man, stick to the island blog. Yes, Salesian isn’t what it used to be and they have scheduled weak opponents in the past for many years, they have also played some top notch teams and won, 28 straight is still 28 straight, Salesian would tar and feather any Alameda team, they are way to discliplined and well coached. They are also putting players to the college level. Bye the way, they lost to a superior team in El Cerrito who is undeated. El Cerrito would beat Encinal and Alameda teams combined.

  • bigmike

    Week 6-7 why are we talking about encinal and Alameda? Let’s talk about some real teams. The ebal & bval are the only leagues that have legitimate contenders. Deer valley and Cal are on a collision course for that number 2 spot in div. 1.

    Any takers?