Week 6: Prep football recap from Friday night

Check out our recap right here of all the East Bay prep football action from Friday night. Friday night’s action included surprisingly big victories for California and El Cerrito, along with not-so-surprising wins from top-ranked De La Salle and Freedom.

Meanwhile, Encinal took home bragging rights in the 58th Annual Island Bowl, thanks to Tyrell Carrigan’s 97-yard touchdown run with 55 seconds left.

Jon Becker

  • mvalfan

    Bottom line, El Cerrito is for real!!!

  • seven72deuce

    if it wasn’t for that muffed PAT… Logan wouldda had a win last night. oh well, I’m mostly happy that Logan had some real competition after everyone said that they haven’t really played anyone yet. all I know is, Logan shouldn’t drop in rankings. Maybe in the state. But def not ncs d1.

  • Salesian over run. Guachoes circled the wagons and then rounded up the Chieftans. Some interesting stats for EC. I thought they would have more offsensive yds with that score. Nightgale needs to go back and rebuild from that massacre!
    interesting SPSV vs. Pinole 3-0? SPSV a shell of their former self- 50 yds. total rushing offense.
    I remember when they won NCS and runner-up following year, one of the top teams 2 straight in total offensive yards and points in Norcal something like 450 yds. per game and over 40 points per game, also ranked both years. How much does a coach count, well Marlon Blanton had them going for a long time, again coaching is the number # 1 advantage in high school football.

  • A fan

    El Cerrito deserves all the recognition. They have defeated Campo, Valley Christian and now Salesian. Maybe now we will see the team and players more in the newspapers. They are extremely talented, Jalen, Derik, Marcellus, Kieth, Keilan, Austin and Marshon they are the force and talent of the team. They work hard and play hard…. give them their respect… they deserve it. go Gauchos!!!

  • Lets look at this new league- el cerrito is going to run away with it. pinole, st. marys , spsv, and now salesian are really down. who else is in the league?

  • Friday night turned out to be wild…look what Deer Valley did to Vacaville…a 55-35 blasting and what About Acalanes bumping off as Lomas….And Pittsburg played a solid football game…Good for them…we have been waiting for this to happen…And Encinial isn’t dead yet..but they have some serious tests coming up…And San Ramon bounced back…Plus a Pinole just got by St. patrick/St Vincent 3-0.
    I watched Washington play Oakridge and although the Huskies got manhandled…There were many times when it looked like Washington was going to break out…The Huskies backs are fast..but just couldn’t get by a stubborn Oakridge defense.
    The Logan/Del Oro game could have gone the other way if it hadn’t been for so many pentalities committed by the Colts…as it turned out the muffed PAT was Logan’s undoing which let Del Oro back into the game…

  • Manley- what happened around norcal last nite and central coast?

  • Prep Fan

    Billeci is now 4-0 vs Foothill. He’s also 3-1 vs AV including the last 3, 3-0 vs Livermore, 2-1 vs MV including the last 2, 3-1 vs SRV, & 2-1 vs Granada. Plus although DLS is no longer part of the EBAL, he put a scare into them 2 years ago in the onside kick game and held them to just 24 points last year. Not a bad résumé for being just 2 games into his 4th season.

    Also, Bill & Matt Hoefs have done a bang up job with the JV & Frosh teams over that time finishing 1st or 2nd in the EBAL each year. They have the kids ready to go once they reach varsity. Cal seems to fly under the radar every year, but they have a lot of depth and solid players at every position that are used to winning.

  • Gowolves

    Funny thing is..washington has a better record vs billeci than any ebal school since dls isnt apart of ebal.. Billeci is 3-2 vs them, however has taken he last three

  • Big Dog…Have to look at all the scores…it looks like a lot of changes took place….

  • DJ

    Ec did manhandle Salesian but what i saw that surprised me was that outside of Salesian RB Michael Page Salesian was scared after a couple of brutal hits by Ec defense they totally dismantled Salesian both physically and worst mentally I overheared Salesian coach Nightengale saying that EC “punked” his team.Ec shouldn’t be challenged in league the rest of the way just need to stay focused and stay healthy and they should get the 3rdor 4th seed in d3 behind Marin Catholic and cardinal Newman and BoD……..Coach Kahn doesnt seem wise to leave key starters in 3rd and 4th quarter when the game is well in hand

  • DJ

    Also just curious on everyone’s opinion looking at some of scores and particularly as a follower of Ec is there a code when it comes to running up the score? At some point does the winning run dives etc.? As to not run up score?…. At what point do u put in backups? Ec vs valley Christian halftime it was like 35-0 do u call off the dogs at a certain point advantage or does a team keep peddle to the metal til the last whistle?just curious on bloggers thoughts

  • billjohnson

    dj, i’d rank d3 2day 1-cnewman 2-el cerrito 3-marin catholic 4-analy 5-bod 6-campolindo.


    Arroyo held BOD only 7 points in 3 qtrs! WACC SHORELINE better take notes Arroyo is coming with a BANG for the next 5 weeks

  • billjohnson you are smoked if you think EC is the 2nd team in DIII.

    MC is still the Favorite the CN, Analy ,BOD and then you can throw in EC.

    The road to Carson will always start in on the 101 in the Northbay

  • TJ

    Arroyo stopped the run very well against BOD.. but lets not pretend that the starting QB and star WR were not out.

    Had BOD been with their QB.. #15 would’ve gotta a lot more touches and he was causing fits as it is.

  • billjohnson

    bleacher coach if both cnewman & el cerrito run the table theyll get 1 & 2. tj y didnt bod qb play?

  • TJ

    Not sure, he was suited up. Just standing on the sideline. I am very sure #11 did not take his spot or anything, because #11 was kinda bad.

  • billjohnson there is no way EC gets the 2nd seed over MC even with MC having a loss.

    The legacy and the SOS will keep MC at 1 maybe 2. As long as Cal-Hi has them #1 in the bowl rankings

    The North bay league is way stronger than the Tri County pebble league.

    I can see both CN and MC with 1 loss each getting the first and second seeds.

    The DIII field in the Eastbay is way down this season.

    The realignment is really going to hurt we could see 10 teams from the Northbay in the playoffs

  • billjohnson

    bleacher coach i agree tri county is terrible but ncs likes undefeated teams if they win out i’ll stick with my prediction. really doesnt matter it will get settled on the field. it’s time for marin catholic to play in the north bay they can’t b challenged in the very average mcal.

  • I disagree. EC has a great win over Campo & handling 2 time NCS champ for what will turn out to be a league championship doesn’t hurt. Vacaville keeps losing which doesn’t help MC. Would EC beat Vacaville. Hell no. But hey if they go 10-0 They will get atleast a #2.

  • I can’t believe that Arroyo shut down BOD the way they did. QB didn’t play OK but I can’t see #5 & #15 not running through Arroyo.

  • HAAL Fan

    the odowd back up #11 threw a pick right away and then they ran the ball most of the game. #15 had a few catches and was wide open deep maybe 3 or 4 times but #11 couldnt get him the ball. arroyo did a good job of but wore down about 4min into the 4th qtr. jb seemed happy with a 21-7 loss because on the last drive they stoped throwing and started running.

  • PERKIN I hear what your saying about an undefeated team but I think the Commissioners weigh a lot more on the Bowl rankings and Mark Tennis’s opinions.

    billjohnson your statement about an average MCAL is way off base. It is an 8 team league that will send 4 D III teams and 1 D IV contender to the playoffs there are no other leagues that will send that many teams to post season.

    Do you guys think the Jets will make the playoffs?

    Don’t you need to be .500 in league play to make the playoffs?

    Can the Jets win a league game before they play Hayward the last game of the season?

    Also it looks like Schramm has run Mira into the ground in his 2nd season will they make the post season?

    Acalanes took Campo to the brink they could make some noise in the play offs .

  • I’m talking NCS & seeding. Nobodies in the room so really who knows about the what they talk about. lol
    But I heard coaches rankings use to hold a lot of water. This is down the line have to see how the dominoes fall but if Campo wins out that whole league will have to make EC a #1 or #2.

  • N-Ya

    Ec defense would dismantle vacaville,mc,ect…!!! Too fast,too physical!!! They remind me of the Florida St. D’s in the late 80’s early 90’s. They hit like grown men… Beware of The Green Monsters!!!

  • bval

    Bleacher coach,

    you need to be .500 in league
    OR .500 in division
    OR .500 overall

    all you need is to meet one of those requirements

    American made playoffs at like 2-8 a couple years ago but they were 2-2 in D-1 Play

  • ManDown

    If EC goes 10-0 they will get the 2nd seed over MC with the one loss. EC beat defeding champs in Campo and Salesian. I don’t see how a undeafeated team wont get the two seed over them with better wins.

    Encinal makes the playoffs but will go one and done, 2 rounds at best. I can’t believe Alameda couldn’t get it done against this young team.

    BOD’s QB is okay and will be back next week against the Jets. I still can’t believe that Arroyo played them so well.

  • Dragon

    #5 #12 #28 … all out for Odowd.. QB came up from JV and did OK.. #15 also didnt play defense.. not sure what went on but Dragons are all going to need to be on the field and i dont see that happening for a few weeks.. i think i saw maybe 6 different plays ran all game.. it was hard to watch

  • Giving Schram the win over dougherty Valley so no need to count it. He has to go 2-3 aginst Alhambra, LL, & Acalanes to make it. Or if he loses to Dougherty some how just beat Acalanes & Alhambra he’s in.

  • Agree. Pretty horrible job Alameda. With the home field advantage. Encinal sucks. Their offense looks back to the dark years of the late 90’s early 2000’s. Pathetic couldn’t get a yard sometimes.

  • billjohnson

    bleacher coach those teams are average. making the playoffs dont mean to much they take 16 teams. novato or tam 2nd best team in that league just be honest marin catholic should play in north bay it would make a good rivarly game with cnewman everyear.

  • Alameda ever heard of a prevent defense?? FS doing blitzing with 55 seconds left in the game & 97 yards to go Pathetic job of coaching. So what if he gains 30 yards. That offense was 3 & out every freaking time. Why wasn’t 11 on the field with all the marbles to go?? Saving himself for the B league. Horrible.

  • MVALFremont

    bval, since 2009 American has made the N.C.S playoffs with 5 – 5 overall records going 3 – 3 in league in 09 and going 4 – 2 in league play in their last two seasons,Last year Washington was 3 – 7 going 3 – 3 in league play

  • StopDropAndRumble

    Cal is deep. They have a solid group of kids that have won since they were freshman. They went into foothill with a patch work online and still hammered foothill. At the start of the 4th quarter the oline was 4 juniors and a sophomore. They will move up to #3 in the poll. Anyone who thinks Logan wont fall after a loss is in dreamland.

  • Prep Fan

    Logan is still a very good and dangerous team, but I agree with SD&R they have to drop some losing to an 0-4 team. It was a close OT loss to an extremely good 0-4 team, but an 0-4 team nonetheless. CalPreps has already dropped them from #2 in NCS all the way down to #7 behind DLS, Cal, EC, MV, Concord & Deer Valley.


  • Stewie

    Logan I called that one…even though it was just by a butt-hair. Cal does seem to have some mojo till they come face to face with the meat grinder from Winton. However I will say it will be a sweet day when SRV pays homage to Cal on Oct 12th.

  • The Schoolmarm’s Greater Bay Area (NCS,CCS) Top 25 Week 5
    Out of Area teams will have their section and league shown.

    1.(1) De La Salle 5-0. Beat Livermore 57-0. Next
    #14 Foothill(Pleasanton) 3-2.

    2.(5) California 5-0. Beat #10 Foothill* 36-7. Next:
    #12 Monte Vista* 4-1.

    3.(3) Bellarmine 3-1. Beat Riordan* 28-10. Next:
    @ #8 Archbishop Mitty* 3-1.

    4.(6) Comcord 5-0. Bye. Next: @ Northgate* 4-1.

    5.(9) Serra 4-0. Beat #4 Archbishop Mitty* 30-21
    @ Foothill College(Mitty homefield). Next: Riordan*

    6.(2) James Logan 5-1. Lost to Del Oro (SJS, Sierra Foothill) 13-20 (OT) @ Del Oro. Next: Bye.

    7.(7) Marin Catholic 5-1. Beat Redwood* 51-12 9/29.
    Next: @ Novato* 3-2 10/6.

    8.(4) Archbishop Mitty 3-1. Lost to #9 Serra 21-30.
    Next: #3 Bellarmine 3-1.

    9.(15) St. Ignacius 3-1. Beat Valley Christian* 42-28
    @ Valley Christian. Next: Sacred Heart Cathedral* 1-3
    @ Kezar Stadium(SHC homefield).

    10.(8) Freedom 4-2. Beat Heritage* 31-24. Next: Bye.

    11.(11) Cardinal Newman 5-0. Beat Montgomery* 55-0. Next: Santa Rosa* 2-3.

    12.(12) Monte Vista (Danville) 4-1. Beat Granada*
    48-21. Next: @ #2 California* 5-0.

    13.(17) El Cerrito 6-0. Beat #25 Salesian* 42-6. Next:
    Berean Christian* 3-3.

    14.(10) Foothill 3-2. Lost to #5 California* 7-36 @ California. Next: @ #1 De La Salle 5-0.

    15.(16) Pittsburg 4-2. Beat Liberty* 29-8. Next: Bye.

    16.(18) Oak Grove 4-0. Beat Independence* 40-0
    @ Independence. Next: @ Willow Glen* 2-2.

    17.(24) Deer Valley 4-1. Beat Vacaville (SJS, Monticello Empire) 55-35. Next: #27 Antioch* 5-0.

    18.(19) Clayton Valley 4-1. Beat Hayward 55-15. Next:
    @ Ygnacio Valley* 1-4.

    19.(13) Valley Christian (San Jose) 2-2. Lost to #15 St. Ignacius* 28-48. Next: @ St. Francis* 2-2.

    20.(21) Analy 6-0. Beat Piner* 41-25 @ Piner. Next:
    Healdsburg* 2-3.

    21.(22) Bishop O’Dowd 4-1. Beat Arroyo 21-7 @ Arroyo. Next: @ Encinal* 3-2.

    22.(23) Campolindo 5-1. Beat Miramonte* 35-21
    @ Miramonte. Next: Bye.

    23.(NR) Milpitas 3-1. Beat #14 Palo Alto* 24-19 @ Palo
    Alto. Next: Mountain View* 2-2.

    24.(NR) Rancho Cotate 5-0. Beat Ukiah* 35-0 @ Ukiah. Next: Montgomery* 1-4.

    25.(14) Palo Alto 2-2. Lost to Milpitas* 19-24. Next:
    @ Homestead* 2-2.

    27″. Antioch 5-0. Beat Mt. Diablo 48-0 @ Mt. Diablo.
    Next: @ #17 Deer Valley 4-1.

    28″. San Ramon Valley 2-3. Beat #20 Amador Valley* @ Amador Valley. Next: Granada* 3-2.

    “: If less than 15 East Bay Area teams are ranked in the Top 25, than more East Bay teams will be ranked until there are 15.

    *: League game.

  • THE SCHOOLMARM…Of the 25 listed…the Deer Valley win over Vacaville has to be the biggest eye opener so far this season…And Palo Alto’s loss to Milpitas wasn’t expected….Will be interesting to see how Antioch does against Deer Valley…

  • seven72deuce

    I really don’t agree with cal preps rankings. The only case I could make to have Logan’s rank go down is for cal to be ranked above them. Deer Valley lost to San Leandro by 8, Concord beat Amador Valley (who lost to SRV) by 6. El cerrito struggled past Campolindo, and Monte Vista has their loss too and didn’t exactly blow out Berkeley.

    Cal’s work against Foothill makes them look really good however, but that 6 pt win vs Pitt makes Logan look as good as Cal. Pitt got stompped out by MV, and have common opponents with Logan in Berkeley and Heritage.

    These next 5 weeks won’t help Logan’s case at all, unless you want to compare how Logan does against Washington.

  • bval

    Vacaville isnt the powerhouse they used to be, I was at the vaca – DV game friday night and Vacaville was TINY and SLOW

    stud RB though

    The East Bay game of the week has to be between
    Antioch and Deer valley

    League opener for both schools, Battle of cross town rivals

    2 offenses that are lighting it up (Both in the top 3 of NCS)

    Both teams have athletic running QBs, and Stud RBs

    should be a heck of a game, I’ll be in the bleachers for sure!

  • KIR

    Pittsburg is still ranked pretty low, that black eye they got when they didn’t show up against Monte Vista will haunt them all season.. aside from that loss there only other loss is to #2 Cal and they only lost by 6 with a chance to win with 1:45 left.. goes to show how one bad game early can haunt you all season..

  • bval


    DV beat San leandro, they didnt lose by 8…

    theyre 4-1. their only loss was to Folsom (5-0) by 12

  • Stewie

    YV is looking sloppy & CV-C is looking sharper each week. I say sharper wins next Friday. Now that Logan took it on the chin, will they adjust, and sharpen the edge and play to full potential? These type of losses is what separates the boys and the men and can greatly improve a teams attitude performance. I think Logan has a bye week then will clash with cross town rival Newark. Del Oro needed to gut out a win this will help them Friday when they take on Roseville’s Woodcreek. Del Oro starting schedule was tough and gutsy they have some good potential to finish very strong.

  • DJ

    EC should be no less than 3 seed if they finish unbeaten behind Marin Catholic and Cardinal Newman..I honestly think MC is a solid #1 even with a loss to vacaville but I believe EC would give either MC or CN or BOD a run for their money on the field….

  • Itsabob

    Foothill 3 – De La Salle some large number…hey its Homecoming for the Spartans.
    Logan needs to recover fast and move on. Reality can be tough.
    @His Stewieness regarding CV-C and YV.. best dressed will win…sloppy just does not cut it these days.

  • El Cerrito was very impressive and hammered us (it’s been awhile since I had to blog after a loss) but it does have a challenge ahead. Same as with the Pride last season, a couple of tough non-league games, then a long stretch of cream puffs before the NCS playoffs. Even our great team was a bit rusty in the playoffs last year, and EC will be facing much stiffer competition. Their coaching staff has to figure out how to keep them sharp and interested this month.

    And how come EC gets a pass for softies such as Kennedy on the non-league schedule? Salesian got killed on this blog for playing Kennedy.

  • seven72deuce


    you’re right, and that’s what i actually meant.


    That’s what I’m hoping, but with a bye week and a mild schedule from here on out, it’s kind of worrisome. Only positive for the next 5 weeks is that they should be fully healthy from here on out. However, going by Logan’s previous years, I’d rather take this loss than play 6-7 MVAL games.

  • seven72deuce


    They have time, and hopefully a good first round seed will help get the wheels turned after a ‘MVAL’ schedule for the last 4 weeks of regular season.

  • teeazaleezy

    @prideballer… ec vs. kennedy old school rivalry!!! u dnt get killed 4 trying 2 bring the city of richmond sum type of hope… did u see the stands? that game was an oppertunity for old school and new to defend their PRIDe!!! so dont get mad cuz emery and csd isnt on your schedule anymore.