Girls Volleyball: MVAL, Rankings, Standings

The Mission Valley Athletic League might not have a ton of teams ranked at the moment, but it is going to be compelling theatre this year. Things are changing a bit, and most matches are going to be very competitive.

In recent years, Irvington, Logan and Mission San Jose have battled it out for the league championship. Those teams are in the mix this year with the Colts and Warriors at 2-2 in league, and the Vikings are very much alive and well with a perfect record so far.
But what’s different about this league, other than a new team joining and competing, is that there might be a new league favorite.
Starting with the newbies, Moreau Catholic comes into the league, and is the smallest school in the league, but is in the mix at 3-1 and only a game back.
“I am loving the challenge in the MVAL, we have to play well every time we step on the court. Any team can take you out,” Moreau Catholic coach Ami Schelin said. “So far I’m happy with the move the MVAL, it’s only going to make us a stronger team.”
Schelin is also one of a group that think that a new challenger has risen up and might be the team to beat as Newark Memorial is tied with Irvington at 4-0 and looking very strong.
“Personally I think Newark is the team to beat this year,” Schelin said. “Their defense really moves well and touches just about every ball you send over the net. “Irvington has some fire power of their own as well.”
Carley Ward, a sophomore, brings a lot of talent to a team with good junior and senior leadership, while Irvington might boast the best duo in the league with hitter Laura Hubacek and an incredible setter in Danielle Carothers.
So with the Cougars rising up, the Vikings looking strong and the Mariners adding even more competition to the league, the MVAL looks like it could be a very entertaining league this year.


A major shake up in the rankings is finally upon us. The top four remain static, but after that, there is a lot of change. By virtue of winning the Concord Tournament and avenging an earlier loss to San Ramon Valley, Las Lomas jumps five spots, joining the top five.
Carondelet, on the other hand, drops five spots, while fellow EBAL teams San Ramon Valley (moved up a spot) Foothill (dropped four) Amador Valley (jumped up one) and Monte Vista (moved up one) all shifted around as Granada falls out of the rankings for the time being.
Joining the rankings for the first time are Acalanes and Dougherty Valley. The Dons, with a recent 3-0 win over the Wildcats and a good showing at Concord, move up the charts, while Dougherty Valley has shown to be a solid squad all year.

1. Bishop O’Dowd (13-4)
2. Campolindo (13-2)
3. Albany (19-1)
4. California (11-2)
5. Las Lomas (14-5)
6. San Ramon Valley (15-7)
7. Amador Valley (12-7)
8. Northgate (6-4)
9. Foothill (12-5)
10. Monte Vista (14-5)
11. Carondelet (5-6)
12. Head-Royce (12-4)
13. Berkeley (9-4)
14. Acalanes (5-5)
15. Dougherty Valley (10-7)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (12-4, 5-0) –
College Prep (8-4, 5-1) .5
Valley Chr. (12-4, 4-2) 1.5
Athenian (7-7, 4-2) 1.5
Holy Names (3-6, 2-4) 3.5
Redwood Chr. (8-11, 1-6) 5
Bentley (3-10, 0-6) 5.5

Team Record GB

Antioch (1-10, 0-0) –
Deer Valley (4-12, 0-0) –
Freedom (4-9, 0-0) –
Heritage (3-11, 0-0) –
Liberty (4-12, 0-0) –
Pittsburg (0-3, 0-0) –

Team Record GB

Campolindo (13-2, 3-0) –
Las Lomas (14-5, 3-1) .5
Dougherty Valley (10-7, 2-1) 1
Acalanes (5-5, 2-2) 1.5
Dublin (12-4, 2-2) 1.5
Alhambra (10-10, 0-3) 3
Miramonte (1-10, 0-3) 3

Team Record GB

College Park (13-4, 4-0) –
Northgate (6-4, 3-0) .5
Berean Chr. (4-8, 2-1) 1.5
Concord (8-9, 1-2) 2.5
Ygnacio Valley (1-3, 1-2) 2.5
Clayton Valley (8-11, 1-3) 3
Mt. Diablo (0-7, 0-4) 4

Team Record GB

California (11-2, 4-0) –
Amador Valley (12-7, 3-1) 1
Foothill (12-5, 3-1) 1
San Ramon Valley (15-7, 3-1) 1
Monte Vista (14-5, 2-2) 2
Carondelet (5-6, 1-3) 3
Granada (10-11, 0-4) 4
Livermore (7-11, 0-4) 4

Team Record GB

Irvington (12-5, 4-0) –
Newark Memorial (12-5, 4-0) –
Moreau Catholic (12-6, 3-1) 1
Logan (7-11, 2-2) 2
Mission San Jose (5-8, 2-2) 2
American (10-5, 1-3) 3
Kennedy-Fremont (2-10, 0-4) 4
Washington (0-11, 0-4) 4

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (19-1, 4-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (18-2, 3-1) 1
St. Joseph Notre Dame (12-4, 2-2) 2
St. Mary’s (6-5, 1-2) 2.5
Salesian (5-10, 1-3) 3
El Cerrito (0-3, 0-3) 3.5

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Hercules (3-2, 3-1) –
Swett (2-3, 2-1) .5
Pinole Valley (1-4, 1-2) 1.5
Kennedy-Richmond (0-1, 0-1) 1.5
De Anza (0-1, 0-1) 1.5
Richmond (0-2, 0-2) 2

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Castro Valley (8-5, 6-0) –
Bishop O’Dowd (13-4, 5-0) .5
Berkeley (9-4, 5-1) 1
Alameda (8-9, 3-3) 3
San Leandro (3-2, 2-2) 3
Piedmont (5-7, 1-3) 4

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Mt. Eden (4-6, 3-3) –
Arroyo (5-9, 2-3) .5
San Lorenzo (2-8, 1-2) 1.5
Encinal (0-2, 0-2) 2
Hayward (0-10, 0-5) 2.5
Tennyson (0-8, 0-5) 2.5

Matt Smith

  • Jayhawk

    Head Royce beat Berkeley at the Albany tournament and should be ranked higher than them. One ranking spot is not indicative of how much better one team is over another but based on h2h play hrs has the advantage. It was a close match tht went to 3 games.

  • TS

    It still seems strange that, primarily by virtue of a win over Campolindo in an early tournament meeting (3 game match), BOD remains the top ranked team on your list, yet MaxPreps has Campolindo ranked #1 in the entire State for all DIII schools. Regardless of strength of schedule it appears that you will not alter their standings unless they meet again, which is not likely until NCS. Strange!? Am I missing something?

  • Matt Smith

    Yes, you are missing something. Maxpreps state and division rankings systems are incredibly flawed. They are done by a computer. Which means that O’Dowd could realistically beat them again if they played tomorrow and Campo would still be ranked ahead of them.
    Take the human element out of a rankings system, and you have the BCS, which was also a sham of a rankings system.

  • A

    Maybe you should explain the factors that u use to the ranking. A agree with u about Maxpreps ranking process. However there are some statistics accuracy on their calculations. The arguments could go both ways. Human judgements are not 100% accurate. It is based on his or her opinion. How many membors do u have on ur board to determine the ranking? If you have tten questions and the team that has most yes should be the top team. Remember numbers don’t lie and now aday success is measured by numbers and facts.

  • Matt Smith

    I do my rankings by myself. This is not an East Bay poll, like football, but just a rankings. I do them on a lot of factors, with head-to-head being one of them. Yes, maybe if Campo and O’Dowd played today, Campo would win. Maybe Albany would beat O’Dowd. Maybe Albany would beat Campo.
    So, with that in mind, head-to-head is a key factor. Also, what that team has done recently really matters. If O’Dowd were to go out and lose to someone in the East Bay, or to someone they shouldn’t, then they would drop.
    There are many other factors to consider as well. Like if a team goes five with a team it should beat more easily, and a team below them wins in three, it could equal movement.
    Volleyball is a hard sport to rank because they play so many tournaments and you never know if you have your full squad or if it was the team’s sixth match of the day.
    But I am doing my best.

  • Move along TS….is Cal Hi Sports next on your hit list? They ranked BOD #2 this week. Why do you continue to minimize BOD success?

    BTW – Maxpreps ranked Mitty 5th nationally and yes they might be the best team in Norcal but they’d have a tough time against top ranked teams from Socal and beyond.

    Keep up the good work Matt!

  • Loudfan

    Maybe the most interesting team in the top group is Las Lomas.

    Has anyone actually beaten Las Lomas his year? Yes, I know that they have lost 5 matches. I saw two of those losses and Las Lomas beat themselves both times.

    Last week’s match with Campo was a great example. Las Lomas was cruising 20-16 in set one and promptly fell apart. Service errors into the net, service errors long, failures on serve receives, etc. Campo won the first set 26-24 and proceeded to play with reasonably consistency while Las Lomas repeatedly committed unforced errors. Campo won the match in 3. I left the gym realizing that Campo was less talented than Las Lomas, yet was much more steady in its performance.

    Las Lomas put a run together in the DII NCS playoffs last year — and again last Saturday at the Concord tournament When they do not give a lot of points away, they are very tough to beat.

    And they are a tough team for Matt to rank. You never quite know what you are going to get from the Knights.

  • What?

    Not sure what you were watching at LL match. LL cruised in the first match? I thought LL had to comne back to tie at 24. therefore they were catching up to Campo. Both team had a rough first game. Unforce errors and lack of defense on both side. second game, Campo gained control the hole game and the third game they threw in their third strings to finished game three. How is Campo has less talent then LL when LL hasn’t prove they could win big games. who did they beat at Concord that worth mentioned? You must be LL parents.

  • A

    Loud fan
    Ll lost to Liberty and other teams that are not rank. Campo two losts to a very good teams. St Francis and Odow. I agree with What? LL is not in the same league as Campo. Campo gas too many talents.

  • DubC Vball

    Matt…you do a great job ranking the teams…rarely do I disagree with you, especially with the top 10. Loudfan, I also agree with your comments regarding Las Lomas and Campo. While the Knights have a lot of talent with their starters, Campo is more consistent and much deeper and that showed last week. LL did tweak the lineup a bit after that match, and they looked very strong at the Concord tournament, culminating with a raucous victory over San Ramon Valley in the final.

  • Loudfan

    Apparently my comments were misunderstood by a few of you. I guess I did not do a good job of expressing my view.

    The replies from “A” and “What?” are great because they prove the point I was trying to make.

    “A” noted that LL lost to an unranked team (Liberty). “What?” noted that Campo’s bench beat LL in game 3 of their match. This shows that it does not matter who is on the other side of the net when LL loses. LL loses when they beat themselves with unforced errors and mistakes. (I think “DubC” understood what I was trying to say.)

    This year LL is more talented than Campo. (Think of it this way… if a college volleyball coach has watched the match, she/he would be interested in more LL players than Campo players.)

    But having more talent does not mean that LL is the better team. It takes focus, and determination, and chemistry, and coaching to be the best team. Campo did a better job than LL in all of these other areas last week.

    BTW.. “What?”… I watch high school volleyball because I enjoy the sport. My daughter graduated years ago. I generally watch DFAL or EBAL matches and I know parents at many schools. If I have any bias it is that I root for Dusty Collins at Foothill. He’s a great coach and I always like to see his teams do well.

  • A

    Loud fan
    Beside LL middle (Borge?) I don’t know who at LL are good. Campo setter is better, campo outside hitter is better campo DS is better. Not sure what skills you are looking at. Just saying and u r in title to ur opinion. Dont get me wrong. LL will do well in NCS in D2 because of the level of competion in that division.


    Loudfan perhaps you can scan up and see how Matt assesses teams, and does a very good job at it. Head-to-head tells a lot, and the simple factor the matter is that LL could not even take a single set off Campo on their own home court. Performance matters. Results matter.

    Campo is deeper, more talented and I’ll grant you — they are also more consistent (a mark of a better team). LL has several losses to mediocre teams. Campo has lost twice to very good teams. This one is not even close if you are objective about it.

    Agree that LL may do alright in D2 NCS because it is a much weaker division than D3

  • TS

    First to Dragoneer: No intentions to besmirch BOD at all. I am just one who feels that “strength of schedule” should be a primary consideration as a season progresses. a “best of three” match early in the season should not overshadow several wins against strong opponents afterwards. Let’s hope they cross paths again before NCS. It would be a great match.
    Second to Loudfan: No offense to LL, but I do not know how you can make those statements comparing the rosters. LL may have one, perhaps two DI caliber players and perhaps a few that have the talent to play in college at a lower level (no insult at all). But to say that they have better players than Campolindo is ridiculous. Campo has three players from their State Championship team of two seasons ago (all DI caliber), several sophomores with upsides and potential college opportunities, and a 6’1″ freshman that is starting and definitley has the potential for DI. By your thought process, LL has never been beaten; they have only beaten themselves. I guess perhaps you missed the good serving, multiple blocks, and powerful kills Campo that I saw. Lastly, it is a team sport and how well a player can mesh with her teammates, perform her duties at any given time, and hold up under pressure is a key part of analyzing a players “talent”. I have been watching LL players self-destruct under pressure for the past few years. Unfortunately, you seemed to have forgotten that they still need to actually “play the game” and when you lose, usually your opponent had something to do with it!

  • Dan

    Loud fan
    Please define your definition of talent. Thanks

  • Be

    Has the all league MVAL for girls volleyball for 2012 season been determined yet?