East Bay football poll — 10/2

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 5-0 75 1
2. California 5-0 67 4
3. Concord 5-0 65 3
4. James Logan 5-1 63 2
5. El Cerrito 6-0 55 t5
6. Monte Vista 4-1 49 7
7. Foothill 3-2 41 t5
8. Freedom 4-2 40 8
9. Campolindo 5-1 37 9
10. Pittsburg 4-2 32 10
11. Bishop O’Dowd 4-1 23 12
12. Deer Valley 4-1 21 14
13. Antioch 5-0 17 13
14. Acalanes 5-1 8 15
15. Clayton Valley 4-1 5 NR

Also receiving votes: Amador Valley (2-3, 1 point), Newark Memorial (4-1, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Bluty

    How about a proposal for teams losing in their section final to still be eligible for Nor-Cal/SoCal regional playoffs, but only if the team they lose to is selected to the Open division. Obviously this applies mostly to NCS D1 teams as we all expect DLS to be chosen to the Open each year, but could be in place statewide. Would give some great teams (i.e. Cal High ’10) at least an opportunity to be selected to the state D1 games.

  • Voice of Reason

    Okay Junior, I will play your little game………….

    What public schools have over DLS:
    1) Do not have to pay tuition
    2) Do not have to travel as far to go to school
    3) Certainly some of the other public high schools have nicer facilities. Even I am not a big fan of Owen Owens field.

    There may be other minor advantages but nothing substantive.

    I wonder if you will ever be able to acknowledge the single biggest reason (note: not the only reason) DLS dominates the way they have, and will continue to do so, is because they are the only D1 private school in NCS, centrally located in East CC County, with the capability of drawing some of the best student athletes from Contra Costa, Solano & Alameda counties (as they have done for 30 years). Though they are very similar to WCAL schools, even they don’t come close to enjoying the population reach of DLS, over 1.5 million people, which they share with no other D1 school.

    Again, Lad & his coaches are the best at what they do, but you don’t win 20 NCS D1 championships, several state and mythical national championships, without first having access to some of the best student athletes in numbers no other school in northern california, public or private, can ever hope to match.

  • TJ

    Number 2 is the exact reason DLS is at an advantage… Kids have the opportunity to travel that distance if they choose to.

  • Funny, DLS did not look like they had the best atheletes in area last nite, especially defensive backfield. The best aren’t 5-8- 5-10 and a buck fity or 160.
    The system won 20 straight, period. that system enhances the player’s ability and lives thru-out their high school years.
    They play hard all 4 quarters, great shape, great attitude , great coaching, perfect as you call it storm.You are correct on the div1 geo advantage, same advantage as poly, mission viejo, etc. With the new transfer rules publics can transfer anywhere they want too, MV, Cal, SRV start you’re recruiting process on the other side of the tunnel if you desire.
    You should hang around after a DeLa game and see the size advantage they have LOL:).
    Bye the way, Foothill had some real good players I saw, QB , WR and LB. Could have something to do with Coach Sweeney and his system. It’s all about coaching in high school.

  • DVAL Watcher

    Polls outta be interesting next week. CVCHS Ugly Eagles lookin to be taken seriously. Concord oh the shame loosin to Northgate! Need to come out of the poll next week. Time out, sit in the corner that was @&$/ embarrassing #¥^*%#!!!!!!!

  • headlines DLS struggles vs. Foothill, well the Spartans ended inside the Foothill 10 and took 2 knees- mabey 41-17, is that a struggle?
    Foothill played a hell of a game within 10 twice, Spartans had several long runs called back as usual for suspect calls way after the plays or tak on another 150 yds of offense and 2 more scores. DLS also dropped several picks.
    Coach Sweeney is a class act. Foothill was prety pumped up and chests high after the game. Good for all concerned.

  • I would like to see a Deer Valley vs. Logan game in the playoffs. The 2 biggest high schools in the Eastbay. What would happen?

  • rander16

    Why is it, that whenever another team challenges De La Salle, it’s because De La struggleg or didn’t play great. Look, no one expected Foothill to even make it a game last night, but they played hard and kept the score respectable. But as Big Joe says, De La struggled and they had points taken off the board…..c’mon man! You can’t always have it your way!

  • there were points taken off the board- there were no points taken off the board on foothill- I think I said very strongly that foothill played a great game and DLS stunk on certain aspects- I could say other things about DeLa but I am not going that way on the blog- they better figure it out. Foothill is better than their 3-3 record.

  • DeLa will prevail. Good opponent next week also in Amador. Got a feeling the passing game will pick upfor the Spartans.

  • i like football

    i like football

  • Voice, Re: #101
    One could argue that there’s no private in SoCal that has the drawing power conveniance of DLS. Most of the “big” privates down there have to compete with other “big” privates (and publics) in their nearby area for the top student athletes in the local area. This is probably why there are so many transfers (it’s been running rampant in the Southland for years; we’re “pikers” up here compared to them!) in the SS.
    One program that’s kind of a mystery to me is Jesuit in Carmichael. Like DLS/CHS, there in an area with about the same population that DLS/CHS draw from, similar demographics, no other “big” privates to compete for athletes with (there is Christian Bros., but it’s about half Jesuit’s size, and several very small “Christian” schools), and actually has about 200 more students than DLS/CHS. Year in and year out, the Marauders football is generally just better than so-so for D1. Another school in similar circumstances is Damien of LaVerne in the SS. My guess is that these schools don’t have have the budget for student aid that most of the private powers have.
    Anyway I’d appreciate comments from anyone that knows more about this.

  • Voice of Reason


    This is where you have to credit DLS for hiring Ladouceur over 30 years ago. It took a special coach to turn that program into what it has become. It doesn’t matter if you have access to all those student/athletes if you don’t have a program they want to come to.

    Case in point, three seasons ago the DLS baseball team came in last place in the EBAL because their coaching staff was in transition from Steen to Castello to Jeans.

    Also, its not just DLS football. Look at other sports like basketball & soccer; two sports where DLS has tremendous coaches and a history of success. Jesuit would have to be able to build a program with a coach that commands respect, and win a few years, before Jeusit could leverage the advantage they have in attracting the top student/athletes in that particular sport.

  • epcthree

    There are all sorts of reasons as to why De La Salle has been dominant these past 30 years.

    It starts with the hiring of Bob Ladouceur. Although I am several years younger than Coach Lad, I have known him personally since my own days in San Ramon. Both my siblings attended SRVHS with him. Although I have been coaching now for many years, I still consider him a mentor.

    Coach Lad began his coaching career as an assistant at Monte Vista under his good friend, Rob Stockberger. Prior to taking over at MV, Stockberger had taught and coached at Cal High. What if Stockberger had been offered the Varsity job at CHS instead of Mark Uhrenholt? What if Ed Hall, the coach at DLS doesn’t resign after the ’78 season? What if CHS had hired Ladouceur instead of Uhrenholt? What if DLS doesn’t hire Ladouceur – at the time it was a big surprise he was even considered, let alone hired! The answers to these questions are moot because the stars aligned and Coach Lad ended up at DLS; the perfect place for him AND the school.

    He became successful because quite simply he is a great high school football coach. Because he is at a private school, both the kids and their parents who want them to play for a good team take note of his success and choose to enroll their kids there. Success breads more success.

    I must say that the idea that DLS gets only average athletes and somehow turns many of them all into superior college-level and ultimately pro-level football players is frankly a disingenuous argument. DLS gets more than their fair share of in-coming superior athletes in great part because of the success that Coach Lad has had and continues to have. This is not to minimize the efforts of Coach Lad and his program; certainly not ALL DLS players are NFL bound! There have been plenty of sub 200 pound linemen over the years at DLS ; plenty of QB’s that weren’t the most talented; plenty of players that Coach Lad and his program DID take and turn into not only better individual players but more importantly; contributors to a superior team concept.

    It’s no mistake that the Offensive Line coach at DLS is Bob Ladouceur. Their line play is, without a doubt, the main ingredient to their success. It’s also not surprising that while DLS sometimes seems to start out their season slowly, by the end of the year, they are nearly unbeatable. The team concept is nowhere more apparent than on the offensive line. By the end of the season, they are in such synchronization and get off the ball so quickly that it almost appears they could be called for movement on every play!

    The overall success of DLS is due to many things; Coach Ladouceur, the support he received from the school, his assistants, success breading success, the desire of athletes and parents to compete in a proven successful program and many, many other reasons beyond these.

    One last comment, specifically to some of you who support DLS on these threads. I am constantly astounding at the vitriol and abuse that is used by some of you in your defense of De La Salle. I understand that it is indeed tiresome to hear the same arguments and accusations year after years; “DLS recruits”, “DLS pays for all their players”, “DLS fixes grades”, ad nauseam. I get it – it’s a pain in the rear to listen to and to have to argue. That said those of you who name call and heap abuse on other posters or worse, other schools and kids – I ask only what I’ve asked before; Do you think Coach Lad would approve of these responses?

    As I said, I understand it’s frustrating to have to argue the same points over and over again, but as Coach Ladouceur pretty much does ALL the time… take the high road and show courtesy and respect. If it’s easier, simply ignore it. But quit crawling around in the gutter; DLS and their program deserves better than that.

  • The Ghost

    Having a great time with this board in 2012!

    I don’t really care that much about DLS and all of their success but do know they are a beatable team. It will take an opponent to view DLS as a faceless team, as Chip Kelly, Oregon Head Coach calls their opponents each week.

    DLS has a mystique that Coach Ladouceur has built over decades of success.

    Finally, as EPCthree above me so eloquently writes … take the high road DLS. Your team doesn’t lose due to a variety of reasons … most have been hit on above … show some class and appreciate the good fortune you’ve had.

  • renegades10

    DLS gets their athletes yes. That is an undeniable fact. Michael Hutchings didn’t show up as an average player. He was starting both ways as a freshman on an undefeated JV team. What Lad does do better than just about any coach is his ability to maximize someone’s talent. That isn’t to say that Hutchings wouldn’t be a star at his local high school. But I’m not sure he would be the same player. Where I think Lad’s ability to reach kids really shines is what he does with players who aren’t the natural born football stars.

    A comment I read on a different board that I think holds true is that too many people pay attention to the 1 or 2 star players when ranking teams but not enough attention is paid to players 3-22. I think a perfect example of this is Lincoln (Stockton), who have a USC bound RB and Elite 11 QB but sits at 3-3 with two blowout losses.

    As it relates to DLS football, Lad and his staff are able to transform average football players into great HIGH-SCHOOL football players. I don’t believe these players would be the same players on a different team. So while Hutchings, Hoop, Egu, and co. get the headlines it’s the players like Pat Oswald, Larry Ross, and David Ogburn that really serve as an example of what Lad means as a coach.

    It’s a perfect storm that has blended together into a dynasty.

  • Prep Fan

    Nice post EPC3, as usual. Just as it is tiresome for all of us to hear the same arguments and accusations year after year about how “DLS recruits”, “DLS pays for all their players”, “DLS fixes grades”, it is just as tiresome to hear the vitriol from some DLS backers who think they can sway public opinion by trying to bully other posters. Just the opposite is true as it can make people start to hate on DLS. And it’s not just DLS backers, there are plenty of people who don’t hesitate to get nasty on these boards.

    Renegades10 is one who consistently takes the high road and doesn’t try to belittle other posters or their teams, or think that he is somehow better than others since he backs DLS. He’s a level headed poster that I think Lad would approve of.

  • Junior

    @101. You listed some nice public advantages. Here are two other BIGGIEs:
    -Feeder programs (see the SJS public schools)
    -No entrance exams.

    So we agree both publics and privates have advantages, that is a first around here. Where you go wrong is you believe open enrollment in DLS’s area is the biggie.

    Your theory is destroyed by the lack of success Jesuit has had in a nearly identical situation as DLS. In fact, Jesuit likely has easier access to a larger population. The same case in Fresno Exists with San Joaquin Memorial. Neither team has done anything with this so called huge advantage. Publics dominate in those sections and they can do the same in the NCS with the real reason why DLS dominates: leadership. With great leadership, a number of nor cal teams could get in DLS’s class.

    Another large problem with your theory is it weighs the importance of the athlete too heavily. There are so many examples of the team with fewer athletes winning. In 2011, SRV had as many D1 athletes as DLS. Football is too team intensive. Besides, does anyone really believe SRV does not have the same players on LOS as DLS? How in the world do DLS lineman own the LOS without the almighty D1 player? The typical DLS lineman can be found all over the EBAL-they just don’t have the same coaching, strength and conditioning. A DLS advantage? Heck yes…. But it can be duplicated with the right…… Leadership.

    You also conveniently forget DLS was a nobody. Just like Berean Christian, Moreau, Valley Christian, Bently, ST Marys, ST Patricks….

    BTW-your 1.5 MM claim is really lame. If that were true, how in the world are only 400 or so applying to DLS? Nonsense. Do some research, Bellarmine has won a lot in the WCAL with your supposed “hyper competition” for students. Same with ST Francis in the 80’s and 90’s. One team can and has dominated down there.

    You should try to enjoy the excellence of the Green Machine. Not sure we have many more years to watch them dominate-Lad and Eidson are getting close to hangin’ ’em up. When that happens, if you are honest with yourself, you will understand the true reason for the Spartans success.

  • FNL680

    R10 (a recent DLS grad) has stated in a previous post there are about 1,000 applicants for 320 spots. He’s also posted the history/names of some FB players transferring in as sophs.
    Again, nice info EPC. The whole organization can be congratulated for what has been an epic chapter in high school football history.

  • F680- yes 1000 seems right- however they take 320 or less. Some of the rest go on a waiting list, depending if anyone drops out of the orginal applicants. That means they have 320 to draw from.
    That’s not a very big freshmen class. Most of them from Catholic grammar feeder schools. No way are they geeting a big representation from 1.5 million households.
    So who cares, they have students applying from everywhere.
    I know ex-players from SPSV that were all everything all region and college invited walkon’s that didn’t get in and went on waiting lists.
    Since you are Bob Lad’s best friend from high school you should ask him about the secret society at DLS. If you know Terry Edison, then get your info from him.
    Why get second-hand info from ex-players and bloggers?
    One more question, did your son(s) play football since you are an ex coach and did they ever apply to DLS?
    Is this a fair question or does go against everything Lad and Edison have taught there? No hard feelings as the majority of DLS bloggers according to you don’t uphold the Christain Bros. traditions and beliefs. Bye the way, are you Catholic? We know, you are the expert because you know Lad.

  • Jesuit will enjoy success with Marlon Blanton there.

  • 680 dude, are you serious? epic chapter in high school
    history? are you refering to the streak or all the advanatges that DLS has?
    Heck, you or anyone else can’t find 1 recruit violation or anything else in the last 34 years at that school. Now that’s a record.
    Can’t beleive that you coach. A coach would find a way to get better, not complain and since DLS has only been in the EBAL the last several years that’s not enough history to be bitter about getting beat by them. Let’s see, you said SRV, well after getting beat last year in those 2 games with the div 1 player of the year and other div 1 players, I would suggest as a coach the other voids are filled in to provide a tougher comp to the Spartans. I think the Spartans played your team very well and didn’t run up scores. In fact, taking knees in both games and liberal subs kept the score from going into the sixties.
    I don’t think Lad or any other DLS coach would find it offensive to just state facts. 2nd and third teamers are not getting stats because of DLS philosphy- that doesn’t occur in too many programs.

  • FNL680

    BJmamaDog- just post under one handle. Easier to follow convoluted logic. Just because someone chats with a coach…makes them a coach? LOL.
    Reread the post. See if you comprehend a compliment to DLS. And yes, had players who respected all, feared none. Capiche?
    EPC, I’m sorry your eloquent post has little impact on the masses. Well said though.

  • Voice of Reason

    Junior, you just don’t get it do you? Jesuit would be another DLS if they had Lad or a “Lad type coach”. The program has to have some success first before it can leverage the “no boundaries” advantage. At this point in time Jesuit has nowhere near the type of coach or success in the football programto be able to be like DLS.

    Most impotantly, 99% of DLS’s advantage is exactly because they can draw from a poulation base of more than 1.5 million people. CC county alone has over 1 million people. When you include Alameda countiy cities Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Oakland, and SJ County cities Vallejo, Benicia and Fairfield, you surpass 1.5 million people. I’m sure you are well aware Junior that DLS has had student athletes from all these cities and more and continue to do so.

    Finally, I have a personal story. DLS has a junior on the varsity team that is not a starter and only gets time when they are ahead late, like many DLS players. This particular player is an incredible athlete and football player who would be a front line starter at his local public school. Therein lies the advantage that DLS has over all local public schools; the incredible depth they have at all positions. Think about it, DLS has been hit particularly hard by the injury bug this season and they haven’t missed a beat. No public school can match their depth, not one.

    Don’t kid yourself that the gravy train of student athletes will end when Lad retires. As long as he leaves the football program in capable hands, DLS will cotinue to draw the very best football players from that 1.5 million base. That’s the beauty of what Lad has created and that no other private school the size of DLS can hope to attain.

  • Junior

    @123 99% of the DLS success is based on open enrollment and Jesuit can’t win? A monkey could coach your 99% team. You are in denial land.

    Interesting that you start off with D1 athletes being a measuring stick and now it is back ups who prove your point. Good chance that your freind would not be as good of a football player at another school because of……. Coaching.

    Here is another example that completely nullifies your theory: Cal hi before Sanchez. For years Cal was a horrible football school. One thing, just one thing changed and it wasnt open enrollment, and they become one of the best programs in Nor Cal. It was because Sanchez is a good leader. He built a program and the wins followed. Same talent. Different coach.

    Interesting that you keep ignoring the other private schools in DLS area that look just like the Spartans did in the 70’s. Only one thing changed at DLS……. Coaching.

    Don’t give up publics, SJS and Central sections are dominated by publics. You too can rise to the elite tier. It ain’t easy but has been done and can be duplicated here. Even tho many public school backers don’t believe in you, I do.

  • Voice of Reason

    It is useless trying to reason with you Junior. 20 consecutive NCS championships proves my point beyond a shadow of a doubt; it could never be done without the talent (from all cities in the east bay during that span) that lands at Lad’s doorstep.

    To listen to your specious arguments Junior, you would have us believe that if the DLS coaching staff, as good as it is, could take any public school and its limited enrollment area, lets say Amador Valley, and be able to win 20 consecutive section titles. Of course we know that would never happen; nor has it has it even remotely happened anywhere in California that a public school has won even close to 20 consecutive section championships. The law of averages and common sense (what you seem to be lacking, Junior) dictates a public school’s football program will rise and fall based on the relative number of athletes in their jurisdiction.

    The denial is yours, my friend; but keep beating the drum for DLS. Most of us on this blog do appreciate what a treasure Coach Ladouceur is to DLS and what he has created; and most of us support DLS when they play OOS games and the southern California powers in the SBG. The one thing most of us know, of course, is that the catalyst for fueling those 20 consecutive section championships is DLS ability to amass all that talent, both D1 prospects and capable backups (what depth!) that no other public school team in the NCS can match.

  • Junior

    Since your reading comprehension is lacking: I have never said DLS did not get talent. I said talent is way down the list of reasons for their success. you on the other hand stated that talent is 99% of the Spartan success-that is ignorant.

    There are examples of public teams dominating in the east bay, wonder why you ignore them. As you may recall, Miramonte has dominated water polo. This at a public school with 1,200 students. In your dream land, how can this be? You insist this is not possible, yet it is happening in your backyard.

    Unfortunately, you don’t understand excellence when it smacks you in the mouth. It is a very rare thing in HS sports. The wise understand leadership is by far the largest determination of HS sport success. No doubt other factors need to be there, but no great leadership = no great results.

    The talent angle is especially untrue in the most team intensive sport around: football. It might help if you closely watched the LOS play as that might open your eyes a bit.

  • Voice of Reason

    Denial, denial, denial. It all starts and ends with the over abundance of talent. What Lad has created has turned into a monster; success begets success. I would venture to say that over the last 20 years DLS has cranked out more college football players than all the other 20 D1 NCS teams combined in the same time span.

    By the way, the Miramonte Water Polo dominance proves that within a 20,000 population base they are able to crank out top flight WP athletes, year in and year out, WITHOUT having to have student athletes drive from halfway across the county to go to the school. Truly amazing. If you knew anything about the Lamorinda swim scene you would understand the passion they have for swimming in general and Water Polo in particular. Quite a few olympians have come from Lamorinda as a result. Thank you for helping me prove my point Junior! We would all be in awe of DLS if they could have produced those 20 consecutive titles by having their student athletes come from a community of 20,000 or even 50,000. But of course we know DLS’s area is up to 75 times the size!

  • Junior

    Can someone get me some of that magical Miramonte water? What an amazing discovery. I have heard of the fountain of youth, but now the pool of great water polo players.

    First it was the 99% comment, now DLS moe than all 20 schools? Comedy X two.

    It has yet to dawn on you that DLS is unique. You claim the advantages and yet DLS is the only example of these advantages. And it is only the football team.

    If D1 talent equaled success the OAL would be the best league around-hands down.

    Lastly-you wouldn’t be in awe of DLS. You are too jealous and ignorant to appreciate excellence.