East Bay football poll — 10/2

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 5-0 75 1
2. California 5-0 67 4
3. Concord 5-0 65 3
4. James Logan 5-1 63 2
5. El Cerrito 6-0 55 t5
6. Monte Vista 4-1 49 7
7. Foothill 3-2 41 t5
8. Freedom 4-2 40 8
9. Campolindo 5-1 37 9
10. Pittsburg 4-2 32 10
11. Bishop O’Dowd 4-1 23 12
12. Deer Valley 4-1 21 14
13. Antioch 5-0 17 13
14. Acalanes 5-1 8 15
15. Clayton Valley 4-1 5 NR

Also receiving votes: Amador Valley (2-3, 1 point), Newark Memorial (4-1, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Monte Vista, SRV and Miramonte have a lot more money than DLS for sports. Their parents have a lot more money. Check out the booster clubs and the price it costs for atheletes, in LaMorinda it was $ 200 per player at one time- all sports- don’t know if this still exists. As far as Lad, he’s a teacher for 33 years(religion). With that tenure I am sure he makes good bucks. There’s public school teachers with that kind of tenure that are making $ 90 plus.
    Lad runs a football camp, guest speaking, clinics, etc. what he gets is his business. As far as his staff, some are teachers like Edison for the last 30 years, again tenure. Alioti a teacher plus the dean and tenure. There is very little turn over for teachers at DeLaSalle. Something to be said for on-campus coaches.
    Come out and see a game or too and mabey you will get it.
    Junior it’s the same old stuff. Funny how the socal and SJS powerhouses don’t have these underfunding? and whining issues.

  • The Ghost

    Not interested in more cool-aid from the DLS camp … the success of the program speaks for itself.

    Not a level field and everyone knows it, period.

  • The info is for everyone- so if you are not interested that’s your business. Never said it was a level playing field- just stating the facts- if you think it’s kool-aid that’s your opinion.
    Better system, better coaching, better conditioning and student-atheletes are the keys.
    Again, same goes for SoCal and SJS section powers- they dominate their leagues- same principles.
    There’s no level field either at Poly, Mission Viejo, other Catholic powers and national teams.
    The top schools put more emphasis into their program than others.

  • The Ghost

    My assertion all along:
    Private Schools should play Private Schools
    Public Schools should play Public Schools
    Doesn’t matter if it’s NoCal, SoCal, SJS, or anywhere in the United States.

  • junior

    Amen Ghost- lets let the minority (the complainers/excuse makers) rule the day and segregate already.

    I hear ya BigJoe.

  • Prep Fan

    I was of the understanding that DLS wanted to have independent status, so they could schedule other like schools who were able to put similar emphasis into their programs. The EBAL just decided to let them have what they had before and wanted. They are segregating themselves. If they are completely independent next year, hopefully they will continue to play some of the top level EBAL programs each year as well as going back to scheduling their old rival Pitt every year.

  • What’s wrong with privates playing public powers?
    Poly wanted DeLaSalle and so did Mission Viejo. We could go to super leagues, but then power schools will be knocking off each other and only a select few can win leagues and move on to playoffs.
    This super league type problem exists in SoCal now in the trinty league and others. The top SoCal teams are knocking off others so some really great teams are not making the playoffs.
    I do understand the other side of the coin and these types of teams(DeLaSalle included) completely dominated teams and those teams not having a chance to win the playoffs. However, at least they are making the playoffs. The NCS for one has way too many teams making the playoffs, however its good for the kids and revenue. Mabey super teams are restricted in who they schedule by size, strengh, ratings , etc. DLS doesn’t schedule patsies out of league like some schools. I have no problem with DLS going completely private in a league and still play top notch publics out of league. However I think it stops with football. The EBAL should continue to play DLS in all other sports.

  • Stewie

    Private school haters, DLS haters ..grow up and get a life.

  • Prep Fan

    MV vs. Cal

    I’m looking for the MV team that blasted Pitt 44-14 a few weeks back to show up tomorrow night, as opposed to the team that managed to score just 14 on a Foothill defense that gave up 41 to Freedom and 36 to Cal. Foothill was able to shut down Chang and the MV running game and I’m sure a lot of coaches are reviewing tape of that game to see just how they did it. Bergman was able to right the ship against Granada last week as the Stangs put up 48. Cal has beaten MV twice in a row for the first time in school history after last year’s comeback win and is now looking to make it 3.

  • FNL680

    La Salle did not dominate Cal in weeks 10 2008 and 2010. If Cal knows the onside kick rule in ’10, and stop Knowles’ 40 yd td with 4:00 go might have led to a slightly different tone from some faithful. Cal did not back down the past five years and neither did MV in 09.
    @44, you think the FB coaching fraternity is going to air their laundry? Not going to happen.
    Curious, when will Sparta take on Euless, or Elder or Trinity or….?

  • FNL680

    Prep fan- Cal’s hot vs MV right now with those two fb wins, added with baseball going 3-0 this past season, knocking the #3 seed Mustangs out in the semis. The Washington and Farley connection in the EB vs Sacto Holiday Classic DID help Bergman get the W in that game.

  • renegades10

    Outsider, yep got one semester left up here. Currently working for the football team in their video department. Got to travel to LSU a few weeks back which was fun to say the least. A few Bay Area boys up here playing (even though the season has been rough to say the least). Najee Lovett (St. Mary’s/Contra Costa College) has been a starting receiver since he stepped foot on campus this summer. That big O-lineman from Heritage, Oliver, is a freshman this year. Camryn Harris (Valley Christian-Dublin) is a freshman receiver playing with the 2nd team. Jeremiah Walters (McClymonds) is 2nd team D.

    Going back to the original point, I think it has gotten to the point for Cal where they consistently will field good to great teams. I think at least one game against a WCAL or SJS power would be a start.

    FNL, DLS beat Elder in 06 in Ohio

  • Prep Fan

    R10, Cal played Del Oro in 09 and Bellevue in 08, both on the road, & both since the cited Elder matchup. It wouldn’t be a start but a continuation. They took on Pitt this year, and now play mighty DLS every season, in addition to EBAL stalwarts MV, SRV, Foothill, etc, so it is not like they don’t face good competition. They are well challenged every season. As much publicity as Logan got with their upgraded schedule this year, I still maintain Cal is playing a much tougher schedule, even without any WCAL or SJS schools. They used to go out of state for camp under Sanchez as well. It’s my understanding they quit making the long travels due to $$ considerations as many of the parents didn’t/or were not able to make the suggested playing fees to keep travel like that possible. Big deal a couple of years back that most Cal people know what I am referring to. Things may change in the coming years. We’ll see.

  • junior

    FNL680- you are not implying DLS does not play nationally elite teams are you?

    How in the world can ANY Cal fan defend their non league schedule of the last 3 years? They have played ONE quality opponent in those years (Del Oro). It is embarrassing the quality of teams they have scheduled. The money issue is BS. They can just as easily go to San Jose to play a CCS team than play CV.

    No excuse Grizzlies. If SRV and Logan can schedule up, so can you.

  • s1lverngreen

    Hey Gades,
    Interesting fact about Najee L. my son played Pop Warner with him and he was a stud back when he was 9 or so! Glad to hear he is doing well for the Vandals.If DLS were to go independent, I think the only two schools in the EBAL that would seek them out would be Cal and Foothill (not so sure on Foothill, however, my understanding is that Sweney is a great coach and likes to challenge his kids)

  • concrete17

    #40,46,52,54 The Ghost has posted:

    “My assertion all along:
    Private Schools should play Private Schools
    Public Schools should play Public Schools”

    “Resources are dramatically different between Private and Public Schools.”

    “My main point is centered upon Public Schools are differently run than a Private School (Academically and Athletically). And thus need to be classified separately.”

    “There’s no way you can take $$$$ out of the equation when you compare any athletic program. Money to afford better coaches, better facilities, better training equipment, meeting rooms, better, better, better, period.”

    “Not a level field and everyone knows it, period.”

    Weak-weak-weak….ad nauseum.
    It’s obvious there is 1, one, uno, un, private that really drives your posts; and credit you for not beating around the bush…about THAT NorCal private..DLS.I’m sure you’re not preoccupied about St. Elizabeth High or the St Joseph Pilots or the College Preparatory School’s unfair competitve advantages. Take DLS out of the equation whal-la the NorCal competitive field suddenly levels out ……………..hardly.
    Take almost any of your arguments(?) and put it into another perspective. The 680-24 Publics Corridor advantage over the 880 Publics Corridor. East of the Caldecott vs West of the Caldecott Publics.

    “Resources are dramatically different….” You got that right….Oakland High vs Campolinda, Let’s take a look at the aquatic centers and the libraries at both schools.

    “….Public Schools are run differently than a Private school (Academically and Athletically)….” McClymonds vs Miramonte, Hmmm let’s compare the number of academic and athletic offerings available at both Public schools.

    “There’s no way you can take $$$$ out of the equation when you compare any athletic program. Money to afford better coaches, better facilities,……… better, better, better, period.” Again you are right on the money (no pun intended) Monte Vista or San Ramon Valley funding vs the $$$$ available for ALL the High Schools in Richmond…..hardly a level playing field there.

    Let’s keep it even simpler….compare the cars in any of the 24-680 corridor public high student parking lots vs the 880 corridor public high staff/faculty parking lots.

    Fairness, level the playing fields, unfair advantages, please, save those alligator tears for the REAL unfairness.

  • Junior… Cal’s schedule this season is better than Logans. Did you read Zuber’s article last week??? Plus the preseason is only 3 games. They play Mission San Jose soon! And San Ramon started off 0-3 so I’m not sure what you are talking about.

  • Stewie,Ghost,Junior, Big Joe, and others who have recently commented about “publics” and “privates”;

    I hope I’m not being condescending when I say that I doubt if there ever will be a consensus as to what is fair in athletic competition concerning public and private(mostly Parochial, but increasingly “Christian” too,) high schools.
    However, I think more needs to be, and can, be done by most of the sections to try to “even the playing field” between public, private, and even charter schools.
    NCS, SDS, NS, determine playoff divisions strictly by the schools’ enrollment sizes (they do allow procedures for a school to petition to be “bumped” up to a higher division, though) with no distinction between public, private , or “anything else” high schools. CCS and SJS now use a “modified enrollment determination” system, but enrollment is still the key factor. CS, LACS, and SS determine a school’s playoff division primarily on its recent past years’ performance.
    I would like to see the enrollment only sections (which includes NCS) modify their playoff division placement criteria, at least have something like a 175% Coefficient(the school’s actual enrollment is multiplied by 1.75 to get a division placement enrollment) for private schools.
    Also, I would like to see more uniform criteria for post section playoff divisions throughout the state. Although I think it’s better now than when the Cal Bowls (CIF State Football Championships) began, the NorCal schools are nearly always having to “play up” against the SoCal schools.

    I would appreciate comments (or corrections) about this. I think a huge media blitz would help get some needed changes.

  • StopDropAndRumble

    Go cal. Thank you. The story is that once you schedule a team you are obligated to play them for two years. Both college park and Castro valley were tempted to play ebal teams knowing that there would eventually be an ebal vacancy (dls). Coach B opted out of college park after two years because they could not field a competitive team. Castro valley, at least this year, is respectable. The only team I question is Washington as our first tune up.

    Additional cal goes to st marys football camp and their first live scrimmage is against Pitt, James Logan, and dls. The formula seems to work based on where they are to date.

  • MySonWillKickYourPrepSchoolKidsAss

    You guys are ridiculous…speculation and kissing DLS ass or hating on them either way it doesn’t matter. You are wasting your breath. Get over yourselves and let the kids play. Ya it is fun to go back and forth, but if the area is ever going to grow and mature in football talent and football IQ you guys need to step your game up. That is why DLS beats everybody up is because they are smarter than everybody else. Fricken Little League Mentality from the Peanut Gallery. Deuces!!!

  • FNL680

    CHS has played a perennially nationally ranked team from 08-11 FIVE times, just-like-la Salle (DBP 2x, STA, Lakeland, BG, going 1-4). As PF points out, Cal even threw in Bellevue in 08. I don’t believe any historian would characterize Bellevue as soft.

  • Don’t care what the system is. Here’s the facts- other NCS teams like SRV, MV, Cal and Logan could go to state but would have to fall into a lower division.
    If they played open and 1st div they would be going against the likes of Mission Viejo, Santa Margra, Mater Dei, Centennial, Poly, Oaks Christian, etc. and would get handled. So can their enrollment get them to the 2nd div game? Here’s the other issue- the CCS and SJS also reps the North and their power teams like Bellarmine, Serra and the SJS are better represented and stronger than the EB teams, so they should go.
    In essance, whether DLS is playing private or not, the chances for EB large schools to go to state are very minimal. The CIF is not going to have private and public state bowls.

  • FLN680- are you suggesting Cal has played a national schedule and strength schedule anywhere near the Spartans? National schedules don’t mean the opponents have to be in the top 25. Elder, EvanChristian, St. Louis, Mullen and SoCal Mater Dei, Mission Viejo, Poly are also nationally ranked almost every year. Cal couldn’t beat the cheerleading squads from these schools.

  • epcthree

    A couple of comments to various posts above…

    Regarding the split of Public vs. Private; I am a proponent of this on the State Championship level. As far as whether private schools compete in leagues with publics, that is fine. I will point out however that only 1 state (New Jersey) has this separation currently.

    While discussing State Championships, California does not have nearly enough divisions. The state with the highest student population in the country has 5 (if you include the Open Division) state champions. Before anyone starts talking about the watering down of the accomplishment; please note that Texas, that bastion of High School football crowns 22 different state champions each season. I took a look at this a few years ago and came up with the following (note the counts were as a few years ago as well):

    Public Schools
    Div 9 3000 and up 114 Schools
    Div 8 2500-2999 125
    Div 7 2200-2499 132
    Div 6 1900-2199 117
    Div 5 1500-1899 140
    Div 4 1000-1499 138
    Div 3 600-999 102
    Div 2 300-599 102
    Div 1 0-299 73

    Private Schools
    Div 3 500 and up 78
    Div 2 200-499 130 (not all play football)
    Div 1 0-199 217 (not all play football)

    This means 13 different State Champions; still fewer than Texas, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Yes, more than other states, but due to the student population in California, I don’t see an issue with that.

    Next, onto the scheduling of opponents. Often times, the desire of a school (or more accurately a coach) to play a tougher schedule is at least partly out of their hands. In discussion with Tony Sanchez before leaving Cal High he told me that at least part of his reason was that although he wanted to schedule more out-of-state games, he couldn’t due to budget constraints. Also sometimes when teams are scheduled the contract is for two years – home and away, four years or even longer. A team that may have been strong at the beginning of a contract might fall a bit from a competitive standpoint. You can argue that a school shouldn’t sign contracts longer than two years, but there is something to be said for stability and even trying to establish out-of-league rivalries.

    As for Cal High’s resent non-league schedule; Del Oro was four years ago and was scheduled under Sanchez prior to his departure. That same year, CHS entered into long term contracts with Washington who was coming off of at least 2 straight NCS appearances and Castro Valley. CV certainly has not been a high-end program for some time, but they are close (logistically) and a less expensive opponent. CHS also had a two-year run with College Park, dropped them and scheduled Pittsburg, a perennial NCS power. Although I haven’t spoken directly to Coach Bellici on the topic, it wouldn’t surprise me to see CHS drop Castro Valley for a higher-end LOCAL opponent (although CV has certainly made great strides this season). The idea that CHS will schedule out-of-state powers or even long traveling in-state games is likely a thing of the past or at least a rarity in the future as pointed out by PrepFan in an earlier post.

    Finally, a little back up on the correction off some historical inaccuracies. As PrepFan pointed out, the entry of DLS into the EBAL was NOT a choice made by EBAL principals. The NCS forced the EBAL to take DLS in order to get them out of the BVAL where they had the same situation of playing league teams, but not counting toward league standings. At the time I felt it was the best league for DLS to be in and still feel that way. I don’t like the new scenario, nor did I like it back when DLS was in the BVAL.

    An argument can be made for DLS to compete as an independent. In past discussions with Coach Lad I know he has thought about it and there are pro’s and con’s to the idea. The reality is that if it were going to happen, it probably already would have.

    Finally the arguments about private schools having advantages; of course they do. But do schools in wealthy areas also have advantages? Of course they do! Does DLS recruit? My answer to that is so what if they do. If anyone here doesn’t think that public schools (including mine here in Colorado) don’t recruit than they really don’t understand the reality of the situation. What do you think one of the main reasons for High School coaches putting on Youth Football Camps is? “Recruiting” exists everywhere; it’s time to drop the argument. Before I leave it though, one last point – there is nothing in the rules saying that De La Salle (or any private school) can’t recruit if they want to. It’s time for everyone to quit tilting at windmills.

  • Prep Fan

    EPC3, Thanks for your always rational comments. You provide a nice unbiased perspective. I hope your team is doing well this year in CO.

  • Prep Fan

    FNL is right. Cal (and the other teams that are on DLS’ schedule) already play one of the top teams in the nation every year, in addition to the other strong teams in the EBAL. In 2010, they played a top 10 team twice. Should they attempt to seek out a tougher team than Sparty? I really don’t know why their schedule bothers certain people.

    Cal’s schedule was almost identical to MV’s this season, as both took on Pitt and CV. SRV did play some tougher teams in the preseason this year, and that is great if that is what they wanted to do. Logan upgraded their schedule, but it is still in no way touger than what Cal or MV faces. Logan is a very good team and will make some noise in the playoffs this year, but just because they upgraded doesn’t mean they play a tougher schedule than others that were already tough. They finish out with Irvington and MSJ, which should help them get healthy heading to NCS. Cal always plays DLS in week 10.

  • The Ghost

    Very well scripted … and you have done a nice job of accentuating my point on the resources (coaches, facilities, capital, parent involvement, demographics, regional differences,etc.) that dramatically effect each and every athletic program.

    It just so happens that the perfect storm exists for our friends at DLS! Great Coaches, Nice Facilities, Plenty of Capital, No Competition from Rival Private Schools, Strong Academics, Strong Alumni Support, on and on!

    Keep living in the DLS Fantasy World …

  • Outsider

    One you forgot is that because DLS always does so well and ends up going all the way through NCS playoffs and then to the state bowl games, their players get up to five extra games a season. That is a lot of reps. It just keeps building from year to year.

  • Ghost, we do not live in the DLS fantasy world- we live in the real world that DLS is dominating.
    Mabey your favorite school is living in the fantasy world because most likely they are never going to state in the large division. Drop down to lower divisions if possible and you still might not go. The DLS experience is like a college program and that’s never going to change. If your school can’t run that style of program then that’s their fault.
    Crenshaw, big inner city school turned it around and is in the hunt for the LA section title the last several years. Snoop Dog had a lot to do with that. Get yourself a snoop dog.
    One more think, us private parents are paying taxes supporting the public school districts we live in, in essence also supporting your kids, including very well to do highway 24 and 680 areas. You should be thanking us, very ungrateful as usual. Live that dream Casper.

  • FNL680

    @72- BJ- Apparently this drivelous blather has affected the basic premise of competition; “Respect all, fear none,” a la the A’s this season. I know a couple of players who competed for that, and label some key pushers as pathetic. Based on the “cheerleading” comment, it seems this thread has pushed a sensitive button. I don’t think Lad’s life work and Eidson’s comments to me after the ’10 onside kick game would support your position… not one, single, minutiae.
    Epc- very informative. Thank you.

  • CaliFootballFan

    EPC3 – wish you could help educate this well thought out logic to Nor Cal and CIF football….

    Kudos to Ghost, New2This ….for stoking up the fire this week and making some interesting reading for us all.

    stewie & big joe – does DLS give you a manual at the beginning of your volunteer pr duty or do you make this up as you go? You guys should start figuring out how to build your own independent blog for 2013….

    Gotta love FNL…..some great games to follow soon

  • renegades10

    Prep, I’ll admit a big part of my wanting Cal to play a tougher non-league stems from the fact I’m tired of seeing people complain that because DLS routinely beats the EBAL teams that the entire EBAL sucks. Or if DLS has a close game with an EBAL team (i.e. Cal 2010), it’s not because that team is any good but that DLS is just overrated. Granted this is more a national perspective than local but even the SJS guys think that DLS has gotten free passes by playing the EBAL essentially twice in the regular season and playoffs. I know that Cal is capable of beating a lot of the so-called CCS or SJS powerhouses and so having them go out and do that would show that the EBAL isn’t comprised of the crap teams people like to make it out to be. Again that’s more of a national and NorCal perspective than the local one obviously. Here’s a quote from Dallas Jackson, the guy in charge of rivals national high school site who puts together the national rankings,

    “I am sure we will have to hear about California High being undefeated when we get to the game even though they run though the wet paper bag schedule too.”

    Cal may not care overall about a national ranking etc… since they get to play DLS every year, but that is the perception from a guy who isn’t just some fan.

    I don’t expect Cal to travel out of state at all. I was aware of the long contracts they signed with the schools they have played. But this is B’s fourth year. Surely those contracts have ended after this year. Playing a SJS or CCS team requires a longer bus ride, nothing more. And I really am still surprised that a showcase hasn’t been put on with some of the top EBAL schools taking on some WCAL or SJS powers. Think it would be very well attended for some great football games.

  • junior

    The Cal faithful, being too defensive, are missing the BIG picture. You have a great program, you just don’t schedule as if you have a great program. You schedule wimpy. You don’t challenge your team enough. You sell your players short when you don’t challenge them in non league games.

    No doubt in my mind that 2010 Cal would have defeated Servite 7-8 times out of ten that year. The 2010 Friars were ranked in the top 10 of the nation and won the Pac 5 in back to back years.

    Grizzlies, step up and fulfill your potential. Quit acting like you are second rate.

  • Cal High playing Pitt and CV is not like playing Bellarmine, Mullen and St. Mary’s. Those teams would destroy Pitt and CV.. Monte Vista’s schedule not a tough one either. Step up EBAL powerhouses if you want to run or hang around the best.

  • Voice of Reason

    Ah, the domination that is De La Salle football. NCS champions 28 of the past 31 years, the last 20 in a row. I could suffer through the boasts and chest thumping of many of the DLS supporters if all those championships were accomplished on a level playing field………but as we all know, that is not the case.

    No need to rehash the how and whys, when you are the only D1 private high school out of 21 in NCS the system is set up in their favor. I don’t believe DLS recruits and I agree with Epcthree, I don’t care if they do. They have the best coaching staff in NCS, if not the state, if not the nation. They have a perfect storm swirling above Winton Drive in Concord and they know it. We need to all get over the advantage they have in drawing athletes that, when Lad gets through with them, make them into, pound for pound, the best HS football athletes in the state.

    My beef has always been that not one of the other 20 D1 public school programs will ever, repeat ever, have a chance to play in the D1 northern California regional game, much less the State Championship game, as the system is currently laid out. At least the CCS has the ability to possibly qualify two D1 teams into the regional games at the Open and D1 level. Why the NCS opted not to follow this format is a slap in the face to the other 20 NCS D1 progams.

    So, while I applaud what they have accomplished, respect how they annually graduate fine young men, marvel at the committment each player has to the “brotherhood”, I wonder why I never hear a DLS supporter on these blogs state they wish they were put in a more competitive environment, such as becoming a member of the WCAL or come up with some other solution. Then again, I suppose if I were an ardent DLS supporter, I wouldn’t want the status quo to change either.

  • junior

    Lets see if Voice has an ounce of objectivity… can you name one, JUST one advantage public schools have over DLS? Just one.

    DLS would dominate the WCAL, the Trinity, the SFL, you name it… there is not a league in CA that DLS would not dominate. there is nowhere for the Green Machine to go. I wish they would leave the skirt wearing EBAL league- I pray for that every week.

    Status quo? what a moronic, ignorant statement. DLS has challenged themselves at every turn.

  • Well you can here it now and it has been repeated before.
    The WCAL doesn’t want DLS. DLS has beaten the best of the WCAL for the last 30 years. They have played all of them, some some close games, but have never lost.
    Makes no differance to me if they can get into that league but that means the other WCAL teams don’t win league and are don’t get a very high seed for CCS. Almost the same as EBAL except private not public. So does DLS go to the CCS playoffs if in they win the league? Have no problem skipping the NCS playoffs- DLS moves a a Northern playoff. The Northern playoff system would have to be more than 1 game so CCS, SJS, NCS and DLS can play. 3 section champs and DLS playoff- ok with me.
    Here’s the problem, have to restructure the section playoffs for that to happen because not enough time after sections to get in 2 games plus play state.
    What or who does DLS play while waiting for the section or NCS playoffs to finish- 2 or 3 week bye?
    Mabey they play a SoCal or National team after season but they have their own playoffs in place by then.
    Rebuild the NCS for a super league, remember that will be publics because in the NCS no other private would be good enough to be in that super league.
    Super League, DLS, MV, Cal, Logan, Pitt who else?
    That means the other leagues these teams came from have less schools.
    That’s ok with me, remember also the super league teams will be getting lots of playoff berths because knocking themselves off should not penalize them. You put DLS where ever you want, SoCal and national schedule only- ok- but they still represent NorCal if they take that venue.
    In the end, DeLaSalle will the majority of the time represent NorCal, it still comes out in the end as before.
    Now if you think playing a national and SoCal schedule and lossing some games takes them out of the state playoff system then it then becomes a tactic to penalize DLS even though they play the best schedule. I don’t think the NCS wants DLS out because they are good for business and the NCS wants state playoff represention.

  • renegades10

    #84…Every DLS supporter has been ardently wanting to go back to being semi-independent to have a more competitive environment. In regards to NCS, the D1 system sucks because there are hardly any D1 teams in NCS. The Open thing wouldn’t work because how many teams would want to be in a bracket with DLS. The best teams would be forced into a bracket with DLS and thinking about teams like Marin Catholic, Campolindo, Cardinal Newman, Concord, etc… means the other potential reps for NCS in a regional game just got that much weaker at the lower levels.

    I have rehashed this many times over, DLS looked into becoming a member of the WCAL in the late 90’s. The WCAL, much like the EBAL, wanted full membership in all sports. That isn’t feasible for DLS. For football only, DLS would’ve done it. But that’s because all football games are on fridays or saturdays (except for freshmen). Most sports have meets, matches, games during the week and can you imagine trying to be a top student if you’re missing classes consistently to get through the traffic on time and not getting back until 10:30 or 11 at night.

  • Prep Fan

    Voice, I agree with your observation that no NCS D1 program has a chance to play for a regional or state bowl game. If NCS were run like CCS, then a team like Cal or MV might have more incentive to load up their schedule with tougher outside teams to beef up their bowl selection chances. But the way it is run here, the only way to get into those bowls is to beat DLS, then the selection would almost be automatic, assuming that DLS didn’t lose to a 3-loss team.

    Cal gets challenged quite a bit every year. Tonight against MV is a big challenge that I hope the Grizz is up for. The big measuring stick is the DLS game, and Cal has done better than most in that game since DLS switched leagues. I know that the DLS supporters want the teams that DLS routinely beats in league to be able to knock off other elite teams as R10 indicates, as it reflects on how DLS is veiwed by the national and state media & poll voters. Teams like Cal and MV don’t follow those type of polls as they have no stake in them. I sincerely doubt that Billeci makes out his schedule based on how other schools might be viewed, even though he is a DLS grad. I think it is cool that DLS plays a national schedule, and take pride in their accomplishments as I know kids on the squad and they represent the East Bay. As much as DLS fans may not want to admit it though, Cal or MV’s situations are different from DLS’ situation.

  • Play DLS like Norte Dame did years back. Automatic bowl bid- state bowl that is. The NCS picks up the the travel expenses.
    That also means kids out of school by weds. or thurs. when they travel. DLS academics will never go for that.
    Here’s another idea- the NCS leagues offer up 1 or 2 opponents to play DLS every year. No lower level league teams only the best. All games at Winton Drive.
    That should be fair, SRV, Cal , MV, Pitt, Logan and a few others all in a row.

  • junior

    Or this crazy idea… some school sack up and actually beat DLS.

    What a bunch of Un-American, defeatist, quitters.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Junior, I think in the last couple of Years Serra came close. Has anyone in the Area done better than 14-7?

  • Old Former- Clayton Valley actually tied them back in 2004. DLS went 8-3-2 but still pounded and I mean pounded the NCS playoffs. They still ended up # 1 in NorCal. That’s the year the streak stopped and they had a tie, and 2 other losses to socal and frenso teams.

  • Old Former- bye the way- ODOWD vs. Jets tonite- right? If ODOWD is upset Perenon will be back at ODOWD.

  • Prep Fan

    Yeah, all the other teams in NorCal are quitters since they haven’t beaten DLS since Pitt did some 20 years back. Great way to look at it Junior. How humble. It couldn’t be any other factors involved.

  • concrete17

    @ 76.The Ghost posted:
    “Very well scripted … and you have done a nice job of accentuating my point on the resources (coaches, facilities, capital, parent involvement, demographics, regional differences,etc.) that dramatically effect each and every athletic program.”

    Thank you (I think)….and my point was that within the Publics which you advocated segregating, exists the very same discrepancies you decry as unfair. Once in a while I would like to hear the “Publics for Publics” posters along the 680-24 Corridor to admit to possessing the same advantages, the same “un-level playing fields” with many other publics that they heap in their public-private crtiques

    “Keep living in the DLS Fantasy World …”
    If that’s what you took from my response I’ll try posting in another language to assist in comprehension. If anything your obsession with the Green and Silver whale might inspire you to convert your posting name to Captain Ahab.

    Ghost….Prepcorner must be loving you dude, the number or reponse-posts are spiking off the charts. Anytime you can fire up Renegades or EpcThree to post I will endure all your pi$$ & vinegar. See you at a game…someday. On my way to work at my game.

    @73, EpcThree….know you’re busy but your posts are always appreciated. Agree 100% with your State Championships format….more crowns, more participants, maybe more venues around the state.

  • Voice of Reason

    It is tough to argue with you Junior because you just don’t seem to get it; you never have. You are precisely the type of person I am speaking about in my post above.

    Of course DLS has challenged themselves at every turn. Where do I say they haven’t? I don’t blame them for not being able to make something work with the WCAL; the NCS would have to sign off. But for the travel component it would still be the best league for DLS to join.

    Of course DLS would dominate the WCAL in most years; but we all know it is necessarily another private school that will eventually knock DLS off in northern California, not a public school. We need look no further than the Bellarmine game last year for proof.

    The status quo I refer to is the NCS playoff system, but you just can’t seem to get that through your thick skull.

  • junior

    @Voice: As predicted: you cant answer a simple question.

    @Preppy-the quitters mentality comment is mostly directed at you posters that come on here with the same, tired, ignorant posts.

  • Voice of no reason- again wcal wants all of DLS and CHS sports. That is not acceptable with the travel factor as stated in previous posts. Here’s the deal, son, they have to be in someone’s league and it might as well be the EBAL. It’s in the same geographical area and the DLS kids come from some of those areas and have come up playing with some of these EBAL kids.

  • You bloggers on DeLa- see ya at the game tonite- for the non- DeLa bloggers come on out- it’s homecoming and check out how the system works- if ya can figure it out. I’ll buy ya a cup of coffee.