Bishop O’Dowd’s Miroglio out against Encinal

I talked with Bishop O’Dowd football coach Hardy Nickerson tonight. Dragons quarterback Dominic Miroglio will miss his second straight game due to a shoulder injury.
Backup quarterback Kevin King suffered a concussion against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Sept. 14, and he’s got to get doctor’s clearance before he plays, Nickerson said.
Sophomore Chris Hagmaier will play quarterback after starting in last week’s game against Arroyo. The Dragons travel to face Encinal on Oct. 5 in the West Alameda County Conference-Foothill Division opener for both teams. The kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. It is a matchup between two 2011 league champions — Bishop O’Dowd won the Hayward Area Athletic League and Encinal was the Bay Shore Athletic League champion.

Phil Jensen

  • thats going to hurt for BOD. Encinal Have a good Defense.

  • birdeyeview

    My DEERvalley, I am afraid not this year, THIS ENCINAL team is nothing like the ones in the past. I say BOD wins 31-0

  • Dragon

    odowds backs.. ….. #15 and #4 can carry the team until he comes back… the big thing is can the play caller find away to get #15 more touches that arnt deep he had 3 catches against arroyo and is their most explosive offensive player… teams are not going to kick to him as we have seen so far in the first 5 games….

  • Encinal’s got no chance Alameda man already said they’re losing 47-0 & gotta believe him. Just hope they’ve wiped they’re tears, get out there & run that great offense(not really average at best), & do what’s right. Get a win. Hornet Pride.

  • ManDown

    This is a big loss for BOD. Encinal usually plays solid defense and if they can get the offense going then it could be a upset. That unless Kevin King plays then the jets have no chance. BOD wins 14-7

  • If BO losses to encinal then coach nickerson is going to need a gut check. encinal advantage- playing against 3rd string qb and game at home. BO advantage- discipline, size, speed.

  • BOD could still win. If encinal get that ball moving Encinal will win. BOD-21 ENCINAL-13

  • MiraMan

    First of all, great job Encinal beating Alameda. I thought you would loose, but you got it done. It doesn’t matter how you got it done, but you won.

    Now you have a great opportunity to beat O’Dowd. I can’t believe your good fortune with their two best players out and a JV at QB. Make the most of it!

    I’ll still take O’Dowd, but in a close low scoring game that will have Encinal in it until the end…17-10 O’Dowd.

  • EastBay Ray

    Wow, this is a blow to BOD. Encinal has a real chance for the win here, which would set them up for a possible WAAC championship if they can get by Castro Valley, probably the favorite now that ODowd is down. This would be Coach Joe’s best effort yet –

  • dnrapp

    Will he even come back to the football team since he has a scholarship to UCLA to play baseball next year?

  • birdeyeview

    One thing I expected from this game was a dominate BOD team, MAN i was wrong.

  • ODOWD didn’t look too good, even with 3rd string qb. Their defense held the Jets to nothing, but they didn’t get many yds either. Where’s the running game they had for years?

  • birdeyeview

    Big dog, Do you realize I thought you guys WERE GOING TO DOMINATE THIS TEAM, haha Instead you guys Had them hanging in the whole game, A freshmen Corner, a 10th grader corner, 1 jr Safty,

    All LBS coming back, All D line coming back.. Except Vee. THIS ENCINAL TEAM is basically a JV team… All Forced to play Var.. thats 18 starterts coming back next year, and 13 the year after… and I had BOD, Running NCS… After what i say from Last Night DUBLIN, OR Miramonte could Beat you guys on a night were BOD isnt good.. The 10th grade Qb No doubt a stud on BOD whoever he was… BOD ISnt winning NCS for sure..

  • Birds – you are right- not a ODOWD fan, just thought they were better than that.

  • birdeyeview

    Enicnal should be LUCKY they even win another game.. I was just shocked o Dowd played that bad, You can Tell they were super pumped and played there best ball

  • dragon

    didnt Dublin lose to Las Lomas who Odowd beat by 20…. lets ot make any mistakes this is a far different odowd team that played the first 4 teams.. who by the way everyone said was one of the toughest schedules…. #1 out leading reception the year before #5 top corner out.. #12 league MVP #QB out.. and last week the running back that scored 2 TDs this week was out… #15 midas well be out to cause he is wide open every down and had 1150 yrds and 12 tds last year and we cant get him the ball past a 10 yrd pass and thats only because everyone plays 15 yrds off him just in case… Dragons will be fine if QB comes back if not they are a passing team without a passer above average at best

  • MiraMan


    I had to laugh when I read your comment about Encinal having tons of studs coming back next year. You only have 17 non-seniors on the entire roster on Maxpreps and that includes two kickers! How is it you have 18 starters returning?? Besides, some of those non-seniors must be second stringers, benchwarmers, jersey-wearers, etc. How many extra points and feild goals have you kicked with your two kickers???

    The junior class appears larger than the senior class and Encinal always has a core of good talent, but definitely some lemons-into-lemonade talk going on! I think Encinal is in for a rough existence for several years and its just beginning.

  • Coach T is going to find out the charter b.s. isn’t working- hoeever jet pride. They begAan the regroup but not with penalities and the usual B.S.

  • birdeyeview

    miraman, your comment makes me laugh, Encinal has 2 way starters.. That defeats your logic -______- I am a fan of East bay schools (el cerrito, Encinal, MAC, Concord).. So next time you come at me be a little more aware , with your ignorance, OH and btw? Can you please remind me what the score was when Encinal Faced a superior miramonte team last year? my brain is a little FUZZY, or thet last 2 times they played… Unless your a MARIN Guy, I wouldnt be Talking… EL CERRITO is going to take it all this year.. Sit back and relax.. and watch the BROTHERS kick ass

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Yes we lost, But it was not lik we got stomped. They got the last TD with little over 30 sec. left. But, A loss is a loss. We’re not dead yet. Jet Pride!

  • Im Proud the jets did good against BOD i thought it will be a blow out like 42-6 but 16-0 nice job. The jets is young on the line you got 1 freshmen and 1 sophomore and 2 juniors and 1 senior and your Quarterback is a sophomore and theres 1 senior and 2 juniors starting at running back and i junior and 1 sophomore at WR. and there defense they got 2 freshmen’s starting and 1 sophomore and 5 juniors and 3 seniors thats a young team lol they going to kill it next year! watch!

  • MiraMan


    You say “18 starters returning”, to me that means 18 individuals. But hey, you’re the one with the fuzzy brain!

    And by the way, last year is last year. Encinal had a really good team last year, but it has nothing to do with this year or next.

    El Cerrito winning it all? Maybe. I’d agree they have the most athletic team. But I wouldn’t go giving them the trophy just yet. I think they will have plenty of trouble with the likes of Marin Catholic and Cardina Newman. I’d give them a 1/3 chance of beating either of them. Frankly, I think if they play Campo again or play a healthy O’Dowd they only have a 50/50 chance of victory. I think Analy and Miramonte could give them a good game as well.

  • billjohnson

    D3 NCS-1-el cerrito 2-marin catholic 3-cnewman 4-campolindo 5-analy 6-bod 7-miramonte 8-acalanes 9-tennyson 10-encinal 11-novato 12-tam 13-terra linda 14-alhambra 15-sonoma 16-hercules my prediction is will see a rematch campolind vs marin catholic

  • birdeyeview

    miramonte? please. You need to get your head checked… you guys arent good no more.. stop throwing Miramonte name in every convo.. Marin yes CN yes, O’dowd,NO.. campo? maybe…

  • annonymous

    BOD will be 1 (or maybe 2) and out in the playoffs once again. Although the kids will still be ready to play – great high school coaching and play calling always prevails at the end of the season. As an example Campolindo game last year along with Valley Christian and El Cerrito (scrimmage 1st half) games this year.

  • dragon

    Even in th el Cerrito scrimmage odowd lit them up passing.. but now they have no real deep threat at QB which takes away their explosive receivers.. so yes early exit.. they. Are not creative enough to get by a top team and may have trouble with CV who I don’t think they match up well with

  • billjohnson

    dragon i see bod as a 6 seed so i got them losing in the 2nd rnd to cnewman. 35-14 if they played 2day but they dont. it will get settled on the field though…

  • dragon

    Fingers crossed in Oakland.. we are not built around running.. the young QB has done some good things but the deep threat we don’t have

  • does odowd play mt. eden this year?

  • MVAL fan

    Odowd and Mt Eden do not play this year.

  • annonymous

    Where did the BOD running game or even a mix off run/pass game go? It seems as if all of BOD’s scoring is based on a play that involves a long bomb to #15 for 40+ yards. He must be hard to cover. Without their starting QB what happens next?

  • dragon

    The run game is solid just no real break away speed to replace Dj Jones from last year.. # 15 is a tuff guard even Valley Christian san Jose doubled him and at times had 3 to his side .. I keep reading every one saying. #5 the top receiver is out … that’s the stud cornerback .. he has been playing receiver and getting big numbers because of the constant double on # 15..