Jon Becker

  • College Park Grad

    Hey,I’m a College Park High Grad but am now in SoCal,so I can’t get watch the game now,obviously but can you keep me posted on the College Park-Mt.Diablo game please?Thanks!!!Falcon Pride!!!

  • spectator2012

    Tonight we’ll find out if antioch are pretenders or contenders.

  • freddy

    pitt play tonite?

  • spectator2012

    Antioch just got exposed. Playing and beating weak teams won’t get you ready for the Bval. Antioch got a wake up call.

  • Lancer Fan

    The Lancers are for REAL!!!

  • MiraMan

    Lots of turmoil in DFAL with Las Lomas crushing Dublin and Miramonte upsetting Acalanes!

    Miramonte wins 21-14. Actually, it should have been 28-7 or something like that. Miramonte had a big run called back for a weak blocking in the back call. Acalanes only moved the ball and scored when Miramonte had 2nd and 3rd teamers playing.

    Great marquee win against 5-1 team!

  • Hoodboy

    Looks like Alameda was still thinking about that encinal loss. Tennyson ran the ball really good tonight .

  • FootballIsLife

    How far to move Cal and Concord down? Time for Northgate to enter rankings? One of CVC RBs has over 250 yards on 6 carries? YV horrible? DLS in a close one till the 4th. Antioch doesn’t show up to play. Acalanes stunned. So much drama! HS Football is interesting.

  • mvalfan2

    Hey I like the Lancers, but they still have to play Arroyo who I feel defensively is not bad at all. So I say the league title will be out of those two teams!!!

  • Hoodboy

    I agree the dons have a nice defense. It will definitely be a good game

  • C/O98

    I got to watch both wacc shoreline games today and plan on going to the dons monarchs game tomorrow pending the results of that game the lancers look like the team to beat. Good overall team speed and playmakers at RB and WR. Alameda just can’t run the ball period last week or this week but # 11 is a stud and I think the best WR in the shoreline . The highlanders seemed to be overlooking the rebels and had huge issues holding onto the football I’ll give the qb credit for trying to play with a cast on his hand. But with the 4 turnovers in the first 15 min . The rebels need to come away with more points there not going I get gifts like that every week. So onto sat the run heavy monarchs still looking to discover a passing game vs the make a play when we have to dons. Opinions on how the division will play out?

  • billjohnson

    good job coach wright! tennyson should win this b league but really who have they beat? alameda whats going on? piedmont you guys are done there no coming back from that! slz i still cant believe it! great job shit!

  • mvalfan2

    hey Bill I dont know yet about Tennyson. I still say we have to see what happens with Arroyo, they have played a much tougher schedule. And really tennyson only really beat up on Oakland High. They struggled with Albany and a few others, so they will have there hands full when they play Arroyo, they have a nice bunch of guys who can play defense.

  • mvalfan2

    I am picking Arroyo.Feel they have played tougher opponents which will make them even better in league play.

  • mvalfan2

    Here is the non league schedule of the Lancers, only decent team is Acalanes.

    Her is what Arroyo has had so far:

    This will be the game of the league!

  • Lancer Fan

    As always Tennyson gets no respect. Its a good thing we don’t play the game on this blog. Friday night 7pm at Sunset (The lights have been repaired)and we shall see.

  • Billjohnson

    lancer fan respect is earned on the field by beating good teams. good job last nite though you should run the table in that b league n b a hallow 9-1. The real question is will terry smith step up his non league next year? Tennyson better not go one n done n ncs like last year!

  • TJ

    to give them some credit Bill.. they did play acalances close.. and acalanes has played both Miramonte and Campo close.

    Not sure if that puts the Lancers up there at all, but its gotta mean somethin

  • Alameda Hornets are horrible under the Moyers. He has lost the program. 95+ kids with talent being wasted under his leadership.

  • Island Chief

    Tennyson looked good last night, my hat is off to them. But they played us right after the Island bowl loss. We win this game if it’s played later in the season. We are still going to run the table and make it to the playoffs. Can Encinal say the same? Just saying.

  • EBfootball

    So Encinal beat you twice Island Chief? And one of those without even playing you? Never heard of that before. B league mentality.

  • Island Chief

    @Eb football,

    If we are Encinal’s lone shining moment in a 3-7 season than so be it.

  • TJ

    So you blamed the Tennyson loss on Encinal? How does that work? If anything that should’ve fired you guys up more especially when opening league against one other contending team.

  • Hoodboy

    Mt. Eden vs arroyo. Lets see how the dons do against the run heavy mt Eden. This game will end fast

  • coach l

    island chief playoffs? what do plan on doing when you get there continue the 30yr drought? moyer is in the hot seat! he should step down and let coach perry takeover but that my happen anyways….stay tuned

  • Hoodboy

    I agree with T.J. Thought that loss will fire alameda up and take their anger out on Tennyson and make a statement for the rest of the B league.

  • TJ

    Coach L… just get someone from outside the program.

  • Island Chief I guess you haven’t been around the Island bowl. Yes your are Encinal’s achievement that will make them feel good the entire year even if 1-9. The bottom line is as horrible as they might be Alameda is worse. 22-15 proved that. The more you talk the more they laugh. You win you can say whatever you want. Thats why they keep score.

  • Voice of Reason

    Great job by Las Lomas last night in thoroughly dominating Dublin at home. The game would have been closer had Rundolf not been injured in the first quarter. Regardless, Longero had the team firing on all cylinders and should be ready for Campo next week in pefhaps the marquee matchup in the DFAL this season. A win against the Cougars will set the DFAL in turmoil with every team still in the hunt.

    Also, great job by Miramonte, who was all but left for dead in the DFAL staring at an 0-3 league record if they had lost to Acalanes. They should make the playoffs now and have gained a great deal of confindence by defeating an Acalanes team that was starting to move up the polls.

  • Go Falcons Salido# 5 QB is back and CP will now be on the move. 2 Tds and passed for one .
    Cp 35 Mt D 0
    Go Falcons

  • C/O98

    MT. EDEN 28 ARROYO 31 triple overtime final

  • wow! eden arroyo score!

  • chalktalk

    did anyone see the mt eden ARROYO game what happend
    is coach P back are the kids buying in. WHO’S GONNA WIN THAT LEAGUE

  • TJ

    Didnt Mt. Eden play Arroyo close last year as well?

  • Tri-City Dude

    Just came back from the Irvington/American game. Good win by American, and nice defense also. However, they did look sluggish in the first half and gave up a few big plays to Irvington. Probably still ticked off about the one-point loss to Washington last week, but at least they came back to take this win.

    As for the the rest of the MVAL, it looks like it will be a battle between Newark and Washington for the title. Good job by both teams for winning games they should last night (although Washington had some trouble against Kennedy).

  • hoopstar 2013

    I was at the Arroyo game and the Dons kicker miss 5 FG’s and 2 extra points and a 30 yards FG to win the game with 5 sec left.
    The Dons gave up 40-99 yards on the ground while rushing for 200 plus vs a Sr heavy Mt Eden team. Maybe the Dons over looked Mt Eden it sure look like it.