Week 7: Prep football recap from Friday night

If you missed what happened on the football fields Friday night, check out our recap right here of all the East Bay games.

We had upset losses by the Nos. 2- and 3-ranked teams (California and Concord both fell), and top-ranked De La Salle had more trouble with Foothill than many thought.

Jon Becker

  • Stewie

    Was it Halloween Last Night at Winton Drive? Seemed like DLS had a case of gremlins & trolls in the mix. I have never seen so many blood vessels ready to pop on the sideline.
    Foothill D line played an excellent well executed game and had some moments of sharp O plays. Sparty was sluggish and seemed a bit flustered and had some 11 injured players on sideline. However Sparty dug in and made plays on O and D when needed and pulled out a W. Hats off to Foothill for playing smart and tough. And to DLS for digging in deep to pound out the win.

  • Stewie

    Monte Vista..They took care of business…Well done with the pounding of Cal.

  • StopDropAndRumble

    MV exploited the weakness that has plagued Cal all year, stopping the pass. It is what made all the previous wins close (foothill the exception since they thought they could run). Throw in a couple of Bellichi coaching calls, settling for a 20 yard FG in the first on 4th and centimeters when MV showed no resistance against the run. That fluky statue of liberty or what ever on second and 3 that put us in a third and monte video. MV stepped up and kicked our ass. Well done and kudos.

    And now we get SRV. Me thinks they will be passing.

    So MV hammers Pitt, cv, cal, loses to foothill
    Cal close games against Pitt,cv, and hammers foothill
    SRV undefeated in ebal

    eBay standings get a major shake up.

  • Stewie

    Concord HS…CV-C is coming in low load and dirty..look out as they are becoming the real thing. Concord take a good look at your 6 as the Eagle comes in closer for a strike. By game time it will be who is at 12 o’clock high coming in from the sun for a clean Buzz-Kill…..THE UGLY EAGLE.
    EAGLE…First thing first and that is to put College Park out of Misery next week.

  • TJ

    alright stewie calm down.

  • Prep Fan

    SD&R, I’m afraid MV exploited both Cal’s pass defense (302 yds) and run defense (267 yds) last night. The Mustangs moved the ball at will all night long. MV’s defense could not stop Cal either, but because Cal scored quickly when they had the ball, MV dominated the time of possession (had to be about 2 to 1).

    MV began with the ball and drove down the field to take a 7-0 lead. Cal then responded as Karris Johnson took the first play from scrimmage to the house from 65 yards out. MV then methodically drove the length of the field again to go back up 14-7. At that point, Cal’s defense had been on the field almost the entire game. Cal took the kickoff and quickly drove all the way down inside the MV 10. Facing a “4th and centimeters” from the 6, and that point neither defense had made any stops whatsoever, Cal inexplicably went for the field goal instead of pounding the ball for the first down and tying the score.

    Cal then got one of their only stops and drove the ball back down for another TD (this time going for it on 4th & goal) to take their only lead of the game 17-14. MV repsonded wt another drive to go up 21-17, then stopped Cal and got a FG just before half to go up 24-17. Cal drove down for a FG to start the 2nd half to make it 24-20, and MV responded with another long drive to go up 31-20. Cal moved the ball past midfield and had a 2nd and 2 from about the MV 35 when what appeared to be a bad snap sailed over Owen’s head and by the time Cal jumped on it, they had lost about 20 yards and then faced a 3rd and 22. That was a huge turning point, as Cal couldn’t convert and MV went down to score again to go up 38-20.

    Cal then went down and scored again and misssed the 2-point try to make it 38-26. Cal got the ball back and a weird INT deep in MV territory derailed that drive, as no Cal receiver was within 15 yards of the ball. MV was running to the ball trying to burn clock and Cal stopped them at about the MV 39 for a 4th and 1. MV was whistled for a holding call and it was going to be 3rd and 11 from their own 30 with about 6 minutes left, but for some reason the Cal brass decided to decliine the penalty. Bergman then went for it, got the first and MV milked the clock and scored in the final minute for the final score of 44-26.

    Other than the glaring non-existent Grizzly defense, the 4 things that hurt Cal were the decision to go for the FG early on, the bad snap which killed a good drive, the decision not accept the penalty to push MV back to 3rd & 11, and not getting the ball to Johnson at all in the 2nd half. Karris had 120 yards on 12 carries for the game, but only got 3 touches in the 2nd half as MV dominated the possession.

    MV played a great game and their offense was unbelievable. Their defense was suspect, but Cal failed to take full advantage of their ability to move the ball on the Stangs. As I predicted yesterday, the team that showed up for MV last night was the one who pounded Pitt, and not the one that only put up 14 on Foothill. MV coach Babcock stated on Kyle Bonagura’s HS radio show last night that MV had a great week of practice and they were motivated by Cal having won the last 2 meetings. Cal on the other hand must not have been quite so motivated as MV clearly wanted to win that game more then the Grizz, and the final score validated that will to win. MV seemd to be hitting harder and they had more second efforts than Cal.

    So Cal, MV and Foothill have all split with each other and are each sitting at 2-1. SRV is at 3-0 and leads the EBAL, but their remaining games are with those 3 teams (as well as one with DLS), so they will have earned it if they can run the table. Cal get’s first crack at SRV next week on the road. Depending on which defense shows up, the one that completely shut down Foothill last week or the one that MV throttled last night, Cal’s season hangs in the balance. They should be able to score against SRV, and face the 2 Livermore schools to finish out EBAL play, so their ability keep the Birse led offense in check will be key.

    Congratulations to MV on a great effort and victory in the Grizzly house last night. They earned it.

  • KIR

    Yup yup yup, it’s league time and teams just beat each other up just like the Pac 10/12 always does. I been saying the past few weeks there’s alot of parity this year. Gotta agree with StopDropRumble – who is best in EBAL they are beating each other and different stories in games vs common opponents like Freedom and Pitt…. Most of BVAL was on a bye but DV smashed Antioch not much of a surprise DV has played a decent schedule and they are rollin – Antioch needs to play at least one Varsity opponent before trying to compete in league. As for CV-C Pitt handled them in week 1 the score was closer then the game – but CV-c proved wk 1 they were tough and ready to get better and that they did.

    Pitt vs Freedom game tells the story for BVAL next week, one of these two will battle with DV for title..

    And don’t believe the hype – DLS always has a game or two like last night. They go through the motions, no team in NCS is ready to compete with them (and I;m not even a fan of DLS) guess that hype about Cal being ready can be squashed now.. And DLS will smash MV by 20

  • DVAL Watcher

    Easy there Stewie! After last night looks like you should be more worried about taking on Northgate. Yeah boy

  • spectator2012

    i think the bval will be between dv and the winner of pitt/freedom. freedom barely beat a very down heritage team. let’s see if they can squeak by pitt this coming friday. freedom’s defense is still a major issue. i believe pitt wins, but by a close one. i also think heritage beats antioch this coming friday. heritage has played better opposition on their preseason. heritage is 0-6, but were mostly in the game on all of them, except for the concord game. heritage wins a close one. dv should smash on liberty w/out any problems.

  • Where is G.O.A.T.? Where is Chalk-talk? Thought be hearing from ’em on the island bowl?

  • chalktalk

    u rang Theres know need in talking about an 0-6 team

  • Gaucho man

    Wow!!!! Ec did it again 59-0 at the half Berean Christian is clearly no match but the hard hitting has clearly intimidated another opponent the B Christian parents threatened the coach’s that they wouldn’t allow their kids to play second half if ec’s starters played in second half …hoping ec can make some noise in playoffs

  • concrete17

    @ #6 Prep Fan…….nice game summary, thanks.
    Would be seriously surprised if SRV runs the table through their last 4 EBAL games. Watching Foothill last night, they did not quit, a lotta heart on that squad…very impressed with Sweeney’s play calling; think SRV will have a battle. The following week on the road….depending which Cal team shows could be another slugfest. Wolves better enjoy their desert early because the main course is about to be served.

  • monarch86

    cal’s D played like the 09 vs 10 Grizz it’s amazing those big lineman get pushed back 3 yards every play, come on man! Cal bounces back vs. SRV and MV loses to the Wolves in the battle for Danville.

  • coach l

    time for the hornets to put ernest at qb!

  • Jerry

    monarch86 is a girl

  • Island Chief

    Lewis was getting pressured all night. He just needs more time to pass. Lewis is not the problem. Pointing your finger at the quarterback when the line is not doing their job is a joke. Tolbert should be playing on the line.

  • TJ

    Coach L is probably a niner fan.

  • Alameda Man

    You encinal fans are so worried about us when you just recieved a donut friday night. Worry about your team and not ours. You will finish 3-7!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Alameda Man, Was never Worried about the Hornets and, Just pay attention you YOUR team. You’ll get your shot again NEXT YEAR! Jet Pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Typo, To your team,Jet Pride!

  • monarch86

    Well said Jerry insightful as always…

  • chalktalk

    I luv the fact that they have the lower leagues and upper leagues kids have been padding their stats coaches been acting like they know football HUMBLE PIE SERVED COLD

  • Have not seen any top East Bay player stats so far this year- Jimmy do you have any?

  • Island Chief

    This week I see

    Alameda 55 Piedmont 12
    Arroyo 14 Tennyson 13
    Mt.Eden 27 San Lorenzo 7

    WAC predictions
    Alameda 4-1
    Arroyo 4-1
    Tennyson 4-1
    Piedmont 1-4
    Mt.Eden 1-4
    San Lorenzo 1-4

    We will run the table from here. Tennyson will lose to Arroyo and we will be tied for league championship.

  • C/O98

    55 lol

  • StopDropAndRumble


    Cal was holding the line in the first half. The biggest. chunk of yardage was coming on third and passing plays. MV QB Zemora lite up the secondary. With that said the start of the third quarter you could see the wear down and by the middle of the 3rd the d-line was gassed and losing the battle. Maybe when your defense is on the field most of the game fatigue sets in. Esp when the dine is chasing men down field. Coach b, you can condition all you want, but you need to platoon a little more to keep those legs fresh.

    Maybe consider an elephant type package on passing downs and get to the QB before he picks your secondary apart.

  • chalktalk

    Fri 10/12 Alameda (CA) at Piedmont (CA), 7:00pm
    projection: Alameda (CA) 27-21

    there’s no way u score 55 on piedmont
    every team in this league is even


  • TJ

    Island chief.. is that what you see happening or is that what you are hoping happens?

  • 617lemon

    bring back the rock! 3 n a row at home 2 d3 schools kemper must go!

  • Bruce Lee

    Of course Encinal fan would want Rochlin back, he got blown out in 4 Island Bowls after the Alameda coaches before him won 5 in a row. The last 2 under Moyer were at least classic. Encinal did a good job pulling out those 2 and they earned bragging rights, but both those could have gone either way which is change. Jets beat Alameda and hung pretty tight with O’Dowd but they keep missing the other top players (Alameda Hameed and Doss O’Dowd Miroglio and King). Alameda losing to Tennyson was a disappointment and yes every person from HC to asst to players to staff needs to pick up. Tennyson D front is the strength. Grades coming out soon, which teams will be on top of it. How many who talk on here are helping tutor kids?

  • 617lemon

    bruce lee kempers losing to d3 schools. how can us hornet fans expect 2 compete n ncs d2 if we cant beat the smaller schools at home? bring back the rock!


    Alameda gone lose to mt eden

  • dudleydawson

    bruce leg i believe moyer was calling the offense in those blowouts so what are you saying? the guy whose only job was to call timeouts was responsible? encinal is not very good this year and they still beat you. you knock encinal but there obviously your bench mark. the next time a moyer wins a playoff game will be his 1st! chuuuurch!

  • 617lemon

    the rock wants 2 play the kemper will see if kemper accepts the challenge. the rock is at palo alto will see if he plays his former mentor. i know the hornets will have a opening in there schedule knowing the kemper the way i do he’ll drop northgate! bring back the rock! i miss hearing welcome 2 the rock at thompson!

  • hornet34

    coach perry needs to be are head coach! we should have beat encinal & tennyson but bad coaching has cost us! no way else to say it we looked bad friday!

  • Bruce Lee

    It is funny Encinal fan saying he is a Hornet fan and calling for the ouster of the coach. Rivalry must run deep for some. And Dudley I didn’t knock Encinal just a fact that some top opponent players did not play against them. Alameda still lost to them, O’Dowd still beat them. Can’t change that. You are the one who said “Encinal is not very good this year” not me, sounds like you are the one knocking them. Maybe some Encinal fan attitude is why the numbers never rose with success.

  • Alameda Man

    @Bruce Lee. The numbers never rose because of the coaching staff and the dumb adminstration at encinal. They have no clue on how to deal with people. Tenero you whine about low numbers but you have over 1000 kids in your school, whats the problem? Its you and your staff that run kids away from that program. Two pop warner teams in town to get players from and you can’t field a 30 player roster or a freshman team? Making all your freshman play JV just kills a program and another reason you have low numbers. This new league is doing nothing but exposing you and your fake wins over the years in the bsal.



    Encinal still beats Alameda year after year.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Exposing you!??? Tenorio has a TITLE dummy! How come he didn’t get exposed in the past? 3 straight NCS Title games, and one Championship? How stupid are you? He has one down year and now all of a sudden he can’t coach? I guess he got lucky all those years….kinda like how lucky he got the other day with that 98 yd TD run with the game on the line! Must have been lucky against Novato, Marin Catholic 2x and all the other NCS teams along the way! Its a good thing you don’t represent all Alameda fans. Get behind your team and get off everyone else.

  • ManDown

    Alameda Man, It best serves you to stop blogging because you make no sence. No secret that Encinal is down this season and that was determined before the year started. Coach Tenerio said it to everyone that this season they will be young and not very good. Be careful on kicking a horse while he’s down because when he get back up it can get ugly for Alameda.

  • Dudleydawson

    alameda women you are dumb you have the resources the numbers and you still asked to be in the b league whats the problem? It wasnt just rocklin the problem is with the staff that stuck around threw rocklin under the bus but have produced nothing. Holla back when you win ncs! So ill b hearing from you in about a 100yrs!

  • 100 years thats funny.



    Castro Valley (3-3 1-0) at Bishop O’Dowd (5-1 1-0)


    Encinal (3-3, 0-1) at Berkeley (1-4, 1-0)


    7Hayward (2-4, 0-1) vs. San Leandro (0-6, 0-1) at Chabot College



    Alameda (2-4, 0-1) at Piedmont (4-2, 0-1)


    Arroyo (3-3, 1-0) vs. Tennyson (5-1, 1-0) at Sunset Field

    ARROYO WINS 17-14

    MT Eden (3-3, 0-1) vs. San Lornezo (2-4, 1-0)

    MT EDEN WINS 35-7

  • chalktalk

    what the hell is that
    did u look into a crystal ball



    What you second guessing on

  • chalktalk

    the only way cv beats BOD is if they win the t.0 battle
    encinal game will be alot higher scoring
    Piedmoont just lost 2 SLZ
    hayward anit that bad or should i say SL anit that good
    Arroyo game –they’ll score at least 25 each
    dont know what slz team will show up lmao

  • Island Chief

    Encinal, Miramonte and Tennyson are strong D3 programs, we didn’t lose to bad teams. D3 was stronger than D2 so don’t get on here and say we lost to D3 when everyone knows that playoff bracket was stronger last year. Moyer should not be fired. He has taken Encinal to the wire the past 2 years and those games could have gone either way. Like I said we will roll the rest of our league, make the playoffs and then make another run. We have more athletes starting to get healthy and prove to you doubting Thomases that we are the program to be reckoned.

  • Talk is real cheap Island. Go out there & win a game. How are you always a winner & still good? You’ve been blown out by better then average programs & layed an egg in front of 3,000 people. WIN A GAME! You scored 7 points against Tennyson. How are you still good? Piedmont is a tough place to play. Can’t believe you think its a guarentee. Guess you haven’t been an Alameda fan long. They will have no fear of your program & will play you very motivated. So will Arroyo.

  • chalktalk

    projection: San Lorenzo (CA) 27-26
    projection: Tennyson (Hayward, CA) 21-12
    projection: Alameda (CA) 27-21
    projection: Berkeley (CA) 19-14