Girls Volleyball: League Races, Rankings, Standings

Some league races aren’t even close, and some are very exciting. Let’s take a look at who the contenders are for league titles as we cross the halfway pole.


Head-Royce is in complete control after a second win over College Prep last week. Two more wins and the league title is clinched.


The three contenders in this league seem to have filtered to the top early on in this league forecast as Deer Valley, Liberty and Heritage are all 2-0 and will start playing each other this week. It’s hard to tell who the league favorite is right now as these teams have been a little too inconsistent to tell.
Heritage seems like the team to beat, but Deer Valley and Liberty do seem like they’ll be right there. Liberty had a good showing at the Dougherty Valley Tournament and seem to be playing much better.


Will anyone challenge Campolindo? The Cougars haven’t even lost a game, let alone come close to losing a match in league play. Las Lomas has the ability and is probably the most likely to give Campo a match.


College Park is staying right there with Northgate in the league race. The two will play this week so we will see if the Falcons have a shot to take down the high-flying Broncos.


Nobody ever thought anyone in this league was going to go undefeated, but with the Cal loss coming when it did, the race is wide open in early October. San Ramon Valley can now forget the loss to Cal from a couple of weeks ago as they are now on level pegging, while Amador Valley and Monte Vista are only two games back and have shown the ability to hang with anyone. This league is incredibly difficult to predict and it will have to be a week to week thing.


There are four teams within two games of the lead, and all four have a serious shot to win the league title. Right now, Newark Memorial has the target on its back at 6-0, while Moreau is just a game back, with a four-game loss to the Cougars being the only set back. Moreau recently beat Irvington, which lost a heartbreaker at home to Newark in five games. As you can see, the separation of these three teams is not much. Logan plays Moreau this week and Newark next week. A couple of wins and the Colts might be the team making the second half charge to win the league.


In the Rock Division, it’s Albany, and it’s not close. The Cougars have some big tournaments coming up, and have a chance to really show how good they are.
In the Stone Division, De Anza, Hercules and Swett seemed to be lumped together very closely and the winner will emerge in the last week.


In the Foothill League, the Dragons got challenged a little bit by Berkeley and Castro Valley was able to take a game off of them, but other than that Bishop O’Dowd is in complete control. In the Shoreline League, it looks like Mt. Eden and Arroyo have a nice little race going.


More movement in the rankings this week, as the EBAL is showing us that those teams will have to be shifted week to week. They will beat each other all year, making it hard to rank them. For now, San Ramon Valley has to move up while Cal moves down one spot. The two will play again to see if Cal can get another win over the Wolves, move back ahead of them and get back in the driver’s seat for the league title.
Amador Valley was set to make a big leap after beating Cal, but then lost to SRV, while Monte Vista jumps up two spots after a perfect week.
Welcome Dublin to the rankings, after the Gaels avenged a loss in league play to Dougherty Valley by beating them in the Dougherty Valley Tournament, and also beat Acalanes in five. The Dons recently beat Dougherty Valley, but the Wildcats did enough in their own tournament to stay in the rankings for now as the teams in the DFAL are becoming hard to rank as well.
Also welcome MVAL-leading Newark Memorial to these rankings for the first time ever.
Head-Royce has a big test this week with St. Joseph Notre Dame. Will the Jayhawks stay in the rankings or will the Pilots rejoin us?

1. Bishop O’Dowd (15-4)
2. Campolindo (15-2)
3. Albany (21-1)
4. San Ramon Valley (17-7)
5. California (18-3)
6. Las Lomas (15-5)
7. Amador Valley (13-8)
8. Monte Vista (16-5)
9. Northgate (8-4)
10. Foothill (12-7)
11. Head-Royce (15-4)
12. Dublin (17-6)
13. Berkeley (11-5)
14. Dougherty Valley (10-7)
15. Newark Memorial (14-5)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (15-4, 8-0) –
College Prep (9-10, 6-2) 2
Valley Chr. (15-6, 5-2) 2.5
Athenian (9-7, 5-2) 2.5
Holy Names (3-8, 2-6) 6
Bentley (4-11, 1-7) 7
Redwood Chr. (8-14, 1-8) 7.5

Team Record GB

Deer Valley (6-12, 2-0) –
Heritage (5-11, 2-0) –
Liberty (9-14, 2-0) –
Antioch (1-12, 0-2) 2
Freedom (3-11, 0-2) 2
Pittsburg (0-5, 0-2) 2

Team Record GB

Campolindo (15-2, 5-0) –
Las Lomas (15-5, 4-1) 1
Dougherty Valley (15-10, 3-2) 2
Dublin (17-6, 3-2) 2
Acalanes (9-7, 3-3) 2.5
Alhambra (10-12, 0-5) 5
Miramonte (3-15, 0-5) 5

Team Record GB

College Park (15-4, 5-0) –
Northgate (8-4, 5-0) –
Berean Chr. (8-11, 2-2) 2.5
Concord (9-9, 2-2) 2.5
Clayton Valley (9-11, 2-3) 3
Ygnacio Valley (1-5, 1-4) 4
Mt. Diablo (0-8, 0-5) 5

Team Record GB

California (18-3, 5-1) –
San Ramon Valley (17-7, 5-1) –
Amador Valley (13-8, 4-2) 1
Monte Vista (16-5, 4-2) 1
Foothill (12-7, 3-3) 2
Carondelet (6-7, 2-4) 3
Granada (11-12, 1-5) 4
Livermore (7-13, 0-6) 5

Team Record GB

Newark Memorial (14-5, 6-0) –
Moreau Catholic (14-6, 5-1) 1
Irvington (12-7, 4-2) 2
Logan (9-11, 4-2) 2
Mission San Jose (8-12, 3-3) 3
American (10-7, 1-5) 5
Washington (1-12, 1-5) 5
Kennedy-Fremont (2-12, 0-6) 6

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (21-1, 6-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (21-2, 5-1) 1
St. Joseph Notre Dame (14-6, 3-3) 3
St. Mary’s (7-7, 2-4) 4
Salesian (5-10, 1-3) 4
El Cerrito (0-4, 0-4) 5

Stone Division
Team Record GB

De Anza (7-2, 7-2) –
Swett (5-3, 5-1) .5
Hercules (4-3, 4-2) 1.5
Richmond (2-5, 2-5) 4
Pinole Valley (1-7, 1-5) 4.5
Kennedy-Richmond (0-6, 0-6) 5.5

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Bishop O’Dowd (15-4, 7-0) –
Berkeley (11-5, 7-1) .5
Castro Valley (9-7, 7-1) .5
Alameda (9-10, 4-4) 3.5
San Leandro (4-5, 2-2) 3.5
Piedmont (8-10, 1-3) 4.5

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Mt. Eden (5-9, 4-4) –
Arroyo (8-12, 3-3) –
San Lorenzo (2-10, 1-4) 1.5
Encinal (0-3, 0-3) 2.5
Hayward (0-11, 0-6) 3
Tennyson (0-9, 0-6) 3

Matt Smith

  • LLfan

    Are u aweared LL beat San Ramon at Concord tournament? Just wondering why SR is ranking higher than LL

  • Any results or observations from The Dougherty Valley Tournament?

  • Matt Smith

    I didn’t go out there, but Cal won the gold (beat Dublin in the finals) while Berean won the silver and Arroyo won bronze.
    I guess Cal looked pretty dominant among the field and it was a good day for Dublin, results wise.

  • Matt Smith

    Hey LLFan,

    I am aware, and head-to-head is my main criteria, but after that I have to start looking at other things, like recent games, etc… And though LL won at the tournament, recently SRV beat Amador which beat Cal, which gives SRV a reason to move up.
    A lot of people are giving me a hard time over keeping BOD over Campo because of the head-to-head win, but neither team has given me a reason to move the other up or down.
    Keep in mind also that Cal has a win over Las Lomas, so Cal has beat LL and SRV but lost to AV, who lost to SRV, the latter being very recent. In this case, I have to go with the most recent matches.

  • LLFan

    Campo beat Presentation twice this year and Odow lost to them once. Based on the game scores, Odow lost to presentation pretty bad. I think Odow and presentation will play again later this month and we will see.

  • Matt Smith

    You’re right. And I’m waiting for that second Pres match before I make a switch at the top.

  • JR

    When Las Lomas beat SRV, did’nt SRV’s star player miss the entire match due to injury?

  • dubcvball

    I assume you’re talking about Emily Reder…and she absolutely DID play in that Concord Invitational final. I understand she was nursing a sore ankle, but she played the entire match. LL earned that victory…let’s try not to diminish it.