East Bay football poll — 10/9

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 6-0 75 1
2. James Logan 5-1 70 4
t3. El Cerrito 7-0 62 5
t3. Monte Vista 5-1 62 6
5. California 5-1 55 2
6. Foothill 3-3 46 7
7. Freedom 4-2 43 8
8. Concord 5-1 40 3
9. Campolindo 5-1 34 9
10. Pittsburg 4-2 32 10
11. Deer Valley 5-1 25 12
12. Bishop O’Dowd 5-1 22 11
13. Northgate 5-1 14 NR
14. Clayton Valley 5-1 11 15
15. Antioch 5-1 6 13

Also receiving votes: San Ramon Valley (3-3, 2 points), Newark Memorial (5-1, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • N-Ya

    EC getting some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!!!




    Castro Valley (3-3 1-0) at Bishop O’Dowd (5-1 1-0)
    BOD cant stop the run. CV rush for 300+

    Encinal (3-3, 0-1) at Berkeley (1-4, 1-0)
    This game gone be a low score game Berkeley pulls out of this one
    Berkeley WINS 13-7

    Hayward (2-4, 0-1) vs. San Leandro (0-6, 0-1) at Chabot College
    Sl will pull outta this one. This is SL down Year


    Alameda (2-4, 0-1) at Piedmont (4-2, 0-1)


    Arroyo (3-3, 1-0) vs. Tennyson (5-1, 1-0) at Sunset Field
    This game is for 1st place. WACC Shoreline Arroyo Def vs Tennyson Off.. Def wins games
    ARROYO WINS 17-14

    MT Eden (3-3, 0-1) vs. San Lornezo (2-4, 1-0)
    ME will run through SLZ almost upset Arroyo last week. ME have a great team this year
    MT EDEN WINS 35-7

  • TJ

    Ill take: CV, Encinal, San Leandro, Tennyson, Alameda, Mt. Eden.

  • teeazaleezy

    we have 2 find out… is el cerrito contenders or pretenders? they are having a pretty good season!!! cant wait til the d3 playoffs.

  • Logan should have never been dropped from the second spot

  • seven72deuce

    Logan is really the default #2?? That makes the east bay look terrible… And this is coming from a Logan fan.

  • Stewie

    By Oct 23 CV-C will be sitting in slot #7, I don’t see them slowing down…they smell blood in the water and will have a feeding frenzy. Just keep doing your Film Study and hit harder each week. It’s one game at a time and do that one or two things better then the week before.

  • Itsabob

    Granada will be controlled by the Spartan although Foothill played tough Spartans scored about the same as last year but had to push it for all 4 to close the deal.
    Winton Drive still has a long list of walking wounded but some should start to get back into rotation next Friday..remember long turn goal for the Spartan is NCS and State that’s when they want all players 100% ..they will not rush to get guys back in till 100% so you may still see some interesting games.

  • Sevendeuce, they lost in overtime to a team that was D2 state runner ups. So yeah I would say that they should still be in the second spot

  • EBfootball

    How is Northgate not ranked above Concord? At least they’ll be seeded above them in playoffs regardless.

  • ManDown

    1. DLS- The Cris Willliams show!
    2. Logan- I want to see them match up with CAL or MV
    3. EC- Undefeated and blowing out everyone!
    4. Monte Vista- Impressive win over CAL
    5. CAL- Still tough team to play
    6. Deer Valley- They will win league this year.
    7. Foothill- Sweeney always has those boys well prepared
    8. Campo- Im still at bit shaky with them but the win
    9. Pitt- Up and down as usual
    10. Northgate- Beating Concord means somthing
    11. Concord- Tough loss but they will rebound
    12. Freedom- Over rated!
    13. Clayton Valley- The Murphy train is starting to roll
    14. BOD- Snook past Encinal. Two rounds is all for Dragons
    15. Antioch- Will fall off soon

  • Going_4_3

    The rankings just don’t make sense. Max preps and cal preps have a different version of the rankings based on strength of schedule, win loss and other factors. The east bay news group voters have their obvious bias and its funny how the same teams remain near their current positions regardless of losing to weaker teams or actual record. Do these easy bay news group voters all live in the Danville- San Ramon area? I think some teams are going to upset their favorites this year in the NCS, I see Deer Valley upsetting the apple cart this year. I see both Freedom and Pittsburg getting handled then watch out EBAL they will come to your house take your money and kick your dog, mark my words they are getting no respect in the east bay and they are hungry. We don’t care about rankings, respect or biases anymore we want to give you our brand of shock and awe, enough said!

  • seven72deuce


    That lost to Antioch doesn’t help you guys, as they got stomped by Deer Valley. Withat that being said that means concord should be pulled waaaay lower in the rankings. Concords win over Amador Valley (who did beat freedom, who beat foothill) screws everything up. DV messes everything up too because their lack of common opponents make them look terrible against everyone else in the rankings as they barely got past San Leandro.

  • bval

    NG has one loss

    That loss was to Antioch… therefore Antioch is a better football team than NG

    Yes Antioch got beat by DV and the score looks bad, but Antioch had comparable offensive numbers and just missed a few opportunities. DV is FOR REAL, Antioch didnt lose to some slouch of a program.

    Again Antioch beat NG, NG beat Concord

  • barefoot

    Mid way through the season the EBAL is down to the four teams many people thought would contend for the title (sans DLS). The four teams just aren’t lined up as the preseason polls predicted. And Amador may still surprise a few teams. The biggest surprise is MV and the most over rated was SRV. Foothill is under achieving a bit, based on expectations, but nothing to complain about or that they can’t recover from. CHS is about where they should be. What will make this exciting for EBAL fans is that every game counts for all of these teams if they expect to win the league. The next game with teams having the most at stake is CHS v. SRV. The other games may be competitive but have clear favorites. Here’s why SRV will beat CAL. SRV lost their first three games because of turnovers. SRV’s passing game, while still inconsistent at times is much improved with the return of JJ Coskey. The defense has held Livermore and Granada to garbage time TDs and shut out Amador in the second half. And finally, SRV has more to prove than CHS. SRV got knocked down a few pegs early. If they want to prove anything, this game is the one to do it in.

  • EBALfan25

    @barefoot You were right that srv was overrated and they still are. Cal will beat up on them. If you watched their game against Granada you would know. Granada outgained them by about 80 yards and ran all over them. Granada drove to the 11 on their first drive and a bad call prevented a touchdown on the 1 yard line on the second drive. Granada moved the ball again in the second half but had 3 turnovers. I think cal will roll over srv

  • seven72deuce


    I understand all that. That point I’m trying to make is that when comparing all the teams in the rankings, Where do you put Antioch, NG, Concord & DV in the rankings? I’d bunch them together as they’ve jumped each other in head to head games, but would put them behind odowd and campolindo, maybe even PITT.

  • seven72deuce


    I do get that, but losing to a winless team is what we got bashed on about. saying that teams like cal, MV, foothill and freedom is better than us because Logan can’t win a big one.

    Last week I was trying to prove that del oro barely lost to great teams in the state, and that Logan taking it to OT still gives them credit. No one backed me up on that.

  • ODowd is going to have a rough time in playoffs unless that qb comes back- way to one dimesional.
    Pitt would handle Campo and odowd. DV would also beat both of them- too much team speed and scoring weapons.

  • seven72deuce

    About the talk about SRV vs Cal, if SRV wins against them or even MV and/or Foothill (2 out of the 3), then it will look scary for any team that faces Logan in playoffs.

  • barefoot

    @EBALfan: I’m a homer (explains a lot) and I did watch the Granada game and you are right. …but Granada didn’t score, questionable call or not. And yea its been hard to watch this year. Cal lost to MV because MV adjusted to Karris Johnson (he is a beast and we’ve already been warned)and because Cal’s passing game is a secondary threat. Basically, Cal couldn’t keep up with MV. Not saying SRV’s offense is good enough to do the same, but there is a way to beat Cal and SRV has the talent to do it.

  • seven72deuce


    the reason why DV isn’t ranked higher (and i’m starting to not believe maxpreps because they even have logan ranked lower than DV) is the common opponents in College Park and San Leandro.

    CP barely lost to Hayward, Hayward lost to berkeley and blasted by livermore and clayton valley.

    DV beat CP 35-6
    Hayward beat CP 13-7
    Berkeley beat Hayward 7-6
    Livermore beat Hayward 40-13
    Clayton Valley beat Hayward 55-15

    Clayton Valley lost to Pitt 27-40
    Livermore lost to SRV 19-34
    Livermore lost to Amador Valley 20-34

    Assuming that Livemore and Clayton Valley would beat CP as they romped a team (Hayward) that has beaten CP, I would think Pitt, SRV and Amador Valley would beat them just as good as DV did. With that said SRV is not better than the other 3 teams in the EBAL ranked above DV (CAL, MV, Foothill). SRV who pretty much lost the same way against Folsom, the way DV did.

    Then looking at San Leandro, who got handled by logan and Freedom, DV wasn’t impressive at all vs SL. Dublin and Castro Valley beat SL too, but even Castro Valley looked better vs SL.

    I still give credit for the win over Vacaville and romping Antioch (who did beat a good team in NG)and Rodriguez. But I don’t think it’s biased, it’s really all about common opponents. Which I think Maxpreps rarely goes by.

  • seven72deuce

    to add to my last post,

    Granite Bay beat Vacaville just as good as DV did. Granite Bay lost to Pitt. Pitt handled Berkeley. That doesn’t help for the win over CP when you make Berkeley look as good as Hayward.

  • 13-7!!!!! REALLY! Encinal is going to kill berkeley 28-6!

  • KIR

    You can twist the rankings a hundred ways and still not figure them out. At the end of the day the rankings are fun to look at but don’t necessarily hold up.

    The BVAL title and the rankings will get much clearer in the next two weeks.. Pitt play Freedom then DV … let’s see who the real top dog of the BVAL is..

  • seven72deuce

    I got DV winning it, but i don’t think BVAL will do well in the playoffs against teams like Logan, Cal, MV and foothill. Freedom did beat foothill but didn’t look dominant against heritage and losing to amador makes me feel like theyre inconsistent at times. But freedom could upset one of the top teams, just as long as they’re perfect on that night.

  • KIR

    DV is looking good they will need to beat both Pitt and Freedom to win league, like I said the next two weeks tell the story.. As for playoffs I think the BVAL will fair better then the EBAL. Freedom already beat Foothill, Pitt barely loss to Cal with 4 turnovers that game. MV did crush Pitt caught them with their pants down.

  • Island Chief


    You were right about your surprise pick of 2012. San Leandro takes the cake. Who would have thought that they would start 0-6?

  • 10-09-12
    This week’s game of the week is Pittsburg vs Freedom..it will be up to the Pirate defense to keep Freedom in check while the offense does the rest….
    Last week’s Northgate win over Concord proves that the Bronco’s are not the mystery team any more…So the big games coming up is Concord Vs.Clayton Valley and North Gate Vs. Clayton Valley…

    DLS 41 Amador Valley 7….The Spartans rebound from ast weeks affair…
    Logan 40 Newark 14…Lets see if Logan can hold their pentalities down…

    Tri-County Rock
    Salesian 38 St. Mary’s 20
    PinoleValley 30 Berean Christian 26
    Valley Christian-Dublin 33 St. Patrick/St.Vincent 13

    Tri-County Stone
    Kennedy-Richmond 40 Albany 12
    Hercules 32 Richmond 6
    John Swett 25 De anza 19

    West Alameda Co. Foothill
    Encinal 20 Berkely 13….The Jets are not dead yet and stay with the yellowjackets..
    Bishop O’dowd 38 Castro Valley 27…the Dragons are struggling with out their QB anf could be in for trouble this comig Friday night…
    San Leandro 26 Hayward 20….The Pirates are having a hard time this year and they can’t over look the the Farmers…

    West Alameda Co. shore Line
    Alameda 25 Piedmont 20….The fur could fly in this game
    Tennyson 19 Arroyo 13…..Another tough ball game forboth teams…
    Sat. 10-13
    Mt. Eden 26 San Lorenzo 13….SL has been showing life and could back up Mt. eden against the wall…

    Antioch 40 Heritage 21…..The Panthers recover from last weeks’ loss….
    Deer Valley 56 Liberty 14…..DV continues its march thru the BVAL
    Pittsburg 33 Freedom 26…..The Pirate defense is the key to this win…
    Campolindo 35 Las Lomas 21….If the cougar QB is on…the Knights will be in for along night..
    Acalanes 49 Dougherty Valley 21…..DV can’t stop the run..
    Alhambra 26 Dublin 20….Upset of the week…The Bulldogs have the weapons…will they use them..

    Clayton Valley 49 College Park 7….I don’t know what Murphy has been teaching this team…but they are on a rampage..
    Concord 59 Ygnacio Valley 14….The Minutemen take revenge for last weeks loss on the Warriors..
    North Gate 56 Mt.diablo 7……Ride Bronco’s ride

    DLS 41 amador Valley 7
    Foothill 34 Granada 14….Foothill has been playing hot and cold….which team shows up Friday night..
    Monte Vista 47 Livermore 14….I thought that MV would have a rough season…but look what they have done…these guys are playing solid football…
    California 34 San Ramon 14….After last week’s whipping…the Grizzlies get back on the winning trail..

    Mission Valley
    Logan 40 Newark 14
    Washington 41 Moreau Catholic 13…The huskies continue their winning ways…
    Irvington 26 Kennedy-Fremont 19…this is going to be close…no roomfor errors…
    American 40 Mission San Jose 14..

  • HAAL Fan

    Week 2 of Western Alameda Conference

    Foothill Division

    Encinal 0-1 (11.1) @Berkeley 1-0 (12.8) 7pm
    both teams are struggling on offense and might end 3-2
    CalPreps.com (Berkeley 19-14)

    Castro Valley 1-0 (26) @Bishop O’Dowd 1-0 (28.8) 7pm
    if trojans can play some defense they might be headed toward 1st league title since mid 90’s
    CalPreps.com (Bishop O’Dowd 35-31)

    San Leandro 0-1 (10) vs Hayward 0-1 (0) @chabot 7pm
    pirates ship is sinking faster and faster
    CalPreps.com (San Leandro 28-14)

    Shoreline Division

    Arroyo 1-0 (5.8) vs Tennyson 1-0 (6.5) @sunset 7pm
    League Championship Game??????
    CalPreps.com (Tennyson 21-12)

    Alameda 0-1 (-4.3) @Piedmont 0-1 (-11.2) 7pm
    highlanders will have the home crowd, hornets will have the internet crowd
    CalPreps.com (Alameda 27-21)

    San Lorenzo 1-0 (-10.5) @Mt Eden 0-1 (-16.5) 1pm
    power i vs i still cant believe they beat piedmont
    CalPreps.com (San Lorenzo 27-26)

  • chalktalk

    someone plz tell me whats going on at SLZ
    that team has been a cake walk 4 years
    what the hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Going_4_3

    @seven2deuce ok I can see where the folks who create the east bay poll may put teams they feel belong due to common opponents. I think that a big assumption is being made and that is that teams remain the same and play on automatic throughout the year. Injuries play a factor and teams find the chemistry and confidence they needed to take off and sometimes morph into a force to be reckoned with. I would dare say that is not the same Northgate team ghat lost to Antioch and have found their mojo. The same could be said for many teams that had one bad performance against a team they should have beaten and lost. But even on an off performance and you still win that is the true sign of a team coming into its own. So go on underestimating the true potential of a team and we shall continue to beat our opponents regardless of rankings and assumed knowledge.

  • The Ghost

    It’s a crap shoot on who is going to show up in the EBAL each week and my sense is that the Monte Vista squad is the one to beat and should be the favorite to win the EBAL Championship. I don’t think their talent is that special but Bergman knows how to assemble a team and generate offense. He is leveraging Change, Zamora’s (all three of them – QB not related), Melin and a revamped defense that is playing tough!

    The big game this week will be SRV vs. CHS … and CHS should be the favorite. They had all guns blazing against Foothill and then had a letdown vs. Monte Vista. My sense is that SRV is overated with their wins over Livermore, Amador, and Granada … and will finally see a team that will make each mistake cost them. Their D against Granada was average … and SRV was fortunate on several calls and turnovers.

    Foothill is the enigma wrapped inside of a riddle … can’t seem to figure out which team will show up each week. They have a ton of talent yet at times appear to be very disjointed. Kearns is developing and they have some good weapons with Hudson, Finney, Holland and Langley … but their O-Line play is average at best. Sweeney knows what he’s doing but has to be scratching his head on how to get the playmakers the ball. The Granada game needs to be a smash-mouth game for Foothill … and develop their identity going into their game with SRV.

    Amador is a run of the mill team that will be get a dose of reality from DLS. Like every team that has to deal with DLS … hope for no serious injuries.

    The season rolls on … I think Freedom beats Pitt. Just a hunch.

  • seven72deuce


    That same logic should be applied to all teams though. A lotta teams do fluctuate in terms of skill and what not through a season. Spectators can’t do it that way unless they truly follow each team in my opinion. This is going by what a team puts out there, factual statistics. Name a team that doesn’t suffer injuries, chemistry issues and lack of coaching etc.

  • Spark Baldman

    @going 43
    I am having a hard time understanding your logic. You seem to be downgrading the EBAL for some reason. Not sure why? Although I’ve seen a slight drop off in overall team talent in the last 2 or 3 years in the EBAL, at the end of the day how many of the final four in the playoffs will be from this league? Probably 3 of 4 like always!

  • Going_4_3

    Look it’s not that I think the EBAL has terrible teams I think we can all agree that they have the best league in the East Bay. When you are on top the guys below have reason to try and knock you off the pedestal. With that said the other good teams from the the other leagues try and measure up and I think this year in the NCS there will be a few surprises. So EBAL fans don’t take it personal we know you are the top league and we are gunning for your teams.

  • DJ

    EC ranked #3 probably ranked just behind Marin Catholic overall #2 seed in D3 playoffs

  • The old C.A.L.

    St. Marys lost Shag and that was it, have never really recovered.
    Salesian- lost Shag to St. Marys, recovered, enjoy success to this day.
    SPSV- enjoyed success, struggled, back to success with Blanton, lost Blanton to jesuit and now really struggling.
    Moreau- have struggled for many years- no coaching consistancy
    St. Eliz- moderate success early, have struggled ever since- variety of coaches.
    O’Dowd- struggled early, got Perenon and never looked back.
    DLS- struggled early, got Lad and has never even looked over their shoulder.
    The key: coaching.

  • birdeyeview

    El cerrito is getting the number 1 seed in D3, the vacaville lost would of been okay, If Vacaville didnt get spanked by a good DEER VAlley, and vacaville is 3-3, If vacavile was 6-0 it would of been a diffrent story.. .. MArin Should be concerned about getting the 3rd seed because cardinal Newman hasnt lost a game.. and have a very good case.. Marin right now is getting the 3rd seed if it was up to me.. BUT I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED if they run trough D3 also..

  • Hey Ghost
    Your #33 comments, I think, were right on.
    EBAL teams, to some degree, are a bit off the norm in high school football. Seldom are any of them really loaded with several 2+ star athletes (DLS included) compared to a number of schools or programs south of the Tehachapis. However, these kinds of teams that most EBAL teams tend to be usually improve more so as the season progresses and by playoff time are really “hot”. For example, look what Sparta has done to the Southland teams that, with 1 exception, have had noticeably more D1 talent, in the Cal Bowls. Also, EBAL teams depend very much on game preparation to a pretty narrow and specific degree to beat almost any other team in league. (DLS dominates because not only does their staff seem to do this better anyone else, the Spartans still have more athletic talent than the other EBAL (and everyone else in the Bay Area). This is not meant to disparage the other EBAL programs; most of them are really excellent at this for the high school level (and I’m sure this is why there has been a lot of frustration around the league in trying to compete with DLS). This usually results in a fair number of “upsets” during league competition, and “almost domination” in the NCS playoffs.
    I’m not going to comment as to why (I would have to write a book to cover it) EBAL teams seem to be better prepared than most other high school teams as the season rolls on, except that the biggest single differance maker is MONEY! (This has been more than mentioned a few times by several others on this chat room). Not too many EBAL schools are in disadvanteged neighborhoods.

  • Oh,oh. I’m araid I misspelled “difference” on line 25 and “disadavantaged” on line 27. As a schoolmarm, I should be able to spell better. Actually, I don’t type so well.


  • GHS

    Granada played just as good as San Ramon Valley on Friday. If you watched Granada had 2 drives that ended within the 10-one ended at the 1. They also had another drive end at the 30. But their Jr. RB/LB Casey Soltis is a stud. But every team in EBAL is competitive

  • You are right about money. SoCal privates and publics have a lot of it. example: mission viejo, Canyon, and poly. Poly has a large alumni that support the program. How about the LaMorinda schools, lots of money, just smaller enrollments that keep them from competing with the ebal. How about Paly near Stanford.
    Big , successful programs have money, period.

  • DJ

    @birdseye i believe MarinCath gets # seed based on the their strength of schedule over Ec though they lost to Vacville their overall nonleague schedule was stronger and cardinal newman is undefeated but they still have games against rancho cotati,casa grande and windsor so they will problem lose at least one of those but i believe top 4 in d3 :1)MC 2)EC 3)CN 4)Campo

  • FB Guru

    If CN wins out they would get the #1 seed in DIv 3. EC only quality game is going to be a win against Campo, but rumors are that Campo is hurting. Playing 6 DIv 4 & 5 teams will drop them to 3 or 4. But EC will have the advantage Encinal has enjoyed the last several years by being able to cruise into the playoffs. My DIv 3 seedings:

    1. CN 10-0
    2. MC 9-1
    3. EC 10-0
    4. Analy 10-0
    5. BOD 9-1
    6. Campo 8-2
    7. Mira 6-4
    8. Acalanes 8-2

  • dj

    Campo might be done just heard an brett stephens out for the year can’t see them goin to far without stephens

  • Patrick

    I agree with that list FB Guru. If CN wins out, they get the 1 seed. Undefeated Newman and 1 loss MC will get tops over undefeated EC because of legacy. CN has most NCS titles after De La Salle. They have four in the past seven years and two state bowl appearances. Marin rides legacy into #2 spot. They have a pedigree somewhat lower than Newman’s in football, but have been very strong the past few years. El Cerrito takes 3. Nothing against El Cerrito’s excellent season thus far. That’s just how I see it playing out IF CN and EC go undefeated (which will be quite a bit easier for EC than for CN). But it’s not like seeding really matters. That’s what you play the games for!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Any O’Dowd Fans know how that kids is doing that broke his arm against the Jets last week? Hope he’s OK. He handled the pain better than most. Jet Pride!

  • Does Campo have a running game or can they go from the wildcat? Why no back-up or preventive measures?

  • Gridlock

    EBAL heavyweights MV, Cal, SRV and Foothill are intertwined and any of these four can take the crown, but here is my weekly review.

    1. Monte Vista: Clearly the favorite after their splurge against a very talented Cal team, and they scorched the Cal defense using Merlin all night long. I guess Coach Bergman learned a valuable lesson in his loss to Foothill that they pediddled away by not using Merlin enough and blowing that game. MV will pummel Livermore this week on the Mustang’s home turf, and the only thing standing between MV and a 9-1 record is De La Salle. MV can beat the Spartans after the Spartans sleepwalking performance against Foothill.

    2. California: Grizzlies coughed up 44 points at home to MV and got embarrassed on defense. It was like they had never heard of the Wildcat or Zone Read Option before that MV burned them with all night with Merlin. Coach Belicci is a very good coach but defensive adjustments were non-existent against MV. But, Cal is a young team, they will be even better next year, look for the Grizzlies to lick their wounds and douse SRV on the road in a close game. Grizzlies will finish 2nd in league play this year.

    3. SRV: Two weeks ago I said Coach Kessler was a good coach and that in order to start winning and to assist Cameron Birse at qb that he needed to Change the offense and get back to power I and smash mouth football and run the ball with De La Pena. Kessler obviously did not like what he saw on film in the non-league and he did make changes and got the wins. Look for SRV to come out fired up at home against Cal but to fizzle in the end, they lose to Cal by 9 points this week.

    4. Foothill: For some reason this team has been a disappointment except for the lucky win vs. MV that kept giving them chances to hang around and win instead of putting the game away. Falcons should stamp out Granada easily this week by 28 points or more. Coach Sweeney is a very good coach but this superior talented team is not firing on all cylinders and nobody seems to have the answer. Falcons are looking at 7-3 or 6-4 and a 3rd or 4th place finish in league. Not bad but definitely not good as predicted.

    5. Amador: The Dons will be basically interchangeable with Foothill until their final regular season game which will settle 4th and 5th place between them. The Dons are talented and have a very good Qb in Moreno but why do they not win more games? I like them vs. Granada and Foothill to finish 5-5 but this team should have been much better instead of a .500 team.

    6. Granada: 5-5 gets them into the playoffs this year if they can beat Foothill or Amador and Livermore, which might actually happen. Problem is for Granada to win against the Falcons or Dons they need to run the ball in dominant fashion and throw less than 15 times per game to win. Tough call and my money says they finish 4-6 instead of 5-5. Coach Silva needs to get this team into the playoffs this year.

    7. Livermore: The Cowboys are staring at 2-8, or 3-7 or 4-6 at best. As a division two team in the EBAL if they had gone 5-5 they would have had a nice seeding in the playoffs. Instead they will be home again and buying tickets to the playoff games instead of actually playing in them. The hardy Coach Haubner led Cowboys need to throw the football in a more complex fashion to win enough games to make the playoffs, until then it will be the EBAL cellar.

    **On a side bar, I have seen El Cerrito on video and they could beat any team in the EBAL this year on a good night, nobody in our League has that much talent on their roster, not even close.