Injuries sideline two DFAL football stars

Dublin and Campolindo both got some very bad injury news this week.

Ondre Rudolph, Dublin’s bruising tailback, is likely out for the remainder of the regular season after suffering a hairline fracture in his left ankle during the Gaels’ 31-14 loss to Las Lomas last Friday.
Rudolph had rushed for 1,310 yards and 15 touchdowns in six games this season before getting injured in the first quarter against the Knights. Dublin coach John Wade said it’s an injury that typically takes three to five weeks to heal, so Rudolph could be back for the NCS playoffs should the Gaels (4-3) make it that far.
“It’s not all bad,” Wade said. “If you’re going to fracture your ankle it’s about as good of news as you can get.”
With Rudolph out, Wade said sophomore Darrell Millinder will receive the bulk of the carries out of the backfield.

BayPreps.com is also reporting that Campolindo will be without senior QB Brett Stephens for the rest of the year thanks to a shoulder injury. I have a call into coach Kevin Macy to find out more. Stephens had thrown for over 1,300 yards in six games this year before the injury. He’s committed to play baseball at UCLA next year.

Stephanie Hammon

  • redandblue2

    No doubt about, this a major blow to the Cougars. Coach Macy says he might be able to return by the playoffs but he is not planning on it. The QB duties fall to the junior Zolintakis who guided the JV team to a 10-0 record last season but has played in mop up only duty this season.

    The game plan against Las Lomas will necessarily be simplified this Friday night. Campo was probably a TD favorite prior to the Stephens injury. I imagine LL smells blood in the water now and is likely the favorite not only for this game but also for the DFAL title.

  • FB Guru

    That’s sad to hear, but BOD and Miramonte have been dealing without their starting QB’s and Macy will find a way. Campo has already qualified for the DIv 3 playoffs.

  • ManDown

    What a big loss for Campo! That hurts and makes all the difference for that team. That changes everything for Div 3 playoffs

  • I’m sorry for these boys and their families, their teammates, coaches, and all involved that their 2012 football appears to be over.
    Is it just me, or has there been an over-abundance of season ending football injuries this season? Seems the same for last year too.

  • DJ

    You hate to hear of these type of injuries devastating blow to 2 good teams probaly bigger to campo Qb is heart and soul of any team but campo is still a solid team but without stephens will be a notch below the top teams in d3 but i wouldnt advise any team to underestimate this team or that stephens wont come back for the playoffs

  • Campo QB with a baseball ride to UCLA is not going to come back for the playoffs with a major shoulder injury.
    If that shoulder gets damaged more he could loose his ride or put him so far behind for college. He might not even play HS baseball this year if it’s bad.
    How did it happen and what game?

  • Just found out- Campo backup from a 10-0 JV team- should not be a problem as he should have been groomed to take over duties anyway next year.

  • Factured ankle injury to running back bad but not as bad as a qb shoulder injury- ankle can be taped and back used as a decoy for playoffs if it heals in time.
    Backups have to step up for playoff opportunities.

  • Any kind of injury is a blow to all teams…this is the kind of news we don’t want read about…but it happens….Lets see how the teams come together without Stephens and Rudoph and lets hope for a good recovery both both kids…

  • MiraMan


    I don’t think the #2 has been “groomed”. Given the quality of the Campo program I have no doubt they have capable QB talent in the stable, but it will take some time to develope. At least in terms of game planning.

    I do have one theory. On the BayPreps interview, Coach Macy kept saying how Zolintakis was going to have to develope arm strength over the next several weeks…it’s going to be real tough, etc, etc. I’m betting the kid can throw a freakin country mile and Macy’s going to try to catch LL off guard. I mean come on, if he’s #2 he must be playing scout team QB or getting some reps. Is Coach Macy really saying the kid has forgotten how to throw?? I think Macy is just being cagey!

    What the difference a week makes in DFAL. LL went from goat in losing to Northgate and Acalanes to now beating Dublin convincingly and getting a chance to knock the king off the hill. But don’t worry Campo, win or lose tomorrow night, Miramonte will kick the crap out of Las Lomas in a couple of weeks. I guarantee it!

  • FNLfan

    That is a very bold prediction on your part since Dublin beat Miramonte. LL lost to Acalanes a very bad end of game call and Northgate is a better team than you are giving them credit for, BTW they beat Concord last week. If I recall the last time Miramonte played at LL they had their undefeated season spoiled. Bold predictions, we will soon find out if you are right or wrong.

  • dublin looks like they had all their eggs in one basket.

  • footballfan

    Miramonte may beat LL but it won’t be any “walk in the park”. LL is tough. Two big factors though 1)Miramonte has its QB back. 2)When LL beat Dublin Ondre Rudolph went out early in the game. In the 1st qtr I think. In the few runs he had before he got hurt he ran all over them. With out Rudolph Dublin has no offense whatsoever.