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  • TJ

    #45.. im not so sure that San Leandro would beat up on Tennyson, but it would be a close one.

  • EBfootball

    All those teams (with the exception of Alameda) play the better WCAL, EBAL, DVAL, and BVAL teams in non league. None of the A league teams are punks and I see them all getting better through the years and in the playoffs because they all put themselves to the test.

  • DeAngelo

    Yeah, alameda only plays weak teams like encinal.

  • hoodboy

    MVAL Fan, So thats what happened to the Tennyson Vs Hayward Game. I was wondering why that game didnt happen. Hayward really stop the Rivalary?

  • Island chief

    I walk into the break room at my job and someone posts the Piedmont score on the bulletin board. I come on this blog and Encinal fans are posting lies about how we begged are way into the b division. We get accused of being cocky, We will win out. We will make the playoffs. We will go further than Encinal. At the end of the season, thats all that matter. Alameda is better than Encinal. The Island bowl 97 yard run was a miracle was a fluke. We dominated the ame. Could have blown the game wide open in the 2nd half.

    Encinal fans believe Tenorio should get a trophy for opting up into the foothill. Saying kemp begged down. I talked to a few coaches and they say ithe divisions were based on enrollment and the success of a program. I checked on cal preps and gathered this.

    Calpreps enrollment
    Berkeley 3239, DI ncs playoffs every year
    Castro Valley 2937, DI playoffs last few years
    San Leandro 2731, league titles
    Hayward, 1645, league titles and made playoffs many times
    Encinal, 1269, league titles and playoffs last 5 years in a row, ncs d3 title game 2 of 3 years
    Bishop O’Dowd, 1146, league titles and many playoffs under perenon 200 wins

    Arroyo, 1899, playoffs every year
    Mt.Eden 1,861, no playoffs in years, but improving under perenon
    Alameda, 1855, lost in the 1st round of playoffs in 2 of last 3 years
    San Lorenzo, 1,624, no playoffs in years
    Tennyson, 1332, made playoffs the last 2 years
    Piedmont, 827, made playoffs last year, inventors of the A-11

    If its based on enrollment then Arroyo and Mt. Eden should have gone up before we did.
    If its based on success than Arroyo should move up before we do.
    If its based on both enrollment and success then they got it right. So stop crying.
    The Foothill division only has 2 good teams: Castro Valley and Bishop O’Dowd. The rest would lose 2 to 3 games in the foothill division.


  • @island chief- Shut up alameda high is not better then Encinal you guys lost to piedmont thats pretty sad bro. And you guys will not make playoffs and Encinal will go to round 2 in the playoffs thats the highest they can go. I hate encinal but all i know you is not better then them. They should move the JV head coach up to be the head coach for varsity he don’t run what kemper runs the JV head coach is way better then Kemper the JV head coach wins game lol he blitz all day against encinal Offence thats why they won 56-7 the jv coach is way better then Kemper.

  • EB Football Coach

    Island Chief,

    Believe what you want. I’m not an Encinal fan, I’m a fan of good coaches and teams that play hard for 4 quarters.

    Good luck against Mt. Eden. Hope you get your 3rd win. With a schedule like yours you truly deserve a playoff berth.

    I spoke to a coach who was at the meeting right after it was over. He named 2 coaches who wanted into the B league right away. Both were challenged by the other coaches, but both refused to go up.

    I’ll let you guess who one of them was. Enjoy the mediocrity.

  • TJ

    Tennyson & Alameda?

  • Dudleydawson

    island chief you are a complete loser. How are you better than encinal? Your 0-2 vs bsal teams you clown! I hope you do make the playoff get cotate or concord maybe northgate that would be sweet. Are you even playing northgate next year? I hope you run the table but it aint sayn much vs mt.eden slz arroyo but arroyo will smack you guys in the mouth. Believe what you want but moyer knows when he goes to bed he asked down. Probably just didnt think his team could hang with what he had coming back i guess.