East Bay football poll — 10/15

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 7-0 75 1
2. James Logan 6-1 70 2
3. Monte Vista 6-1 62 t3
4. El Cerrito 7-0 61 t3
5. California 6-1 56 5
6. Foothill 4-3 47 6
7. Freedom 5-2 44 7
8. Concord 6-1 36 8
9. Campolindo 6-1 34 9
10. Deer Valley 6-1 33 11
11. Pittsburg 4-3 27 10
12. Bishop O’Dowd 6-1 23 12
13. Northgate 6-1 16 13
14. Clayton Valley 6-1 11 14
15. San Ramon Valley 3-4 3 NR

Also receiving votes: McClymonds (3-3, 2 points). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • CandyCrowley

    Questions for the Governor. How many coaches are at the varsity level at DLS? How much did the ball warmer cost? (Thank you 49er Joe?) Is the veer predictably the most difficult high school offense to defend? (Goatchalk, not HOW to defend, okay?)

  • KIR

    @New2This I agree it’s not the only reason they win but it is a contributing factor

    @BigDog be realistic, first off most of the stars on DLS don’t pay tuition they get “assistance” recruit tool. And DLS has a great football booster program that raises tons of money for them to have these nice things. But the fact is DLS has more access to funds, donations, etc then most public schools. When you take your kid trick or treating you much rather go on Winton Dr then School Street. All public schools fundraising and charge players anywhere from $100 – $500 per season but that does not get them what DLS has funds for. YOur telling me a Car Wash or bake sale is going to pay for a public football team to travel to Hawaii, Texas, Las Vegas for a game, I think not. Attend a school board meeting once in a while and you will see that most school boards are trying to cut out sports not give them any more money. Look at MD school district destroying whatever sports they had left.

  • Lizzy- I believe DJ Williams was a running back at DLS and he’s going on 15 yrs. as a pro. They have had other backs that made pro’s also- Jackie Bates and Kevin Simon. They might not have played the running back position, but they still made it.
    No one said DLS coaches made Drew but they surely molded him and pointed him in the right direction to success at ucla. If you are saying he stays in richmond and pittsburg and has the same degree of success attending DLS, then son, you need theraphy.

  • Prep Fan

    DLS typically has more coaches on the sidelines than other local high school teams. I don’t know about the national teams like STA and Bosco, but more than most other East Bay teams. I don’t know how many are paid or volunteer, but those kids are well schooled.

  • KIR- since you have no kids at dls you are not qualified to know about tuition assistance. first of all, the mission of the Christian Bros. is to educate the poor. All CB schools have tuition assistance. The assistance program goes thru a national board who approves or declines funds. parents must send all supporting documents and tax returns. the annual tuition fund at dls was appx. $ 700 K plus a year. Appx. 20 % of the student body is on some tuition relief. A lot of this is raised by golf tournaments, etc. CHS across the street earns almost $ 300 K for tuition from their Visions of Xmas.
    If your family qualifies, you get tuition whether you play football or not. There are lots of kids on assistance at dls. No one gets a full ride. The max tuition assistance is appx. 50 % of tuition. The best football player dls ever produced, DJ Williams, Mother worked 2 jobs to send her child there. You as a student must work this off after school, lunchtime duties, etc. So know your facts about tuition. Again, if you don’t ENTER TO LEARN AND LEAVE TO SERVE, how would you ever know about DLS?

  • CandyCrowley

    @153. Toomer, Landri, Taylor but you chose DJ? Not quite the face of Christian Brotherhood.

  • CandyCrowley

    BigDog has his facts mixed up. This is straight from dlshs.org “There are grants based on financial need that approach 100% of tuition.” And the funds are not decided by a national board, but locally.
    29% of the student body get $1.2m.
    It also clearly states that tuition is NOT worked off by parents nor students.

  • Prep Fan

    CandyCrowley – since you have no kids at dls you are not qualified to know about tuition assistance. I didn’t know you had to be qualified to have such knowledge. Reading about it from a seemingly reliable site cannot possibly qualify you. Maybe the dlshs.org site administrator has no kids at dls either?

  • monarch86

    Ha already talking about next year Cal fans… when will they be as dominant as the 2010 squad, heart baby

  • I had kids there. The qualifications have changed over the years. Again if 29 % of the student body receives 1.2 K, that doesn’t leave full tuition for the football players. In the past all tuition assistance was worked off. It still is at CHS, and Candy and Prep, you both obviously have any kids at dls. Bye the way, the recruited full ride football players beat the crap out of money-haven Monte Vista tonite 41-09.

  • Junior, I have finally figured it out- we’re preaching to the choir. Bloggers and parents who can’t stand success and their kids getting whipped by high quality football- They better hope their kids and they won;t figure out college ball cuz it’s a lot tuffer than DLS and they’ll still complain how the little jimmie’s got their assed handed to them cuz they weren’t ready- but that’s ok cuz their kids and them ain’t making it. That’s a little bit of the old testimant and yes DJ will do as a shining example of Christian brotherhood. What a bunch of sissy loosers. Amen.

  • Prep Fan

    Way to be humble. Is it that exciting to beat MV for the 12th time in a row? I’m sure Lad loves to see posts like that.

  • Prep Fan, you’re a full fledged jackass. Who cares what Lad thinks? Do you really think he’s like you? He’s the coach, not the fans. Again, your social and BS attempts to Lad stink. Lad knows when to stick it to MV and he and the staff and the offal officials kept another 14 pts. off the board. I am going to pray for you at Mass tomorrow and since it’s Halloween insist that the Spanish Inquister get the info out of you soon. Mabey the Iron Maiden is the best for a weak minded public prinkle like you. Junior and others are going to break your will.

  • the ebal has been served notice.

  • Chalktalk- what do u think what happened out at winton dr. tonite? Top notch ebal qb- picks, sacks and held down all game avergaing 379 per game by a bunch of kids playing the 2nd and 3rd string for the entire 4th quarter? they sacked MV even with small defensive reserves in.

  • the best MV had to offer tonite was the 40 person cheerleading squads.

  • epcthree

    @ 153 – Big Joe; correction on your D.J. Williams numbers. He hasn’t played 15 years in the NFL; He will be starting his 6th season this year after he completes his suspensions for his 2nd DUI and turning in synthetic urine to league officials.

    @ 162 – YoMama, it is VERY important as to what Coach Ladouceur thinks. He represents De La Salle, just as you do and Junior does and Big Dog and others who either support, have attended or have had their kids attend the school. De La Salle is about brotherhood and learning to be a better man in society. These goals are not just about the football team but for ALL of those who attend.

    You may not agree, but being a better man in my mind does not include insulting opponents (especially kids for goodness sakes) or frankly insulting anyone who may hold differing views than your own.

    As for what Coach Ladouceur thinks, perhaps it’s best represented by this quote: “… it’s not about the streak, or being the all-time winningest. I appreciate the benchmark and the recognition of the long haul and my hard work, but it’s about being a positive part of so many young kids’ lives. It’s pretty humbling.”

    And don’t think for one minute that Coach Ladouceur only includes his players in that over all view. It includes kids from other teams who he has helped as well as kids in his Religious Studies classes that he has taught and it has never included the belittling of others. That is not Coach Lad’s way, nor is it the way of De La Salle. I shouldn’t have to remind you or anyone else of that.

  • @134 – You are an idiot. Cal beat both Pittsburg and SRV this season so what is your point? When you are in the EBAL you do not need a tough preseason schedule, especially when you play DLS week 10!

  • BigJoe and YoMama
    Both you guys were right on yesterday and last night.

  • KIR

    @ Big Joe, I started to reply to your post but I already see many other bloggers already put you in your place. But since I’m here let me put it out there. I know everything about DLS. Family members have played there, close friends kids have played there, longtime friend of J Aliotti and D Williams coaches there for 10+ years (shit even longer). Currently connected to 3 players on Varsity and one of JVs.. oh wait he’s not on JVs anymore he’s a Freshman kid from PItt that started on JVs and recently got moved to Varsity (yes a frosh playing varsity) his name is Boss. I know this cause I just like many people know all the doings of DLS. Oh and by the way Boss gets 92% tuition assistance, guess your right it’s not 100.

    Fact is DLS is the best program in Northern Cali they have not lost to a North Cali team since 92 (Pitt). They have a loss or two down south or in other states. So it’s debatable if they are the best program in all of Cali. NO one who knows anything about great coaching, scheme, discipline can argue that DLS is not the best in this area.

    But the fact remains, be as ignorant as you want. This storied program has advantages no other school in Northern Cali has.

  • Prep Fan

    @167 EPC3 – well stated.

    And by the way, Big Joe, Yo Mama and Big Dog are all the same person who likes to appear to have like minded posters but really just steps off long enough to switch screen names. Case in point last night posts under all 3 different names at 11:30, 11:33 & 11:35. Clearly the same writing style.

  • Stewie

    To Somewhere over the rainbow…An Ice bath at DLS is a garbage can filled with ice & water, please come back to reality. But then again take a look at Bishop Gorman.
    I guess the legend of Winton drive lives on. That is with emphasis on the W…”W”inton.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Back to the game MV kept on hitting but Sparty hit harder and made a Statement. The Spartans will have the away challenge for the last two games and I am sure preparation will be the focus.

    CV-C gets the BEAT DOWN of the Week.

  • MtEdenHomer

    “Gridlock, look at your surprise team Mt. Eden and everyone can tell that youโ€™re using meth.
    Mt.Eden beat a winless Richmond 17-8, a winless Albany 17-7, 2-5 Mt.Diablo and 1-6 San Lorenzo. They lost to Oakland high. Who is in the weakest league known to high school football and theyโ€™re going to get stomped on by Alameda this week. Mark my words. Alameda 33 Mt.Eden 7.” – IslandChief


  • KIR

    @Bluedog and Mandown – guess you guys were wrong about Pitt again. Agreed the dumb ass penalties kill them but when they are on watch out!

    Just counting 3 games against Granite Bay, Freedom and Deer Valley all ranked teams Pitts 3 headed RB monster has run for nearly 1000 yards. I don’t have the numbers from their other games but I’m sure they have ran for over 2000 already.

  • Barefoot

    Setting the record straight on SRV rumors:
    5 players were suspended for disiplinary reasons. 2 are back on the team, 1 had a season ending injury and 2 opted not to return to the team for personal reasons. No one quit because they were mad about loosing or mad at the coaches or mad at each other. They were over rated. Made a ton of mistakes in games against very good teams (Folsom is undefeated). Their confidence was rocked the coaches didn’t adjust well and that is pretty much it. No other drama. They played their best game of the season last night against FH. They have 2 games to go. We will see if they have learned anything over the last few games.

  • C/O98

    Island chief add 2-6 Alameda to the list of nobody’s with losing records Mt Eden has beaten this year

  • Island Chief

    You still suck. We just suck a little worse than you.

  • Harold GP

    Can a 4-6 team make it into the D-1 playoffs? What’s the criteria for eligibility?
    I would really appreciate it if someone could explain the criteria!

  • panther4

    A 3-7 team can make it to playoffs as long as they are .500 in league

  • MiraMan

    Harold GP,

    Last year Emery went 1-9 and made the D5 playoffs because they were 1-1 against D5 schools.

    The rule is that you have to be .500 or better overall, .500 or better in your league, or .500 or better against division rivals (D1, D2, etc.).

    As a result of the last criteria, some teams can game the system by playing one game against a woefully bad team in their division and in some cases they can practically guarantee that they are qualified for the playoffs. In other cases, a team can be in a very tough league and the division criteria gives them the opportunity to get a playoff bid by playing division rivals in pre-league. Take Livermore which is the only D2 team in EBAL. They are 2-6, but have two pre-league wins over D2 teams. Even if they finish 2-8 they will be eligible for the D2 playoffs, and likely be a handful for any D2 team they face.

    Finally, just because you are eligible doesn’t mean you get in. There are times where 18 teams are eligible in D3, but the bracket is only 16 teams. Two get cut. Also, I think the seeding committee can refuse to include a team if they are really bad, but that doesn’t seem to happen (ask Emery)!

  • Prep Fan

    Livermore just played 1 D2 team, Hayward, who they beat 40-13. Had they lost that game, they would not have been elgible. It might be best for a team in their position to schedule 2 D2 squads. That way, they just need to win one of the 2 to be eligible. The problem is that scheduling a coule of D2 teams may not get them prepared for what faces them when EBAL play starts.

  • HAAL Fan

    NCS D1 Qualified – Bubble – Out

    School – League (overall, league, division) (Calpreps)

    Qualified (still need to be voted in)

    1-DeLaSalle – freelance (8-0, n/a, 4-0) 64
    games left: @san ramon(d1) 34.7, @california(d1) 46.6

    2-MonteVista – ebal (6-2, 3-1, 5-2) 47.1
    amador valley(d1) 30.7, san ramon(d1) 34.7

    3-California – ebal (7-1, 4-1, 5-1) 46.6
    @granada(d1) 23.3, dls(d1) 64

    4-Logan – freelance (7-1, n/a, 4-0) 42.9
    irvington(d1) -7.4, @mission san jose(d1) -21.9

    5-Freedom – bval (6-2, 3-0, 6-1) 40.8
    deer valley(d1) 35.8, @liberty(d1) 5.9

    6-Pittsburgh – bval (5-3, 2-1, 3-3) 38.7
    @heritage(d1) 13.9, @antioch 14.3

    7-DeerValley – bval (6-2, 2-1, 3-1) 35.8
    @freedom(d1) 40.8, @heritage(d1) 13.9

    8-SanRamon – ebal (4-4, 4-1, 3-2) 34.7
    dls(d1) 64, @monte vista(d1) 47.1

    13-Berkeley – wac(f) (3-4, 3-0, 1-3) 17.8
    @bishop odowd(d3) 26, castro valley(d1) 24.3

    14-Antioch – bval (5-3, 0-3, 1-3) 14.3
    liberty(d1) 5.9, pittsburgh(d1) 38.7

    On the Bubble (can still qualify)
    9-Foothill – ebal (4-4, 2-2, 2-4) 33.8
    @livermore(d2) 19.1, @amador valley(d1) 30.7

    10-AmadorValley – ebal (4-4, 2-2, 2-3) 30.7
    @monte vista(d1) 47.1, foothill(d1) 33.8

    11-CastroValley – wac(f) (4-4, 2-1, 2-3) 24.3
    hayward(d2) 8.2, @berkeley(d1) 17.8

    12-Granada – ebal (3-5, 0-4, 1-5) 23.3
    california(d1) 46.6, livermore(d2) 19.1

    15-Heritage – bval (2-6, 2-1, 2-3) 13.9
    pittsburgh(d1) 38.7, deer valley(d1) 35.8

    18-SantaRosa – nbl (3-5, 1-4, 0-0) 3.8
    ukiah(d2) -8.4, @rancho cotate(d2) 34.3

    19-Irvington – mval (4-4, 2-3, 1-0) -7.4
    @logan(d1) 42.9, @washington(d2) 19

    Out(teams just playing out the season and spoiler)
    16-Liberty – bval (2-6, 0-3, 0-4) 5.9
    @antioch(d1) 14.3, freedom(d1) 40.8

    17-SanLeandro – wac(f) (0-8, 0-3, 0-4) 4.4
    @encinal(d3) 8.7, bishop odowd(d3) 26

    20-DoughertyValley – dfal (0-8, 0-4, 0-1) -16.1
    @campolindo(d3) 29.5, las lomas(d2) 13.5

    21-MissionSanJose – mval (1-7, 0-5, 0-1) -21.9
    @moreau(d4) -5.7, logan(d1) 42.9

  • HAAL Fan

    NCS D2 Qualified โ€“ Bubble โ€“ Out

    School โ€“ League (overall, league, division) (Calpreps)

    QUALIFIED (still need to be voted in)

    1. ClaytonValley – dval (7-1, 3-0, 4-0) 34.5
    northgate(d2) 22, mt diablo(d2) -19.3

    2. RanchoCotate – nbl (8-0, 5-0, 6-0) 34.3
    cardinal newman(d3) 37.1, santa rosa(d1) 3.8

    3. Concord – dval (6-2, 1-2, 1-2) 27.7
    @mt diabl(d2) -19.3, college park(d2) 3.2

    4. CasaGrande – nbl (6-2, 4-1, 3-1) 23.4
    @windsor(d2) 14.1, cardinal newman(d3) 37.1

    5. Northgate – dval (7-1, 3-0, 5-0) 22
    @clayton valley(d2) 34.5, ygnacio valley(d3) -11.2

    6. Livermore – ebal (2-6, 0-4, 1-0) 19.1
    foothill(d1) 33.8, @granada(d1) 23.3

    7. Washignton – mval (5-3, 4-0, 2-0) 19
    @newark memorial(d2) 17.4, irvington(d1) -7.4

    8. NewarkMemorial – mval (6-2, 4-0, 2-0) 17.4
    washington(d2) 19, @jfk-fremont(d3) -7.8

    10. LasLomas – dfal (3-5, 2-2, 1-1) 13.5
    miramonte(d3) 13.5, @dougherty valley(d1) -16.1

    12. Dublin – dfal (5-4, 3-2, 0-1) 10.2
    @campolindo(d3) 29.5

    14. American – mval (5-3, 2-2, 2-2) 4.9
    jfk-fremont(d3) -7.8, @moreau(d4) -5.7

    16. Arroyo – wac(s) (4-4, 2-1, 3-2) 3.1
    piedmont(d4) -10, alameda(d2) -12.2

    20. MtEden – wac(s) (5-3, 2-1, 4-1) -10.5
    tennyson(d3) 6.9, @piedmont(d4) -10

    BUBBLE TEAMS (can still qualify)

    9. Windsor – nbl (3-5, 2-3, 1-3) 14.1
    casa grande(d2) 23.4, @montgomery(d2) -3

    11. Carrillo – nbl (3-5, 2-3, 1-2) 12.4
    @montgomery(d2) -3, ukiah(d2) -8.4

    13. Hayward – wac(f) (4-4, 2-1, 1-2) 8.2
    @castro valley(d1) 24.3, @encinal(d3) 8.7

    15. CollegePark – dval (3-5, 1-2, 2-3) 3.2
    @ygnacio valley(d3) -11.2, @concord(d2) 27.7

    17. PinoleValley – tcl(r) (3-5, 2-2, 1-2) 0
    vc-dublin(d4) 16.3, st. marys(d4) 0

    21. Alameda – wac(s) (2-6, 0-3, 1-2) -12.2
    @san lorenzo(d2) -14.6, @arroyo(d2) 3.1

    22. SanLorenzo – wac(s) (2-6, 1-2, 1-4) -14.6
    alameda(d2) -12.2, @tennyson(d3) 6.9

    25. Richmond – tcl(s) (1-7, 1-2, 0-1) -29,.4
    jfk-richmond(d4) -3.6, de anza(d4) -27.3

    OUT (just playing out the season and spoiler)

    18. Montgomery – nbl (2-6, 1-4, 1-4) -3
    carrillo(d2) 12.4, windsor(d2) 14.1

    19. Ukiah – nbl (1-7, 0-5, 0-5) -8.4
    @santa rosa(d1) 3.8, @carrillo(d2) 12.4

    23. MtDiablo – dval (2-6, 0-3, 0-4) -19.3
    concord(d2) 27.7, @clayton valley(d2) 34.5

    24. Redwood – mcal (1-7, 1-5, 0-1) -20.2
    drake(d4) -8.5, siena(d4) 18.7