East Bay football poll — 10/15

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 7-0 75 1
2. James Logan 6-1 70 2
3. Monte Vista 6-1 62 t3
4. El Cerrito 7-0 61 t3
5. California 6-1 56 5
6. Foothill 4-3 47 6
7. Freedom 5-2 44 7
8. Concord 6-1 36 8
9. Campolindo 6-1 34 9
10. Deer Valley 6-1 33 11
11. Pittsburg 4-3 27 10
12. Bishop O’Dowd 6-1 23 12
13. Northgate 6-1 16 13
14. Clayton Valley 6-1 11 14
15. San Ramon Valley 3-4 3 NR

Also receiving votes: McClymonds (3-3, 2 points). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Prep Fan

    First it was 3 players a couple of weeks ago that reportedly quit, and now a stud player is also gone? What is going on at SRV this season?

  • Gridlock

    Stewie, you are illuminating a few others with complex words that I cannot understand. Good luck vs. MV

  • Gridlock

    I don’t think anything is going on at SRV this year. But I do believe expectations were way too high with a first-year starter at QB, an average defense, and harsh schedule caused a perfect storm of events to have some players either quit or lose their temper and get the boot.

    It happens at every major program

  • Gridlock

    Is it also true that Cal has two good junior qb’s or just the one guy now? That program appears to be stockpiled with deep talent for the next 5 years or more.

    MV will be even better on D next year too and so will Granada, they will peak in next yr.

  • Reason, narabonne is in the top ranked teams in Cal the last couple of years. Don’t know where they surfaced from. Poly down this year, however Poly usually up with them being the Southern California All-stars at one time. Lots of players always wanted to go to Poly- large alumni. They still put a lot of kids in div 1, especially to usc and ucla.
    Has Mission Viejo ever had a bad year- Coach johnson the best qb coach in the country.

  • gridlock, it’s all Greek to me. Spartans going to defend the pass- as in 300.

  • stuck in spokane

    Narbonne apparently got a bunch of transfers from a local HS, Carson.

  • seven72deuce


    That’s like saying Logan wouldn’t score those 21 points on offense if they didn’t take those turnovers to the house. They probably would have scored another 2 TDs if their offense was on the field a whole lot more after defensive stops. I’ll agree that Logan is a bit overrated. But if SRV scored that many points on Cal and all those other top teams. Then that’s a scary defense that Logan has.

  • Turftoespain

    It is time to start a transfer window like in European soccer, schools can bid on players up to the second scheduled game and make transfers. Just kidding.

    Campo will keep rolling along…they are in good position to do a repeat trip to Carson.

  • seven72deuce


    That’s assuming that Logan wouldn’t score more than 14 points on offense if those 3 turnovers were taken to the house. I’ll agree about a bit overrated. But if you’re gonna tell me a Logan didn’t do much against SRV, think again. And yes, I’ve heard about the ailments they suffered from Buhach but I wouldn’t take that much credit away from the shutout victory Logan had.

  • seven72deuce

    Werent taken*

  • Voice of Reason

    Mission Viejo under coach Bob Johnson went 6-4-1 in 2007 and were one and done in the playoffs that year. Otherwise, they are routinely one of the top public school football programs in southern California. Incidentally, DLS played and beat MV 35-7 that year.

  • junior

    LB Poly in a down cycle? Ignorant statement. Poly has as much if not more D1 talent than any school in CA.

    Yet another example of the impact of leadership and coaching on HS sports- 75% of success.

  • StopDropAndRumble

    Cal has two solid junior QBs, Owens and Lorenz. Owens is a better runner and was on Varsity as a Sophmore. Lorenz is a better passer in that he checks off more and threw for over 1000 yards (1400?) in JV. Both have guns. The starting position was up for grabs, but Owens earned it with his performance against Pitt.

    Lorenz will sit in the pocket and check down. Owens will take off if his primary receiver is covered.

    Bottom line cal upcoming crops
    2010 Freshman 9-1

    2011 Freshman 10-0
    2011 JV 9-1

    2012 All those underclassman are coming up. Most JV players (now juniors) are on Varsity.

    Next year Cal weill be deeper as they have plenty of depth to handle the out going seniors this year.

  • junior

    With all this Cal depth and success, can we finally see a non league schedule that challenges the Grizz.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal will probably be picked 5th in the EBAL again next year.

  • StopDropAndRumble

    I think next years schedule is already locked down, but I really can’t say for sure.

    Washington (why)
    Castro Valley
    De la salle

  • seven72deuce

    sorry for the double comment. i thought my first one didn’t go through.

  • Cal needs to schedule Bishop Gorman- that will sell out. The rest needs wcal and sjs powerhouses period.
    Cal will become the elite of the ebal when that happens.

  • Reason, yes you are correct as usual- however Mission Viejo also beat DeLa with Sanchez and they don’t dodge anyone. I do remember them losing to DeLa at Winton. They are like Mater Dei- 4 times vs. DeLa and liked the comp. I saw Matt G. destroy Mater at Stockton at Al. Stagg Stad. 6 tds- I don’t miss much – I’ve played and seen from Pastorni to Fouts and more. I’ve walked beaches from West Mac to Winton Dr. Chalktalk- are you in to my mojo? Dennis Dixon is.

  • Chalk- give me yur stats- I was 4.5 vertical only 40- however tech made me make them cough blood= you sound like yur better- but I’m a west berkeley white boy and had excellent coverage – no tds- yur right coaching is a huge part- don’t coach what yur don’t, understand.

  • chalktalk

    yo mama
    technique has always been the imatation of talent
    and some peoples talent is far more superior than ur technique

  • Island chief

    Chalk talk,

    Shut the f up, you don’t know sht about coaching, playing, or morals. You’re a jaw runner that’s done it all and knows it all. Do us all a favor, put your iPod on and walk on the train tracks and count to 5,000,000.

  • Stewie

    Why would Cal play BG when BG went down to DLS.
    All Cal would do is complain about the unfair advantage of playing a private school. Cal should play some of the Sac Area Schools like Grant or Granite Bay and Lincoln out of the Valley and maybe St. Marys of Stockton and you might add CV-C for next year as CV-C states they will be ready to take on DLS in 2 more seasons. Just saying you know.

  • chalktalk

    Island cheif calm down and have some turkey tails
    if u disagree with what i said then ur not gifted
    shut the hell up and stay out grown folks convo

  • chalktalk

    Island chef
    WHEN U CHOP DOWN A TREE U TAKE OUT CHUNK AFTER CHUNK UNTIL IT COMES DOWN b patient young skywalker anger will get u no where lmao

  • Voice of Reason


    It must be nice to know your team will never, ever, suffer through a season where you just don’t have enough talent to compete; where the NCS D1 championship has all but been conceded to you for 20 straight years and for the forseeable future; where the structural advantage DLS enjoys in Contra Costa County ensures they will never lose to a public school team in northern California.

    Yes Junior, even public school teams as big as Long Beach Poly have down years. I guess all that “leadership and coaching” and all that D1 talent at Poly hasn’t had the desired effect this season. The good news Junior, is that Coach Lad would never allow his loaded teams to under perform like Poly. Keep with the denial Junior, the hole you continue to dig for yourself keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • With all the talk about DLS’s “advantages, I’m surprised no one (at least to my knowledge) has pointed out that west of the tunnelin the East Bay there are 6 parochial high schools for boys (7 if you count SPSV) in a population of about 1.5m; 2 in the South Bay, pop of about 1.7m; 3 on the Peninsula, pop about .75m; 3 in the City, pop about .8m; 1 in Marin, pop about .25m; 2 in the North Bay, pop about .56m; and only ONE east of the tunnel in the East Bay, pop about 1.1m. Even in Orange County, pop about 3m, the bastion of 5 of the 6 mighty Trinity League teams, there are 4 (and St. John Bosco in Bellflower is right next door). Are there more people per capita of the Catholic faith in those places than out here? (Doesn’t seem like it.)
    There has been a new parochial high school planned for Livermore for several years now. Does anyone have any info. or word as to when the Diocese is planning a ground breaking?

  • stuck in spokane

    Poly doesn’t have good coaching. Raul Lara’s been on the “hot seat” the last 2-3 years and has gained the reputation of getting “C” worthy effort out of “A” talent.

  • Actually, the Moore League is probably going to be kicked out of the Pac 5 for next year, unless Poly and/or Lakewood (can’t imagine anyone else in that league)get past the 1st round. Even then, anything short of the semis will probably result in them being tossed.

  • gogrizzlies

    why is everyone so obsessed with Cal high’s schedule. If you look at the cal prep ratings, it is only 3 points behind DLS. they are ahead of mv, freedom, logan, dv, and pretty much on par with pitt. foothill and srv have slight 4 pt advantages. and cal hasn’t played DLS yet, so they will get that major boost then as well. could they play some tougher teams yes, but they have a brutal league schedule and when it comes down to it. if you dont beat DLS in the playoffs it is all irrelevant.

    and i think everyone’s argument that public schools are so dominant in SJS when the topic arises of public vs private is baseless. but who in SJS is consistently dominant? rocklin? del oro? gb? they all trade turns. some are better some years than others, the way the public school system works. still with all that who in SJS has beaten DLS. so your point about rising up as a public and being dominant like the SJS? who has beaten DLS? sounds like they have the same issues?

  • Junior

    @127. As usual you can’t defend the great “structural advantage” theory. LB Poly is yet another example of why your theory is wrong. It does not hold up. Theory denied again. You better get back to the drawing board.

  • Voice of Reason


    DLS has the good fortune of being the ONLY private school in NCS D1, centrally located, such that the access they have to more than 1.5 million people in three counties enables any family to get their student athlete to school in a reasonable amount of time. No other private school in California has this structural advantage, repeat NOBODY.

    It is often mentioned why doesn’t this same advantage work for a private school like Christian Brothers or Jesuit in Sacramento County? The answer is simple, they haven’t had the commitment to football, nor the outstanding coaching, for a significant number of years to be able to attract top tier student athletes, year in and year out, to sustain their program at a high level.

    Plese keep in mind it took 15 or so years for Bob Ladouceur to create the dynasty that DLS now enjoys, and for that he deserves all the praise that is heaped upon him; not to mention that I sincerely believe him to be the best high school football coach in northern California. No recruiting is necessary, top student atheletes in the greater east bay want to play for Lad; and can you blame them?

    Since the 1990’s, DLS has been able to leverage this advantage by drawing an inordinate share of top student athletes to the school, regardless of a family’s religious affiliation, and in so doing, lessen the talent that might otherwise play at the local public high school (mainly the EBAL & BVAL). In my opinion, it isn’t really having the cream of the crop players so much as the depth they have at every position. DLS is routinely able to weather the inevitable injuries to some of their star players and not miss a beat because of the depth. These 2nd and 3rd line players at DLS would be starters at their local public school. This season is a great example of what I am talking about.

    Another way to marvel at the gravitation pull DLS has in attacting top football talent is to look at those who have actually LEFT the school in the last few years for one reason or another. Adarius Pickett of El Cerrito, who just recently was offered a scholarship to Cal; Mister Cotton of Pittsburg; the list goes on I’m sure.

    Junior and others of his ilk will never be able to bring themselves to acknowledge this structural advantage lest it detract from their mantra of “its all about the coaching, the commitment and the brotherhood” as the main reason they have won 20 NCS D1 championships in a row.

    I say, enjoy DLS football; I certainly do. Just understand how and why they have been able to maintain their dynasty as outlined above.

    Finally, the original reason for my posts on this subject is that I just feel for the other 20 NCS D1 public schools who will never, ever, get to a NORCAL regional game, much less a State Bowl Game, as long as the system is set up the way it is.

  • junior

    voice maintains “talent” is why DLS dominates (99% of their success according to him)- LB Poly has more talent than any HS, public or private- you have seen the results.

    Coaching and leadership are by far the #1 predictor of HS sport success. The proof is all around you if you would open your eyes.

    Amazing that some claim Lad is the best coach around yet he doesnt get credit for coaching up his players. Eventually it will dawn on you that Lad and his staff make these kids better football players.

    @131- When SRV, Pitt and Logan are stepping up their non league schedule- it makes you wonder why Cal refuses to do it. Maybe Cal does not want to be great or are only willing to challenge themselves so much. However, to beat DLS you must elevate your program- playing CV and Wash does not elevate your program.

  • Spark Baldman

    @ Voice. You could not have said that any better!

  • well those other 20 teams in the eastbay would be beaten in open or div 1 if they ever did get to state. here’s an idea- how about a bowl set-up? hook up half a dozen bowls after NCS and invite 12 teams. have them in different areas of NorCal. One extra game, have them during Xmas break.

  • panther4

    Lad is one of the greatest of all times…However, I’m in agreement with the voice of reason. Put Lad at Livermore high 20 years ago…Would they be what De La Salle is now? NOPE, not even close.

  • panther4

    Junior, I wonder if Lad will be on the sidelines on Sunday as MJD takes on the Raiders. After all, according to you, the coaches at DLS molded him into a 4.3 40 yd, physical specimen by the coaches at DLS. Making average athletes great! It’s all about the coaching…

  • MJD ia a great back that benifited his DLS journey. Obviously has great talent but I remember when he was a soph at Mater Dei hame down south and Matt G. threw 2 perfect passes down the sidelines for TDS to Maurice.
    The coaches had worked with Jones all week and inserted him and those plays into the starting lineup. Jones never looked back after that game. He also had extensive weight training and conditioning at DLS, he was a lot smaller before his junior year. So in essence, great coaching and experience helped launch him into a very storied high school career, then on to UCLA. A perfect fit in the Bruin system, as they always featured small backs. I believe Jones would tell you that DLS did more for him preparing him as a man, student and athelete than anything else in life.He’s just another very good running back if he attended Pitt High.

  • Panther 4, Lad would help any team he coached in being successful. Yea, not on DLS level, but a definate improvement over current conditions.
    I don’t think a public has a religion teaching job for Lad, allow players to go to chapel, allow prayer before and after games, team dinners and garage meetings, accountabilty, discinpline, etc. etc. etc. There’s a big advantage going to a Catholic school when trying to connect with students and committments. And if you don’t beleive in the Brotherhood you’ll never understand it and so be it cuz the players do and that’s all that counts. The parents can’t even figure it all out but know it’s special.

  • junior

    Some of you need to improve your reading comprehension. It is simple- do you believe Lad improves his players more so than other coaches?

    Interesting that people go right to a skill player to try and prove a point. SRV graduated an NFL RB not that long ago- there are lots of talented players in the East Bay.

    Still waiting for the explanation as to why the Spartans are so dominate along the LOS without the D1 talent. Must be part of that “structural advantage”. While you are at that- tell us why DLS is consistently the best tackling team in CA.

    If Lad was at LHS 20 years ago they no doubt would be a big time player in D1 football. Would they win 20 NCS titles in a row? Probably not, but they would have won alot because Lad would not have been at DLS.

    Recall that Cal HS was at the bottom of the east bay in terms of football…. until one thing changed- their coach.

    Dont give up public school faithful- Lad/Eidson will retire soon and you will have your chance.

  • nakolo

    What local football prep games are being aired on TV tonight?

  • New2this

    I am not a DLS fan, some may even say I’m a DLS hater. But I certainly respect all they do and have done, and you can’t take away anything from their program, staff or brotherhood. Even if you ignore all the recruiting, the no school boundaries, etc. etc.. there are some very simple advantages at DLS.

    Basic nutrition a kid/player needs to be strong and healthy. Some kids in public schools don’t even have this. At DLS you have access to many meals, vitamins and nutrients that your struggling parents do not have to pay for. Injuries, DLS has top notch trainers, therapist and doctors to rehab their kids. Stem machines and ice baths. Some public schools barely have tape to wrap up a sprain.

    This may not be the case for all schools, maybe some of them EBAL schools have $$ in their program like DLS and still can’t compete.. But I know schools like Berkely, Pitt, Antioch, Deer Valley struggle with these basic things.. And on any given year put a damn good product on the field .. but never on a level playing field with DLS. To each their own opinion, but advantages over there are a plenty..

  • Prep Fan

    @134 – Amazing to think that someone would say that Lad doesn’t get enough credit. He is universally lauded as being the top HS coach in NorCal history, if not CA or even US. Just because his great coaching has meant that many kids from far away have been drawn to play for him shouldn’t detract from what he has accomplished. I’ve never seen anyone on here saying anything bad about Lad, but just because there might be other things in play besides great coaching doesn’t mean anyone doesn’t give Lad credit for any of his coaching brilliances.

  • To answer the comments about supplies at public schools- have some fundraisers. The parents of DLS students pay taxes to their respective school district plus pay tuition for their kids. Most DLS parents are both working, live more modestly than you would think and many have been hit by the economic downturn, in other words laid off and not working. I had said before, there’s plently of top notch alumni at some of these schools that can kick in funds for supplies and equipment. We had a fundraiser last year and supplied the SMCHS team new and safe helmets, from the alumni. Don’t tell my Pitt with Galli and others don’t have or struggle with supplies. BHS has more funds than you can shake a stick at, Berkeley is a well endowed city.
    LaMorinda charges a fee for kids to play. The OAL squanders their money, even after donations from the Raiders and A’s.
    As far as Doctors and trainers, Dr.s donate their time.
    Are you telling us their are no Doctors in these schools who send their kids there? Hit up local doctors, that’s the AD’s job. This BS that the 1% pay for everything while others sit idly by on the sidelines complaining is for the birds. Have them pull up their bootstraps and get to work!

  • seven72deuce

    Any idea to what the NCS D1 seedings would be if the season ended today? and by the time the season ends?

  • There’s money in Berkeley. The Un. of California could help BHS if it is that bad.
    I know BPD police officers who earn $ 700 a day on overtime shifts! The fire dept. is one of the highest paid in the state without any big risks like highrises.The city council is well paid and also city workers. They are very unionized. They have funds.
    Berkeley should stop worrying about rent control, homeless laws and majauana initatives.
    They have plenty of money to take care of their schools, pay coaches and pay trainers. I am sure they could have Cal students intern as trainers if that is what is needed.

  • Chalktalk- I forgot 21.4 220 relay speed, we might have to have a run-off. What’s yur take on tonite’s games? DeLa vs. MV? Logan? Pitt? I liked the comback to Island. Has he growed up yet?

  • EBfootball

    @Big Dog
    The funding for California Schools is equally distributed to each school district from state taxes and not by local taxes (about $5000 per kid). From there, school districts create their budgets. Some cities and school districts have parcel taxes or bonds to hook up extra for their schools (Piedmont and Acalanes schools give several thousand extra per kid).

    Cities have not responsibility for schools at all (unless a parcel or bond is involved). Fire and Police are city funded (I think Fire gets way to much money).

    Some poor school districts get extra money from the federal government.

    BTW, Berkeley voters have spent $85,000,000 on schools recently.

  • teeazaleezy

    @38 and @39 mjd was a great runner b4 he ever came 2 dls. he was running circles around kids at pop warner level. he comes from a great family of athletes in richmond. mjd was gon b successful at whatever high school he ended up at. it just so happen 2 b at dls. if dls coaches was that great in producing great backs, why is DREW the only 1 who made it to the league? point being mjd is a special player that the coaches at dls plucked away from his neighborhood. SO DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ABOUT MJD AND DLS COACHES MAKING HIM!!!!!!