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  • MiraMan


    One thing to consider is CN has two tough game remaining in Rancho and Casa while MC and EC have softies. If CN loses one, then they drop to #3. If they win out, I think they get #1. Either way I think EC gets #2. Just my opion, but I think the seeding committee will want an undefeated EC #1 or #2, but since both of the northern power teams have much tougher schedules is hard to justify #1 for EC, so I think the net result is:

    #1 CN if undefeated or MC if both have one loss

    #2 EC as long as they go undefeated

    #3 CN if they lose one, MC is CN wins-out

    #4 Campo doubtful they’ll lose one to DV or Dublin

    #5 Analy soft schedule, should go 10-0

    #6 O’Dowd could still drop another game, then what?

    #7 Novato? assuming 7-3 w/win over Tam, their win over Justin Siena might get them the nod for this spot, though not sure its deserved!

    #8 Tennyson – Yea I said it! Even with their tissue soft schedule a 9-1 finish may get them in the top 8. They will still likely go one-and-done.

    #9 & #10 Acalanes and Miramonte assumes both win remaining games and for Miramonte that is less certain

    #11 & #12 Tam & Encinal – Encinal could still drop one or both remaining games, so who knows, but they’ll still deserve higher ranking than anyone else

  • stats were incorrect for qb Anderson for Mira Friday nite. He threw 5 tds, not 4.

  • EBfootball

    D3, De la, whatever… Clayton Valley vs Northgate is game of the week… maybe of the year (until regionals). I’m there for sure.