Week 9: Prep football recap from Friday night

The biggest game Friday night in the East Bay was top-ranked De La Salle’s showdown with No. 3 Monte Vista. But, thanks to perhaps the Spartans’ best performance of the season, this showdown was never in doubt as De La Salle rolled to a 41-9 win.

Other top stories included some showdown victories by Clayton Valley Charter, San Ramon Valley, Hayward and Pittsburg.

We’ve got you convered if you happened to miss out on any of Friday night’s East Bay prep football action, so check our recap right here.

Jon Becker

  • Stewie

    Dead-ON Renegades. Lad had a vision and ran with it at De La Salle, you might say it is one of those once in a lifetime happenings. He has also developed a staff for all three teams that work well together and they are not yes men but have a deep respect for one another. They are all coaches that could run a program at most any school and do well.

  • Guys….The only way to stop DLS in the local area is refuse to schedule them…DLS when it comes playoff time will ramsack each team they meet..There is no answer in how stop DLS in the near future…

  • KIR

    @ Stewie,
    I’m a loyal Pittsburg fan and I have the upmost respect for the DLS program. Strive to beat them every year and fall short. Nobody can knock them till you beat them.

    But, I will say I can’t agree with you on one point $14,000 tuition. Most of the Pittsburg kids that go there don’t pay that cause they can’t afford it. Currently at least 6 Pittsburg kids in the DLS program. Ross, Velasco and Tagaloa, etc. I personally know many kids from Pittsburg that have played for DLS like Mister cotton for one. The list goes on.. Can’t speak for which every single one paid – but as little as $200 -300 out of pocket. Granted there may be some volunteer hours, etc.. but $300 x 12 months does not = $14,000

  • Voice of Reason


    It is mighty big of you to concede some of my points are valid; now if we can only get Junior to get on board………

    And you are absolutely right, there are so many intagbiles in addition to the mental advantage that DLS enjoys over nearly every team they play. No other program is able to squeeze every drop of talent out of all their student athletes like DLS does over their high school career.

    And Stewie, you are right, for every student athlete playing sports at DLS, there are two to three times as many students attending for the academics and the Christian Brothers education; clearly it is not all about sports at DLS.

    CandyCrowley, I have never said that DLS gets all the best football players in the greater east bay, clearly many of them stay to play at their local public high school; you’ve mentioned some of the more recent ones who have gone on to play at the next level. My contention has always been that while DLS will attract some of the best talent in the greater east bay, its the depth of good but not great student athletes that sets them apart. And after 4 years of Lad’s indoctrination, they become world beaters; not to mention the vast majority become fine young men in the process.

  • epcthree

    @ 48 – Chalktalk, while I hesitate to engage you in discussion as it has led nowhere in the past, your contention that at DLS you “… DONT SEE ANY ULTRA TALENTED PLAYERS JUST AVERAGE KIDS THAT PLAY WELLL TOGETHER” is simply wrong and either shows a lack of ability to assess player talent or an unwillingness to admit that DLS does in fact get more than their fair share of talented football players.

    I state again that the biggest and most obvious reason for the success at DLS is Bob Ladouceur. That said because of his success DLS attracts kids (and parents) who want to be part of this success. This isn’t to say that players don’t improve under the coaching they get at DLS; they do. But to insinuate that these kids are all only average athletes you are simply choosing to be ignorant of the situation.

    Going as far back as Aaron Taylor; players like Amani Toomer, Cameron Colvin, Maurice Jones-Drew, DJ Williams. Several of these and recent athletes like Dylan Wynn, Michael Hutchings, Bart Houston saw action as freshman on the Varsity squad. That signifies a certain level of physical talent and ability in and of itself.

    Again coaching is the reason for DLS success but it’s also the reason they get good (and sometimes great) athletes.

  • Voice- good points. Another point, all Catholic grammar schools are feeder schools to local Catholic high schools. Some years the 8th grade class might favor one high school over the other. DLS and CHS do have connections to Catholic grammar outside their immediate area. Example St. Pat’s in Rodeo, Salesian, SPSV, SMCHS or Dls/Chs. They all come a give a presentation to the class.
    Junior has good points also. He’s in the inside. When you are in the inside, you have more info than others.
    As for Dls getting Pitt kids, some of those kids ent to Catholic grammar in Pitt and Antich. The natural Catholic high would be Dls. Kids coming from Fairfield and Cordova, , it’s either SPSV or Dls. Cordova is no more than a 20-25 min. drive. If it’s Richmond/Hercules it’s Salesian, SMCHS or Dls, if it’s Berkeley it’s SMCHS or Dls thru the tunnel. So if you put the dots together for ex-players and players, you can see that going to Dls is very accessiable in many areas of the East Bay. All of these kids are not Pop Warner all-stars, however many have been. The majority of kids coming in to Dls and playing football don’t play pop warner. Top freshman/JV programs with excellent lower level coaching are the answer to build programs.

  • BlueDog 2, refuse to play your opponent??? Don’t schedule them. The have to be attached to some league, then play just the top 3 in the league. There are plenty of schools that would schedule Dls. CV, Pitt, Logan, MC and SJS teams St. Marys, Jesuit, CB and publics in SJS.

  • KIR- you should not mention tuiton payments and kids names together. That could cause embrassment to kids and parents and frankly it’s no one’s business. You said $ 200-300, are you sure that’s not per month? Monthly tuition runs about $1200 plus per month. If 29% of the school is on tuition assistance, then if would be only $ 4000 per student per year, so some get a better break than the $ 4000 and others less of a break, but not free and most likely not the numbers you quoted. I am aware of 2 Danville kids on assistance and neither one plays football.

  • chalktalk

    OUT of all those PLAYERS Maurice Jones-Drew, DJ Williams are the only gifted ones
    sure if u bench press 350lbs and ur playing a kid that press 200lbs u loook talented 2 an un trained EYE

    it may look amazing 2 u but its average!!!
    once agian im having a clinic chalktalk 101 lmao MR.epcthree

  • epcthree

    @ 38 – Voice… I would argue that it didn’t exactly take Ladouceur and staff “… 13 years or so to create the juggernaut that is DLS football.”

    De La Salle lost a total of 10 games in the 80’s, 1 in the 90’s and 10 in the 00’s. Coach Lad took a 2-7 team and in his first year went 6-3 (DLS has only lost 3 games in a season one other year – 2004). By 1982 DLS had its first undefeated season; the point being Coach Ladouceur created that “juggernaut” in far less than 13 years…

  • epcthree

    @ 59 – As I expected… not able to actually entertain a civil conversation.

    So to you, Amani Toomer was not “gifted”? Aaron Taylor didn’t have the “physical gifts” needed for his position? Dylan Wynn doesn’t have the physical gift of a never ceasing “motor”.

    Based on your definition of gifted, I suppose that most athletes that have ever performed at a superior level don’t qualify as “gifted” in your eyes. The definition of gifted is as follows:

    Endowed with great natural ability, intelligence, or talent.

    It is not limited to the upper 1/1000 of 1% of athletes. It indicates a superior natural ability or talent. Your definition of “gifted” is far too limiting. We simply disagree on this one.

    As an aside, just once it would be nice to actually see you have a conversation with someone where you don’t automatically attempt to belittle them because they happen to have an opinion different than your own. Unfortunately, I saw what I predicted from your response and frankly, your attacks only show an intrinsic fear of being mentally outmatched. I wish you had more true confidence in your ability to voice your opinions; they might have more impact.

  • justdafacts!

    @ coach I, you must be talking to Gardner’s dad and his crew on the sidelines. You failed to mention that on the next possession, Gardner fumbled the snap for a Piedmont scoop and score. As far as Perry, he is not a head coach. Moyer is on the right track. Individual mistakes and penalties have made the difference in the close losses, and not coaching.

  • chalktalk

    #61 i c ur well diversed in the English language doesnt mean u know anything about football
    Endowed with great natural ability, intelligence, or talent. (keyword being great)
    do u know y SUH was able 2 destroy CUTLER ON THAT HIT LAST NITE
    let me explain it 2 u from a gifted point of view
    IF U HIT THEM 2 SOON the victim USES UR OWN FORCE AGAINST U if u hit them 2 late they stabilize and have enough power 2 maneuver but if u catch them just right its like biscuit and gravy “civil conversation”
    BY THE WAY AMANI TOOMER was a fine player

  • epcthree

    @ 62 – Chalk, thank you for at making a salient effort to remain civil (in spite of your underlying digs).

    Again, we simply disagree as to what constitutes the level or definition of “gifted”. Your keyword great and mine are different. I think your definition is FAR too limiting.

    Without getting too far into it, my football knowledge is based on the following: 4 years as a Pac10 competitor, invited to tryout professionally (I declined as I was not “gifted” enough and knew I was too small and slow for the position I would have had to play).

    Assistant coach at the HS level in California for a number of years before moving out of state. Coached HS for more than 25 years in Colorado including multiple state championships. I’ve had a handful of the elite “gifted” kids you like to cite and I’ve had many more kids who qualify as gifted under my, less stringent qualification, many of whom went on the play at the major college level and a decent number that went on to play professionally.

    Chalk – I know you feel strongly about your opinions and that’s fine. That said when you dismiss others because they disagree with you and then attempt to belittle their knowledge or understanding of the game or athletics in general, you lose the battle. You know full well that there are multiple ways to accomplish similar tasks. Barry Sanders and Earl Campbell were both gifted running backs (IMO) but in vastly different ways. Is it your contention that because Earl wasn’t as fast or quick as Barry that he wasn’t gifted? Can an athlete be gifted and also have great work ethic? Or does work ethic and resulting level of success supercede the gifted factor?

    Make your case. Back it up with ideas and facts. Stand by it but acknowledge that there are other ideas out there that are als valid but may be different. Bottom line this is all opinion you are entitled to yours based upon your life experience just as I am entitled to mine, based on my own life experience. I look forward to an interesting response.

  • junior

    voice- If you didnt get emotional and actually read my posts, you would see we mostly disagree on one simple point: you believe DLS football’s success is highly (99%) tied to open enrollment. I dont place that nearly as high as you do.

    1. Leadership
    2. Coaching
    3. Strength/conditioning
    4. Talent
    5. Tradition

    Thats my formula for HS football success. The top two are responsible for 75%.

    I have poked so many holes in your theory- it would not float for more than one second.

    Simple stuff.

  • Voice of Reason

    Funny Junior, I would hazard a guess that 99% of the people on this forum agree with me. Frankly, you continue to argue a different point than I am trying to make. Of course the 5 items you list DLS has in spades over every other program at present.

    But you continue to discount the fundamental point I have been making all along…….DLS doesn’t win 20 NCS D1 championships in a row WITHOUT FIRST having access to student athletes over a wider geographical & population area than any other private school by a SIGNIFICANT margin; not to mention over the public schools in the EBAL which maybe have up to a population base of 50,000 people; meaning DLS has over 30 times the reach of any other public school in the EBAL.

    All those wonder attributes you mention can only go so far, even for someone as deified as Coach Ladoeceur. The simple fact that no other private school football program in the State of California (perhaps the country?) has remotely come close to DLS’ 20 consecutive section championships tells any right thinking person they must have ONE SINGULAR advantage over every other program. I can’t even tell you who is in second place behind DLS, but I can’t imagine it being more than 4 or 5 consecutive championships.

    All the credit in the world goes to the DLS football staff for being able to leverage this structural advantage into what they have achieved, 27 NCS chamionships since 1975. By the way, Cardinal Newman is second with 11 NCS championships since 1975.

    Junior, I rely on solid facts for my statements and that, my friend, is as solid as a US Aircraft Carrier.

  • Daddio

    Junior, Don’t waist your time. They will never understand. The 5 reasons you posted above,should be enough proof for anyone who knows what it takes to be a successful program. DLS. is the only school to have this consistency every year. Lack of any one of these reasons will result in failure at some point. Like you said “simple stuff”.

  • KIR

    Big Dog
    You are absolutely right I did not intend it that way. I mentioned kids I know that go there, separately I know kids with very good payment plans.. But yes 200-300 a mo, is accurate. I was just making a point to Stewie that assistance does exist, I read his post to say it didn’t.

    It’s not a bad thing DLS can do this it’s great for those chosen kids. The fact just remains it adds to the dominance they have over all NCS teams.

  • Daddio

    Junior, here’s a little more proof for ya. This board is filled with posts by fans of programs who lack 1or more of your reasons. Mainly the first 2.

  • KIR

    I don’t understand why DLS backers insist they do not have advantages over other schools. Yes Lad and crew built a great program and a big part of it is buying in from the players. Which they are great at getting them to do.. But have the kids just in a 15 mile radius of DLS buy in and you have a team no better then Concord or Northgate. But when you get the best players from 3-4 counties buying in now you built a dominant program. Don’t tell me they win all those games with just concord/walnut creek kids. No disrespect to those kids just making a point.

    Read the post in this blog the former DLS stars mentioned, Jones Drew, Toomer, DJ Williams, Aaron Taylor, TJ Ward, Jackie Bates, Kevin Simon – not a single one of these kids are from Concord/Walnut creek.

    I 100% respect what Lad and the program has done, I’d respect the fans a whole lot more if they just admit “were dominant in this area, but yes we have advantages”

  • junior

    Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

    Berean Christian has the EXACT SAME access to the students DLS does.

    aircraft carrier … sunk.

  • KIR

    OK so BC has same advantages and doesn’t capitalize, shame on them. Funny how you ignored all the facts presented in my post and others. Take any of the names listed above off any of those teams and those teams are a shell of what they were. Top O an D players on this years team are not from DLS area. I know I just sound like a hater, but fact remains even as great as Lad and DLS creedo/program are, they are not tops in nation without the kids recruited or banging on their door to get in.

  • chalktalk

    LUV ya blu I’m from HOUSTON
    EARL CAMPBELL is my favorite back next 2 Eric Dickerson
    great power excellent balance supreme vision
    B4 JACK PASSED may he REST IN PEACE WE WERE JUST TALKING about that hit when he knock the crap out of earl but he still stumbled into the end zone…
    (gifted means able 2 balance and leverage yourself in awkward position when most other talented would fail….. and that’s in any sport by the way MY GIRL AGREE WITH U ABOUT ME BEING OPINIONATED LMAO

  • junior

    BC does not capitalize because it takes SOOOO much more than just open enrollment.

    That’s the point.

  • KIR

    @ Junior,
    I 100% agree, read any of my post I give all the credit to the program, discipline, etc Lad insist upon. I have no problem agreeing when you make a valid point. But why as a DLS fan/backer won’t you admit that in addition to the tradition, program, coaching, etc.. DLS’s legacy would not be if it were not for the advantages they have open enrollment, tuition assistance, etc.. But now remove open enrollment and you don’t ever have, MJD, Toomer, Simon, Williams, Bates, Ward(s), etc.. Open enrollment is a huge piece of it. And at this point you can say the recruit less, I agree cause kids are know lining up hoping to play there. Trust me on that, the Freshman kid on Varsity now is ours (well DLS’s) now.

  • junior

    KIR- I agree talent has helped DLS’s success- always have stated that.

    I just dont think talent ranks as highly as some other people do.

    Post 65 lists where I rank talent in regards to success of HS football teams.

  • Barefoot

    To understand why DLS supporters refuse to admit that access to a larger population base contributes to their success i think you have to reframe the argument. We’ve all tried to compliment them on their success, given Lad all the props he deserves, and praised the brotherhood for all the character building they do. If anyone has read the book “Outliers”, you might agree that DLS’s success can be attributed to specific imperial data that can be measured and not to intangible concepts like leadership and tradition. To really understand why they are successful you also have to exclude factors that other schools also have. For example money. Many of the EBAL schools probably have access to as much money as DLS. Training and conditioning, has a lot to do with winning but not a reason that differentiates because any school can train year round. In defense of DLS, any school can recruit, public or private, can recruit, especially now that an athlete sits out a couple of weeks after transferring. So what does DLS do that is so different than everyone else. You are all going to laugh, but here’s my theory. The DLS OL routinely is better than any other OL. They practice getting off the ball as one unit until they become one unmovable force. And they can do it better and longer than anyone else. You can measure it, just like you can measure the miles (28,000) Phelps swam before he won his first gold medal. To reach a critical level of success a minimum level of practice is required. Ask any one who has played against them and they will tell you it is the line play, every time. You can measure the practice time by the hours they spend developing the line. A second measurable factor is the pool of talent the program has access to whether through recruiting, success breeding success or parents and kids wanting a good education, statistically it is a factor. Not the dominant one but a factor.

  • Voice of Reason

    I hear you barefoot and agree 100% regarding the OL for DLS as being the bellweather for the team. But before you can talk about how good that OL is, you have to ask where they came from. We would all be more impressed if that OL was made up of kids who grew up together in the same neighborhood or even the same city instead of the liklihood they all came from different cities or perhaps even different counties. DLS is akin to a college program in that regard.

    In the context of DLS playing any other public school in northern California, is it any wonder then they haven’t lost to one in over 20 years?

    As if you needed any more evidence Junior just doen’t get it, his comment that BC & DLS have the “exact same access” to football playing student athletes takes the cake!

  • chalktalk

    most coach are entrenched in this team concept thing
    that may make u feel good on the inside but it can be costly THERE ARE SOME KIDS THAT ABSOLUTELY DO NT BELONG ON A FOOTBALL FIELD but some how they start… In HS one kids can score 10 plus touchdowns but that’s poor sportsmanship lmao LOOK AT THE STATS OF TEXAS KIDS U DONT LET VIRGINA’S STEP ON THE FLIED U GET THEM OF THE FLIED IN PRACTICE

    do u let dummy’s on the debate team hell no

    Troy Edwards score 11TD on a highly rank Nebraska team 405yards receiving bomb after bomb

    ur all giving LAD a lap dance —– u beat dls by throwing bombs


    the solution is to have a separate league for private schools within CIF, like the OAL. these private schools will be bowl-eligible. Perhaps the champion of the private school league can play the champion of the public league at the end of the season, but really, the best option is to split them up.

  • junior

    So voice would have us believe that public schools in the bay area dont have lineman that are 6′ 210 LBS. Or how about the DLS lineman who have been well under 6′ or 200 lbs.

    Guess those big, physical born-to-be-a-lineman come from all over the bay and end up at Winton Dr.

    Fantasy Land.

  • Prep Fan

    It is hard to believe someone is comparing DLS to Berean Christian, a D5 school with only 453 students total, male and female. They may have open boundaries, but the school is only going to admit a certain number of students. They would in no way be able to have the depth at each position or the number of kids in the program that DLS gets in being the only D1 private school within a large area.

  • junior

    great insight preppy.

  • barefoot

    The point I am making is that although being able to draw from a larger population statistically improves your odds of getting better athletes, it is not the primary reason for DLS success. If having a large population to pull from equated to success, than why does India not have a great Olympic team. If you look at the Olympic medal per capita here are the top five: Medals Population Population per Medal
    1 Grenada 1 110,821 110,821
    2 Jamaica 12 2,705,827 225,485
    3 Trinidad4 1,317,714 329,428
    4 New Zealand13 4,432,620 340,970
    5 Bahamas 1 353,658 353,658

  • Prep Fan

    You might be getting a little bit off track with Olympic comparisons there Barefoot. A large population is obviously not the only thing DLS has going for it, but it certainly is one of the components of the perfect storm that has been DLS football over the past 30 years or so.

    It is entertaining to see people try to minimnize everything except coaching, dedication and effort in attempts to sway people to believe that it can be done at other schools such as YV or Livermore if they just hired the right coach or if their kids were more dedicated. It is a conglomeration of a lot of things that have helped DLS to become the most storied program in the history of HS football (movie to come), open enrollment, and being in a large area with a diverse population to draw from without other large privates nearby just being part of the equation.

    Certainly, DLS has many great coaches, they work very hard, are dedicated and make a lot of sacrifices during the summer and the school year, but most people can see that there are many other factors involved as well.

  • KIR

    Great points made by all (except Junior, LMAO). Yes DLS’s O – Line is the best around, and to Juniors credit DLS’s O – line is typically smaller, stout tough guys who work as a unit. Can’t argue that. But the fact remains your much better with that awesome line and MJD, Kevin Simon, Ward, etc.. running the ball behind that line. Then your avg RB. They bring in top notch players to add to the top notch coaching and program..

    With all that said I don’t want them going anywhere to any other league, put them back in the BVAL please. I rather play the Green Monster every year and loose then not have a chance to play them.. One day PITT will again get the green monkey off their back! Beat em or go done tryin…… And I hope it’s a year where they got 7-8 PIttsburg kids playing there like this year damn it!!

  • chalktalk

    its a great bunch of guys over there
    lets go pirates finish up strong!!!

  • KIR- the O line grad their entire starting lineup last year. Amazing reserves and kids up from JV’s filling in that well.

  • In the 50’s and 60’s Bellarmine was a boarding school. Many students were boarded there and played football. Bellarmine’s success during these decades is legiondary, similar to DLS.
    At SMCHS in the 60’s and 70’s they had kids from Berkely, Oakland, SF, Concord, Martinez, El Cerrito, Richmond, Emeryville, Hayward. Many of these kids played football.
    The point is lots of kids including football kids come from a wide variety of cities surrounding the school.
    To beleive that DLS should have only kids from Concord and Walnut Creek is ridicious. The surrounding cities like the 2 schools mentioned would be antioh, pittsburg, danville,alamo, san ramon, richmond, hercules.

  • Ghalktalk hit the nail on the head about some kids not belonging on the field.
    At DLS freshman and JV teams are taught to tackle and block successfully. They are taught to gang tackle and not to be afraid, be aggresive and take it to your opponent before they get you.
    The point of this is clear. Unless you are fielding Frosh/JV teams who have extensive pop warner experience, there are a lot of kids that don’t like contact or to be hit. They start in frosh and unless completely prepared for all the contact, shy away. It is not fun to be hit or make tackles aS A FROSH UNLESS IT’S IN YOU OR YOU ARE TAUGHT AGGRESIVENESS. The size of frosh and JV teams out there are usually small. Some of those kids aren’t going to play 4 yrs of football.
    I believe the success of any program starts at frosh/JV and the need for excellent coaches to teach this.
    How many programs can claim big efforts in this area.
    I watched MV JV get beat 55-08 last week and Dls JV were beat earlier in the yr by St. Marys Stockton. MV did not look prepared to play. The coaching on this level is not up to par. Some schools can’t field a frosh team, a big disadvantage.
    I would say Pitt and Logan have good insite to developing these entrance teams.

  • At one time San Leandro had 3 high schools. They now have 1. They draw from East Oakland, CV, Hayward and San Lorenzo. That team should be in the hunt Every year like they did during the Dixon years and afterwards.

  • junior

    Gotta love the Pitt fans- they have what it takes! So are the Pirate players- they always play hard and physical vs the Green Machine. KIR- you da man.

  • hoops

    I would love someone who actually played at DLS or had a son who played to post the hours per week,12 months out of the year,DLS players have to put in to be in that program.
    Lad is an exceptional coach,but is he 40 points better than the MV coach or the Foothill coach?
    DlS FB and BASKTBALL programs demand and get players who are willing to put in so many more hours year round than 99% of schools in the bay area.They execute so well because of the countless hours of repetition along with the discipline the coaches demand.
    Let me also point out before we annoint sainthood here that the NCS has strict rules about when you can practice and they are broken and bent in a 12 month 360 days a year setting,believe me.