East Bay football poll — 10/23

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 8-0 75 1
2. James Logan 7-1 70 2
3. Monte Vista 6-2 63 3
4. El Cerrito 8-0 61 4
5. California 7-1 56 5
6. Freedom 6-2 49 7
7. Campolindo 7-1 39 9
8. Pittsburg 5-3 38 11
9. Clayton Valley 7-1 33 14
10. San Ramon Valley 4-4 29 15
11. Deer Valley 6-2 26 10
t12. Northgate 7-1 21 13
t12. Foothill 4-4 21 6
14. McClymonds 4-3 8 NR
15. Bishop O’Dowd 6-2 7 12

Also receiving votes: Concord (6-2, 2 points). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Stewie

    SI National top 10
    1.Manatee Fla.
    2.Bellevue Wa.
    3.John Curtis La.
    4.St. Ignatius Ohio.
    5.Camdin County Ga.
    6.De La Salle Ca.
    7.Trinity Ky
    8.Katy Tx.
    9.Vista Murrieta Ca
    10. Butler Nc.

  • JerryJ12

    O’Dowd will bounce back and beat Berkeley 35-14

  • Gridlock

    I’m going to practice but I think Clayton Valley should be #7 in this week’s poll.

    New Rankings of the best RB & QB & WR in EBAL: As usual when it comes to EBAL the non-league games don’t mean a thing as everybody always says:


    K. Johnson at CHS, DeLa Pena at SRV, Chang at MV, Gates at FHS, Hernandez at Liv, Granados at GHS , Peters at AHS

    Zamora at MV, Birse at SRV, Owen at CHS, Moreno at AHS, Kearns at FHS, Offill at GHS, McPherson at Liv


    Merlin at MV, Hudson at FHS, Zamora at MV, Turner at SRV, Finney at FHS , Miller at AHS, Campiotti at GHS

    The EBAL Contenders have separated themselves from the Pretenders:

    1. Monte Vista: After getting hammered by Sparta the Mustangs rebound vs. a softer Amador Valley team at home in a tune up for showdown vs. SRV again at home. Zamora three-ring circus, Merlin and a bruised defense and Coach Bergman’s schemes will be getting ready for Dons. MV has two games on its schedule and both winnable. At stake is #2 seed in the NCS playoffs until a date with Sparta in the Coliseum. For MV to win out they must throw to set up the run and use that Wildcat with Merlin to keep teams off balance. Throw 35 times a game with 1 pick or less and they win. MV has a good running game but not great compared to Cal and DLS so they must throw to win and set up run. Their special teams are shaky too often and it hurt them this year. Look for MV to finish 8-2. Merlin has proven himself to be the most dominant WR in EBAL this year. Bergman must let him touch the football 20 times per game as the competition gets tougher moving ahead.

    2. California: Benefitting from a nice break in their schedule vs. Livermore and Granada, the Grizzlies can play their backups and rest the starters a bit to ramp up for DLS in week 10. Cal pounded LHS and they will do the same to Granada. Coach Belicci has them primed and ready to go toe-to-toe with DLS. The Grizzlies need to change up their pass coverage and disguise things much more or their DB’s will continue to get scorched like July 4th sparklers too many times. Offensively, they need to pass the ball more on first down against the best teams to win the NCS title. They installed some shotgun and new wrinkles and they need to do more of that to keep teams off balance.

    3. SRV: Wolves backs against the wall due to their 0-3 start but it might end up helping after they lose to DLS this week and enter MV game 4-5 desperate to win. Against Foothill the mostly unpredictable Wolves QB Birse proved everybody wrong and showed why he should not be counted out and had a great night tossing four touchdowns including the game winner in bringing them back to win. Coach Kessler’s rushing attack with DeLa Pena ran tough against Falcons and big yards helped Birse apparently more often than not. A QB’s best friend is a strong ground game. Wolves defense played hard limiting Foothill’s ground game and picking off Foothill’s QB Kearns two times. SRV has not played their best game of the season yet and that is their fault. But according to Kessler they must do it against MV in two weeks to finish 5-5 and get into playoffs with a good enough seeding. They are getting better but it might be too late. This team might peak at the right time but to beat MV Birse needs to have the game of his life in week 10. If he plays like he did vs. Foothill then SRV can beat MV.

    4. Foothill: After getting upset by SRV, Foothill can regain pride against a weak Livermore team and be 5-4. They have a good win against MV but this talented team was picked by most to win EBAL and they have really underachieved. As has been the case all year against SRV their lack of rushing attack and interceptions hurt them against good teams. Coach Sweeney’s Falcons will enter a showdown with Amador holding a 1 game lead over Dons and that game will be for the marbles. Amador will be 4-5. Amador will win that game in 2 weeks with Moreno but right now Foothill has advantage unless Moreno gets hurt. Falcons will finish regular season 5-5 or 6-4, a very disappointing result for such a talented squad. Falcons will take it out on a Livermore team and wallop the D-2 Cowboys by 30 points or more this week.

    5. Amador: If Granada did not suffer from lack of elite coaching they would have won at least two more games this year including Amador debacle. GHS pounded Amador in the first half and piddled it away in 2nd half by letting Dons QB Moreno throw bullets to wide open receivers in the second half. Dons will go into their last game 4-5 clawing and scratching their way into the playoffs after upsetting Foothill in their last home game for Moreno and teammates. Coach Sira must win this year at 5-5 or it’s disaster. Moreno must have forgotten to warm up prior to the GHS game because he played his worst half of the year by far. But he torched the Mats secondary in the 2nd half and the Dons won pulling away. Dons only goal is to stay healthy enough to beat Foothill in week 10 and nothing else matters because 5-5 is a ticket to the playoffs where as last year they blew it in week 10 vs. Foothill. This team also has underacheived they should have won 7 games.

    6. Granada: Too many blown coaching errors. Why does this team throw more than 6 passes in any game is a mystery to everybody in our Livermore Valley? They should have run the ball to victory against the Dons instead of passing it away again. Coach Silva will have a much better team next year and they should run run run, or he might be run out of town.

    7. Livermore: Coach Haubner knows what it takes to win but his Cowboys still quite don’t. It will take a softer non-league schedule next year and beyond to be sitting 5-5 and getting into the playoffs on a regular basis. This team is hurting mentally, physically and emotionally, they are way down. And they are staring at 3-7 or 2-8 again, again! Only possible way to salvage their season is to shock Foothill this week and parlay that into beating GHS. It is possible but they can certainly beat Granada. If they do that they will apply for the D-2 playoffs and that will be good for the Cowboys to be in the post season finally after such a long MIA.

    *I told you that Mt. Eden was my surprise team in 2012 and I stick by that pick.
    Go Monarchs!

  • N-Ya

    I don’t understand how Monte Vista doesn’t drop? Please explain???

  • New2this

    Gridlock, it’s pretty clear cut on Clayton. They loss to Pitt and Pitts 3 loses are to MV, CAL, Freedom ranked 3, 5 and 6. Nobody that Clayton has beat is even ranked, they may be an up and comer. But all four teams listed above will still beat them and should be ranked higher then them.

  • GHS

    Granada should have beat Amador. All of a sudden the playcalling got bad in the 2nd half when they were up 21. Now they’re 3-5 and if they lose this week to Cal, they will not be able to be in the playoffs. But next years team should be like 5-3 at this point.

  • seven72deuce


    Who do you put above MV??

  • seven72deuce

    I don’t think odowd should be ranked.

  • N-Ya


    El Cerrito should be #2 or #3, two weeks ago they were tied with MV at #3,then last week EC had a bye MV moved to #3. MV gets molly whopped & doesn’t drop any spots in the rankings??? Somebody please explain this to me?

  • MiraMan


    MV played DLS. Period. El Cerrito would get dropped by 80 against De La Salle. Frankly, El Cerrito is higher than they deserve given their relatively light schedule.

    El Cerrito is good, but not that good. Stop the whinning!

  • N-Ya


    DLS played some other teams in these rankings, and they all dropped when they lost. Nobody is whinning just wanted an explaination. Seems like you don’t have one, your response is like one of a coward!

    And by the way, EC would give DLS a run for their money this year!!! Run Tell That!!!

  • seven72deuce

    they coooould be below EC but that’s the only move I’d make. Only reason why the other teams didn’t drop was because MV was on a rise, beating a group of teams in that are actually ranked. Especially former #2 Cal who is right behind EC at #5. EC’s only big win was a two point squeak against campo who have no wins over ranked teams and struggled against acalanes. Acalanes struggled against Tennyson for crying out loud.

  • 10-23-12
    There are three games of the week coming up Friday….Freedom vs Deer Valley,Las Lomas vs. Miramonte and Clayton Valley vs.North Gate…Last weeks Pittsburg victory over Deer Valley was a big win for the Pirates but the Clayton Valley/Concord was a route…this wasn’t expected and the big surprise was Alameda getting by Bishop O’Dowd…

    Free Lance
    DLS 44 San Ramon Valley 7
    Logan 56 Irvington 7…..all these easy wins will haunt the Colts in the playoff’s.

    Pittsburg 44 Heritage 20….The Pariots have a nasty habit of playing the Pirates tough
    Freedom 39 Deer Valley 27…..Just might be another shoot out
    Antioch 28 Liberty 20…..Will the Panthers rebound after last weeks beating

    Acalanes 28 Alhambra 19…..Last week there was an upset in Martinez as 1200 fans were not happy with the Bulldogs performance…Fumbles, interceptions, poor pass defense and playcalling…..The Don’s will run and run on the Bulldogs…will the Bulldogs doa repeat performance..
    Campolindo 49 Dougherty Valley 14…easy victory for the Cougars
    Las Lomas 31 Miramonte 27…Both teams can pass and both teams can run…last team to score wins..

    College Park 35 Ygnacio Valley 20….The Warriors speed could be a problem for the Falcons..
    Concord 55 Mt. Diablo 12…..The minutemen take revenge on the Red Devils
    Clayton Valley 49 North Gate 20….The Bronco’s have a balanced attack…lets see how the Eagles handle it..

    DLS 44 San Ramon Valley 7
    Foothill 31 Livermore 14
    Monte Vista 28 Amador Valley 14….The Mustangs really got ruffed up last Friday..they should be full of P and V for this game….
    California 33 Granada 19…..Granada is over due for a win..but not tonight..

    Mission Valley
    American-Fremont 26 Kennedy-Fremont 19..This should be a real good ball game..
    Newark 31 Washington 24….This game may get wild
    Moreau Catholic 40 Mission San Jose 19
    Logan 56 Irvington 7

    Valley Christian-Dublin 40 Pinole Valley 32
    Sat. 10-27
    El Cerrito 56 St. Mary’s-Albany 20….One more easy game for El Cerrito andthenthey have to earn their money
    Salesian 39 Berean Christian 19

    De Anza 26 Albany 19…
    Hercules 33 John Swett 18
    Kennedy-Richmond 41 Richmond 12

    West Alameda Co. Foothill
    Bishop O’Dowd 19 Berkeley 14….The Dragons are in a tailspin and could get nailed again…
    Castro Valley 41 Hayward 19….The Farmers keep surprising teams
    Encinal 20 San Leandro 18….Hard fought victory for the jets..

    West Alameda Co. Shore Line
    Alameda 31 San Lorenzo 13
    Sat. 10-27
    Arroyo 30 Piedmont 13
    Tennyson 33 Mt. Eden 20

  • TJ

    Gridlock.. if Mt. Eden beats Tennyson this week then yes, they are a surprise team. But if they dont, then they are just a 3rd place team in a weak league and they lost to Oakland.

  • Bluedog2, just curious, how do you come up with the points in your predictions? From the numbers it looks like you assume an awful lot of failed extra points and/or more field goals than we normally see. As an example, Pinole Valley to lose to VC 40-32. That would be five TD’s for PV but three missed conversions. Not likely, they have an excellent kicker. Or, is it just the spread that is your main point?

    Also, I think PVC will get over on Valley.

  • TJ

    and lol @ Alameda.. theyve been favored to win how many times this year?

  • Oh Boy

    There’s no way BOD is a top 15 team in the East Bay without their top QB. Maybe not even with.

    Under no circumstances should the loss of one player be the reason a school with that much raw talent lose to Hayward High. That was pathetic for the Dragons.

  • billjohnson

    well see if hardy can earn his money come playoff time i got them playing either marin catholic or cardinal newman in the second rnd of ncs.without there qb they dont have a chance cause his running game is very predictable.

  • HAAL Fan

    WAC Play Week 4

    Foothill Division

    Friday 7pm
    Berkeley 3-4, 3-0 (17.8) @Bishop Odowd 6-2, 2-1 (26)
    winner gets a shot at clinching a league title next week. Calpreps: Bishop Odowd 21-10

    Friday 7pm
    Hayward 4-4, 2-1 (8.2) @Castro Valley 4-4, 2-1 (24.3)
    both the trojans have a chance at a league title with a 2-0 finish of both can go 0-2 and their season will be finished. Calpreps: Castro Valley 35-20

    Friday 7pm
    San Leandro 0-7, 0-3 @Encinal 3-5, 0-3 7pm
    the pirates end of the season spoiler tour starts in alameda where the jets need to finish 2-0 to qualify for ncs. Calpreps: Encinal 17-15

    Shoreline Division

    Friday 3:30 @arroyo
    Alameda 2-6, 0-3 (-12.2) vsSan Lorenzo 2-6, 1-2 (-14.6)
    hornets have lost thier last 2 games by a total of 4pts and the rebels have been ahead in thier last 2 games only to lose by an average of 24-7.
    Calpreps: Alamdea 28-22

    Saturday 1:30
    Piedmont 5-3, 1-2 (-10) @Arroyo 4-4, 2-1 (3.1)
    dons are starting to look like thier tuff non league schedule is paying off and it looks like the opposite for the highlanders. Calpreps: Arroyo 27-10

    Saturday 1:45
    Tennyson 7-1, 3-0 (6.9) @Mt Eden 5-3, 2-1 (-10.5)
    there is going to be a war in hayward on saturday. throw the records and stats out the window. this is the game a lot of these kids have been preparing for since last season ended. and it has league and ncs implications. the lancers can clinch thier 1st league title since 1970 on thier crosstown rival monarchs home field or the monarchs crash the league title party and set up 3 way tie with the lancers and dons for thier 1st league title since the mid 70s not exactly sure but thats a long time. its a shame this rivalry does not have a nick name like cal/stanford have the big game. sorry northgate/clayton valley but here in hayward this is the game of the season. Calpreps: 31-13

  • former dragon

    Hmm… just a theory but Coach Nickerson was playing with Coach Perenons kids his first two years. Now we have a team that is w/o a staring QB and do not know who they are as a team. Great job BOD losing to lower competition. Now we have mt. Eden who is 5-3 and could have won two of those three loses. Let me know who is doing the better job a coach who has everything a program needs or a coach that people said couldnt turn a program like mt eden after what BOD did to him.

  • EB Football Coach

    #20 –
    BOD is 6-2. The year before Perenon left BOD was 4-6-1 and lost to SLZ, Skyline and Hayward.

    Nickerson had not lost a league game for 2 straight seasons. Explain how that makes him an incompetent coach.

    Perenon has done a good job rebuilding the Mt. Eden program, but the reality is that if they had to play Hayward, San Leandro, O’Dowd and Castro Valley like they did every year of the HAAL, they wouldn’t make the playoffs.

    Nickerson is doing a good job with BOD and Perenon is doing a good job with Mt. Eden.

    We’ll see after friday, but the 2 real surprises so far in that league are Alameda 0-3 and San Leandro 0-3.

  • jetdolphin

    Gridlock. I like reading your posts. ( Even though the announcer at the DLS game could not make up his mind last Friday.) Mason Melin, Monte Vista, does not have a “r” in his last name.)

  • JonnyD

    EBAL question: MV beat Cal head to head, but lost to Foothill. Cal beat Foothill, so both MV and Cal currently have one loss in league. If the season ends with both MV and Cal tied for 1st place in the EBAL, do these teams end up being co-champions? How does that work? Would MV be the sole league champion because of their head to head win over Cal?

  • ManDown

    1. De La Salle- How many Div. 1 players on this team?
    2. James Logan- Proving it on the field
    3. Monte Vista- Bounced back from lousy year in 2011
    4. California- Love the big RB. Any offers?
    5. El Cerrito- Undefeated but only good win is Campo. Win Div.3 or bust!
    6. Clayton Valley- Murphy is crushing teams its trouble for Div. 2
    7. Freedom- Daniels show! The QB is solid as well.
    8. Campo- Macy keeps this team compeating without the stud
    9. Pittsburg- Up and down as usual
    10. Northgate- Can jump with win over Northgate
    11. Deer Valley- I hyped them too much and the let me down
    12. San Ramon Valley- ?
    13. Foothill- Who is the LB? He’s a stud
    14. Concord- Murphy’s squad humbled this team big time. Time to switch up the scheme?
    15. Bishop O’Dowd- Not the same team without the QB. What is Nickerson doing over there?

  • Prep Fan

    Jonny D (23), the short answer is they would be co-champions. In a normal situation, such as the EBAL prior to DLS showing up in 2008, there were 2 implications of being a league champion.

    The first was who would get the NCS automatic league champion designation and the home field advantage benefit that comes with it. That tie is decided by who wins the head to head matchups and can only be 1 team. The EBAL has now ceded this to DLS with their independent status now prior to the season, so this one is no longer in play. So Logan and the EBAL winner would both be subject to having to play on the road against a lower seeded designated league champion in the playoffs.

    The second is who gets to call themselves a league champ and hang a banner. A tie in this case is a tie, and both teams would be co-champions and hang banners. Case in point in 2007 when Cal & SRV tied for first place and were declared co-champions at 5-1 even though SRV won the head to head by a point on that last second missed PAT.

    SRV is still in the running here. Whoever wins the MV-SRV rivalry game in week 10 will end up 5-1 and most likely a co-champion, if MV wins vs. AV this week and Cal beats Granada. Should Cal lose to Granada and AV beat MV, and then MV beats SRV in week 10, it is still possible the Foothill-AV winner in week 10 could end up in a 4-way tie with the SRV-MV-Cal triumvirate with 2 losses.

    Current EBAL standings and remaining games:

    MV 3-1 (AV & SRV)
    Cal 4-1 (Granada)
    SRV 4-1 (MV)
    FH 2-2 (Liv & AV)
    AV 2-2 (MV & FH)
    GR 0-4 (Cal & Liv)
    Liv 0-4 (FH & GR)

  • PrideBaller….Almost every team has a good kicker, but for odd reasons…theres a bad snap, the line does not hold up, the kicker rushes the try….Pinole should score 35…but maybe not…weird things happen..But with a good line that doesn’t fail, a team should make every PAT and when the heat is on bad things happen..Just my thoughts..

  • New2this

    #24 Mandown
    I agree with your top 4 won’t argue 5 don’t know enough about EC. But Clayton at 6? Who have they played, yes they are crushing teams and they lost to your #9 Pitt. They have not beaten any ranked teams. Their a top D2 school but not ready for any of the D1’s.. Then your #9 Pitt you say up and down as usual? Look at their schedule not a single cupcake on it all ranked teams (except Berk. Looking at your rankings alone Pitt has played four of your top 7. They got whooped by MV your #3 I’ll give you that, but they lost to Cal your #4 by 6 in the 4th qtr, to Freedom your #7 by 1 in a shootout, beat your #6 CV and #11 DV by 2 scores. And beat Granite Bay a ranked team in SAC.

  • Dudleydawson

    To say peronon has turned them around is premature. Theyve beaten nobodies thats the problem with the b leagues the league is weak but dont challenge themselves atleast 1 tough non league game. If mt.eden makes ncs theyll get smoked by 5tds! Is peronon gonna step up that non league next year? Why not challenge odowd?

  • chalktalk

    LAD is selective in who he will play in the preseason
    there are 240lb backs in Texas that run 4.4 4.5 that will destroy DLS —WR that jump off the planet with speed 2 match KIDS GROW UP CATCHING RABBITS BAREFOOT IN THR FIELDS speed and agility u’ve never seen…
    no personal trainers no supplements no camps
    lets see him schedule Katy Abilene Lamar
    i bet ull never see that match up!!!!!!!!

  • Baraka Flacka

    Lets not forget that Mt. Eden’s previous coach (Mitz) set Mt. Eden back by going 3-7 and 1-9 than some other idiot made the kids go on strike, which almost eliminated the program entirely.

    Mt. Eden is in the playoff race with many talented sophomores playing varsity. Coach P has done a wonderful job of restoring some order to a program that seemed like it was headed for unheard of lows.

  • #29. Chalk i agree, I’m from north Houston and would love to see DLS play Woodlands, Lufkin, Desoto, Katy, Klein Forest, just to name a few, you know what I’m getting at. The whole rabbits thing is actually florida. Where DLS lost to St. Thomas Aquinas. Good points though.

  • EB Football Coach

    The specific part of Florida is Pahokee. Those kids can move.

  • Hoodboy

    I really wanna see Logan battle against DLS

  • birdeyeview

    El cerrito is better then MV. other then that the list looks just about right

  • Prep Fan

    El Cerrito is very good D3 team, but who have they beaten besides Campo? MV would be 8-0 right now with their schedule. For that matter, so would Logan, Cal, Freedom, Pitt, SRV & probably Foothill. EC should be happy they are top ranked non-D1 school right now and get ready for the playoffs, but they are D3 for a reason. Good luck to the Gauchos. I’d love to see them in the state bowl scenario, but they need to take care of business in NCS first.

  • StopDropAndRumble


    I hope Granada listens and decides not to pass against cal. Granada’s only real chance at getting cal on their heels is pass. Hell, look at the Livermore game. They are NOT a passing team but in their first three drives they threw. And they only managed two 80+ td drives. I’ve said it over and over. Cal scores too fast. Three/four play drives and the defense is back on the field. Last week they brought up four JV def back players because of the defensive woes. Not sure if coach B plans to replace current players are he hes finally realized he needs to platoon because his def is always on the field longer. The suggestion that our def improved against a 2-6 0-4 Livermore team is absurd. Granda runs, they lose. Pass they could make a game of it.

    We get pass cal and coach b gets his favorite game – DLS?

  • StopDropAndRumble

    I meant get pass granda and coach b gets DLS

  • Gdog

    The fallacy of Texas football. California, Florida, Texas are all about equal, with Texas holding a decided edge in the “hype” category. California actually has more current NFL players than any state. I believe STA has the most for any single school. Look at the link below, no domination there. DLS 0-2 vs Florida but not outclassed in either game. Lost when going for 2 rather than play for Tie/OT. Beaten pretty good on scoreboard but held own on line of scrimmage vs STA. QB had horrible game. Remember how great Evangel Christian was, how did that work out?


  • Prep Fan

    Part of the reason Cal brought up the JV defenders was due to injuries, but you may be right that he plans to platoon them in certain situations. At any rate, it was good to get them some varsity experience last week against a less than threatening Livermore team. Although the Cowboys put 28 on the scoreboard, 14 of those were late in the game after the running clock, and I don’t think Cal ever even thought about punting in putting up 56 points.

    This is a must win game for both Granada & Cal. The Mats need to win this and their final game vs. Livermore in order to make the playoffs, and Cal can clinch at least a share of the EBAL title with a victory.

    Granada upset Cal last season on a last minute 4 & 25 Hail Mary pass to set up the victory, costing Cal a share of 2nd place with MV & SRV and ultimately ended up in their somehow being seeded 9th at NCS. The Grizz need to come out focussed for this game and get some redemption, as Granada will be needing a win. Hopefully the addition of the JV players will help bolster the Cal D. The Grizz should be able to score as the Mats are giving up over 30 points a game in EBAL play, and Cal has put up 40 5 times already this season and 36 against Foothill. The key will be the Grizzly D. Hopefully they will show up ready to play this week.

  • chalktalk

    #31 coach
    when i was 12 i live in the hiram clark area
    not only did the kidS catch snapping turtles in the bayou but we aslo caught rabbits in the fields we would sale them 4 a few dollars to go play pac-man lol

  • Spark Baldman

    Hey Chalk. I grew up in in WC. We use to catch polywogs in the pond and go cow tippin. Who the hell cares!

  • chalktalk

    #38 GDOG
    my point is DLS doesnt match up well with teams in TEXAS
    there is a different toughness a different poverty a different anger THAT SAME ANGER PREVENT U FROM GOING TO THE NFL the best player are not in the league buddy just the best players that will follow the rules.
    THEY LEAGUE DOES WANT A BUNCH OF IGNORANT JACKASSES LIKE PACMAN JONES RUNNING AROUND CAUSING CHAOS! by the way a great coach was called me a lure i look like a football player act like a football player but im not going 2 listen!!!

  • junior

    Those teams in Tejas don’t play very good defense. Poor tackling is abundant down there. The Green Machine would do just fine vs them boyz.

  • MVAL fan

    Perenon’s final year at BOD, their losses to Hayward and SLZ, those two teams went a combined 14-6 in the regular season and went 6-1 and 5-2 in league. He took over a Mt Eden program that literally was ran into the ground by their old coach.
    Some of you obviously don’t realize how tough it is to coach in the Hayward school district.

  • I would have to disagree that DLS gets handled in Texas. Texas has a couple of excellent teams making the national rankings. They have never dominated the rankings. If Dls goes to Texas it could be close. Coaching and discipline could out match 4.5 240lb running backs. Dls has seen that before.
    Lets see, Dls beat nationally ranked Bishop Gorman, Elder, St. Louis, Mater Dei, Mission Viejo, Centennial and lost to STA, Bellevue, Mission Viejo, Centennial and Don Bosco. Sounds like Dls could match up with anyone in Texas except mabey the Texas Rangers. 🙂

  • hoops

    I will give Perenon credit for bringing them back from oblivion.He is still an average coach and he will ALWAYS schedule cupcakes to build up HIS record.Watch who they play next year and I guarantee if they play anyone who was decent this year,they will have graduated their best players.It is tough to coach in the Hayward school district as MVAL fan said.

  • hoops

    DLS would definitely not be dominant in Texas.At DLS you practice,lift 4 hours 300 days a year.In Texas you start in middle school and go 365 days 8 hours a day:]

  • chalktalk

    discipline and coaching doesnt match up with pain go look at that tape of the florida team DLS was ready 2 quit thats what happens when u have a silver spoon in ur mouth U GUYS THINK THOSE KIDS ARE TOUGH THERE JUST STRONGER THAN THRE OPPONENTS LMAO its easy to bully babies STOP GIVING LAD LAP DANCES BY THE GODS WTF

  • Gdog

    I see your argument I just disagree that they would get handled. What about the Basketball Team? They have faced ridiculous talent disparities 5 v 5 where you can’t hide and 1 player can have a bigger impact than football. They win more often than they lose those match-ups as well. Football would do the same. Now if we want to look at your original allegation that Lad is “ducking” Texas. First off BigDog put up a list above. Who can they play? I mean they are not going to play more than 1 out of state game a year. They are not Gorman, kids at DLS actually go to class and have to pass. It is also known that Texas teams do not travel, they want you to come to them. The reason is they travel long distances just to play their in State games. Not a knock on them but they want you to come to them. Sounds to me like they need a few more Lads down in Texas to help some of those boys you refer to realize their goals instead of becoming “could’ve beens”. BTW who doesn’t like a good lap dance?

  • Prep Fan

    This would have been a good year for DLS to have a rematch with either #2 Bellevue or the aforementioned Gorman rather than Mullen, who is now just 4-4. I know Gorman has wanted a rematch at their place ever since they travelled to Winton.

    Mullen certainly isn’t going to help their strength of schedule for the national voters like those other two this year, but I’m sure they didn’t know the coach was leaving or Mullen would have such a down year when they scheduled them. Kind of like Logan trying to up their schedule and then the teams they have faced all had down years.

    And to the DLS haters, they would do just fine against the Texas teams, as they have most other national teams.