Berkeley-Bishop O’Dowd game near sellout

Bishop O’Dowd and Berkeley High are pre-selling tickets for Friday’s football games at Bishop O’Dowd. Each school will sell its allotted tickets until the game is sold out. It is anticipated that the games will be sold out before noon Friday. Here’s a link to buy tickets:


Phil Jensen

  • BO, BHS is a 3-4 team yet has 3 league wins. If you can’t beat this team you don’t deserve playoffs.

  • FB Guru

    How many does BOD seat, about 600, LOL.

  • 91

    BigJoe, F-you. Look at Berkeley’s pre-season… That’s all I got to say about that. Our O has been struggling, but we finally found a rhythm. Our D has been preforming for us basically all year long. We have one of the best linebacking cores that are ALL JR’s, a sick DL that has a bunch of talent returning, and DB’s that are just vicious! With proper discipline B-High can possibly go DEEP into the playoffs.