Jon Becker

  • Island Chief

    I told everyone that Encinal & their coach are the worst. Losing to a 0-8 team. Pitiful. The frailhouse is getting ransacked again.

  • C/O98

    looks like you spoke to soon lol


    Not to call out any MVAL football fans, but week after week, you guys doubted Newark expecting them to lose to Irvington, American, and then Washington.

  • EB Prep Fan

    You’re pitiful!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Island Chef (No Way you could be a Chief) Put down the crack pipe and get back in the Kitchen. It was tough for a minute but we scored when we needed to and the defense came through. Jet Pride!

  • The_415

    Went to see Campo play tonight… Is Campo that bad of a 8-1 team? Or is DV that good of a 0-9 team?

  • Looks like the big surprise is Miramonte dumping las Lomas 45-34 and Amador Valley nailing Monte Vista 24-21..And hey you Jets…a great victory for Encinal over San leandro 25-21.
    i watched the Acalanes/Alhambra game and the Don’s out smarted,out played the Bulldogs who continued to blunder with fumbles,pentalies and terribal pass protection along with the usual play calling…….Poyadue got off two long runs,but I’m surprised the guy is not in the hospital from the beatings he has taken in the last nine games from all the poor blocking….The guy earned every yard and could have racked up far more….Acalanes was in control right from the start beginning with a kickoff return…there was no doubt who was going to win….

  • MiraMan

    Island Chief,

    First of all, lay off the Red Bull dude! You should be happy the Alameda finally got off the “L” train. No need to sit around worrying about Encinal. By the way, they are doing alot with very little (at least on the offensive side of the ball). Alameda’s coaches could take a lesson.

    The 415 Says,

    Campo is a very well coached team. One of their biggest strengths is game strategy. Perhaps given the level of competition they were playing the coaches kind-of took the week off. Also, as I believe they have some seniors that tend to sit the bench, so it could be true that this was a game that they tried to play alot of kids. Or maybe the just looked like crap!


    Thanks for the Acalanes/Alhambra update. The Mira/LL game was a little bizare. It was like a football game played by two teams without defensive players. Like a Twilight Zone episode where neither team knows how to block, tackle or defend passes. Weird! But LL kept throwing passes at our defensive players so eventually they couldn’t help but intercept a few.

    Seriously, Miramonte was the better team and had their way on offense. Their DBs were not able to stop Miramonte’s receiver corps. Miramonte’s running game was working pretty well also. On defense, Miramonte was getting pushed around on the line and the LBs/DBs were tackling like s**t! But I’ll assume it was just a one game blip. In any case, LL was able to open some bit holes with their very good line, which sprang some good runs and they also connected on some nice passes; try as we might, we were unable to stop Oh and Milner.

  • sportsfan

    Campo was a little flat tonight. Not much energy. That’s why Macy hates “Senior night”. Even so, the Cougars easily dominated Dougherty Valley despite a mediocre performance. The final score of 35 to 14 could have easily gotten out of hand. Even with a modest desire to do so, Macy could have run the score up to 50, but that’s not his style. Campo’s second team played most of the 3rd and all of the 4th quarter and DV scored its second TD on 4th down with 9 seconds left on the clock. This one was never in doubt, but the Cats will have to sharpen their claws as they move toward the regular season finale againts Dublin. Congratulations to Campo on back to back DFAL Titles.

  • 617lemon

    island chief i hope ur not island02 who sent his kid 2 the wrong school u guys stink never won a p-off game never will! bring back the rock! time 4 halverson the nerd the geek moyer 2 just raise there families n retire! neither have ever won anything there losers! if alameda ever won a playoff game they’d ask for a parade probably a rainbow parade!

  • coach l

    wow moyer finally won in the battle of the retards!



    It was 21-7 at half, correct? DV turned it into a smash mouth game which I think as to their advantage. I do not think they looked like an 0-9 team last night. They have 8 sophomores and only 4 seniors playing varsity football. DV was running all over them all game even when the 1st team was in. Campo better figure out a way to stop the run or they will not go as deep as last year.

  • Anonymous

    BOD losing to Berkeley really showed that they just can’t compete against a team that fires on all cylinders. They’re missing their starting QB yes but c’mon are they that one dimensional? Who’s leading these kids? The team is loaded with talent but there is no direction. The coaches are in over their head. One and out in the playoffs without any doubt.

  • Anonymous

    I need to add that Berkeley played a solid game and deserve the win and being league champs. They knew they were in it the entire game and never eased up.

  • sportsfan

    WARRIOR, you are right about the your last sentence, but remember DV only scored 7 points on Campo’s first team defense. I don’t care how many yards you give up, Campo kept DV out of the endzone except for that one score. Remember this is high school. Giving up one TD is not the end of the world. Also, as I indicated above, Campo came out flat last night. It wasn’t a crushing defeat of DV but it could have been if Macy wanted it to. All that said, Congratulations to the back to back DFAL Champs.

  • someone said Dls looked bad last nite, the score was 34-03 with 10 seconds left. Spartans had 305 tds on the ground and 380 total. Qb had 3 tds rushing. Defense kept SRV under 200 yds. Not such a bad outing that we are lead to beleive.

  • #16….It seems that if DLS doesn’t destroy a team completely…they had a bad night….San Ramon rose for the occasion but lost 34-9….The score looks pretty good to me if I were on the winners side…Look at last years playoff when DLS murdered Freedom that was the kind of score DLS fans like….

  • #8…MiraMan…When Miramonte takes on Alhambra next Friday night..The Mats will discover how easy it is to pass against the Bulldogs….After nine games you would think that, blocking, pass defense and fumbles would be next to Zero…but that isn’t the case at Alhambra….The Bulldogs are going to have to play their best game so it won’t look like what Campolindo and Acalanes did to them….How Dublin beat Acalanes is a mystery…but strange things happen…

  • BobSchieffer

    Bluedog, I didn’t read anyone here say dLS had a a sub par game, but you’d be hard pressed to find their fans’ compliments. Sportan fans are feeling the heat about that upcoming (extra) NorCal game. Reading their Delphi forum you’d think every year is an automatic SBG bid. We’ll see. LOL.

  • #19…BobSchieffer….I don’t see DLS having much trouble with California this coming Friday and it looks like if they win…which they should they will likely face Franklin of Elk Grove…and as good as they are….DLS should put them down also…The North is lucky to have a team like DLS when it comes down to North and south clashes…other wise people are not happy with the scores of the DLS games….

  • dls does not look ahead- it’s one game at a time. They will be ready for Cal High. Most likely to draw a bye 1st round.

  • dudleydawson

    island chief you still talking? wait til the games over before you get on your phone and blog, sl 0-8 yup but there better than you cuz there in the a league. you moyers crack me up hopefully you learned something friday night. that the jets dont quit n play 4qtrs o my bad you learned that first hand!

  • Mr. Han

    island Chief, your stupid homie. By the way, heard that JV quarterback was at Encinal Friday looking to transfer in. Does he play baseball too?

  • Alameda vs SLZ Battle of the retards definitely. But Moyers were feeling themselves. Hauled ass down to Stargell right off the bus to check out the best show in town. Hope they learned something.

  • BigJoe…….every team says they play one game at a time…But they also play what-if….DLS will win Friday night and get the bye and maybe 2 which will give them plenty of rest for the playoff’s…After the playoff’s there comes the game with a valley team which looks like Franklin of Elk Grove…But they have a tough road to go down and it could windup being some one else…With a little luck there will be no injuries..

  • chalktalk

    plz respond its been 3 hole days
    silence of the lamb chop
    the lions got his tongue wont give it back
    or pms i hear thats painful

  • Matt Rempel

    Calling Alameda/SLZ “battle of retards” is pretty messed up. Both teams gave it their all out there. I’ve been on Wright’s sidelines a lot and that guy is pouring his guts into that program. I wouldn’t say either team is a power house, but why not keep it classy.

  • MVAL fan

    I agree with Rempel, this is HIGH SCHOOL football, not Division I ball. These coaches and kids bust their butts out there during the spring, summer and then fall so it’s unfair to call out a school, player or their coaching staff. Remember its the kids that play the game, not the parents!!!