Week 10: Prep football recap from Friday night

Surprising Amador Valley High staged another fourth-quarter comeback, this time stunning No. 3 Monte Vista in the process, to highlight Friday’s action.

Meanwhile, Clayton Valley, California, Campolindo and Freedom all grabbed shares of league titles. Freedom star Darrell Daniels (pictured above) had another huge game for the Falcons.

Here’s a quick recap from the prep football action around the East Bay Friday night.

Jon Becker

  • Prep Fan

    The rankings aren’t supposed to be pound for pound or there would be more D4 & D5 teams listed. The NCS seedlings are pound for pound, but this poll is supposed to represent the strength of each team, i.e. who would win head to head. If you think EC would run the table in the EBAL, then they should be #2. If not, they should be behind teams that would beat them and ahead of teams they’d beat.

  • Mr. Han

    Bleacher Coach,
    Actually the Jets are already 5-5. Maxpreps is a thing of the past…

  • Mr. Han

    EC and Encinal would be the perfect game.

  • Mr. Han


    Encinal played 6 Division 1 teams. That says it all. However, to add to it, Tennyson is in a inferior league, the was the reason behind competitive equity leagues. They asked for this. To reward them would be highly controversial. MiraMan, they already bowed down months before the season started.

  • MVAL44

    So if Encinal loses and Alhambra loses this week, would they still make playoffs? What teams would potentially slide into the playoffs?

  • seven72deuce

    @prep fan & nya

    prep fan, i couldn’t have said it any better.

  • ManDown

    You Encinal fans think you’re good because you beat an 0-8 San Leandro team? You people need help if you think that teams should be scared of your weak team now that you have a lousy 4 wins. Nobody cares about you playing “6 D1 schools” All of the top 8 or 9 teams would beat you in D.3.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @ManDown, We’ve always thought our team good even if this is a down year. We’ve lost a couple of games we should’ve won. I believe we’ll make a good showing but these are not Encinal Fans making the seeding statements. And Mandown,what is with all the hate? You a San Leandro Alun? We are supposed to think we’ll win every game we play. I guess you would have us give up before taking the field? That is why you play the game.. To see who will win. Jet Pride!

  • Mrs. Han are you slow the Jets are 4-5 with 1 game to go vs. Hayward which they could very well lose.

    In regard to the 6 DIV I teams big deal that is why there is SOS (strength of schedule) .

    Perkins what Novato game did you see ? Game 0 vs. Foothill? I know you didn’t drive out to Marin.

    I doubt SL finishes with a winning record even if they played Novato’s schedule. SL got blown out by 4 teams they had no business playing after going 6-5 last season.

    I agree with Mandown the Jets get shot down in the first round

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @BleacherCoach, No we’re 5 and 5 right now. North Coast credited us with the forfeit from Castlemont. And i think you and mandown will be wrong. Is there a need to put people down because they have a difference of opinion however misguided YOU might think it is? Jet Pride!

  • EBfootball

    So SL put up 21 on Encinal. SL also put up multiple TD’s on Deer Valley, Castro Valley and Dublin. Strength of schedule is determined by playing schools with good reputations AND bigger schools. Nobody else in D3 (besides BOD and maybe CN) has consistently competed against schools that have the size, strength, and speed the schools Encinal has played in the regular season. You also have to get some wins against these schools and the Jets have. A win against Hayward will solidify this.

  • FB Guru

    Old Former MC,

    You better hope not, if a team has more that 10 games to their credit they will be ineligible for the NCS playoffs. Never seen it happen in football, but it has happened often in other NCS sports where teams have exceeded the maximum allowed games. Don’t worry though, once Encinal scheduled Vallejo they lost the right to claim a forfeited win against Castlemont. They are 4-5.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Obviously Encinal is having a down year. The program cannot be expected to dominate year in and year out with such a small base. This year is a year that all these kids get great experience, and next year they will shine. Tenorio will teach these kids his offense more and more. The play book is small this year for obvious reasons. As these kids grow so will the play book. Anyone who doubts his coaching ability should get checked out….Island Chief?

    Miraman….you act like its some kind of badge of honor that underclassmen arent allowed on varsity? You could have used a couple talented freshmen and Sophmores last year when The Jets were running off about 90 unanswered points against Miramonte, right? Remember that? …..when you stopped posting for a couple weeks after the game?

  • SportsFan

    EBPF, Yes, Miramonte was over-matched against Encinal in last years NCS game. The final was 48-14. It would be a better game this year.

  • Bleacher my man I like to go to a couple of Novato games a year. Great Tri-tip sandwhiches. Been following their program since they dismantled Miramonte at the Coliseum. Had to make sure I had the skinny on North Bay football since they combined with NCS.

    I have to say this years team has a pretty solid group of athletes. Good size for a d3 school. #20 is a stud should play D more(I didn’t notice him the games I went too he may start). #5 good speed lil sketchy hands #8 & #55 solid on the d-line. #23 good football player at FS. #7 QB sophmore. Good moxy. Descent arm. Can make a play with his feet if need be. Can complete a pass. I see weightroom on their team(which I stopped seeing after 09. 2008 whole team was ripped.) This team shouldn’t be getting blown out my MC & CN. They can match both athlete for athlete. Probably better then CN. Things haven’t been the same since Coach Glenn left. Bracket great coach. But he takes water breaks on defense. Since he’s had kids & started his crossfit business I don’t think he’s as dedicated.

    Now when I say Novato has good size for D3 SL has good size for D1. Big physical line. Blew Encinal players 15 yards off the ball at times. Fit & pinned guys a few times. Aggressive hard hitting team. Skill athlets are pretty even( the major difference your gonna see from D1 to D3 is line & depth). #7 a sophmore also better arm & wheels. I don’t see Novato’s guy breaking for a TD on Encinal.#2 has speed. He needs the ball more. FS number #6 is a better athlete then #23. Those morons should have thrown him the ball he had 2 INTs. #23 smash mouth runner. Too many good O-line man & D-lineman too mention but like I said that is the diffence D1 to D3.

    Go to check some of these teams out Bleacher. CV, SL, Vallejo was huge. I heard Rodriguez had the best athletes the Jets faced all year. You will see the diffence from them & all these D3 schedules definitely different from the MCAL. I think what the JEts are doing is amazing. Offense actually came around this week. Nobody mentions it but Encinal is beat up? A lot of injuries. But no complaining out of their camp. Just keep playing no excuses. Beat Hayward who is loaded 7 or 8 seed becasue Hayward beat BOD the 6 seed & would beat Acalanes. Miramonte best win. Aptos is a better win then Justin Siena.

  • ManDown

    PERKIN, Get past Hayward then start talking about playoffs but until then you guys are 4-5 and could end up 4-6 if you are focused on next week. Tell your sophmore quarterback to complete a pass to give your offense a chance to be decent! One TD pass and one rushing all year is not going to get it done against the good division 3 teams. Keep dreaming Jets and get ready for next year.

  • ManDown- That sophmore Qb is alright he’s doing good at QB for a sophmore and I think he’s one of the best sophmore Qb’s in the bay area. 1)El Cerrito 2)Marin Catholic 3) Cardinal Newmen 4)Campolindo 5)Anly 6)BOD 7)Tennyson 8)Miramonte 9)Acalanes 10)Encinal 11)Hercules 12)Novoto 13)Tamalpais 14)Sonoma Valley 15)Terra Linda 16)Eureka

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @FB Guru, U r right and i had it wrong. ManDown, If we have to get ready for next season early so be it but i don’t think so. Lets play the game first and If you happen to be right you can go run ya tab up at the Tavern and brag to the boys. Jet Pride!

  • Coach J

    Does Encinals win against Aptos count as a D3 win?

  • Amen to that. Gotta beat Hayward 1st Jets. Not gonna be easy.

  • MiraMan

    EB Prep Fan,

    I did quit posting last year after Miramonte lost. Well that is after I congratulated Old Former Meddling Coach who I’d be jawing at on the victory. Other than that I didn’t have much to say. I find that people that do a lot of talking after a loss just end up making excuses. Plus, I’m a sore loser! Besides, as you yourself point out, I didn’t post for several weeks. That includes the week after you got pasted by Marin Catholic, what 45-6!

    Miramonte has a tradition of only playing juniors and seniors on varsity. The key word there is TRADITION. I’m told Encinal folks understand that word. When some kid (he blogs like a kid) says Encinal will be great because they “…play this guy that a freshman and play this guy thats a sophomore…” I feel it fair to point out that other teams, Miramonte included, have our share of underclass talent, but the rules are different so you are unlikely to have seen them. Frankly, some of the underclassmen you have playing varsity would be much better served to get some frosh/JV experience this year. But the coaches have to move kids up to fill the holes.

    Finally, to be clear to all the Encinal seeding comments, any of the D3 teams with strong passing games will likely cut you to pieces. Analy, Miramonte, Campo, Marin Catholic, O’Dowd (w/QB back)… Most of the teams mentioned would drop 40+ points on you. Far from being concerned about meeting Encinal this year, I would love for Miramonte to meet Encinal in the first round. It seems like a match-up nightmare for Encinal and could turn into a track meet. In general, perhaps because you’ve faced some mediocre D1 run-oriented teams, I think you underestimate the quality of the teams you will face in the playoffs, especially some of the passing attacks that will stay away from trying to run against your stout D-line.

  • What team has Encinal faced this year that proves they can’t defend the pass? Alameda had been a passing school but chose to run. All running schools so far.

  • Mr. Han

    How articulate. But i disagree. Not BOD. Not Miramonte. All those teams are good.

  • Gauchowatcher

    This is too funny. Everybody saying the Gauchos barely got by Campo and hope they can prove it in the playoffs. Did you say that about Campo last year? If memory serves Campo snuck out of EC with a 16-14 or 16-13 win last year on their way to the state game. And that was a EC team loaded with 10th & 11th graders. The same kids that are burning up field turf all over the east bay now as 11th and 12th graders. Public school in a high risk area with a minority coaching staff = no respect

  • Island chief

    I can’t understand how Encinal fans get on here and still talk. If Encinal was in the B league they would lose to half of the league.We barely lost to Encinal on a missed tackle so really how good are they?

  • 617lemon

    island chief you lost to piedmont! northgate & miramonte bent you over! mt.eden broke your hearts on sr. night. kemper asked to be in the b league because thats the kinda man he is. loser as a player loser now! bring back the rock!

  • 617lemon

    WELCOME TO THE ROCK! damn i miss hearing that.

  • MVAL44

    Why Eureka? They have beaten a 2-7, 3-7 and 1-8 teams. What makes them more eligible than Petaluma who has beaten 3-6(twice), 1-8, 0-9 or Kennedy- Fremont who have beaten 5-4, 4-5, 4-5, 1-8. Even Terra Linda has not done much better.

  • redandblue2

    Go back and read some of my posts Gauchowatcher. I stated on more than one occasion that the 2011 game with El Cerrito was Campo’s toughest game of the season, up to the State Championship game. Clearly, this year’s game with Campolindo was El Cerrito’s toughest of the season.

    If in fact El Cerrito and Campo get the #2 & #3 seeds, respectively, they will perhaps meet again (thankfully at De Anza’s field) for a third time in the last 2 seasons.

    I guarantee you the Campo coaching staff has the utmost respect for El Cerrito. After all, they have played each other the past 5 seasons (with Campo winning 3 of the games) and it has become a great rivalry.

    Clearly, El Cerrito will be favored if they meet in the playoffs, but as great a season as the Gauchos have had this year, they were a missed 4th quarter field goal from a loss to Campo; a fact Coach Kahn will undoubtedly remind his players about taking the Cougars for granted. Besides, El Cerrito has their own post season demons to conquer after losing at Eureka in the first round of the playoffs last season.

  • FB Guru


    “Public HS in a high risk area..” – I wouldn’t consider El Cerrito a high risk area. It is a very upper middle class community with a fairly brand new rebuilt HS in the East Bay hills. Now if the FB players you speak of don’t live in EC but rather within the school boundaries of JFK-Richmond and Richmond, well that is a different story. And probably would make EC suspect to rule violations.


    FB Guru–I’m sorry, are you a district official? What about a league official? Because your comment about EC violating league rules is completely and totally out of line. I’m seeing a trend on this blog, and it’s a trend that tends to stand up for the privileged schools with the most money. I agree with GauchoWatcher when he mentions that EC is a “public school in a high risk area with a minority coaching staff that gets no respect.” FOR SHAME! How come we don’t hear praises for the coaches at EC for turning young men into college bound men? Additionally, Catholic school defenders tend to forget the fact that because they are private schools, they can pull students from Mill Valley, Greenbrae, Ross, Larkspur, San Anselmo, and other surrounding areas. If Catholic schools can RECRUIT talent from these areas, what’s wrong with El Cerrito LEGALLY having students from various parts of Richmond? “CHILD PLEASE!” (teezaleezy) Don’t hate on a school that boasts a rich history of socio-economic and a demographically diverse student body…clearly the opposite of Marin County. Without digressing, because the Caucasian bloggers will inevitably have a field day responding to this blog, EC Gauchos have taken a team consisting of 10th and 11th graders, and turned them into 11th and 12th grade FACTORS TO BE RESPECTED. Respect EC, folks…don’t let the demographics prevent you from respecting a program that pushes its athletes to be complete students athletes, not simply football players.

  • DJ

    I think this year’s Ec team is the real deal and the coaching staff is doing a great job with these kids on and off the field as they do year in and year out coach Kahn is building a program and he’s doing it with a staff of coach’s who reflect the kids that are coming thru the progam and the kids respect but I agree when you read this blog and the other blogs(particularly northbay blog where the moderator of the site called Ec a joke this year and that their season would end in 2nd round with 11-1 record) there’s always questions about coaching,discipline, them not being worthy of their ranking etc.stuff that other schools don’t have to deal with (Encinal did also during there good years).
    Coach Macy at Campo who I believe many respect and believe is an excellant coach, until last year always won a lot of games but never went to or won championships but his team never faced the question has faced.
    Lastly the excitement the Ec fans have over this team is not just about what they’ve accomplished on the field but also academically the future is bright for a lot of these kids off the football field Go Gauchos!!!

  • DJ

    @Fb Guru Ec is not violating any rules by receiving kids from Richmond, as one who lived in Richmond and wanted to go to JFK Richmond but the district boundaries did not allow me to attend Kennedy and thus I went to Ec and and it was the best decision for me and btw in case anybody doesnt remember it was my team who was the last local team to beat DeLa Salle in a regular season game on their field.Look it up and in those years we played Clayton Valley,Ygnacio Valley,Pittsburg and held our own against all


    @DJ-Fasho brah. Even if it’s just tha two of us we fina stand up for RICHMOND. Nevermind tha haters, bro…EC holding it down and reppin for all us believers.