Week 10: Prep football recap from Friday night

Surprising Amador Valley High staged another fourth-quarter comeback, this time stunning No. 3 Monte Vista in the process, to highlight Friday’s action.

Meanwhile, Clayton Valley, California, Campolindo and Freedom all grabbed shares of league titles. Freedom star Darrell Daniels (pictured above) had another huge game for the Falcons.

Here’s a quick recap from the prep football action around the East Bay Friday night.

Jon Becker


    chalktalk clearly you either took too many hits to the head while playing football, otherwise you would MAKE SOME SENSE “n nawt ryte lyk dis”

  • chalktalk

    VERY FUNNY impressive u speak my language
    so clearly u understand

    I.Q. BOY

  • FB Guru

    Miramonte and Novato have 1 common opponent, MC. Mira was 14-17 at the end of the third quarter when Anderson went out. Novato was 7-49 with a running clock.

  • FNL680

    Brandon Crawford: Tri-Valley Babe Ruth, Foothill QB/SS Alumnus, EBAL grad…World Series Champion Giant.

  • EB JC Guy

    Chalk Talk . . . actually I would agree with every point you made. They do not have a license to yell at kids, the best coaches do not, and do not have to, because their kids understand the expectations from it being molding into them on a daily basis. And a basic football test would be a great idea. The NCS has free classes and tests that coaches have to pass now in order to coach, they should add a sport knowledge certification to the requirements. I, too, have seen many poor coaches who get there simply by elbow-rubbing the head coach or an athletic director. Exists that way at high school, juco, four-year college, professional, and down to youth levels. Also agree on rash decisions – those kind of decisions are never made by a good coach or staff. The best decisions happen behind closed doors with a thoughtful staff. Why DLS, Foothill, etc top that list of best staffs and head coaches.

  • redandblue2


    Seedings don’t deal with hypotheticals, only with the facts at hand. If you think Novato should drop, give me reasons why and the teams that should be higher.

    EBfootball, same deal. My opinion is you can’t make the case Miramonte, Bishop O’Dowd, or Tennyson should have a better seed than Novato, regardless of how much they loss by.


    Did you really give a 3rd quarter score as some sort of justification? The final score was 31-14 MC over Miramonte. Do you really think the seeding committee breaks down games by quarter or plays the “what if” game regarding injuries?

    I may or may not be proven wrong next Sunday, but at least I give proper justification.

  • TJ

    what do you mean by rash decisions? Like cutting a kid? I dont understand

  • Ok Chalktalk, here’s my picks
    1. Lad
    2. Edison
    3. Aliotti
    4. Alumbaugh
    5. Panella
    6. Ward

    I will get lots of comments on this. That enough to wet yur whistle or pants?

  • FB Guru

    Red & Blue,

    The Final scores are justification enough, Novato lost to MC by 42 with a running clock in the 4th quarter while Mira lost by 17.

    Mira lost by 21 to 8-1 Campo.
    Novato lost by 43 to 5-4 Foothill with a running clock again in the 4th quarter.

    Mira lost by 7 to a 10-0 Analy.
    Novato lost by 28 getting shutout by 8-1 CN. At least they avoided the running clock.

    Mira biggest win is against Acalanes which is being considered for the same 6-10 Div seeding.
    Novato biggest win is a against a top seed Div IV Justin-Senna. While a good win for Novato, I don’t think victories against lower divisions should be considered. Only same division or higher.

    The first one is the biggest advantage, the next three are minor, yet they do slightly favor Mira over Novato.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but your only justification of seeding Novato ahead of Mira is that Mira lost to Dublin, a Div II playoff qualifier?

  • justdafacts

    Chalk- team not winning: alameda. There are a few players that were not buying in and being selfish individuals. The team experienced some bad luck with injuries to some keys players, and some horrible officiating in the Piedmont and Mt. Eden game(check the photo finish). Alameda battled Encinal, but gave the game away in one play with 50 seconds left. Tough season for the Hornets.

  • redandblue2


    I believe the seeding committee values the final record as much as anything else. Novato will likely finish 7-3 and Miramonte 6-4, assuming they each win this weekend. That’s why I say if Miramonte had defeated Dublin, they would be the #6 seed.

    Anyways, it’s just one man’s opinion. If I’m wrong it wouldn’t be the first time.

  • chalktalk

    eb jc guy
    well put i wish i could right like that

  • Maxi

    Glad it’s rivalry week! I’m old school Pittsburg, and unlike most people now I love owning Antioch! Oh ya, thanks for ruining the BLG rivalry Antioch by sucking the last 20 years. Don’t give that “we have Deer Valley now” crap. Have a sack Antioch! Oh I’m sorry, if you had sack you’d be from Pittsburg!

  • Pigskin

    Any comments on coaches having their own son’s playing or even the son’s of team parents playing when they may not be the best choice for a particular position? This can be really disruptive for morale.

  • EastBay Ray


    One wild card in your D3 seedings is if BOD gets their QB back this week and they are anything like they were before his injury, they beat SL and are an easy 6 seed. Otherwise, I think you are spot on.

  • Whoever thinks hercules has the TCAL STONE in the bag could be in for a surprise this Friday when they face Kennedy-Richmond
    This should be a pretty good game, no telling who might win! Both teams are undefeated!

  • MiraMan

    Red&Blue2 & FB Guru,

    I’ve been reading you’re posts and just had to weigh-in on D3. I agree with Red&Blue2 that I don’t think the seeding committee will look at quarterly breakdowns. Actually, I don’t think they will look very much at injuries, order of victories or severity of win/loss unless dramatic (i.e. overtime, running clock, etc.). Obviously, some things will effect their thinking unofficially:

    1. Marin Catholic – They have the best win in St. Ignatius and their loss is to a team that is higher rated than anyone that El Cerrito has played. I don’t see a big controversy; Marin Catholic #1.
    2. El Cerrito – Very good win against Campo, good wins against Newark Memorial and Salesian, worthwile win against Valley Christian. All in all, great season, but not challenging enough for #1.
    3. Cardinal Newman – Loss to Ranch wouldn’t hurt them much if they had better wins. Currently best win is Novato. After that its pretty pedestrian. Even with win over Casa, which would be their biggest win of the season, I would put them at #3 and a loss would drop them down to #5.
    4. Campo – All-in-all great season, but ironically their best win is Miramonte. Sacred Heart Cathedral win now just doesn’t look that great. Other DFAL wins look pretty mediocre.
    5. Analy – Only good win Miramonte, rest are cupcakes.
    6. BOD – I don’t see any question here. They have wins over high-rated Castro Valley and tough Mack. Their worst loss is to Hayward…OK that’s pretty bad, but I’d still give them the nod for #6. Loss against weak San Leandro (which is possible) could drop them to #10!
    7. Novato – Only significant win is Justin-Siena and frankly given Justin-Siena’s win’s I don’t see how they are rated as high as they are. As has been stated their three losses are pretty bad blow-outs. I’m not saying I agree, but given all their losses are to very good teams, I think the seeding folks will give the nod to the better record and not focus to much on the details of their defeat.
    8. Miramonte – Four losses is a killer, especially loss to Dublin. Unofficially, Miramonte probably gets some extra credit for playing all teams while firing on all cylinders (that is, Stephens at QB with Campo and Rudolph in the backfield against Dublin) and doing it with 2nd string QB. But officially a loss is a loss. Best win is Acalanes
    9. Acalanes – Miramonte has direct win over Acalanes. Also, strip-out forfeit and they are 6-3; they have same number of wins and one less loss. Acalanes’ best win unique win is Tennyson that is lower rated then Miramontes win over Acalanes. Camparing losses, cancel out common losses, you are left with Acalanes’ loss to Miramonte versus Miramontes loss to Analy…clearly Miramonte lost to a higher rated team. That leaves Miramontes loss to Marin Catholic – big deal.
    10. Tennyson – Hard to rate with likely 9-1 record over poor teams. Only win against team with positive Freman rating is 17-10 win aver 3.4 rated Arroyo. Weak teams and direct loss to Acalanes seeds them at #10.
    11. Encinal – Probably good enough to beat Tennyson, but with 5 losses, maybe 6 after Hayward game, above #11 is hard to justify vs 9-1 team.
    12. Tam – With losses to Novato, Justin-Siena and San Marin (ouch!) and pending loss to Marin Catholic, not much to talk about.

    One footnote in all this: Give the above ratings, #7 Novato would be away at #10 Tennyson (league champs) and #8 Miramonte/#9 Acalanes would be a re-do. I’m curious if the seeding committee will use Tennyson’s 9-1 record as an excuse to move Tennyson up to #8 dropping Miramonte to #9, Acalanes to #10. Now, Novato at home against Acalanes and Tennyson at home against Miramonte. No repeats, Tennyson will get a home game regardless of their seeding due to league champion deisgnation. Acalanes gets kind-of screwed since they trade being “away” at Miramonte with really be AWAY at Novato. Miramonte losses a home game, but is only away at Tennyson. Just a tought.

  • FB Guru

    This is all good banter for us, but the calpreps rankings takes everything and more into consideration so I would like to see NCS just adopt that system as it’s official seeding committee and dump the three member panel that won’t be identified. No way to tell if there are hidden agendas with the current system.

  • Don’t do it Miraman. Come on buddy. Your playing into Smith & all the other B league coaches. The guy said that the A league is 6 by far superior programs that I cannot compete with. The guy felt he couldn’t even play in a competitive game with most of the schools. Give him nothing for his 9-1 playing one better then average Acalanes team & losing. Acalanes in turn should get nothing out of beating Tennyson.

    You are a man about athletes you said it before. Superior athlets. Encinal played 6 DIV I SCHOOL( believe more then the entire DIII field combined) 2 DII schools, & 2 very good DIII schools. You have to believe that out of those 6 DI’s 4-5 teams have better athletes then any DIII school in the field from top too bottom. Not better coached just BIgger, Stronger , Faster. Hayward does for sure I’ve seen them live.

    Don’t make the Coaches at Acalanes & Tennyson right for playing nobody & giving them a high seed. Novato he played 3 good teams & beat 6 avereage teams so far. But he tested himself. So did BOD. So did Miramonte. Respect that not a hollow 9-1.

  • Encinal wins Friday I think no doubt above Acalanes, NOvato, & Tennyson. Better wins. Stronger schedule. Period. 7 Miramonte 8 Encinal 9 Acalanes 10 Novato 11 Tennyson(like B league team with their non-league & wins deserve & a game against BOD at home.)

  • EB Football Coach

    Perkin –

    You mean Hayward with their 24 man roster? I was at the O’Dowd game. With those numbers, why wasn’t Hayward afraid to play the A league?

    I’m pretty sure Tennyson has more numbers than them or Encinal.

    Why was Smith afraid to play the A league when Encinal wasn’t?

    If Tennyson gets a top 10 seed, why shouldn’t every team in the bay area copy their plan for success?

    Better yet, have SL move down to the B league next year and pull Tennyson up. That should be the reward for all their hard work.

  • Encinal is better then everybody expect cardinal newmen , marin catholic , campo , El cerito ,they should really be at 5th spot no doubt. Encinal is going to win this week and they better then anly and miramonte and everybody else BOD got really lucky against encinal. Encinal shoulda won the game.

  • redandblue2


    Encinal played 3 D1 school, 3 D2 schools, 2 D3 schools and 2 D4 schools this season. Still the 3 D1 schools are more than any other D3 team played this season and they are 3-2 against the D1 & D2 schools with Hayward still to go.

    If they defeat Hayward, I now agree with you they will move up in the D3 seedings and get rewarded for their schedule.

  • Hoodboy

    Why did Hayward drop Tennyson from their schedule? To play ygnacio valley?

  • You might be looking at another school.
    D1 B-HIgh, SL, CV, Vallejo(2300 enrollment), Serra(private but section status designates them D1 defending d1 champs), Rodriguez(enrollment 2200),
    D2 Hayward, Alameda.
    D3 BOD, Apotos(d3 1397 enrollment), (Castlemont? 1100)

  • Same with BOD: SHC & Valley Christian are designated D-III by their section. So it would count towards D-III win loss record.

    Same with MC: Thought St. Ignatius’s was D-1 but are designated D-III by section. Counts as a d-III win.

  • chalktalk

    i dont know how good anyones is or how bad they r but u can tell by the consistence game play who’s a good coach or not

    i havent seen any team that didnt have enuff athletes 2 win the football game
    I GOING 2 REMIND PEOPLE THIS IS NOT POP WARNER WERE KIDS GET MANDATORY PLAYING TIME some kids have a shot at a free education and maybe more other are just happy 2 have on a uniform, which is fine. BUT PLEASE DONT PUT THAT KID OR A COACH IN A POSITION 2 WIN OR LOSE THE GAME IF THEY HAVENT PUT IN THE WORK

  • MiraMan


    First of all, I’m not making a value judgement here, I’m just trying to anticipate what the seeding committee will do. As mentioned, my assumption is that they will not get into the weeds like most of us would. Win/loss record is certainly the easiest thing to weigh.

    Also, I gave it another look and I certainly see a strong case for Encinal over Tennyson and an airtight case IF Encinal beats Hayward this week. Then Encinal will have wins over Aptos, San Leandro and Hayward that are all as good or better than Tennyson’s Arroyo victory. But do remember, the Encinal loss to a weak Rodriguez team also has be considered. Tennyson has no such loss.

    Beyond that, I can’t come very close to seeing Encinal moving up above Acalanes or Novato. Both have beaten better teams than Encinal has and both have more victories over all.

    By the way, I have a great deal of respect for what Encinal has done this year and think they will be a tough draw for someone. At #10 you would go up to Novato and I think have an excellent chance of beating them. I think Encinal is a problematic match-up for Novato stopping their running game and likely taking them late in the game in a low-scoring affair. But whatever happens in seeding, I don’t see a home game in “the swamp” for the Jets.

  • EBfootball

    If any of the top 6 teams in D3 are smart they’d rank Encinal in the top 8. They don’t want to risk an upset with the way Encinal has been playing defense. And their offense may have started to click in that San Leandro win. BOD probably doesn’t want to see them again (game was very close). And there’s way too much history with CN, MC, and EC to risk it all in the first round. Campo’s not scared but this isn’t their first tourney. Rumor has it that some players are back coming back because grades just came out. Coaches ranking probably means the most next to head to head and strength of schedule.

  • MiraMan


    I think you are 1/2 right. Some of the top teams probably don’t match up well with Encinal. I think teams that rely alot on the run (CN, O’Dowd, Novato, Acalanes), but I think teams with strong passing attacks (Campo, Miramonte) or good balanced attack (Analy, Marin Catholic, El Cerrito) will eat Encinal alive.

  • Jimmy Durkin, are there any EB rushing stats for top rushers this season so far?

  • N-Ya


    EC can only play their schedule, they can’t play every team in the rankings, but the teams they have played have gotten destroyed. Campo would have faced the same fate if not for 4 int’s in the 1st half. The playoffs will show who is real & who is fake…

  • EBfootball

    @Mira… Yeah those teams will be favored to beat Encinal but are they willing to bet their first round on it? Those teams deserve a cupcake first round and they know Encinal will be a battle after they’ve banged with DI and private schools all season.

  • Why is the loss to Rodriguez so bad for a d3 school? DOes Rodriguez play in a d3 league & are horrible. They are a bad d1 team that loses to all d1’s & d2’s like Vacaville.

  • MVAL fan

    @Hoodboy #74: Can’t and won’t confirm it, but the Hayward-Tennyson game was originally scheduled the first week of the season @ Tennyson as priginally agreed. Hayward afterwards asked if they can have the game moved to Sunset as a home game for them and Tennyson refused. So Hayward decided to pull out of the game and that’s when they scheduled Ygnacio Valley at Sunset. I’m not sure when this was done though.

  • Encinal is a young team Soph QB and 1 senior RB and 1 freshmen RB and 1 Junior RB and the line is 1 senior and 1 Freshmen and 2 Soph and 1 junior that a young line and 1 SOPH WR and 1 junior WR thats a young squad rite there there defence is based on Juniors and freshmen and soph there going to kill it next year even tho i hate encinal there going to be really good.

  • redandblue2


    Regarding your statement Campo would have been destroyed……….

    You bring up the 4 balls Campo picked in the first half and yet you don’t bring up the fact Campo fumbled twice inside their 35 yard line. Both El Cerrito’s scores happened on short fields. Three of El Cerrito’s interceptions happened on Campo’s side of the field. El Cerrito punted 6 times in the game. Campo held El Cerrito to 16 points; the other 8 games they are averaging 53 points.

    Bottom line N-Ya, Campo played a great defensive game against El Cerrito. Oh by the way, only a missed 4th quareter field by Campo enabled El Cerrito to walk off with the 16-14 victory.

    Were you even at the game?

  • If Campo and EC are so good petition up to div 1 next year.

  • Lonewolf

    So Cal top 25
    The Times’ high school football rankings
    A look at the top 25 teams in the Southland.

    Eric Sondheimer

    October 29, 2012

    It’s the final week of the regular season and there are two huge games Friday matching top 10 teams: No. 8 El Toro at No. 4 Mission Viejo and No. 10 Santa Margarita at No. 5 St. John Bosco.

    Rank, School, Division (Record), Last week, Next game (Previous rank)

    1. VISTA MURRIETA Inland (9-0); Def. Murrieta Mesa, 52-0. Next: vs. Chaparral, Friday. (1)

    2. NARBONNE CIty D-I (9-0); Def. Washington, 62-3. Next: vs. Gardena, Friday (2)

    3. ST. BONAVENTURE Pac-5 (8-1); Def. Royal, 56-7. Next: at Oaks Christian, Friday (3)

    4. MISSION VIEJO Pac-5 (9-0); Def. Trabuco Hills, 35-12. Next: vs. El Toro, Friday (4)

    5. ST. JOHN BOSCO Pac-5 (5-4). Def. Servite, 39-13. Next: vs. Santa Margarita, Friday (5)

    6. CORONA CENTENNIAL Inland (8-1); Def. Eastvale Roosevelt, 58-14. Next: at Corona Santiago, (6)

    7. UPLAND Inland (9-0); Def. Alta Loma, 49-7. Next: vs. Etiwanda, Friday (7)

    8. EL TORO Pac-5 (9-0). Did not play. Next: at Mission Viejo, Friday (9)

    9. MATER DEI Pac-5 (7-2). Def. Orange Lutheran, 32-21. Next: vs. Servite at Angel Stadium, Friday (10)

    10. SANTA MARGARITA Pac-5 (8-1); Def. JSerra, 42-0. Next: at St. John Bosco, Friday (11)

    11. LOMPOC Western (9-0); Def. Nipomo, 58-13. Next: vs. Lompoc Cabrillo, Friday (12)

    12. CRENSHAW City D-I (8-1); Def. West Adams, (forfeit). Next: at Manual Arts, Friday (13)

    13. OAKS CHRISTIAN Pac-5 (8-1); Def. Moorpark, 55-7. Next: vs. St. Bonaventure, Friday (14)

    14. CHAMINADE Western (8-1); Def. St. Francis, 42-14. Next: vs. Cathedral, Friday (16)

    15. EDISON Southwest (8-1); Def. Def. Fountain Valley, 21-3. Next: at Huntington Beach, Friday (17)

    16. TUSTIN Southwest (9-0); Def. Western, 82-7. Next: vs. La Palma Kennedy, Thursday (18)

    17. ALEMANY Pac-5 (7-2); Lost to Crespi, 29-27. Next: vs. Loyola at Valley College, Friday

    18. BISHOP AMAT Pac-5 (7-1-1;) Def. Loyola, 30-20. Next: vs. Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, Friday (19)

    19. LA MIRADA Southeast (7-1); Did not play. Next: vs. Mayfair, Friday (19)

    20. RANCHO CUCAMONGA Inland (7-2); Def. Los Osos, 24-10. Next: vs. Alta Loma at Los Osos, Thursday (21)

    21. GARDENA SERRA Western (7-2); Def. St. Paul, 53-6. Next: vs. Harvard-Westlake, Friday (22)

    22. SHERMAN OAKS NOTRE DAME Pac-5 (6-3); Did not play. Next: at Bishop Amat, Friday (24)

    23. LA SERNA Southeast (8-1); Def. Santa Fe, 31-3. Next: at California, Friday (25)

    24. CRESPI Pac-5 (8-2); Def. Alemany, 29-27. Next: Bye. (NR)

    25. HART Northern (7-2); Lost to Valencia, 31-20. Next: vs. CC Canyon at College of the Canyons, Friday

    –Eric Sondheimer

    Copyright © 2012, Los Angeles Times

  • MiraMan

    Lots of lemons-to-lemondade talk going on.


    You sure sound like a Jet fan! Of course Encinal has underclassmen playing, they have a small program. Other programs have lots of good underclassmen also, but they toil away on frosh and JV until they are ready! Trivia question: Who is the last freshman to play varsity for Miramonte? Its a trick question. Freshman aren’t allowed to play varsity…at least not as long as I have been around the program. Not even stand on the sideline. Sophomores are rarely on varstiy either. Even very good sophomores play JV unless there is a dire need. Last year Stehr got moved up to play line…the only sophomore to play varsity. This year zero sophomores on varsity.


    You would have had a blowout if you hadn’t thrown four picks?!?!?! Well then don’t throw four picks! Wait, doesn’t that mean you have a substandard QB that is not befitting of a top notch team? Or maybe your receivers just suck at running pass routes! Either way, that qualifies as one of the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard!

  • Monte Vista lost their ebal minus DeLa title hopes. Can’t help but think that branding the mustangs took at the hands of DLS contributed to their loss to AV. However, AV has been known to upset in the past and come back this year.

  • EBfootball what defence are you talking about for the Jets?

    They gave up 21 points a 0-9 team.

    The Jets have given up 67 more points than they have scored

    Then there is all this talk about the Jets SOS (13.4) well BOD(15.8) and Alhambra (15.2)had higher. Novato’s wasn’t so bad either (12.2) in the so called weak MCAL.

    SO when you actually look at the numbers a 5-5 Encinal team should be the 10th or 11th seed and if they lose to Hayward and finish 4-6 they should be 13th or 14th seed.

    The match ups that favor the Jets are the teams that cannot stop the run , Novato ,CN ,MC shut the Jets out because they cannot pass


  • seven72deuce


    I get what you’re saying, I really do. And I would probably say the same thing as the comments did after your remark. But the reason why I made my comment about EC was because last week you were begging for a reason for why MV didn’t drop in rankings, and you even stated that EC should be #2. And now youre expecting MV to drop. That’s cool and all because it helps you guys, but if you have confidence that EC would beat all of the ebal/bval teams then maybe I’d be more ok with giving EC a spot above all the others.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @Bleacher Coach, Yes we did give up the points no doubt but the Defense Woke up and pretty much shut them down in the second half. We have for the most part been playing pretty good defense. Just up till this game have not been as productive as we like on Offense But it looks like things are coming together. Stats are not always the story my friend. Lets see what the seedings are when they come out. Right now it is all just guesswork. Jet Pride!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    @MiraMan, We play who we play. If we had more upper classmen we would play them I’m sure you already know that. The kids are doing well. Jet Pride!

  • DJ

    I too believe Ec would’ve blown campo out not only 4 int’s but over 12 penalties ec played a terrible game but give credit to campo defense played stellar …..ec could’ve lost that game but all in all to overcome 4 int’s and 12 penalties on the road against a champion that’s a pretty good win….more than likely and it depends on seeding Ec would have home field advantage against most teams and I like their chances at Ec should be interesting cant wait.

  • billjohnson

    ec better hope they avoid the 2 catholic schools til the finals.

  • Seen SL. Seen Novato. SL plays Novato schedule they have same record. Beating SL is as good as beating Novato.

  • N-Ya


    You made the case for me, all 4 int’s happened deep in Campo’s field. Poor play calling & not using all the playmakers they have(EC) allowed for Campo to hang around. All Campo’s pts came off turnovers.

  • N-Ya

    YoMomma & 72,

    EC is not a D1 school, they just happen to have a very nice squad! This years team would give any team around these parts a run for their money!!! EC is the Money Mayweather out here, but you want him to fight Tyson huh?!? Pound for pound EC is a force to be reckoned with!!!