Girls Volleyball: Leagues, Playoffs, Rankings, Standings

With this being the final week of the regular season, let’s take a look at the league pictures, and then the playoff pictures for the teams within those leagues.

This league is already wrapped up, regular season-wise, as Head-Royce has won the title, and is the favorite in the BCL-E Tourney. Head-Royce and College Prep are safely in while Athenian appears qualified with a 10-8 record against Division V teams.

Heritage and Liberty are tied for the league lead and it looks likely that a tiebreaker scenario could come into play, with both being favored to win their final two games.
As far as the playoffs go, Heritage, Liberty and Deer Valley are all qualified due to their league or overall record.

Campolindo and Las Lomas are tied atop the league standings and are likely to finish tied. The DFAL tiebreaker is based on who wins the final of the two meetings between the two tied teams, so it looks like the Knights have the edge to win the league.
Campolindo, Las Lomas, Dougherty Valley and Dublin have all easily qualified for the playoffs and it appears Acalanes is on its way in as well. A win over Alhambra will keep them above .500 overall, which means the win over Dublin recently was a big one.

Northgate needs just one win or a College Park loss to win the league, which means you can pretty much put this one in the books.
Northgate, College Park and Berean are in great shape to get into the playoffs, while Clayton Valley needs to go 2-0 in their final two league games, and it looks like Concord might come up short, but I might not have their record accurate.

California needs just one win in their last two games to clinch the league title because they have beat San Ramon Valley twice. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies, the Wolves, Monte Vista, Amador Valley and Foothill are all safely in. It appears Carondelet will get in if they beat Livermore, because they’ll be over .500 against Division II teams.

Newark Memorial needs just one win to clinch thanks to a pair of wins over Moreau Catholic, so the Cougars just need to beat MSJ or Kennedy. Newark, Moreau, Irvington and Logan are all safely qualified.


Albany has already won the Rock Division heading into the league tournament while John Swett has won the Stone Division. Albany, St. Joe’s, St. Mary’s, St. Pat’s, Swett, Hercules and Pinole Valley have all qualified.


Bishop O’Dowd has won the Foothill League while Arroyo is your Shoreline League winner meaning both teams are in the playoffs. Berkeley, Castro Valley and Piedmont have qualified while San Leandro is on the fence.


Ranking the top seven teams this week was nearly impossible. I think it was a job well done, but I know I am open to a lot of criticism from Las Lomas. But here is the reason for it…
Cal is an easy No. 1, because they held serve and the team above them lost. Campo was penalized a spot for the LL loss, but stays above BOD for topping them recently. Albany is one spot behind BOD, which also makes sense since the two teams played. Northgate winning a 32-team tournament, and beating San Ramon Valley, moves them up to No. 5 and SRV drops one spot. Las Lomas might feel slighted, but after the big win over Campolindo, they didn’t follow it up, losing twice at Northgate, including to Heritage, their second loss to a BVAL team. One big win was canceled out with a couple of losses, one of them very unexpected, and both unlikely.
The bottom of the rankings was tough as well as the MVAL made it hard on me. Newark beat Moreau to know them out, but Irvington beat Newark and Carondelet beat Newark. Hence Carondelet comes back in the rankings, so does Dougherty Valley. St. Joe’s drops for a tournament loss to Granada, while Liberty comes into the rankings.
Finding a 15th team was hard because Castro Valley, Berkeley and Piedmont have all had losses and beat each other recently and I went with Liberty over Heritage because the Lions won a head-to-head matchup 3-0, and both have wins this season over Las Lomas.

1. California (24-3)
2. Campolindo (22-4)
3. Bishop O’Dowd (25-6)
4. Albany (31-5)
5. Northgate (27-8)
6. San Ramon Valley (27-9)
7. Las Lomas (30-7)
8. Monte Vista (22-9)
9. Amador Valley (17-10)
10. Foothill (17-14)
11. Dougherty Valley (19-11)
12. Carondelet (13-15)
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame (23-9)
14. Head-Royce (19-5)
15. Liberty (21-18)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (19-5, 12-0) –
College Prep (13-11, 10-2) 2
Valley Chr. (19-11, 8-4) 3
Athenian (12-11, 6-6) 6
Holy Names (4-11, 3-9) 9
Redwood Chr. (9-16, 2-10) 10
Bentley (4-16, 1-11) 11

Team Record GB

Heritage (17-14, 7-1) –
Liberty (21-18, 7-1) –
Deer Valley (10-17, 6-2) 1
Freedom (5-15, 2-6) 5
Antioch (3-19, 2-6) 5
Pittsburg (0-11, 0-8) 7

Team Record GB

Las Lomas (30-7, 9-1) –
Campolindo (22-4, 9-1) –
Dougherty Valley (19-11, 7-3) 2
Acalanes (11-10, 5-6) 4.5
Dublin (19-10, 5-6) 4.5
Miramonte (4-19, 1-9) 8
Alhambra (10-17, 0-10) 9

Team Record GB

Northgate (27-8, 10-0) –
College Park (24-10, 9-2) 1.5
Berean Chr. (13-15, 7-3) 3
Clayton Valley (12-16, 5-5) 5
Concord (12-16, 5-6) 5.5
Ygnacio Valley (2-13, 2-9) 8.5
Mt. Diablo (0-17, 0-11) 10.5

Team Record GB

California (24-3, 11-1) –
San Ramon Valley (27-9, 10-2) 1
Amador Valley (17-10, 8-4) 3
Monte Vista (22-9, 7-5) 4
Foothill (17-14, 7-5) 4
Carondelet (13-15, 3-9) 8
Granada (14-19, 2-10) 9
Livermore (7-19, 0-12) 11

Team Record GB

Newark Memorial (21-8, 11-1) –
Moreau Catholic (19-6, 10-2) 1
Irvington (17-8, 9-3) 2
Logan (13-13, 8-4) 3
Mission San Jose (10-19, 4-7) 6.5
Washington (2-16, 2-9) 9
American (11-12, 2-10) 9
Kennedy-Fremont (3-19, 1-10) 10

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (31-5, 10-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (29-4, 8-2) 2
St. Joseph Notre Dame (23-9, 6-4) 4
St. Mary’s (11-9, 4-6) 6
Salesian (7-15, 2-8) 8
El Cerrito (1-10, 0-10) 10

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Swett (9-3, 9-1) –
Pinole Valley (8-6, 8-2) 1
Hercules (6-6, 6-4) 3
De Anza (5-7, 5-5) 4
Kennedy-Richmond (1-11, 1-9) 8
Richmond (1-9, 1-9) 8

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Bishop O’Dowd (25-6, 14-0) –
Castro Valley (15-11, 12-2) 2
Berkeley (18-10, 11-3) 3
Piedmont (18-12, 11-5) 5
San Leandro (10-11, 8-8) 8
Alameda (10-15, 5-9) 9

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Arroyo (15-15, 10-6) –
Mt. Eden (9-13, 8-8) 2
San Lorenzo (5-18, 4-12) 6
Tennyson (6-13, 6-10) 4
Encinal (2-15, 2-14) 8
Hayward (0-21, 0-16) 10

Matt Smith

  • BOD Fan

    BOD has first-hand experience with EBAL teams at the Deer Valley tournament, that both Campo & Cal were at, and BOD won the tournament’s championship. Cal being ranked #1 despite not having ANY wins against any top Bay Area teams only reflects the short-sightedness & lack of credibility of the rankings. EBAL? Please!

  • Prep Fan

    The EBAL happens to be the strongest league in NCS.

    I’m pretty sure that when Loudfan says “I get the feeling that BOD has very little experience following girls high school volleyball in this area.”, he was talking about the poster BOD Fan, and not the school.

    You would think the way Dragon fans are reacting to the rankings that BOD was somehow left out of the NCS playoffs due to their current #3 ranking. It is not the final word by any means, and Matt has been very consistent in the way he handles the rankings. Win and you move up, loss to a local team and you move down.

    Everyone should just focus on the NCS playoffs and forget about the rankings. Win NCS, and do well in the NorCal playoffs and the rankings will take care of themselves.

  • Loudfan


    You wrote… “The issue is not whether the EBAL is stronger top-to-bottom than the WACC. It clearly is. The issue is whether it is stronger at the top. ”

    You are certainly welcome to your opinion — but I disagree.

    Under your approach a team would be ranked based upon a handful of key games they play during the year. I value the entire body of work.

    Matt appears to agree with the “body of work” approach He is valuing what a team has accomplished week in and week out. While BOD is strolling through the WACC and only has to “get up” to play a tough non-league match a couple times per month — CAL does not have that luxury. If CAL does not stay focused or has players sick/hurt, EBAL teams will beat them in any given week.

    It’s a lot like college football. CAL High won the SEC of East Bay volleyball. BOD won the WAC.

    No one is questioning that BOD is a very good team. But their record, in my opinion, does not place them at the top.