East Bay football poll — 10/29

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 9-0 75 1
2. James Logan 8-1 70 2
3. El Cerrito 9-0 63 4
4. California 8-1 61 5
5. Freedom 7-2 56 6
6. Monte Vista 6-3 47 3
7. Campolindo 8-1 43 7
8. Pittsburg 6-3 41 8
9. Clayton Valley 8-1 35 9
10. San Ramon Valley 4-5 31 10
11. Foothill 5-4 22 t12
12. Deer Valley 6-3 17 11
13. Northgate 7-2 13 t12
14. Amador Valley 5-4 12 NR
15. McClymonds 5-3 11 14

Also receiving votes: Newark Memorial (7-2, 3 points). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • DeLa’s best offensive and defensive player are 17 and 18 yrs. old, thought you would like to know.

  • monarch86

    observer most would say a 30% reduction in participationn rates is huge

  • renegades10

    Prep, that wasn’t directed at you more at some other posters on this board who seem to focus on the fact that it happens at DLS and ignore the fact that it happens many other places including the area where the majority of the EBAL schools are located.

  • Tough opponent in Cal High- remember it’s all about coaching. 27-14 DLS, Cal scores with 25 seconds to play. Cal Off yds 194, 79 on the ground. DLS 385 yds, 332 on the ground. Vitale 192 yds 3 tds reported by Mitch Stephens. Now, who’s the best running back in the Ebal? That’s 23 tds for Pepe in 10 games and close to 1500 yds rushing.
    Tautatusi had 117 yds and 1 score. It’s two bad these 2 fine young gentlemen( 17 and 18 yrs old) have to be driven in to school from Solano County every day by their social worker. ( LOL). Remember, structural advantage.
    Cal played tough because they were prepared and coached well. Coaching is 75% of high school football.

  • Pepe, Hutch, Hooper, Tat, Moffit and Houston excellent game against a well oiled team.
    DLS will face either Logan, Cal or Freedom in the finals, all excellent teams.

  • panther4

    Logan and Freedom are over rated. No BVAL/MVAL teams in the final this year unless PITT gets it together.

  • MatsFan

    Renegade, Post #195. My youngest of 3 kids is now a Freshman at MHS. I have coached just about any youth sport you can think of in the Lamorinda area over the past 15 years. I know of exactly 1 kid (at Campo) held back to enhance his sports career. To say “it happens all the time in Lamorinda” is ridiculous and grossly inaccurate.

  • Daddio

    Regarding post #201: the yards earned by these RB’s for DLS were against 9 in the box for 10 straight games.

  • spectator2012

    best rb’s or best rb’s with a dominant o-line??? it all starts on the line. let’s give credit to the green machine’s o-line also who opens up this holes for these rb’s.

  • renegades10

    I grew up in Moraga. It happens more than you think, and parents aren’t always going to be open to saying, “I held my kid back so he could do better in sports.” All the time was hyperbole and didn’t mean 20 kids a year. It was to make a point that the people focusing on DLS kids who are a little older should realize it happens at a lot more schools than just DLS. But I was friends with with several kids at Miramonte and Campo who were 19 when they graduated. My parents still live there and have their tennis/golf buddies at the country club. You live there, you know what the parents are like. It would be pretty fair to say a lot of the parents in Lamorinda take more than just an interest in little johnny’s success and there are a few who do what they think will give their kids the best advantage.

  • stuck in spokane

    Let us also not forget that Vitale’s not the best rb in the EBAL because he doesn’t play for a team in the EBAL.

  • junior

    DLS has two RB’s playing at a very high level. They both refuse to go down on first contact. They are physical runners.

    The DLS o-line is pretty darn good too.

    Cal played well- physical. Billeci had them prepared. Holding that Cal running game to 87 yards and 2.55 per carry is beyond impressive.

  • playofftime

    Interesting topic of kids playing past 18 in HS. Yes I too coach youth sports and have seen it too. The parents I have seen do it are weak. Personally I love the opportunity to have the younger kids compete against the parent proclaimed child prodigy. It just makes all that much sweeter when you beat the crap out of the older kids. It tells me alot about that parent and personally I want no part of them. Severe charectar flaw.

  • Itsabob

    SoCal kids jump schools like flees in a circus.

  • Daddio

    Much respect to those lineman at DLS!!! Lots of junior studs also.

  • Bubba

    There’s even a sophomore, Sullivan. Personally I think this is a bit of an off year for the DLS O-line, prolly due to their youth. However, they are still plenty good. Look for the young Cal O-line to improve next year, as well. If you look at the Cal/DLS game the Spartans beat Cal with the big play in the running game and extremely stout defense.

  • Bubba

    Post #197 to my knowledge Cal High only has one varsity football player that will be 19 when he graduates. He’s a starter but not a major contributor. I’ve heard this hold them back a year thang is big in So Cal.

  • Prep Fan

    He’s the one I was thinking of. That’s why it was odd that the other 3 I know of from this area all decided to attend DLS. All were good players even in their sophomore years, so they would have gotten playing time their junior years even if they were a year younger. Same with Bart.

  • renegades10

    I don’t know that youth has as much to do with O-line struggles as injuries do imo. I’m not sure they’ve had a healthy line since the first game.

  • Bubba

    Good point, when I first discovered Sullivan he was playing right guard but against Cal, he played left tackle. Cal has three underclassmen on their offensive line and those three are just as effective as their senior counterparts.

  • Prep Fan

    I doubt any team has had a healthy line all season. Those guys battle it out in the trenches.

  • Bubba

    Cal lost two starting linemen against Amador and came back out the next week with two new guys and rushed for 480 against SRV. The injured guys have since returned.

  • Bubba

    My bad, injured in Monte Vista game.

  • Bubba

    I’m a huge ebal fan but is it me or did some of the bval teams get hosed in NCS seeding? I’m thinking Freedom and Pittsburg took the worst hit, while SRV and Foothill got seeded too high.

  • Bubba

    Anyone else think that playing the NCS Championship game at Dublin High instead of the Oakland Coll is a good thing? I think a full high school stadium brimming with electricity beats a huge stadium with a smattering of fans.



  • MiraMan


    I don’t like seeing HS football at the Colesium. Big stadiums are not very personal to begin with and when they are 90% empty it just sucks the energy out of the HS football environment.

    I would definitely prefer a HS stadium (or perhaps some other venue like a JC stadium, but I’m not familiar with them). Dublin or Tak in Fremont. I like Las Lomas, but perhaps its a bit small. Dougherty Valley has a new stadium, it’s OK and perhaps big enough. Don’t any of the EBAL teams have a nice stadium? I never hear of any mentioned, but you’d think they would be nice and fairly large.

  • Bubba

    I don’t think any ebal team has a visitors side stands that could accomodate the crowd. A JC stadium that I like is DVC in Pleasant Hill. Las Lomas is nice, but not big enough.

  • Bubba

    Hats off to Logan for their convincing win over Cal High last Saturday night and good luck against DLSJC.