East Bay football poll — 10/29

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 9-0 75 1
2. James Logan 8-1 70 2
3. El Cerrito 9-0 63 4
4. California 8-1 61 5
5. Freedom 7-2 56 6
6. Monte Vista 6-3 47 3
7. Campolindo 8-1 43 7
8. Pittsburg 6-3 41 8
9. Clayton Valley 8-1 35 9
10. San Ramon Valley 4-5 31 10
11. Foothill 5-4 22 t12
12. Deer Valley 6-3 17 11
13. Northgate 7-2 13 t12
14. Amador Valley 5-4 12 NR
15. McClymonds 5-3 11 14

Also receiving votes: Newark Memorial (7-2, 3 points). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • StopDropAndRumble


    Since we are both on the same side, I am not going to whine about playing time. Just you stated that “every single player got significant time” to “some players went in in the third quarter of the Livermore game and by the end of the second half every single second/third string player was on the field.” That is not significant playing time by any stretch. CV, MV, SRV, AV had no second string in the game. And Foothill only mid way 4th quarter. So that is a lot of games to never step foot on the field.

    Bottom line is the Coach B wins so how can I argue about his coaching? My bitch is that we have a lot of kids doing double/triple duty in practice (scout team O, D, Special Teams, 7 on 7) against the starters and their reward is getting to watch the game from the sidelines. Some of the juniors that will be seniors are having second thoughts. Mainly because the risk/reward is not there. Get the crap kicked out of you all week in practice only to have Friday night as the recovery day.

    Some of those kids may never start at Varsity, but some that would will join the exodus because of the lack of any reward for all the work they did in practice this year. Coach B looks for who is bought in to the program and weeds out the weak. But with any attrition some good ones drop as well.

    There is not a lot of love. But you already know this.

    Go Grizzlies.

  • panther4

    Pulled this from norcal preps site…Interesting article about the top 15 “average athletes” from De La Salle. Too bad it doesn’t list their home town just for S & G.

  • Panther- that article has been out for years. Hometowns: Landri- Con area, Guite- Con area, Bast(RIP) Con area, Brien- Con, Callen-pitt, Colvin-Pitt, Taylor- Marin, Toomer- Berk, Ward-pitt, DJ williams-hercules, Lupoi- WC, Simon-Pitt, Loverne- Con, Det. Will- Antioch, Jones- Pitt. All of them except 2 Contra Costa County. Toomer final selections were SMCHS and DeLaSalle. It was Shag vs. Lad, he chose Lad.

  • Bubba

    I can sympathize regarding play time and even though my son starts, I always enjoy seeing backups get to play from pee wee all the way up through high school. I enjoy it even at the expense of my own son leaving the game. You have valid concerns in some games but others you don’t. Great example is Amador. We won by ten but midway through the 4th quarter Amador drove to our 30 before fumbling and Sherrod returning the fumble for a TD. Castro Valley is another game that we fought till the end just to get the W.

  • Bubba- If inner city kids qualify for financial aid then they get aid whether they play football or not.

  • MiraMan

    Prep Fan,

    I’ll admit it irratates the hell out of me that someone would say I’m trying to give Miramonte a lift, but I knew some pinhead would suggest it. Frankly, I like that DFAL is a tough division for a D3 team like Miramonte to operate in. Besides, DV and Dublin have never been powehouses in DFAL! Conversly, Ygnatio Valley has been very good and I believe will be very good again. Move Mt. Diablo or College Park (because they are a natural rival for Alhambra) or Northgate (because they are a natural rival of Las Lomas). Move in Clayton Valley for all I care, but that would seem to run contrary to what people are talking about accomplishing.

    One of the drivers for moving Dublin and DV out of DFAL is that they don’t fit geographically so the last thing I would want is to move in Livermore which is even farther away. By the way, Livermore is NOT closer to DFAL teams than DVAL teams except perhaps Las Lomas.

  • monarch86

    Attrition has been an issue under Coach B since his arrival, under Sanchez 70-80 kids at every level but the number has dwindled each year. First year it was conditioning, year 2 the 2010 group held it together but the lack of support from Coach B in getting those kids recruited as I stated weeks ago led to more defections, utlimately this will kill the program if he is not careful and start caring about getting his boys next level exposure

  • Prep Fan

    Or Dublin or DV or Acalanes. I guess Campo and Miramonte are a good distance for any team.

    I knew you weren’t trying to get more wins for the Mats, but just thought it was odd to move the 2 worst teams out of the DVAL. It does make sense to have CP and Alhambra in the same league, as they are natural rivals and expecially now that CP’s enrollment puts them back into D2. We’ll see how it all pans out in another 3 years.

  • Bubba

    Big Joe, I find it hard to believe that DLS is throwing financial aid at inner city nerds.

  • Bubba

    Kids loved playing for Sanchez, no question about it. Coach B is more of an old school in your face coach and that rubs some of today’s players the wrong way. As far as recruiting help, the legitimate D1 prospects like Johnson and Haley are getting serious looks. The reason Johnson has been slow to be recruited is because he wasn’t a starter his junior year.

  • Bubba- 29 % of the school is on financial aid. 29 % does not play football. The Christian bros. mission is to provide education to the poor. it has been that mission of St. John the Bapitse DeLaSalle since the late 1600’s. The same mission exists at all CB high schools, SMCHS, CB in Sacto , Sacred Heart in SF and others in the western Provence.

  • KIR

    I will say it again, out DLS back in the BVAL … may not be fair to Antioch, Liberty or Heritage but I don’t think DV, Freedom or Pitt will complain. Beat the best to be the best!

    Interesting convo between Panther4 and BigJoe .. I don’t have facts but I am guessing Pittsburg has lost the most kids to DLS, and big time players too not just subs. So I ask who else is losing kids to DLS, at this point I don’t care if they are recruited or not because some of our kids chose to go there I’ll admit it.. Be that what it may right now currently there are at least 8 kids at DLS with Pittsburg addresses..

    Beat a Champ in their prime, in their house, by their rules … leave no doubt or go down trying..

  • Bubba

    Big Joe, you mention in post #143 that financial aid is confidential. Where did you get the 29% number from? With 3 football teams they have around 150 football players. Add in baseball, basketball and every other sport equals lots of athletes.

  • StopDropAndRumble


    you are right…the reason no second string guys got into any of those games CV,MV, SRV, AV is because it was close until the end. With the only exceptions being Foothill and Washington we found a way to get a lead only to give it right back.

    So lets get back to the real issue at hand, that is, can we score more than 10 points against De La Salle. I still say we score 20 something. I know Coach B can at least get his kids to raise to the occasion for a big game with his Thursday night after dinner pep talk. Hope he makes this one a good one.

    Go Grizz

  • junior

    It is a misnomer that a HS coach can get a player recruited. Coach might be able to help a little getting the player on some radars, but the D1 scouts rarely listen to the HS coaches.

    I have heard Lad and Eidson, more than once, say they have been unsuccessful when they tried to get players recruited.

  • Bubba

    The only way we can score more than 20 is if we can keep the game close and not abandon our running game. That’s basically what happened in the Monte Vista game.

    Go Grizz!!!

  • Bubba- 29 % was provided off an inter-net site for financial aid and was provided to this blog by anti DeLa Salle bloggers. Do you honestly think all the kids playing sports get financial aid? You really beleive 50 plus freshmen get financial aid to play football? 100-110 lb. white boys from Danville?
    Wow, someone has really mis-informed you on the school- so your kids don’t go there- so you don’t know- waste of time giving info- who cares- DeLa Salle is DLS and isn’t going to change.

  • renegades10

    Bubba, DLS does give financial aid to “inner city nerds”. There are 3 kids I know personally from work at a school for disadvantaged youth in Oakland that received the Bishop Cummins scholarship (the full ride as people on this board like to call it). Two of them hoped to play basketball and ended up as team managers. Now one of them is a really good actor/singer and focusing on that and the other one is just doing school. The third one was born to a crack addict and has lived with the director of the K-8 school he went to except on the weekends when he has to go home to be with his mom so she can collect her welfare check. Needless to say he has overcome some very big obstacles from the moment he was born. He was a manager on the freshman football team last year and because he worked his ass off by participating in the weight training program he was rewarded with a spot on the JV team this year. Never heard him more excited in my life than when he called me.

    So yes Bubba, DLS is throwing financial aid at those “inner city nerds”.

  • Bubba- ever hear of Christian Ispich? I didn’t think so. Summer olympic diver- silver medal- got it? Went to DLS a couple of years back- no financial aid. Parents own 3 pizza parlors. Got it? Do you get it Bubba Gump?

  • monarch86

    Couldn’t disagree with @163 more, your assertion maybe correct for the clear D1 talents but those kids are the smallest percentage that actually play next level. A succesful, connected coach who sees guiding and helping players find a place to play (i.e. Kravitz)is a difference maker.

  • Prep Fan

    @160 KIR, I can think of at least 3 kids getting significant playing time for DLS that live in San Ramon. Odd thing is that all 3 will be 19 years old when they graduate (4 if you count Bart last year) as they are playing a year below most of their peers who attend Cal High. I don’t know if that is a trend at DLS or just a coincidence with that kids from SR. Certainly, there are other schools with some kids graduating at age 19 (Cal included) and there is nothing wrong with it, but in responding to your question it became evident.

  • CandyCrowley

    Do you think Olympian Kristian Ipsen (and his twin Christian Ispich- LOL) are paying for their Stanford education with pizza?

  • monarch86

    Prep Fan, nothing new here, smart football minded parents holding their kids back happens all the time, we used to joke that Bart was the only kid who drove himself to the Frosh games

  • hoops

    Big Joe…I know St.Joes played against Serra,Bell and St.Francis in the 60’s but it does not really matter.

  • hoops

    I guess the only way to make most people happy is to split the state into private and public divisions.
    No more crying about the advantages the Catholic schools have,
    Let people stay in their current leagues and seperate them for the playoffs.Of course you will then have people arguing about who the best team was at the end.

  • Prep Fan

    Hoops, that has been brought up many times before, and there are some other states that actually have separate divisions for public and private. The winners of the private and public divisions could then meet for one final overall champion to settle your argument. But the private school boosters have been pretty outspoken against that type of arrangement and shoot it down whenever someone like yourself brings it up.

  • Candyass- The divers going to a 4 yr ride to Stanford are paid by Stanford. Financial aid is of little concern in college for sports stars for the colleges. That has nothing to do with DLS does it.
    Did your kids get anything for attending college? Mine did not,even though they played, they didn’t qualify as top notch sports stars and were not eligable. Your new to this blog. You should shake out the cobwebs before you make any more comments. Obviously you didn’t play college sports or successful high school sports, did you.

  • Hoops St. Joes playing wcal in basketball? yes there were out of league games. st. joes has never had football.

  • junior

    I am 100% for separating publics and privates. The crying and excuse making has become too frequent from the public crowd.

    What a stupid suggestion in #174- have the private and public champs meet? you want to separate but have them meet? No thanks. If/when the separation occurs we will eventually see the A teams (privates) and the B teams (publics. Why in the world would the A teams want to play vs the inferior divisions?

    Be careful what you ask for public school fans. You think there is inbalance today- separate and most of the publics become 2nd rate.

  • Prep Fan

    See what I mean.

  • Monarch86… according to maxpreps Cal High has 52 players on its roster. I wouldn’t exactly call those dwindling #’s. And which players from the 2010 squad should have gotten a D1 scholarship? I know the TE Taft is up at Reno. Parents holding their kids back just to excel at sports??? That is pathetic. If your son is good enough he will make it

  • Football Fan

    I have been enjoying the debate around Private versus Publjc schools. Everyone making some good points. But I find the comments about the current coach at Cal High ironic. “He weeds out players that don’t buy into the program”, “he doesn’t reward kids by giving them playing” (suggesting individual playing time is more important than the team winning) “he gets in people’s face”, “Not a lot of their starters get recruited”. Sounds a lot like the DLS program to me. Maybe another difference between public and private schools is parental expectations

  • Junior

    @180: well said.

  • Bubba

    I never said that all DLS athletes are on scholarship, of course not. What I find funny is that it’s apparently easy to find out 29% of DLS students are on scholarship but it’s not so easy to find out what percentage on scholarship are athletes.

  • CandyCrowley

    LOL, mishit @175; newcomer not. Some things are not so obvious, or are they yodogmama? Been here since Bryson-Pashelka roamed sidelines; had a BEacon number, and around since pops whistled games at Live Oak. Not living in the past, like others here, but you know the court, littlejoey. For non EBers, it’s where the A.C.A.L. studs used to hang out in the day, a few blocks from some “candyass” school down the street. Yeah I played…to an academic full ride. Ka-ching.
    Google the handle Einstein. It’s a timely journalistic homage (onlinedictionary.com might help) for Steph and her promotion. Is the AARP/ecclisiatical crowd having a problem with Title IX?

  • Panther4

    @169–Interesting point, I know of this happening as well with a few players from Danville/San Ramon. Kids will go to their neighborhood school through 8th grade, then attend St. Isadore’s for their “redshirt” 8th grade year. This way when they apply for DLS it shows that they are both, coming from a catholic school background, and are a year older than all the other kids starting freshman football.

  • Bubba

    For the record I support scholarships for inner city nerds. What I don’t support is scholarships for stud athletes for the sole purpose of building a machine. In my opinion this and holding back perfectly bright kids to make them a year older entering high school sends the wrong message. Just my opinions, of course.

  • Voice of Reason

    For the record, I believe DLS turns a blind eye towards those who receive aid, whether the student is an athlete or not; I have to believe it is strictly need based. There would be too much negative publicity if there was a bias towards athletes, perceived or otherwise.

    Frankly, I don’t think Lad hovers over the admissions department either, cherry picking prospective football players ahead of other deserving students.

    Junior, in your #163 post you state “Lad and Eidson, more than once, say they have been unsuccessful when they tried to get players recruited.” I’m surprised you would make this admission, but you seem to be closer to the situation than anyone else on these blogs. If in fact Lad and his staff did try to recruit student athletes to come to DLS, I have to believe it was a very long time ago (1980’s?) and they have long since discontinued the practice.

  • MiraMan


    I was going to suggest that BigDog (or BigJoe or YoMama) lighten up, but I can see that won’t be necessary!


    I agree that holding back kids for sports reasons is just wrong…and just plain wierd! My kid will be 17 the day he graduates HS. I wonder how good he would be if go an extra year or better, two years! But I just couldn’t bring myself to hold him back. It would be cheating.

  • Mira, no lightening up on the haters- especially that one.
    There are more than several 19 yr olds at most schools, Long Beach Poly had a large number, just like in Hawaii. Most 19 yr olds got held back sometime during there grammar school years and some of these kids turn 19 after football season, and again the majority of the freshman football team 1 yr behind everyone else? Come on, I know you’re smarter than those statements made by Ebal and Pitt detractors, especially the ones who never got anywhere in life with sports.

  • Spark Baldman

    @ voice. I think Junior was talking about getting DLS players recruited to college D1 programs . Not actually recruiting players to come to DLS

  • Voice of Reason

    Spark & Junior,

    I apologize. I misread the post by Junior regarding recruiting.

  • Lonewolf

    $$ aid is blind at DLS outside financial aid company reviews the paperwork..2 inches of paperwork along with your first born. 🙂 The same applies to the Bishops fund..all based on overall need. Way to many haters or people who just are not willing to understand. Bottom line it is a Catholic institution that will not turn you away if you need the help but you still need to have the grades and test scores to get that chance, then its up to you to hang on for the ride.
    Way TOOOO Much DLS talk. Whats cooking at MV and at Cal??? Watched rebroadcast of Clayton Valley game vs Northgate. CV has a great running game going should do well in NCS.

  • Bubba

    I find it hard to believe that most so cal 19 year olds were held back in grammar school yet coincidently play football for high school power houses.

  • Stewie

    It goes on all the time and most parents are open about it. Kids are help back normally in 3-6th grade. One reason is improve grade through maturity and be more physically ready come your freshmen year. And for some reason certain school districts it is much more prevalent that the entering 9th grade kids are on the older-side.

    Spartanville it is what it is…A good school with a very sound athletic program and a consistently good and at times a great football program. Why get wrinkles in your face and more gray hair.

  • Bubba, Long Beach poly has 19 yr olds along with other inner-city schools because of grades! If you don’t get passing grades at any school level you are held back- get it now? BHS had numerous 19 yr olds in the day competing. Do you think that is planned for sports? Hawaii high schools allow 19 yr olds to compete in all sports.

  • renegades10

    Do you really think DLS goes out and tells these parents in Danville/Alamo/San Ramon to hold their kids back for a “redshirt” year? By the way I’ve never heard of a kid going to 8th grade twice because their parents wanted to hold them back. Not a single one of my friends at DLS who went Izzy’s, St. Mary’s, St. Ag’s, etc… ever was held back their 8th grade year or had a classmate in the situation that Panther4 described in post 184 above. If they do that it’s going to happen much, much earlier. It’s the damn sports culture in that area. It happens all the time in Lamorinda too. Parents are obsessed with little johnny’s success. Whatever it takes to get an advantage.

  • renegades10

    For the record, I do think it’s a terrible practice to hold a kid back for sports reasons. I wish it didn’t happen nearly as much as it does. But it’s silly to point to DLS as being the sole benefactor of such things when this takes place everywhere.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t think anyone pointed at DLS as the sole benefactor of such things. In fact, I said the opposite: “Certainly, there are other schools with some kids graduating at age 19 (Cal included)”. It just so happens that all 3 of the kids I know from SR getting significant PT this year at DLS will be 19 when they graduate. That’s a pretty small sample size.

    I would think that would work against them in the admissions process, but evidently not, at least based on that small sample size.

  • 19 when the grad doesn’t mean 19 when they played football.