St. Elizabeth forfeits football game to CSD

St. Elizabeth athletic director Brandon Garcelon said today that St. Elizabeth’s football team is forfeiting its scheduled game Thursday against California School for the Deaf due to a lack of players because of injuries. He said the team sustained several injuries in its game against Stellar Prep last Saturday.
St. Elizabeth will finish its season with an 0-10 overall record.

Phil Jensen

  • An absolute disgrace for St. Elizabeth’s. A once proud program reduced to this.

  • Stewie

    Any JV players to pull up so as not to forfeit no matter what your record is? Used to be that St. Liz had a scrappy sports program even though it was small in numbers. I just hate the word forfeit.

  • Island chief

    Against Stellar Prep? How many kids go to that school? 15!?

  • mvalfan2

    yeah its tough seeing schools have to forfeit. Feel bad for the kids in that situation. There has to be some type of minimum that makes sense for a school to have an operational football program, if not they should allow kids to play somewhere else. But not just put kids out there for the heck of it. Football takes alot out of you, U cant play with 13 guys! thats doesnt make any sense