Boys Soccer: Winter Soccer Classic, Pre-Season Rankings

The Winter Soccer Classic is always a great way to start the boys soccer season, and it’s only three weeks away. This year, there are three brackets, instead of two, a gold, silver and bronze. Take a look at who is participating.


Teams: California, Castro Valley, Deer Valley, Foothill, Granada, Logan, Newark Memorial, San Leandro.

Nov. 21: Deer Valley v. San Leandro (at Livermore High); Cal at Newark (Cal High); Foothill v. Castro Valley (Foothill High); Granada v. Logan (Granada High).

Nov. 26: San Leandro v. Cal (Cal High); Castro Valley v. Deer Valley (Granada High); Newark v. Granada (Granada High); Logan v. Foothill (Foothill High).

Nov. 28: Newark v. Deer Valley (Livermore High); Granada v. Castro Valley (Granada High); Cal v. Logan (Cal High); Foothill v. San Leandro (Foothill High).

Dec. 1: Finals TBA.


Teams: Acalanes, Arroyo, Campolindo, Freedom, Heritage, Las Lomas, Livermore, Ygnacio Valley.

Nov. 21: Livermore v. Arroyo (Livermore High); Acalanes v. Heritage (Acalanes High); Las Lomas v. YV (Dougherty Valley High); Campolindo v. Freedom (Granada High).

Nov. 26: Heritage v. Las Lomas (Livermore High); YV v. Livermore (Livermore High); Freedom v. Acalanes (Acalanes High); Arroyo v. Campolindo (Dougherty Valley High).

Nov. 28: Livermore v. Freedom (Livermore High); Acalanes v. YV (Acalanes High); Las Lomas v. Arroyo (Dougherty Valley High); Campolindo v. Heritage (Granada High).

Dec. 1: Finals TBA.


Teams: Albany, Alhambra, American, Antioch, Irvington, Miramonte, Mission San Jose, Northgate.

Nov. 21: Northgate v. Antioch (Cal High); MSJ v. Miramonte (Foothill High); Alhambra v. American (Acalanes High); Irvington v. Albany (Dougherty Valley High).

Nov. 26: Miramonte v. Irvington (Cal High); Antioch v. American (Foothill High); Alhambra v. MSJ (Acalanes High); Albany v. Northgate (Dougherty Valley High).

Nov. 28: Irvington v. Antioch (Cal High); MSJ v. Albany (Foothill High); Northgate v. Alhambra (Acalanes High); American v. Miramonte (Dougherty Valley High).

Dec. 1: Finals TBA.


Here are the pre-season rankings for the East Bay. I’m sure much will be sorted out once the season starts.

1. De La Salle
2. Richmond
3. Ygnacio Valley
4. San Ramon Valley
5. Bishop O’Dowd
6. Acalanes
7. Pittsburg
8. California
9. Newark Memorial
10. Hayward
11. Clayton Valley
12. Dublin
13. Amador Valley
14. Campolindo
15. Monte Vista

Others Considered: Berkeley, Dougherty Valley, Albany, Pinole Valley, Logan, College Park, Granada, Concord, Piedmont, Miramonte.

Matt Smith

  • ccbsoccer

    Monte Vista with a decisive 3 to 0 win vs James Logan.

  • watch Hayward high work Albany 4 to 1 wow Hayward look good all 4 goals came from Rego I think with his older bother luis and big guy in,the middle Luigi help control the game looks like they got a lot of weapons and they were few players down . not at the game that’s scary.

  • lovesoccer

    Hayward high scrimmage Newark memorial on Nov 10 hayward high 2 to 0

  • Skoorb

    College park wins again against Heritage High School. They beat them 5-1. College Park is looking strong with all of their players here.

  • Waterboy

    Berkeley Jackets scrimmage Antioch at home Sat 24th at 11am. First game at home vs College Park Mon 26th at 6Pm
    We have decent talent with a strong bench should make our
    first year in the HAAL very interesting.
    Our stands have just been completed, finally making BHS a comfortable place to watch games.

  • I watched the MV game today they played well. It looks like a number of players are still out due to club play. SRV should be very strong even though they lost a few seniors last year. They picked up some new talent that should really add some power lead by Jake Wood and new comer Mikey Maul. Looking forward to watching DLS this year. It should be interestng to see how they form their defense with Johnny and Isaiah missing from the back line. Not sure how Cal and Amador will look(Amador could make some moves). Foothill with new coach not a lot of high expectations.

  • Juan Pito

    I watched MV-Logan yesterday, MV looked strong all around,they play at Berkeley on the 28th and that will be a great test for both teams.

  • al robertson

    Amador Valley will be team to beat this year.New coach and attitude combined with few key returnees like Sietz,Pangia,Howland and JV captain Walsh

  • Thanks Al for the information regarding Amador. Looking forward to see the Dons play this year. You seem to know a lot about the Dons. Can you give us insight on the attitude change. How was it last year and what is the difference this year. Looking forward to reading your comments

  • Foothill fan

    Foothill-1, Castro Valley-0, final in Winter Classic


  • EBAL Enthusiast

    Granada loses 1-0 to James Logan. Neither team impressive. Granada will finish towards bottom of EBAL. James Logan is average.

  • EBALDad

    Winter Classic Results

    Gold Division

    Logan 1 Granada 0
    Foothill 1 Castro Valley 0
    California 0 Newark Memorial 0
    Deer Valley 2 San Leandro 0

    Silver Division

    Livermore 0 Arroyo 0
    Acalanes 2 Heritage 0
    Ygnacio Valley 4 Las Lomas 0
    Campolindo 4 Freedom 1

    Bronze Division

    Northgate 1 Antioch 0
    Mission SJ 1 Miramonte 0
    Alhambra 4 American 1
    Irvington 1 Albany 1

    wow, Antioch in the Bronze Div?

    Non-League, Non-Tournament Result

    Hercules 2 – El Cerrito 1
    Monte Vista 3 – Liberty 0

    any others? Game observation comments?

  • Lionel Messi

    @#58 Al: it’s Howald (not Howland). Amador beat Washington 4-0 on 11/13 with some starters on the bench (still playing club). I think Amador will be a force this year.

  • al robertson

    Coach Berglin being a former collegiate player should raise the level of play of the Amador squad by providing insight and strategy in to how to best use talent on team.The team has depth,talent and good overall speed.Amador will be team to beat in EBAL this year.Look forward to next game with the best players starting

  • nikessss

    Antioch lost to monte vista in a scrimmage today 3 to 0

  • Lionel Messi

    Thanks, Al. Coach Berglin has the whole package: playing experience, coaching experience, AND he’s a youth pastor, so a unique connection with his players. A recipe for success in my book!

  • Juan Pito

    Amador will be a very good team this year, however I wouldn’t say they are the team to beat in EBAL. DLS, SRV, MV, and amador are all going to be very good teams this year and it will be interesting to see how everything shapes up.

  • Foothill Fan

    Saturday Final: Foothill-0, Alameda-0, non-league game

  • @ Al & Lionel,
    Amador does have a good group w/ much depth. It is early to comment on Coach Berglin, but I like him so far.

    Their match w/ Wash was one-sided, and was on 11/20 btw. Spelling on Howald is correct. And your list of their strong players is good, but has more to be added. They haven’t fielded more than 13 players for a match/scrimmage yet!

    What is the story on Deer Valley? Are they for real at 3-0? Amador plays them coming up in a few weeks, so we’ll see.

  • al robertson

    DLS,SRV and MV will be very good.However the new coach at AV I believe will have a major impact on team.And I also agree that players like Doyle and others need to be added to list.I see a team of players that will complement each other and be put in position to win.Coach V was a nice man but not an accomplished player and coach like Berglin.AV will be in every game and win the EBAL

  • Al, do us all a favor and stop posting. Really please stop posting. Are you really knocking a Coach who went to the playoffs 13 of 15 years that he was at Amador? Are you really saying he was not an accomplished Coach? And I guess winning the NCS doesn’t matter at all. You really need to do your research before you post because you look foolish.

  • Foothill Fan

    Goldstein to Clark, 1 to 0 Foothill over James Logan at half at Winter Classic

  • Foothill Fan

    Final, Foothill-3, James Logan-0, Winter Classic

  • Observer

    Northgate beats Albany 4-0 in Winter Classic tonight

  • SCP

    Solid game from the Hercules Titans gave them a win over Concord 3-1!!Poor field conditions at Concord H.

  • lovesoccer

    Dam just seen a great game Hayward 2 Bishop 3 they both played great but again referees runed the game A clear offsides from Bishop and they call a goal and they took a score a way from Hayward it’s should Been a tie but what a game these 2 teams are better than last year . wow geat game.