Boys Soccer: Winter Soccer Classic, Pre-Season Rankings

The Winter Soccer Classic is always a great way to start the boys soccer season, and it’s only three weeks away. This year, there are three brackets, instead of two, a gold, silver and bronze. Take a look at who is participating.


Teams: California, Castro Valley, Deer Valley, Foothill, Granada, Logan, Newark Memorial, San Leandro.

Nov. 21: Deer Valley v. San Leandro (at Livermore High); Cal at Newark (Cal High); Foothill v. Castro Valley (Foothill High); Granada v. Logan (Granada High).

Nov. 26: San Leandro v. Cal (Cal High); Castro Valley v. Deer Valley (Granada High); Newark v. Granada (Granada High); Logan v. Foothill (Foothill High).

Nov. 28: Newark v. Deer Valley (Livermore High); Granada v. Castro Valley (Granada High); Cal v. Logan (Cal High); Foothill v. San Leandro (Foothill High).

Dec. 1: Finals TBA.


Teams: Acalanes, Arroyo, Campolindo, Freedom, Heritage, Las Lomas, Livermore, Ygnacio Valley.

Nov. 21: Livermore v. Arroyo (Livermore High); Acalanes v. Heritage (Acalanes High); Las Lomas v. YV (Dougherty Valley High); Campolindo v. Freedom (Granada High).

Nov. 26: Heritage v. Las Lomas (Livermore High); YV v. Livermore (Livermore High); Freedom v. Acalanes (Acalanes High); Arroyo v. Campolindo (Dougherty Valley High).

Nov. 28: Livermore v. Freedom (Livermore High); Acalanes v. YV (Acalanes High); Las Lomas v. Arroyo (Dougherty Valley High); Campolindo v. Heritage (Granada High).

Dec. 1: Finals TBA.


Teams: Albany, Alhambra, American, Antioch, Irvington, Miramonte, Mission San Jose, Northgate.

Nov. 21: Northgate v. Antioch (Cal High); MSJ v. Miramonte (Foothill High); Alhambra v. American (Acalanes High); Irvington v. Albany (Dougherty Valley High).

Nov. 26: Miramonte v. Irvington (Cal High); Antioch v. American (Foothill High); Alhambra v. MSJ (Acalanes High); Albany v. Northgate (Dougherty Valley High).

Nov. 28: Irvington v. Antioch (Cal High); MSJ v. Albany (Foothill High); Northgate v. Alhambra (Acalanes High); American v. Miramonte (Dougherty Valley High).

Dec. 1: Finals TBA.


Here are the pre-season rankings for the East Bay. I’m sure much will be sorted out once the season starts.

1. De La Salle
2. Richmond
3. Ygnacio Valley
4. San Ramon Valley
5. Bishop O’Dowd
6. Acalanes
7. Pittsburg
8. California
9. Newark Memorial
10. Hayward
11. Clayton Valley
12. Dublin
13. Amador Valley
14. Campolindo
15. Monte Vista

Others Considered: Berkeley, Dougherty Valley, Albany, Pinole Valley, Logan, College Park, Granada, Concord, Piedmont, Miramonte.

Matt Smith

  • Shinguard

    Also The De La Salle Showcase Dec 14 & 15.
    Times as posted Nov 1, 2012 all games at De La Salle

    Friday 12.14
    1pm San Ramon vs Gilroy
    3pm Bishop O’Dowd vs Bullard-Fresno
    5pm Richmond vs Cathedral-Los Angeles
    7pm De La Salle vs Mater Dei-Santa Ana

    Saturday 12.15
    9am Bishop O’Dowd vs Ygnacio Valley
    11am Richmond vs Clayton Valley Charter
    1pm San Ramon vs Mater Dei-Santa Ana
    3pm Acalanes vs Bullar-Fresno
    5pm Campolindo vs St. Francis
    7pm De La Salle vs Cathedral-Los Angeles

  • Stewie

    Keep an eye on Alhambra they make make your top 15 along with College Park.

    ALSO 15th Annual James Logan JV Classic.
    Nov 23 & 24th at James Logan & Shorty
    This is a full Tournament Format with 20 of the local top soccer programs from the East Bay.

  • al robertson

    Look forward to seeing how Amador Valley fares this year Had a chance to see them play California last year and they looked great except for the last few minutes.With 6 players returning and some key players from their JV program as well as a new coach look for this team to surprise and move into a top 10 ranking quickly

  • Shinguard

    What is the web-site for the winter classic for brackets and game times?

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Shinguard,

    I don’t think the site is up yet. I’ll get an email when it is, and I’ll post it here in the comments.

    And I plan on keeping a close eye on Alhambra this year. I just wasn’t sure what to expect.

  • Shinguard

    Ok was talking to other parent who was trying to plan out work schedule to see games. Thanks

    Monte Vista I think will be tough and will quickly move up the ranks. Clayton Valley not sure because of the coaching changes and graduation. Las Lomas Boys and Girls should show some noticeable improvement with new coaching staff. Alhambra will have some good solid juniors and seniors on the squad but have lost some key players to graduation. College Park has the potential to be very good, they have some talented juniors in the ranks. Campo I think will be hot this year based on club observations. As for DLS a solid bench with creativity and gutsy play will be the trademark of this season and a 5peat is not out of the question, but the EBAL again will be the showcase league.

  • Matt Smith

    DLS took a little hit with Isaiah Dargan going to the Academy, but I think they are still going to be very good.

  • Shinguard

    DLS is not the only team to take a hit…great opportunity for the players but I totally disagree that they have to give up high school ball. US soccer kinda forced its hand when they expanded the Academy season to 10 months and know stipulate that you cant do both and they are also starting to tread into the college ranks with same type of stipulations.
    Chelsea – MUFC game was a wild one the other day.

  • High school soccer

    What can you tell me about pittsburg? There schedul . Are they going to be good enough to compete and whos their main player this year? Can it be izzy murgia

  • Matt Smith

    I haven’t seen Pitt’s schedule yet, but they always play a tough one. They play EBAL schools a lot, and don’t back down from a challenge.
    I think Murgia could be a top player along with Geronimo, Ledesma and Berumen.

  • High school soccer

    Geronimo is not playing this year he just had surgery on his left knee . And who do you think is going to be pitts biggest challenge in bval? And also is yv going to be a rough team for pittsburg to beat?

  • The Sweeper

    Hey Matt,

    Welcome back to another season of East Bay boys HS futball chaos. Thanks for the early heads-up on the Winter Classic. It is right around the corner and there will be plenty of East Bay dust-ups. Based on your pre-season rankings, it looks like Cal, Campo and MV must each be in a “rebuilding” year, yes?

    Shinguard posted at #1 the DLS Showcase slate of matches. Do you have any info on the foreigners from SoCal: Cathedral-LA and Mater Dei?

    BTW, how’s school going for you and have you ran into the back of any ambulances? HAH!

    And then there’s Miss Idaho…never mind.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the pitch.

  • giodam


    Pitt starts with the tri valley tourney. They play amador, college park, berkley, and Monte vista in the tourney. I also believe venegas their gk, issy murgia, vazquez, berumen, marin will be their top players, but they have a pretty hard schedule I believe they also just added doughtry valley.

  • Shinguard

    Last Season Cathedral was 19-3-2 Mater Dei 8-7-3

  • High school soccer

    Izzy murgia , juan venegas , ivan marin , esteban berumen , and ricardo vazquez , javier valencia should be pitts key players this winter . Also michael gonzales is a great deffence . Pitt should be a great team this high school soccer season . With almost all their players returning from last year they should give all the teams a challenge as they did last year vs dls.

  • lovesoccer

    Hayward is taken on one of the toughest schedule i seen it should be good .there a very good team .with almost half the team returning.

  • Juan Pito

    Pitt will be extremely strong. Cal is in a bit of a rebuilding year I believe. Still have a few dangerous returners which will be interesting. Monte Vista will be strong much like last year. I heard of a few early season injury problems with the Mustangs but not 100%. SRV will be very strong also, expect a very different, younger team though from them this year.

  • Foothill Fan

    Matt, Foothill has an interesting group of returning players: Clark, Goldstein, Still, Wiest, all having good club seasons. The Falcons have a new coach and could surprise a lot of teams!

  • Matt Smith

    Who is the new Foothill coach and does anyone know how he can be reached?

  • Foothill Fan

    Matt the new Foothill coach is Jason Wescott, former USF star. His e mail is on Foothill’s main site. He is also a P.E. teacher at Foothill.

  • Matt Smith

    Here is the link for the WSC…


    And thanks for the information on Coach Wescott. I got in touch with him.

  • cokito

    Any games/scrimmages this week-end?

  • RBD

    James logan Vs SLZ at 3 at james logan

  • RBD

    on moday

  • cokito

    Thanks, RBD.

  • eagle eye

    Matt how is CV looking this year? And what about YV you seemed to be a good fan of them last season? & will we ever see a DLS VS YV match there schools are pretty close to each other have they ever tough of setting that up?

  • cokito

    What happened to Chuck Lemoine at Foothill?

  • Matt Smith

    Eagle Eye,

    I don’t think we’ll ever see a YV/DLS matchup because DLS has everything to lose if they lose that game, and nothing to win if they win. That’s just my opinion.

    I know Clayton graduated some players, but they also had a good thing going there and I expect them to keep it going and be competitive.

  • eagle eye

    do you think YV would even have a possibility of beating DLS?
    What does YV have, because DLS has always been solid.

  • Matt Smith

    Last year I thought that YV would hang with them. This year, I’m not sure how much each time has lost to Academy, if anything.
    However, based on what they both should return, it would be a heck of a game.

    YV moves the ball very well and very quickly, which could offset the quick pressure that DLS defenders apply to the ball.

  • Lancer Fan

    Tennyson beat Dublin High 2-0 today.



  • Matt Smith

    So both of those games were scrimmages for Alhambra? Just want to make sure.

    Tennyson did beat Dublin 2-0.
    American beat Mt. Eden 2-1 recently. Any other scores?

  • Cokito

    There is a jamboree at Richmond HS this Saturday, November 17 with all WCCUSD teams: De Anza, El Cerrito, Hercules, Kennedy, Pinole and Richmond. Scrimmages start at 9 , and last scrimmage is at 5. Games are 25 minutes in length.

  • RBD

    Campolindo tied vs SLZ 2-2


    Campo vs SLZ was a scrimmage

  • cokito

    WCCUSD Jamboree schedule: (Saturday, November 17 at Richmond HS)

    9:00 Richmond vs. Pinole Valley
    9:30 De Anza vs. El Cerrito
    10:00 Hercules vs. Kennedy
    10:30 De Anza vs. Richmond
    11:00 Pinole Valley vs. Hercules
    11:30 Kennedy vs. El Cerrito
    1:00 Hercules vs. El Cerrito
    1:30 Richmond vs. Kennedy
    2:00 Pinole Valley vs. De Anza
    2:30 El Cerrito vs. Pinole Valley
    3:00 Kennedy vs. De Anza
    3:30 Richmond vs. Hercules
    4:00 Pinole Valley vs. Kennedy
    4:30 Hercules vs De Anza
    5:00 El Cerrito vs. Richmond

  • Realist

    Pitt does indeed have a very good team this year. They hold a young but yet experienced team with some good players. In my opinion Geronimo is their key player but due to his surgery he is out. So that leaves the door open for any player to step up, but in my opinion it should be the whole team to step up and not just one.

  • Realist

    Pitt shud be on the look out for Deer Valley. I hear their serious this year and looking to get their hands on the BVAL title.

  • Juan Pito

    Logan is playing MV in both of those teams first games on Monday at 2 at Monte Vista.

  • Skoorb

    College Park lose in scrimmage against Cal High.The score was 2 for College Park, and 3 for Cal High.

  • DFAL champ

    Clayton valley should not even be in the top 15 nor the “others considered” they graduated 21 seniors last year. The whole jv team from last year is there var team this year. And some players that played Frosh are on var. Think twice.

  • Matt Smith

    DFAL Champ, thanks for the info. It always helps. I will surely have a more accurate rankings after the first few weeks of the season.

  • Matt Smith

    The Cal/CP game was not a scrimmage, but an actual game.

  • Skoorb

    College Park win 2 to 0 against alhambra

  • lol

    LL? greenwood’s back…big turnaround from two disaster years with a strong core…potential?

  • Bueller

    Some low-level drama at the Northgate vs. Mt Eden scrimmage today. After a scoreless, uneventful 1st half, the NG team suddenly began receiving yellow cards left & right for a variety of subtle oral/attitude infractions – more than a half dozen before the game was called (due to frustration, it appeared).
    Looks like their defensive line didn’t return from last year, but their keepers Sonnier and Babinski did.

  • Mudhen

    Well I just watched Hayward kick the stuffing out of Albany. 4-1 and it could have been 7 or 8 pretty easily. Albany’s only score came off of a P.K. and for most of the game, they could not even make it to the red zone.
    Hayward’s goals all came from Rigaberto Castillo (#00) and man can he FLY. They also have this big tree in the midfield who gets anything in the air and moves really well for a tall young man.
    Albany just looked like a deer in the headlights. Frankly, from what I’ve seen so far, they look better than Richmond did last year.

  • Class Act

    I agree with the above comment about Clayton Valley, I would be highly surprised if they competed this year. It would be one thing if they just lost all those players, but the loss of the coach just really eliminates all continuity in that program. Still, there is some talent in that area club-wise, so if they do well, stranger things have happened.

    Las Lomas is in my opinion a major dark-horse in the DFAL. They have under-performed for several years now, but have some skilled players, particularly their freshman forward from last year. Hopefully they’ve settled their coaching position and can go forward from here.